- By Trisha Speed Shaskan Gerald Guerlais

Honestly, Red Riding Hood Was Rotten!

  • Title: Honestly, Red Riding Hood Was Rotten!
  • Author: Trisha Speed Shaskan Gerald Guerlais
  • ISBN: 9781404870468
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • Honestly Red Riding Hood Was Rotten OF COURSE you think I did a horrible thing by eating Little Red Riding Hood and her granny You don t know the other side of the story Well let me tell you This fractured fairy tale provides a fresh p

    OF COURSE you think I did a horrible thing by eating Little Red Riding Hood and her granny You don t know the other side of the story Well, let me tell you This fractured fairy tale provides a fresh perspective on a well known tale.

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    1. The Big Bad Wolf is trying so hard to be good. He is after all a vegetarian and tries hard to resist meat. He much prefers apples but when red riding hood shows up looking as plump and juicy as a big red apple what is a hungry wolf to do?I enjoy fairy tale retelling and although this wasn't my favorite it was a fun read. The pictures are adorable.3.5 StarsSource: Netgalley

    2. This story is twisted so that it is the wolf’s point of view and explains why he had to eat red and her grandma. This book is the wolf’s take on the events. The wolf is in the forest where he comes upon red. She is very vain and conceited. She tells him she is going to granny’s house. He asks were that is, and she tells him. He gets to granny’s and granny is the spitting image of red but wearing green. He ends up eating granny and red but after much much goading by both. Plus, he was sta [...]

    3. Honestly, Red Riding Hood Was Rotten by Trisha Speed Shaskan instantly caught my eye! Gerald Guerlais’s lush, stunning illustration, beautiful frame the story focusing the reader’s eye on a rather convincing wolf. Finally, after years of listening to poor little Red’s sob story, Wolf gets his say. Told from his perceptive, readers learn his version of the events that transpired deep in the woods that fateful day. Poor, unassuming Wolf explains that it was all an honest mistake bought on by [...]

    4. Absolutetly loved this book! My students loved it. I will use this book for a lesson about fairy tales.

    5. This book is a spin on the classic, Little Red Riding Hood, by listening to the events that took place from the Big Bad Wolf's perspective. The Wolf begins telling the story just prior to meeting Little Red in the forest, where he is complaining of being hungry after he'd "eaten every last vegetable and fruit in the garden". The Wolf claims to be a vegetarian who loves apples, so when he meets Little Red in the forest, he can't help but to see her as a juicy red apple, ripe for the eating. Upon [...]

    6. Honestly, Red Riding Hood Was Rotten is written by Trisha Speed Shaskan and illustrated by Gerald Guerlais. It is a picture book for children and it is the first one I have ever reviewed. It is sweet (well in a way), most pages have one big picture in it and little text and it is short. It is a picture book after all.I do love picture books and I have read quite a few lately when temping at a kindergarten. I am sure they would have liked this fun story. I am not sure about ages, not too young si [...]

    7. This book is a re-telling of the well-known story of Little Red Riding Hood- with a twist. It is told by the view point of the Big Bad Wolf. The story is in the first person and the Wolf is on a mission to clear his name and set the story straight. The book starts off with some background information so you, as the reader, get to know why he HAD to eat Little Red and her grandmother, which is unlike him because he is a vegetarian (on most occasions). The Wolf describes how he had not eaten for w [...]

    8. This is a very cute book about Little Red Hiding Hood told from the wolf's point of view. In the beginning of the story, the wolf is eating a salad for lunch, since he is a vegetarian of course. It made me laugh when he acknowledged why everyone believed he was big and bad since he ate Little Red Riding Hood. On that day, he had run out of his food (fruits and veggies) and he went out to try to look for food. He had went weeks without a meal until he smelled Reds cake and butter. He simply thoug [...]

    9. Possibly I've read too many versions of LRRH at this point because I'm starting to see underlying parallels between various takes on it that are downright disturbing. Moon's version of Perrault's tale was flat out nightmare fuel, of course, and this is nowhere near that, but the "moral" of the story as viewed through the wolf's eyes is also fairly unsettling. The wolf wins in this one (obviously, as it's first person narration after the fact), and he explains that it wasn't his fault that Little [...]

    10. A twist on the traditional story of little red riding hood, this time it’s the wolf’s version of events. It is a good way of showing children there two sides to every story. It can be used alongside the original to allow the students to see the similarities and differences. Interesting book to read and the pictures are very colourful. In the book the wolf introduces himself as a vegetarian and Granny and Little Red are portrayed as boastful, vein and self-obsessed, because of this instead of [...]

