1 thought on “Six Snowy Sheep

  1. The moral of this story is that if you go out and frolic in the wintery wonderland of snow, you will fall in a snowbank and get hypothermia. No matter what you do, you will fall in a snowbank and freeze. Even snowshoes can't save you. There is no hope. Except if you have a shovel. Or maybe that sheep fell in the snowbank too, but just managed to dig himself out. So maybe the moral of this story is actually to always carry a shovel in winter?

  2. A counting book that also highlights the different fun things you can do outside in the winter. The first five sheep fall into a snow bank leaving holes shaped like their bodies, which is funny. I didn't see the illustrations up close since this was a story time book.

  3. Six sheep, one by one, frolic in the snow and five wind up in a snowbank. The sixth sheep shovels them out.

  4. Six Snowy Sheep is a book that talks about sheep doing winter activities. I would use this book in the winter, but would also use it because it is good for counting.

  5. A Christmas story? That's what it says. Definately non attractive facial features on the sheep. I didn't evev begin to like this one.

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