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That's Not My Lion...

  • Title: That's Not My Lion...
  • Author: Fiona Watt
  • ISBN: 9780794500474
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Board Book
  • That s Not My Lion Produced for babies and toddlers this board book explores what a lion feels like Each double page features a different texture such as soft fur or smooth ears designed to encourage sensory awareness

    Produced for babies and toddlers, this board book explores what a lion feels like Each double page features a different texture such as soft fur or smooth ears, designed to encourage sensory awareness and interactive play.

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    1. This is an absolutely delightful board book for infants that this Nana enjoys every bit as much as her grandson does. On each page is a reason why this is not my lion- accompanied by a bright and simple illustration that features a texture for the child to touch; eg, 'his ears are too soft', or 'his paws are too rough' until we find the right lion.

    2. "That's my lion! His mane is so shaggy."This series of books area a vibrant, wholesome treat for all the sensed. Rachel Well's drawings are rounded, bright, and everything in the book looks generously cuddly and toddler friendly! I enjoyed all the soft textures and russet autumnal colours of the lions pictured, which remained very friendly looking despite the "rough paws" and "shiny teeth". I couldn't quite give it as high a rating as That's not my unicorn, as a lot of lions looked very similar [...]

    3. 'That's not my lion' is a book for very young children. You look at different lions which do not belong to you until you reach the last page, where the find the right lion.I read this book to my three year old neighbour who really enjoyed it. I think very young children would enjoy reading this book. Starting from the front cover, every page has a different material children can touch, which I think young children would enjoy. Each page, apart from the last, has the wrong lion and the material o [...]

    4. Children LOVE all of Fiona Watt's "That's Not My" books. There is a hidden character on each page and there are textured elements on each page and there are descriptive words on each page. For instance"That's not my lion its nose is too fuzzy / ears are too soft /paws are too rough / tail is too fluffy / teeth are too shiny / and at last -- That's my lion! His mane is so shaggy." We have a crowd of mixed ages attending our story times. I like to begin with the most simple books geared to lap-sit [...]

    5. My friend used these books for her three children (1 boy and 2 twin girls). Then she passed them on for my son to enjoy. He loves them we have the lion, kitten and puppy one.The feely pages not only make the story interactive but it also makes the pages easier to open. My son will often play with his books, opening the pages and feeling the part that has a different texture. We have one of these as a first story to settle down before bed. He also often reaches for them during the day to explore [...]

    6. My year old loves this book! It is his new favorite and a must read right before he goes to bed. There are different textures on each page that explore different parts of the lion’s body from his nose, to his ears, mane, tail, teeth, and paws. The illustrations are very vivid in color and nicely drawn. It is a well-constructed board book with simple sentences that make reading to a toddler easy. I would highly recommend it!

    7. This book has great sensory words and is great for babies. Also, the touchy-feely pages help interest children in books. Look for the mouse on each page. Check out my page to purchase this book: ubah/s2995

    8. I liked reading this book to the Head Start kids. They enjoyed feeling and discussing all of the textures. I could use this book to talk about some of the senses.Series AwardsPractical Pre-School Silver Award 2009Prima Baby Reader Awards "Best Buy" 2004 and 2006

    9. Emerson loves the Usborne books! This time, "That's not my lion" follows the same format as "That's not my Dinosaur" but it's still lots of fun. Nice chunky board pages that he likes to turn. Contrasting colors and lions to pet make it another favorite.

    10. My favourite texture was the rough one. I would flip through the book until I got to that page and scratch away. (10 months)

    11. Whenever I get this book out during reading or just for play - my littles light up and get very excited. The colorful pictures and the rich textures make this book a keeper.

    12. I find the 'That's not my" series rather tedious but Baby likes them quite a lot and has done from when she was quite young (6ish months?)

    13. What I learned is that in 4 months this book still hasn't gotten old (gotten - blimey I've been here too long)

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