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Effie At The Wedding

  • Title: Effie At The Wedding
  • Author: Tracy Marchini
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Effie At The Wedding Effie has a million reasons why she s not thrilled to be at her sister s wedding and the monstrously pink bridesmaid s dress isn t even on the list When Effie finds herself locked in the bathroom she

    Effie has a million reasons why she s not thrilled to be at her sister s wedding and the monstrously pink bridesmaid s dress isn t even on the list When Effie finds herself locked in the bathroom, she thinks she might just stay there After all, it s better than hearing from her mom about how often she s been to the buffet or how beautiful Ophelia looks in her weddingEffie has a million reasons why she s not thrilled to be at her sister s wedding and the monstrously pink bridesmaid s dress isn t even on the list When Effie finds herself locked in the bathroom, she thinks she might just stay there After all, it s better than hearing from her mom about how often she s been to the buffet or how beautiful Ophelia looks in her wedding dress.In this hysterical young adult short story, Effie will have to find a reason to celebrate or get used to her porcelain throne.Sample 5 Totally Selfish Reasons I Do Not Want George As A Brother In Law5 My sister is only 20, and he is 29 That means he s almost thirty, which means that when she s forty, he ll be almost fifty, and then when she s fifty, he ll be almost sixty Too old.4 He just graduated med school People never see their spouses when one is a doctor And on Grey s Anatomy, the doctors are always sleeping with the other doctors and nurses Ophelia is cute, but she can t compete with a tall, blonde haired millionaire doctor Sorry, Ophelia 3 He s too nice Nice is lame Ophelia will be SO BORED when she s like, 23 and realizes that her older, doctor boyfriend is too busy saving lives and golfing to go out clubbing.2 He s too good looking Again, the nurses are bound to fall in love with him.1 I will never be able to bring a boyfriend home without him also being a good looking, well mannered doctor Which means that I am going to be single for the rest of my life, while my sister and her husband make lots of good looking doctor babies I will have lots of cats.

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    1. Although this is an entertaining read, I think to describe it as a book would be stretching it a little, it is a short story, more of the length you would see published in a magazine. To give you an idea of the size, I read this in the 15 minutes I was queuing to get my nails done - and I still had time to spare!! Don't let the length put you off, Effie at the Wedding is only 70p and it is an entertaining read, Marchini has a fabulous sense of humour which really shines through. The centre of th [...]

    2. This is a cute and very fast little short story. Being the oldest of 3 girls and the first to get married, I couldn't really identify with the main character and what she was feeling about her sister getting married, but I think I understand it.Effie is a cute character and one I hope the author will resurrect into a full fledged novel one day. She cute, funny, with a little bit of that dark humor that I think every good female lead character needs. Her lists were funny and endearing.This short [...]

    3. This is a Reading Good Books review.When the cover says ‘short story’, it means short story. Ten pages. I read it in under fifteen minutes!Effie is the maid of honor on her sister’s wedding. Her older, prettier, and skinnier sister. And she doesn’t want to be there. She wants to get away from it all when she accidentally locks herself in the bathroom. While sitting there, she reflects why it’s better to stay in there than rejoin the reception.Because the book has a lot of amusing lists [...]

    4. Interest: SynopsisTitle Thoughts: Perfect fit.Cover Thoughts: It's cute, like the story.WARNINGS: None.This is a cute short story. I really enjoyed Effie's character and her lists. It was easy to relate to Effie also. This short story is full of humor and can definitely lift your mood. There were a lot of things mentioned in this short story that I would have liked to know more. Effie is slightly overweight and it seems as while she doesn't mind so much, her mother bugs her about it.I can't wait [...]

    5. Laugh out loud funny. That's what Effie at the Wedding truly is! Effie is the younger sister. She's sure she's not as pretty, she may be a little overweight, and she has no idea why her sister would want to get married to a doctor. Doesn't she know that doctors don't have time for their wives? GOSH! What Effie does know is that she absolutely cannot be a part of this wedding. Especially in her Pepto Bismo pink wedding dress.Tracy Marchini has created the perfect voice for Effie. She rings true a [...]

