- By Rob Dobrenski

Crazy: Notes On and Off the Couch

  • Title: Crazy: Notes On and Off the Couch
  • Author: Rob Dobrenski
  • ISBN: 9780762764839
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Crazy Notes On and Off the Couch An average day in the life of a psychologist is a frenetic one A lighthearted a m appointment to help a woman manage a husband who won t take out the garbage even when pants are optional quickly sh

    An average day in the life of a psychologist is a frenetic one A lighthearted, 9 a.m appointment to help a woman manage a husband who won t take out the garbage even when pants are optional quickly shifts to an emotionally intense session with a convicted rapist to cope with criminal urges at 10 a.m After talking with a child about his fears of school an hour later, tAn average day in the life of a psychologist is a frenetic one A lighthearted, 9 a.m appointment to help a woman manage a husband who won t take out the garbage even when pants are optional quickly shifts to an emotionally intense session with a convicted rapist to cope with criminal urges at 10 a.m After talking with a child about his fears of school an hour later, the psychologist then meets with a therapist to deal with his own fears, followed by lunch with his socially phobic colleague who s already had four martinis by 1 p.m All this, and it s only Monday.What most don t realize is that while the professionals are trying to help people resolve their problems, the therapists themselves are often depressed, anxious, and prone to panic attacks They take antipsychotics, self medicate with booze, and struggle in their own relationships The ones who are providing the perspective are often the ones with the most on their plate In short, they are just as crazy as the patients.Crazy is the story of how one mental health professional deals with his own personal problems and those of the people he treats Part expos and part memoir, it reveals what therapists really think about their profession, their colleagues, their patients, and their own lives.

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    1. As a recent graduate student in the field of mental health, I found this book incredibly relatable! Dr. Rob shares some of his client's stories, but most importantly shares his own stories, reflections during sessions, and challenges during his training. I love how genuine and honest he is. My ultimate favorite chapter is the one about the sex offenders and their partners. I think he was a brave graduate student going through this experience of leading a sex offenders group therapy, and managing [...]

    2. This memoir is naturally a little bit fudged. Due to being a psychologist, Dr. Dobrenski is bound by confidentiality, therefore what he has done is taken stories of many patients who, for instance, have dealt with the aftermath of a rape or the death of a spouse, and consolidated those stories into one. That said, it doesn't read or feel like fiction. These compilations don't detract from the book at all, they don't give a feel of inauthenticity or two-dimensionality. It's unfortunate, but the o [...]

    3. So I enjoyed the beginning of this book because it was a new and interesting topic to read about. There were some great parts, but to be honest I got a little bored of it towards the end. Overall, a decent book that gives the reader a glimpse into the life of a psychiatrist. I appreciate it's themeat we are all crazy in our own ways :)

    4. Rob's hilarious! As a psychology student myself, I find this incredibly relatable (not sure whether to laugh or cry about that). Also his frankness makes his writing very appealing!

    5. This book took a long time to read simply because it was my "airplane" book. An enjoyable read to get an insiders view of psychology inside and out of the therapists office. We see how therapy helps others, but also that many doctors, also human, need some therapy themselves. Love the final conclusion sentence. Spot on.

    6. It was quite interesting to read stories about both the patients' and the psychologists' experiences with mental health. The narrator's sense of humor is wonderful and he is quite relatable.

    7. For the most part I enjoyed this book. I think it gave people who don't work in the mental health field a glimpse behind the scenes. I could relate to many of his experiences in becoming a therapist, bring young & inexperienced in the field and laughed a little in recognition. Some parts dragged a bit for me but maybe that's because I was familiar with some of the educational info he shared. The worst thing about reading this book, for me, was the way he described doing work with a survivor [...]

    8. Have you ever had a book that was so good that you couldn't even bear to pick up another because you knew it would pale in comparison?Some might think I'm crazy for saying that, but I guess we're all a little crazy sometimes. At least, that's what Dr. Rob thinks.Quite honestly, I love Dr. Rob's (as he refers to himself on his equally-great blog) down-to-earth writing style paired with his natural humor. I found myself laughing out loud during several parts of the book. It was highly enjoyable to [...]

    9. I've known Dr. Rob (Shrinktalk) for a long time so this is not exactly an unbiased review. I will attempt to balance out my bias by admitting that I don't often read the stuff on his site. It's actually why I think I liked the book so much and why you probably will too. His styles seem to work so much better when read in a narrative, when consumed in "book mode" as opposed to "blog mode." Maybe it's that there are fewer distractions in a book, or maybe it's that we're more tolerant of meandering [...]

    10. This book is a memoir of the psychologist Rob Dobrenski about mental health problems.To me one of his intentions in writing this book was to simply show that the psychologists/therapists are human beings like the rest of us and they DO have problems "menta problems" to deal with in their personal lives. In an honest but bold way he showed to the reader that in real life mental health professionals are like their patients that is to say they are "crazy" but "human"! The difference is they know ho [...]

    11. I'm not a clinician (in temperament, I'm practically the anti-clinician), but having experienced the culture and heard the stories of friends in clinical practice, I found this book both funny and touching. I'm particularly sending love and respect to "Dr. Pete," the therapist with social anxiety. I also liked this quote, from the general perspective of the helping professions:"To be part of helping someone who was completely broken heal herself makes everything leading up to it worthwhile. The [...]

