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Those Miller Girls!

  • Title: Those Miller Girls!
  • Author: Alberta Wilson Constant Beth Krush Joe Krush
  • ISBN: 9780690821093
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Those Miller Girls In s rural Kansas Those Miller Girls are Lou Emma and Maddy whose escapades involve the forgetfulness of their professor father and their desire to have a mother

    In 1900s rural Kansas, Those Miller Girls are Lou Emma and Maddy, whose escapades involve the forgetfulness of their professor father and their desire to have a mother.

    1 thought on “Those Miller Girls!

    1. This book opens in the summer of 1909 with 12 year-old Lou Emma and her 10 year-old sister Maddy arriving in a small town in Eastern Kansas, where their widowed father is about to start a new job as a latin professor at a local college. The girls chaff under the sympathy of people who call them "poor little motherless things" and are determined to do all their own housekeeping and cooking. Lou Emma, however, secretly longs for a step-mother. The first few months of getting to know their new town [...]

    2. For a while it seemed that the long (and most interesting) Chautauqua episode would be the entirety and climax of this book, which would have likely earned it only four stars. It turns out, however, that was just the first act! The second act was exceptional and elevated the rating to five stars. Throughout the course of this book, we see a wide range of emotions from several of the characters, and there are a number of little conflicts that arise and are resolved while larger ones develop. Ther [...]

    3. Another wonderful book for youngsters. Sweet, but not cloying. A good picture of turn of the century life in small town Kansas.

    4. In 1909, Maddy and Lou Emma Miller are newcomers to Gloriosa, Kansas, where their widower father, Professor Cyrus Miller, has just accepted a position at Eastern Kansas Classical College. The two sisters are used to doing many things for themselves, and they look forward to having a little bit of distance from their overbearing Aunt Jesse, and to doing all the family's housekeeping themselves. As they settle into their new home, Maddy and Lou Emma meet the locals: college president Dr. Biddle an [...]

    5. Sweet portrait of life for two girls with an absentminded father during a Kansas summer in 1909. The writing is descriptive and the plot moves along, if at a sedate pace. My favorite was Miss Kate Turner, the 26-year-old spinster milliner, come to start a new business in town, who has a curious way of getting the Professor to do things he doesn't want to. The person who recommended this on Instagram said it was like The Penderewicks and Betsy-Tacy.I'd say those are apt comparisons!

    6. This is one of my favorite books from childhood. It's a turn-of-the-century tale about a pair of young sisters and their father, a classics professor. Their mother has died, and Professor Miller decides to take a position at the new eastern Kansas classics college. He and the girls ride the train from Ohio to Topeka, where he buys one of the first gas-powered automobiles and drives them to their new home in little Gloriosa, KS. The girls are young, but they ask their father not to hire a houseke [...]

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