    6. Tracy Marchini’s delightful book, Effie at the Wedding, describes the conflicting emotions of a bride’s little sister, eager to be grown up, preferring to be invisible and independent, and unhappy to be losing her best friend. The story’s told in first-person and Effie has a wonderful way of clarifying her thoughts through lists. Some of those lists had me laughing out loud as I read, and I’m sure would be just as amusing, if not more so, to a middle-grade or young-adult reader.Sometimes [...]

    7. "Effie At The Wedding" by Tracy Marchini is a very sweet short story of a teenage girl named Effie who is at her older sister, Ophelia's wedding. Effie has all the common teenage "angst" you find in todays young people. She lives with her family who appear to be consumed with her weight and seem over-critical of her in other ways as well. Effie fears that her sisters' wedding will be the end of her special sister/best friend relationship with Ophelia. Effie is witty and charming, sensitive, and [...]

    8. This is an enjoyable story about Effie, a teenage girl, who has conflicting feelings about her older sister getting married. It is a first person account, which showcases Effie’s witty personality. She lists reasons why/why not to several situations—which I found particularly amusing. Pros: This is an entertaining, clean read. The flow is smooth and the story is cute.Cons: There are tense changes throughout the story that I find somewhat distracting (present/past) as well as one or two gramm [...]

    9. This very short story follows Effie’s thought processes as she deals with the frustration of being the younger sister to a beautiful, seemingly perfect, older sister, and knowing that she’s losing that sister to a (too) perfect guy. Although the story is really just a taste, Effie comes off very clearly as a vulnerable teen. The author manages to develop Effie’s character really well in this short time, and I felt like I really knew who Effie was. In fact, I could probably see a bit of my [...]

    10. Effie’s the maid of honour at her sister’s wedding -- something she is not happy about. Not only is George way too old for her sister but her sister is also way too young to get married. She’s a list maker. With plenty more reasons why her sister shouldn’t get married. Being in a hideously pink dress, getting bombarded by relatives and even somehow managing to get stuck in the bathroom are all things that are not helping Effie’s mood. This short story is only 13 pages which made for a [...]

    11. Effie makes lists. Not only that, but her lists are hilarious. Effie also has a talent for thinking up the most ridiculous reasons why she is right. Like the saying goes, I think she could argue with a brick wall.Here are some lists of my own.Why I Love Effie at the WeddingLaughable listsMiddle grade goodnessIt takes place in a bathroomIt is nicely pacedWhy Effie at the Wedding is FunnyEffie’s pink bridesmaid gownThe story of Effie getting locked in the bathroomA crazy cat lady referenceAunt M [...]

    12. Is there anything worse than being an overweight little sister in a fluorescent pink ugly bridesmaid gown while your older sister marries a hot doctor? This was a very quick and funny short story about two extremely different sisters. It was so short that you can't even call it novella. The writing was humorous but it felt like someone's creative writing paper written in high school. I would rate it a 3.5 but giving it a 3 since we go by full stars.I would possibly be interested in reading a lo [...]

    13. Tracy Marchini is visiting Writer’s Corner for the first time. Her character Effie likes to write lists and she chronicles he experience attending her sister’s wedding.Synopsis: Effie is attending the wedding of her sister Ophelia. She faces several challenges during the wedding and the hang-ups of her family. She does have a heart and cares deeply for her sister. Will she survive her family at the wedding?So here is my list:Three Reasons why you will like this book:1. Effie is full of humo [...]

    14. Reviewed by: AngieBook provided by: contest win at Library ThingReview originally posted at Romancing the BookI wish I’d done some checking on this bookella when I requested it; had I known there were others in the series, I would have gotten those so as to be able to get to know the writer and Effie.Though it may seem as if you blink and suddenly find yourself at the end, Effie tugs at your heart. She’s endearingly quirky and awkward – and completely heartbroken that she’ll be losing he [...]

    15. Effie loves lists, and her lists right now concern her sister’s wedding. She isn’t ready for her sister to get married and leave. Effie at the Wedding is a charming short story about a girl who doesn’t want anything to change. She is a girl who compares herself to her sister and finds herself lacking, but loving her older more perfect sister all the same. This is such a sweet story. Effie’s concerns are believable and understandable. She doesn’t want to lose the close relationship she [...]