    11. Honestly, I probably wasn't the intended audience for Trisha Speed Shaskan's take on Little Red Riding Hood. Instead of the story focusing on the innocent, naive girl who goes off to the forest to visit with her equally self-absorbed grandmother, we see everything through the vegetarian wolf's perspective. He sees granny and Red as delicious apple-like beings bouncing around his field of vision. Not only do they force him to eat them by looking like apples, but they force him to eat nasty, nasty [...]

    12. Illustrations were cute, but I didn't like this rendition at all. It was a weak imitation of The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, but I feel like children will not get the intended humor of the book.This ARC was provided to me by the publishers via Net Galley.

    13. Another in this collection of twisted fairy tales. Twisted in a good way that is! This one is also funny and cute. This is also free at the moment with Prime if you want to check it out. I can't wait to read the other books in this collection. Recommended for 2-8 year olds again and definitely a good, quick choice for bedtime reading with your little one(s).

    14. I would add it to our fairy tale tub, but I didn't love it. It is fun for another perspective, but the story didn't sing to me like The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka did. That twist on a familiar tale is brilliant and I have willingly read it and reread it to children for years.

    15. So supposedly the wolf is trying to convince the reader he is a vegetarian, who only ate little red riding hood and her grandma because they looked like apples. But in the first page he's eating a drumstick. I found this to have a few moments of humor, but not enough to redeem this pale replica.

    16. Great readMy 2 year old daughter loved this book. She laughed as I read it to her. She loved the pictures as well.

    17. SummaryHonestly, Red Riding Hood Was Rotten! is a twist on the classic Little Red Riding Hood story. Told from the wolf’s perspective, this story tells a different tail, erm tale, of Little Red. She and her granny were not as sweet as everyone else makes them seem. EvaluationI thought that this story was so cute. The different perspective on the classic tale kept the students engaged. Throughout the story, the wolf compared Little Red and Granny to apples, which was fun. The illustrations prov [...]

    18. In this version of Little Red Riding Hood, we hear it from the wolf's point of view. Quite entertaining. The wolf is vegetarian and he LOVES apples. He is also out of food. Here comes Red in her cape and she puts him in the mind of a ripe apple. So, he comes up with a plan to have two meals, Granny for breakfast, Little Red for lunch (and cake and butter for dessert).Quite funny. He keeps comparing Red and Granny to apples, with Red in her cape and Granny in her green night cap. Great for a less [...]

    19. Beautiful pictures accompany a fun spin on the familiar fairy tale. But maybe it's that I'm not a kid any more, but this version just highlighted to me how completely creepy this story is. Maybe I'd rather have an omniscient narrator describe a wild beast that eats up Hood and her grandmother, instead of the first-person voice of this wily, "oh the temptation, I can't help myself" Wolf who salivates and lusts and chomps. The focus on Hood's alluring appearance is, I think, what makes this versio [...]

    20. Book Ratings for People Too Busy to Read Someone’s Opinion of a Book That They’re Sure to Disagree With Anyway. (Yes, this title is long but the rating is not.)Initial Impression: I HATE Red Riding Hood.Pictures: Exaggerated, funny.Characters: Wolf, Red, and Granny: Three of the most annoying creatures you’ll ever want to meet.Plot: Wolf explains why Little Red Riding Hood and her Granny deserved to get eaten.One Line Summary: Annoying people deserve to be eaten by wolves.

    21. This story is told by the wolf. It is a great story and there are questions at the end to use for discussion. There is also a bibliography offered. It is a very cool book and useful for teaching folktales. I have personally used it with second graders. The boys liked it best. Highly recommended for grades 1-3.

    22. Very different viewGave the kids a different view of Little Red Riding Hood and gave them some options of how the story changes and how things could’ve been different. We enjoyed how the end of the book provides some talking points

    23. Rotten!I did not like the tiny print, I did find the illustrations amusing. I read this to a 6year old child who listened respectfully, but said she preferred the "other Red Riding Hood story".I will not recommend to anyone.

    24. A bit differentWe all found this version to be an enjoyable read. It differs from the original so younger readers may find it a bit upsetting but otherwise it was good.

    25. This was quite interesting and really Little Red is just a vain little thing no wonder she got eaten looking like an apple and all! Granny is just as bad!!I love that the wolf is a vegetarian!

    26. This is the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but told from the viewpoint of the wolf. I think it is a neat perspective, but it is a bit dark. Loved the illustrations.

    27. I totally loved this book. My granddaughter constantly wants me to read this story over and over. I would definitely recommend this book. It has a few good lessons in this book.

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