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Fins Are Forever

  • Title: Fins Are Forever
  • Author: Tera Lynn Childs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fins Are Forever Lily ha fatto la sua scelta per a di Quince pronta a rinunciare al trono di Thalassinia Tuttavia la giovane principessa non vuole abbandonare per sempre n il suo popolo n il padre e decide quindi d

    Lily ha fatto la sua scelta per a di Quince, pronta a rinunciare al trono di Thalassinia Tuttavia la giovane principessa non vuole abbandonare per sempre n il suo popolo n il padre, e decide quindi d impegnarsi al massimo per superare i test d ingresso dell universit , diventare una biologa marina e aiutare, seppur da lontano, il suo regno Un obiettivo tutt altrLily ha fatto la sua scelta per a di Quince, pronta a rinunciare al trono di Thalassinia Tuttavia la giovane principessa non vuole abbandonare per sempre n il suo popolo n il padre, e decide quindi d impegnarsi al massimo per superare i test d ingresso dell universit , diventare una biologa marina e aiutare, seppur da lontano, il suo regno Un obiettivo tutt altro che semplice da raggiungere, visto che la scuola sta per finire e che le materie da studiare sono moltissime Forse troppe E, come se non bastasse, a turbare le sue giornate ci pensa l arrivo di Dosinia, la cugina pestifera, che stavolta deve proprio aver combinato qualcosa di molto grave se re Palumbo il padre di Lily l ha punita con l esilio sulla terraferma e con la revoca di tutti i poteri magici Dosinia infatti non ci mette molto a creare guai, prima seminando zizzania tra la cugina e Quince, poi seducendo l ingenuo Brody, il primo a di Lily In una disperata corsa contro il tempo, la principessa sirena dovr cos far fronte a un vortice di eventi catastrofici, che metteranno in pericolo non solo il suo futuro, ma anche e soprattutto il suo rapporto con l adorato Quince

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    1. Not a bad 2nd book. It was cute in all the ways the first one was cute. The main character wasn't totally annoying, she was a typical teen with a little bit of extra resposibility. Sort of. BUTI do believe I am a little tired of reading about teens (girls) falling in love and declaring they have found their 'soulmate' before they have even begun to live life. High school is not real life. I know some kids have to grow up and have adult responsibilities before their time, but they are still teens [...]

    2. Fins are Forever hit the perfect spot with me and I enjoyed this one even more than the start of the series. The book starts out with Lily deciding she will give up her capacity as a princess on her birthday and live on dry land to resolve the conflict she has with her human side. Things are going swimmingly with Quince and she finds the perfect career to strive for as a marine ecologist. Of course, something goes terribly wrong when her wicked cousin, Dosinia turns up on her doorstep.There are [...]

    3. With the holidays, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to finish within a week. After I picked it up, it only took me 2 days to gulp this delicious book up. I loved every minute of it! Sequels can be fishy at times (heehee). Will it be good? Will it exceed all the expectations following the first book? Will new characters be introduced? The answers are simple. Yes, yes, and yes! I love Tera Lynn's writing. She can make you hate a character one minute and love him/her the next. My only complaint is, [...]

    4. I liked this book even more than the 1st somehow. They're all very cutesy and enjoyable to read, but don't look for major depth or you may be disappointed. This series is more of a vacation for the mind than a field trip.

    5. The prequel to this book, Forgive My Fins, has a special place in my heart. I absolutely loved it and read it while my life was a little out of control. So I was of course more than delighted to pick up its sequel, Fins Are Forever. I was immediately carried away by the completely fun and compelling tale Tera Lynn Childs has woven.Fins Are Forever starts soon after Forgive My Fins and Dosinia is forced to live with Lily until she can overcome her hate for humans. With all of the stress of finish [...]

    6. From my blog: (\__/)nymfauxOk, so the day I’ve been waiting for—ever since I pressed the page turn button and saw “EPILOGUE” written in bold letters in the upper-center of the page—And not the kind of EPILOGUE where everyone gets married and lives happily-ever-after, but the kind of EPILOGUE-cliff-hanger where it looks like something catastrophic may or may not happen, but you don’t know, because the page turn button appears to be malfunctioning and there don’t seem to be anymore w [...]

