- By Debbie Macomber

The Cowboy's Lady

  • Title: The Cowboy's Lady
  • Author: Debbie Macomber
  • ISBN: 9780373096268
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Cowboy s Lady When rugged Russ Palmer heard about the new schoolteacher in Cougar Point he snorted in derision Imagine a pretty city thing braving a Montana winter But when he set eyes on Taylor Manning he began

    When rugged Russ Palmer heard about the new schoolteacher in Cougar Point, he snorted in derision Imagine a pretty city thing braving a Montana winter But when he set eyes on Taylor Manning, he began to change his tune Perhaps the little lady could survive the winter if he was around to keep her warm.When Taylor locked horns with the Cougar Point cattleman, his seWhen rugged Russ Palmer heard about the new schoolteacher in Cougar Point, he snorted in derision Imagine a pretty city thing braving a Montana winter But when he set eyes on Taylor Manning, he began to change his tune Perhaps the little lady could survive the winter if he was around to keep her warm.When Taylor locked horns with the Cougar Point cattleman, his sexy drawl left her weak kneed and trembly until Russ made it plain that, in these parts, men were men and women were best kept barefoot and pregnant Taylor vowed she d never submit to caveman tactics, no matter how cold the winter or how handsome the cowboy Of course, the winter promised to be very, very cold.

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    1. Reviewed for THC ReviewsThe Cowboy's Lady was my first read by Debbie Macomber. I know that Ms. Macomber is a prolific writer who seems to be a romance fan favorite, and the impression of her writing that I had gotten over the years, made me think that I would really enjoy her books. Unfortunately, this initial foray into her work didn't do a whole lot for me. I think this is owing in large part to there not being much to the plot of the story and the character development being weak. The basic [...]

    2. Whoa! This is some pretty steamy stuff for Debbie Macomber:) Anyone interested in some good old fashioned romance, steamy embraces and kissing should suspend all notion of what would happen in real life and jump in. It was so fun and ridiculous! Sometimes I just want to enjoy a silly love story and this fit the bill. Yes this would never happen in real lifebut who cares???

    3. City girl and a cowboyFun romantic book that's an easy feel-good read. The school teacher escapes to the country, trying to get her life back in order after a disastrous love affair. What she doesn't want more than anything is to fall in love again. Her new found love won't let her back away though and they manage to get past their differences to become a couple. Happy ending!

    4. Macomb revisits a great storyI enjoy this author's characters and fantastic sense of humor. It is easy to identify with her believable stories and the personalities involved. It is also important to me that her books subtly leave sexual scenes to your own imagination.

    5. RushedThe book started out with excitement but as it went on Taylor was so stubborn she repeatedly pushed Russ away. Then it seemed like our writer got tired of the story and just pushed everything into a few pages. Very disappointing.

    6. I haven't read a Debbie Macomber book for many years. I was looking for a quick, easy read and that is what I got. It was very sappy and very predictable, but I do love happy endings so I gave it a 2!

    7. Love and UnderstandingWhat a great book ! Debbie Macomber is my favorite author . I started with her Angel series and found that i couldn't stop reading her books . It's life opening a gift every time i start a new book of hero's . Awesome !!!!!

    8. Re-read of an old series. I actually like the books about the brothers more than the pair about the sisters (cowboys are Not My Thing), but still fun!

    9. Another winner! Every now and then you just need a sweet Debbie Macomber romance novel. And this one didn't disappoint. I had been reading some pretty heavy novels and so I really appreciate getting the opportunity read this book. The characters are well developed and the story moves right along. As usual in one of Ms. Macomber's books, there isn't a lot of sex scenes or foul language. A very good read.

    10. In The Cowboy’s Lady by Debbie Macomber, Taylor Manning takes a teaching job in Cougar Point, Montana not realizing just how different it is from Seattle. For one thing, no one takes credit cards and she is short on cash after traveling. Luckily for her, Russ Palmer tells the store clerk that she is the new school teacher and she is given a line of credit. Russ had just come from the diner where his companions had talked about her. The second thing is that there is not a shortage of handsome m [...]

