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Dark History of the Roman Emperors: From Julius Caesar to the Fall of Rome

  • Title: Dark History of the Roman Emperors: From Julius Caesar to the Fall of Rome
  • Author: Michael Kerrigan
  • ISBN: 9781908273833
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dark History of the Roman Emperors From Julius Caesar to the Fall of Rome From the murder of Julius Caesar in B C to the fall of Rome in A D Dark History of The Roman Emperors reveals the adultery incest profligacy sadism and insanity of Rome s year empire

    From the murder of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C to the fall of Rome in A.D 476, Dark History of The Roman Emperors reveals the adultery, incest, profligacy, sadism, and insanity of Rome s 500 year empire, including A.D 40 Caligula orders his troops to collect seashells as the spoils of war A.D 54 The bumbling Claudius, who had his nymphomaniac third wife killed, was muFrom the murder of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C to the fall of Rome in A.D 476, Dark History of The Roman Emperors reveals the adultery, incest, profligacy, sadism, and insanity of Rome s 500 year empire, including A.D 40 Caligula orders his troops to collect seashells as the spoils of war A.D 54 The bumbling Claudius, who had his nymphomaniac third wife killed, was murdered himself by his fourth wife, his niece A.D 64 Nero sings and plays the lyre while Rome burns A.D 192 The megalomaniac Commodus is assassinated by his wrestling partner Narcissus A.D 193 Rome s Year of Shame the office of Emperor is put up for sale to the highest bidder A.D 238 Six emperors hold the throne in one year five were murdered

    1 thought on “Dark History of the Roman Emperors: From Julius Caesar to the Fall of Rome

    1. Saya sudah membaca banyak Buku Sejarah Gelap series ini, tapi khusus buku ini masih bisa membuat saya takjub dan tercengang oleh perilaku-perilaku Super Ajaib Kaisar-Kaisar Romawi Kuno ini. Dimulai dari kisah Julius Caesar dan berkuasanya Kaisar Romawi pertama mereka, Kaisar Agustus. Setiap kali terjadi pergantian kekuasaan, kaisar yg menggantikan selalu lebih bejat dan lebih parah daripada pendahulunya, terutama pada era Dinasti Julio-Claudian ini. Semua skandal dan intrik politik dan kerajaan [...]

    2. This book gives a pretty in depth look at the lives of Rome's first emperors. Augustus to Marcus Aurelius are covered pretty intensely and it was fascinating to read the backgrounds of these historical people. After Marcus Aurelius, only a few stand out Emperors are covered. I would have liked to have seen more about Constantine because of his impact on the world, but strangely, he isn't covered at all.

    3. I gave it two stars because it is such an explicit book. The Roman Emperors (almost without exception) were base and deviants. While I read this book because I have an interest in the Roman Empire, I honestly would have preferred to know that it was in my opinion rated XXX! (I then would have chosen not to read it). I did put it on hold for a while because it was so lewd however I have never not finished a book I started so pushed through.It's a wonder that the Roman Empire lasted as long as it [...]

    4. Great Book,, But Too focused on the "Dark" SideAnd the Indonesian translation make it harder to readStill the pictures greatAnd it tell the reader how "Dark" Roman empire was.

    5. A Dark History: The Roman Emperors is not a scholarly book with copious footnotes, but a popular history with plenty of illustrations and an engaging and easy-to-read writing style. As the first part of the title suggests, the emphasis is on the intrigues, murders, cruelty, unbridled extravagance and depravity of the Roman emperors. It makes for a fascinating read providing details one would never hear in the classroom. It also makes the scandals involving today’s politicians seem trivial in c [...]

    6. Kerrigan, Michael. Dark History of the Roman EmperorsWhat a ghastly crew of robbers, schemers and perverts! Hitler was an angel by comparison. This is a well-illustrated and attractively packaged account of the major Roman emperors from Julius Caesar to the Fall of Rome. It’s Gibbon revisited with a Horrible Histories slant that is the reverse of funny. ‘Never were the stakes higher, the passions fiercer or the politicking more murderous than they were at the imperial court,’ declares Kerr [...]

    7. Ok, I liked this book but the title is false. It does not continue through to the fall of Rome. It spends about a chapter on each Emperor (unless they didn't last long which happened often) until Elagabalus was killed in 222 C.E. Then the next 190 years are glossed over in a 4 page Epilogue. What? That's leaving out a whole lot of interesting and Dark stuff, and not even a mention of Constantine. Did the author hit his page limit and just stop? What is going on here, I feel cheated, like half my [...]

    8. what can i say about this book ??? yg pasti cm bs mengurut dada doang gmn enggak dr kaisar pertama romawi smp yg terakhir sblm roma jatuh kw tangan bangsa visigothi, smua mental pemimpin nya hancur sehancur hancurnya. inses, nafsu seksual yg tiada henti dan cenderung kebinatangan smua menjadi satu. blm lg korupsi yg merajalela , konspirasi yg menjadi makanan shari2 seakan menguasai istana dan pembunuhan2 yg sangat2 sadis. di tambah perempuan2 yg gak mau kalah saing sama laki2. sy cm mikir kasian [...]