    7. Son of a swordfish! This book was pure awesome-ness, even better than the first book! In the sequel to last summer's Forgive My Fins, Lily is forced to choose between her kingdom in the sea or life on land. I actually felt for Lily as she must deal with all these choices that no teenager should have to make. The most interesting part for me in the book was how Lily has become frustrated with having to hide the secret that she is a mermaid, and her yearning to come out of the ocean and reveal her [...]

    8. more reviews hereI don’t usually read many mermaid books but this series has me blown away. In the last book Lily ad drama unfolds, lily is crushing on the popular guy at school, while a Quince pines away for her every second he can. Quince and Lily bond and they have to go to the castle to separate. She doesn’t want Quince to turn into a merman. Now we have the second book in the series where Lily and Quince are in love with each other, she has to make a huge decision in her life, she has t [...]

    9. I just love it when a sequel can live up to the expectations that a reader has after reading the first book in a series! With Fins Are Forever, the author did an amazing job of making the second book just a fabulous as the first!Lily is getting ready to turn eighteen and give up her place as future Queen of Thalassinia. She loves the human world and is looking forward to a future with Quince on land. She thought she just had problems with trying to figure out the answers to the SAT questions, bu [...]

    10. How fun was this book! I liked Forgive My Fins, the first book, but I loved Fins Are Forever. This had more twists and turns than the first one. I love Lily’s voice. She’s gotten funnier than she was in Forgive My Fins. I can see how she and Quince *sigh* were really the perfect match; jiving and taunting each other playfully then mushily cuddling and saying sweet-nothings the next. I also like seeing her struggle with the human customs such as tests, college, all that sort. She was just so [...]

    11. This was a great, fun sequel to Forgive My Fins! I had been so looking forward to reading this book, and it didn't disappoint! Lily is still such a fun character (and I love her little quips and sayings that have to do with the ocean.ough I think there was more in the first book and would have loved there to be more in this one.) And Quince. Sigh. Another "bad boy" type that isn't really a bad boy. Loved him!This book is definitely a light, fun read. I'm not sure if there is going to be a third [...]

    12. Just as much fun as the first one! I love that this trilogy is simple, light-hearted fantasy without an epic villain to worry about. It makes for a fun escape from the world for a little while.

    13. Yet another great underwater story filled with adventures, love and many mishaps. I couldn’t wait to pick this book up after reading the first in the series and I have to say I have not been disappointed yet. I love Lily and her crazy life, funny jealous and sarcastic boyfriend Quince, and of course everything in her life is turned upside down in the novel where she begins to feel the pressures of her actions and choices and needs to decide what is best for both herself and her kingdom. God, I [...]

    14. Con sommo dispiacere devo ammettere che il secondo capitolo della serie Fins di Tera Lynn Childs mi ha profondamente deluso. Non tanto per il modo di scrivere della Childs, fresco e sicuramente simpatico, neppure per la struttura del libro stesso, semplice ma non per questo mal fatta. A deludermi è stata proprio la storia.Ciò che avevo apprezzato maggiormente nel primo capitolo di questa serie, Il bacio della Sirena, era il modo di essere della protagonista Lily, così frizzante ed insicuro, c [...]

    15. So I devoured this in one sitting, and in just a few hours. One thing I love about Tera's writing is her ability to suck you in and never want to look away from the pages. I ended up having rather mixed feelings about this. Maybe it's because I just finished it and haven't had time to process. I just feel like this was filled with so much drama. Tera was feeding the drama llama as I like to say. It was a bit overwhelming to be honest. Lily and Quince overcame the biggest obstacles in the first b [...]

    16. Fins are forever by Tera Lynn ChildsReviewed by Moirae the fates book reviewsOn Lily Sanderson’s eighteenth birthday she’ll become just a girl—still a mergirl, true, but signing the renunciation will ink Princess Waterlily of Thalassinia out of existence. That leaves plain old Lily living on land, dating the boy she loves, and trying to master this being-human thing once and for all.Now that Lily and Quince are together, mer bond or not, she’s almost content to give up her place in the r [...]

    17. OH WOW, I love this series!!! This book was Crabbtastic!! In Fins are Forever the story continues right where Forgive My Fins left off with Lily being madly in love with Quince but deciding that she is interested in giving up her crown in Thalassinia as future queen to stay as a human on land forever with her boyfriend Quince and seek out college and a new life.Forgive my Fins was great and so I had high expectation for Fins are Forever to be equally good!! However, I think that Fins are Forever [...]