    11. This is so dated. Russ is utterly, terribly old fashioned and chauvinistic and I just don't understand how someone so supposedly liberal could settle for a man like that. He's overbearing, rude and sarcastic. Sure he apologises but I was appalled that he was seen as sexy and manly by the author. I also found how despite all of her claims to be a modern woman, she immediately accepts marriage and pregnancy, giving up all thoughts of going ahead with her career. I just found the book disappointing [...]

    12. In Macomber’s romance novel, schoolteacher Taylor Manning accepts a teaching position in Cottage Point, Montana. After years in Seattle, Montana life is very different from what she is used to. It doesn’t take long for her to lock horns with the very handsome, very opinionated rancher Russ Palmer. For the life of him, he can’t figure out why a city born and bred woman would be doing alone in Montana until his heart melts and he realizes that they are meant for each other.I loved this story [...]

    13. A true fan of Debbie Macomber.The intensity of the dislike Russ and Taylor seemed to feel immediately for one another was a ruse for the passion that sparked between them. He was too much like her father and she was just too opinionated. His young sister Mandi kept bringing them together. It was a very fast read.

    14. Read this as part of a compilation - The Manning Sisters - and even though it's dated and the hero is a Neanderthal, I liked it. Reminded me a bit of Diana Palmer's work. Full review will be on the compilation I'm reading.

    15. The Cowboys LadyExcellent book. Highly recommend this book to everyone. Excellent story line kept your interest and attention making it hard to put down. Debbie Macomber always writes excellent stories.

    16. Typical Debbie Macomber, although this is certainly not a favorite. Many of her plot lines are similar; girl and guy cannot see eye to eye- how can they love each other so much?! Parts of this story rubbed me the wrong way, but I enjoyed it enough. Always a quick read.

    17. Couldn,t put it downGreat read. Progressive story line. Couldn't,t put it down. Read all night. It is a shame this review requires so many words or it won,t post. A few words is all it takes to state ones opinion.

    18. I read this in 1 sitting and really enjoyed it. From the start I knew the ending but it was lovely reading about how Taylors feelings towards Russ changed. This is classic Debbie Macomber at her best!

    19. I really enjoyed The Cowboy's Lady with Taylor & Russ. .SPOILER.Taylor just got out of a relationship with Marc and moved to Montana to clear her head. To Taylor's surprise, she kept running into Russ. Taylor was in denial and forcing herself not to accept her new fondness for Russ.

    20. Cowboy stories from the author was a surprise to me. This is an early work of the author but was definetly an enjoyable read. This is the first of two stories about two sisters finding love and romance small town USA. A very easy read the story holds one's attention throughout.

    21. I just finished reading this book and boy did I fall in love with it! I could feel the emotions of the characters coming through the pages. I laughed and I cried. I always say opposites attract and this book proved my point!

    22. As always this book is darling.Debbies books don't leave you sad and in true form this book delivered. I loved the way she ended this one. As always with one of. Her book's they are sweet and not full of sex and so it's a pleasure to fall in love also.

    23. I have been enjoying Debbie Macomber books for years. Unfortunately, I couldn't even finish this one. I absolutely could not connect to either of the main characters and found the book boardering on the trashy side.

    24. Great book as always!You have been one of my favorite authors since I read your first book. I usually get the free best sellers on my kindle but when someone gives me a gift card, I splurge and pay for a book by someone I know I will enjoy! You never disappoint!

    25. Loved this bookSo many women can identify with the men in this book. The characters are so genuine and predictable. Loved it and could not put it down. Thank you Debbie for another tremendous book.

    26. I had never read this author before and I won't again. Wanted some romance featuring the backdrop of Montana and didn't really get much of either. Totally implausible story and undeveloped characters.

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