    16. Effie at the Wedding is a very short, quick read.The story chronicles the wedding day of older sister, bride to be. "The thin and pretty one" and the maid of honor, younger sister, not so pretty, insecure and slightly overweight Effie. Effie likes to make lists, her lists are witty. Most of the story takes place in the bathroom where Effie is hiding away her insecurities, until her sister arrives and she realizes that she (older sister) will always be there for Effie. -love the cover-should have [...]

    17. Review:Effie at the wedding by tracy Marchini 4 STARSThis is a very short story. Deals with Effie at her big sister's wedding.I can see this story could be real. Effie is always counting down 3 reasons why or why not how she feels about something.Like what she does like about the groom and three reasons she is not happy her sister is getting married.She is dealing with some real issues. How she feels about her weight how her mom feels about her weight.I would read more of Tracy's work. it is eas [...]

    18. Effie at the Wedding, a short story, by Trac Marchini, is a fun, joyful read, tailor made for teen girls at that awkward age or anyone who has ever been there. Effie, sister of the bride, does not want to attend the wedding, making a list of her reasons, along with lots of other lists. During an attempt to disappear for a while, Effie a bathroom stall holds Effie hostage to complete the merriment of the reader. I received this book as a Library Thing Giveaway.

    19. There's not much to really say about this book; I'm not sure if it's just because it was 8 pages or what. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy short stories, a lot; especially if you're busy, short stories really come in handy. I think I would've enjoyed it a lot more if it was a longer, short story. Effie, the main character, was an enjoyable character, and Marchini definitely makes you feel sorry for Effie. I wish there was more I could say about this book, but unfortunately there isn't.

    20. This is a very short, cute read. It's simply 13 full pages of a girl, Effie, and how she feels about her older sister getting married, her awful pink dress, and how she ends up locked in the bathroom at her sister's wedding. Effie has a weight problem, no boyfriend, and loves making little lists in her headFor full review, please click on the link: wwwbookbabe/2011/

    21. This was a fairly entertaining book, but it was very, very short. I know it was advertised as a short story but even for a short story it felt lacking in length and substance. I liked the concept, but due to the shortness and some awkward pacing I can't give it anything more than 2*. I got this book for free and as much as I hate to say it, I really wouldn't have paid for this story.

    22. Effie is a funny charater. I love her lists, always coming up with reasons not to do something. An amusing short story about a girl not really happy about her sisters wedding but funny none the less. I think this would be a great book it has potential for so much moreThis is a librarything membersgiveaway win

    23. I thought it was a fun and engaging short story because it's about things that we've all been through at some point in our lives. (dieting, boys, bad dresses, and annoyng family members etc.) But it also shows the important things too. Check out my review:litandlagniappe/2

    24. This was very cute and made me laugh. I secretly think that brides to be all go a little crazy when planning a wedding and that for your own sanity you should let them get it out of their system. I also think that bridesmaid dresses are chosen for the amusement of the bride when they look back at wedding photos, because face it, the bride usually only has eyes for the groom.

    25. This is a cute short story about a girl named Effie, who's sister is getting married. Effie feels that she is always judged by her family except by her sister. Effie is scared that her sister will leave her and she will have no one to love her. By the end of the story you see that Effie and her sister will continue to be as close as they ever were.

    26. I found this short story to be such a fun read. Effie is an average teen going through some serious issues, but her way of explaining them adds the right amount of comic relief. I wanted to read more about Effie!

    27. This is my first time to read about Effie. This was really short that I was not able to relate or connect to any of the characters especially Effie. This is definitely not a stand alone story.

    28. This is a quick read about a teenage girl experiencing angst, as many teenagers tend to do. She is confused about the direction her life is going to as she watches her sister get married. I could easily see her as a character that most teens (and some adults) could relate to.

    29. This is a light, funny little story about a woman who comes up with a bunch of reasons why she doesn't want her sister to get married, when really, it's just because she'll miss having her big sister around.Short & sweet.

    30. Hilarious and relatableThis was basically what weddings were like for my family without the getting trapped in the bathroom. The author wrote it very realistically, with some funny stuff in it as well. I loved the lists. Can't wait to read the next one.

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