    18. Recently finished reading Forgive My Fins, and though it wasn't my cup of tea, I somehow found myself diving (haha) into the next installment. I will say this for Childs' series - it has me reading at a voracious rate. The writing is inexpert and the storyline is not particularly innovative and yet. It's just one of those things. Like you know how Lay's proclaims how you can't just have one? It's true. This is sort of the same thing, except the chips are books in the Fins series, and they don't [...]

    19. Read the review at iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books.Once again Tera Lynn Childs has spun a flippin' fantastic story with her hilarious writing. This sequel to Forgive My Fins is a little more dramatic than the previous, with more romances and a lot more pressure on Lily to make the right decision. Her life seems to be falling apart as she struggles to keep her cousin out of trouble while studying for her SATs, which will probably determine her future on Earth.Lily has grown a lot, and I'm glad to see [...]

    20. Posted on K-Bookskayleigh-m-books/I was really looking forward to reading this book. I really enjoyed the first Fins book and couldn't wait to read more of Lily and Quince's story.Lily chose Quince at the end of Forgive my Fins, which meant she had to give up her roayl heritage and remain on land with him. However as her 18th birthday get closer she questions whether she has chosen the correct thing. Yes, she loved Quince more than anyone, she doesn't doubt that but is giving up her right to rul [...]

    21. Non mi è piaciuto particolarmente perché la trama aveva molti elementi che sembravano "riciclati", tipo Dosinia, la bad girl che si innamora del ragazzo "buono" (Brody è diventato un molliccio sentimentale) e diventa "buona" anche lei.Quince non dava corda praticamente a niente di quello che diceva Lily, continuando a dirle che prendeva troppo le cose dal lato sbagliato. Alla fine si scopre che è così, ma nei momenti in cui lo fa si rende ridicolo e basta. Si è ammorbidito troppo anche lui [...]

    22. 2.5 starsThis series should have ended with book one. Forgive My Fins was a fluffy, funny beach read, but the plot in this sequel has nowhere to go. Creating unnecessary melodrama does not a plot make. And based on the said melodrama, it appears there will be even ANOTHER book.Part of my problem with this series? I do not like Lily as a character. She whined and nagged and shrieked for most of book one, but I tolerated it because Quince's devotion was so adorable and there were some funny lines. [...]

    23. Trovo che questo secondo volume sia molto più coinvolgente dell'impressione che, a primo impatto, la storia in toto messa in luce nel capitolo precedente potrebbe dare, come è successo con me. Sono contenta di avergli dato una possibilità, così da aver potuto apprezzare maggiormente questa trama particolare e romantica. Lily è un personaggio niente maleAdoro i misteri, gli intrighi, i segreti dai ragionamenti contorti e l'atmosfera dark e pericolosa dei romanzi urban fantasy, è stato princ [...]

    24. This book was great. It was a great sequal to Forgive My Fins. I loved the journey it took me on :) With Lily's cousin, Doe, it definitely gave the book a little twist, especially when Brody got involved :P And then there's Tellin, Lily's long lost gubbyhood friend, and what he shared with Lily. And you can't forget the dreamy Quince ;) He spiced up the book a lot, not just with hiswell, good looking-ness, haha, but the connection that Lily and him have.I loved this book. I think maybe I liked t [...]

    25. Flipped through this book at school one day. I feel the same way about it that I felt about Forgive My Fins. Lily is a tool, as is everyone else in this book. Quince is cool enough, but I wish he'd grow a backbone. And while I love Tera Lynn's "cutesy" style and think these books are perfect to recommend to students (due to their readability and no real content issues), it was a little too much cutesy for me. Probably won't be catching the third installment - I've had enough of Lily's nagging, b [...]

    26. This is a cute mermaid series. I enjoyed the silly fish phrases that Lily uses when she is frustrated. This book brought in her annoying cousin, Dosinia, but it all comes together with a preposterous plan and the new guy, Tellin. Quince and Lily are a cute couple, and things seem to be working out for them. Can't wait to move on to book 3, so that I can find out how all this bonding business twist works out. Great clean series for teens and adults.

    27. If this were a stand-alone I would give it 4-Stars, however, since it is the sequel to TLC's first Lily book, Forgive my Fins, I had to score it a bit lower.The formula felt nearly identical to the first novel about Lily Sanderson, except it had a whole lot less of Quince, and a whole lot more about very convenient plot twists and turns that all in all left me wanting more. I was very disappointed with this book. Long Review TK

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