    9. I have decided that my current obsession with Roman Emperors is therapeutic during an election year. Perhaps I'll revisit it every 4 years.This book was the perfect accompaniment to my reading of The Twelve Caesars and I, Claudius. It's full of photos of statues, ruins, coins, landscapes, reproductions of artwork. Some of the photographs take up entire pages. There are many sidebars of related information from Imperial Rome. It is not short on text either, a thorough accounting from Julius Caesa [...]

    10. Para kaisar Roma ternyata memiliki sejarah gelap, dari satu dinasti ke dinasti lainnya. Setiap pergantian kekuasaan diharapkan membawa perbaikan bagi kehidupan berbangsanya, tetapi sebagian besar mereka memerintah dengan suksesi berdarah alias kudeta.Pengalaman memimpin para kaisar ini diwarnai dengan kudeta berdarah, pembunuhan para saiangan politik, pernihakan dengan banyak wanita, pembunuhan rakyat hanya untuk kesenangan, penghamburan kekayaan istana untuk kenikmatan belaka, pelacuran sampai [...]

    11. I like this series. I hope they do more (but maybe they're running out of material). It's all been done a million times before, but what hasn't been done to this extent is the fabulous photos and illustrations that accompany the text (which is very good). I read everything I can get my hands on about the Romans, and there was nothing in this book that raised any red flags of shoddy work. I now badly want to read a book on Caracalla and Geta. So thanks! My already boundless interest has been furt [...]

    12. After many years I read this delightful history again. "Little Boots", a delightful child, soon matures to become the beloved Caligula. The delightful women add pleasure to the after the orgy days of their lives. Too bad the 'dark ages' had to follow; but if we close our eyes, click our heels together, perhaps Rome shall rise again. Oh, did you gather that reading this history is a delight? The pictures, including statues, National Geographic worthy photographs and illustrations present you with [...]

    13. kelebihan buku ini ada di penjabaran para kaisar yg sesuai dengan waktu yg ada dari kaisar pertama sampai terakhir tapi kenapa yg dijelasin cuma keburukan masing2 kaisar? jadi pas baca buku ini kesannya kaisar selanjutnya lebih buruk dari sebelumnya, timbul pertanyaan apa sumbangsih mereka buat roma selama jadi kaisar? hal itu ngga terlalu dijelasin di buku ini. dari sisi terjemahan ngga terlalu bagus & banyaknya typo bikin kenikmatan baca berkurang.

    14. not so historical and educating. its describe us about the roman emperor and their bad behavior. by bad behavior i mean, really really bad. think about this one, Caligula, promote his horse to be a Roman Consul, really?what else can go crazy?from the historical accuracy, its not really accurate, and more abt folklore or people's story and gossip about their leader. but, its well enough and fit the title

    15. Here's a "coffeetable book" that that is of size suitable for actually reading! The information is good, the pictures extravagant and interesting, and the writing breezy, chatty, and quite enjoyable. Kerrigan's title, "Dark History," should have cautioned me that he is most interested in the sexual foibles and debauchery of those rulers. Thus he left out a considerable amount of material that would have made the book much more valuable (and more star-able).

    16. First of all, this book has lavish illustrations and interesting asides. That said, it is a downer. The emphasis is clearly on the "dark history" of the emperors. The "good" emperors are dismissed in a few sentences, or else the author centers on their perversions. If you want to know how the powerful murdered each other in the Roman empire, read this book. If you want to know all about sexual perversions, this book should also be on your shelf.

    17. I really enjoyed the book. it wasn't dry at all and the pictures were fantastic. They made the history come to life and made me want to immediately hop a plane to Rome to see all the ruins. So if there are any rich people bored and want to buy me a round trip ticket to Italy it was a good read.

    18. This book is a fascinating look at the indulgent, immoral, completely unbelievable reign of the Roman Caesars. How in the Hell that empire ever lasted 500 years is beyond me but this book overs a fantastic overview of what all was going on. Cannot believe one of the cable channels hasn't launched an original series covering this period.

    19. This was a very enjoyable light history of the Roman emperors who were very questionable in integrity. It obviously glossed over the emperors who were competent and good to their people. I did feel that some emperors such as Augustus was given more credit than they deserved. I. E. Agrippa's military leadership in support of Augustus was very understated.

    20. A coffee table book that is worth reading every page. Finally, a book about the Romans that gives the reader all of the entertaining dirt possible. You question the historical accuracy/controversies and its lack of citations, etc; but otherwise it is a page turner and packed with awesome visuals.

    21. Just like the other books in this series, "A Dark History: The Roman Emperors" relies on scandal and sensationalism. Fortunately, there was plenty of that going around in the Roman Empire and it does make for an interesting and darkly entertaining read.

    22. Although some details are probably exaggerated and there is a disappointing lack of footnotes and references, this is a truly entertaining read for those that like the gritty and nasty side of history.

    23. Roman empire was one of the greatest civilization in the ancient world, but such a shame that this greatness gave birth to some of the worst rulers. This book tells you stories about the dark side of roman emperors and Roman empire itself

    24. incredibly graphic and sexual; not an incredibly well- rounded representation of the empire, even assuming the facts are true/ un-exaggerated. it was disgustingly sexual, i gave up after the first chapter. did NOT need those images

    25. Lurid tales of Imperial Roman decadence and debauchery, all beautifully illustrated with classical sculpture and paintings throughout! What's not to like?

    26. A fascinating book. Not exactly a good choice for the squeamish or children however. In case you ever wondered what levels of depravity humans can sink to this book spells it out for you.

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