    12. We search for answers and validation to our dilemmas and insecurities from those we deem most capable and above reproach. Be they doctors or clergy, we prefer to believe that those we rely upon are demigods because we entrust them with the most private vulnerabilities of our lives. The author honestly and courageously levels the playing field, addressing what I would refer to as normalcy. Our healers may be capable through training and experience, but they are not gods. The moment they realize a [...]

    13. I couldn't think of a reason to not give it a 5-star rating. I would reccomend this book to anyone who's curious to know what really goes on in a therapist session, what is it like to be a client and (ironically) at the same time a therapist. The simple writing style the author adopts makes it so easy for anyone with no background of psychology to get the complete picture of the illnesses mentioned in the book. And one of the things I like about this kind of books is the tips you'll find yoursel [...]

    14. So do psychologists ever think their patients are simply crazy? Do they themselves have mental breakdowns or at least have issues they must work out with their colleagues? The answer to both these questions is yes and the author Rob Dobrinski PhD paints a very interesting picture of the life of a budding therapist. In this book he chronicles his progression from student to practicing psychologist while peppering in stories of his patients and his own fumbles and shortcomings both as a psychologi [...]

    15. I love this memoir. It is a book about mental health from the perspective of a psychologist. The book goes through some of the most common mental health problems and general treatment approach though therapy sessions with clients. It does a great job of showing the limits of treatment and the vulnerability of the psychologist. It accomplishes this in a way that is funny, heartwarming and engaging to the reader. This book normalizes the idea of "crazy" and shows that we are all just human, in a v [...]

    16. I have often said that I wished there were more video-taped or audio-taped counseling sessions that could be used educationally. I think Rob's book is the closest things I've found. He gives the reader an intimate view of the counseling office, inviting us to empathize with real clients with real mental health issues. He does it in a way that is humorous, entertaining, genuine, humble/human and informative. I left his book with a stronger sense of what various counseling techniques looked like w [...]

    17. I have worked on a psychiatric unit in a general hospital and was curious about this book. Not only was it educational and good in its descriptions of the mental diseases and treatment, and the rational for the treatment. The human aspects of it, from a practitioner were very interesting and at time funny. I really liked this book and it is a short but concise book on mental illness - and the ending of the fact that we are all a little crazy.

    18. I am always interested in psychology and psychologists, and this is an interesting format presenting a typical day in the life of a psychologist and the variety of cases treated in that 12 hour period. It also makes the points that psychologists often have psychological problems of their own that must be dealt with and the processes they have for doing so.

    19. Brilliant and honest, Rob Dobrenski brings you into the therapist's office and shows you the man behind the curtain. The book goes from laugh-out-loud to heart-breaking, all the while giving tremendous insight into how therapy works. I highly recommend this book - from those in therapy to those who disagree with therapy.

    20. I absolutely loved this book. It was recommended to me by someone who knew what she was talking about. As a neophyte therapist - this book makes me believe in the good we can do and how we learn and grow. It also gives me, which I think is the most important concept, permission to be "crazy", "imperfect", and human. Great book.

    21. While Schopenhauer's Porcupines illustrates the work of psychotherapy through 5 case studies, Crazy looks more at how psychologists handle the work they do. The view is somewhat lighthearted and the author isn't afraid to poke fun at himself. I would guess that most psychologists will see a bit of themselves in the pages of this book.

    22. Rob Dobrenski, a Ph.D. In psychology writes of the psychological behavior of his patients as well as his own. He gives insights of why some people cannot let go of life's negative experiences without the guidance of a counselor. His thought that some people study and work in psychology for reasons related to their personal life experiences is quickly dispersed by those who had other motives.

    23. A good reviewI am a retired therapist and found this book to be a good review. The many typos were a little distracting and took away from the read. It started out very interesting and sort of fizzled out after the first two chapters. It held my interest because I've been there. I'm not sure others would find it that interesting

    24. Great for any therapistd funny!I recommend this book for any therapist of any level of expertise and years of experience. I found it to be humorous, refreshing, and, above all else, comforting as he shares the same doubts and insecurities that I'm sure we all do!!

    25. An interesting read for sure. I appreciated his ability to look at himself and to make light of his own ways of thinking and being in the world. Makes the therapist/psychologist more real and down to earth.

    26. Book works both as a trenchant view of psychology in practice today, as well as a light primer for psychology students, with insight both for the patient and the practitioner. Dialogue read a bit wooden at times.

    27. I loved this book. I started reading it and couldn't put it it down, so I finished it in about four hours. Although it's a quick read, the engaging style is wonderful, and the insight it gives into the psychologist's world is fascinating.

    28. I LOVED this book. The basic premise is that everyone, at one time or another, can be just a little bit crazy. And guess what? Your shrink has his or her own issues, too! This book was candid and refreshing. A very interesting read.

    29. This is an important book to read given the need for attention to the ongoing crisis for mental health care. You get a sense of how difficult it is to treat the problems and the lack of tools for professionals--and the wide gap between what we know and what we don't know about mental health.

    30. We're all a little crazyRob Dobrenski pulls back the curtain and gives us a peek at the world of mental health professionals and their clients. We're all human and we all have problems. I enjoyed the ride as we followed the author through school and into practice.

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