- By Betty Hechtman

Behind the Seams

  • Title: Behind the Seams
  • Author: Betty Hechtman
  • ISBN: 9780425241424
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Behind the Seams The Tarzana Hookers learn that the entertainment biz can be deadly The crochet group s informal leader actress CeeCee Collins has a movie out and thanks to the Oscar buzz she s scheduled to appear

    The Tarzana Hookers learn that the entertainment biz can be deadly The crochet group s informal leader, actress CeeCee Collins, has a movie out, and thanks to the Oscar buzz, she s scheduled to appear on the famous Barbara Olive Overton Show Molly and the girls tag along, but when CeeCee s niece Nell a production assistant on the show is accused of poisoning one of the pThe Tarzana Hookers learn that the entertainment biz can be deadly The crochet group s informal leader, actress CeeCee Collins, has a movie out, and thanks to the Oscar buzz, she s scheduled to appear on the famous Barbara Olive Overton Show Molly and the girls tag along, but when CeeCee s niece Nell a production assistant on the show is accused of poisoning one of the producers, Molly and the Hookers must set aside their crochet projects to clear Nell s name And if they don t soon, someone else will be the next Hollywood headline.

    1 thought on “Behind the Seams

    1. Boring and improbable. I'd have given it a two-star rating because it had nice touches of humor, but I got to the cheap lead-on cliffhanger at the end and the small amount of pleasure I'd derived from sticking with it and reading to the end unraveled.

    2. "Behind the Seams" is a cozy mystery with a crochet theme. It's the sixth book in the series, but it can be read as a stand-alone and doesn't spoil the mysteries in the previous books.The whodunit was on my list of possible suspects from the start, and I was certain of whodunit long before Molly was. However, the clues weren't obvious, so it was believable that Molly and friends didn't suspect. I found it less believable that Molly kept getting arrested because she was near a crime and due to mi [...]

    3. I seem to really enjoy the first of these types of mysteries but end up feeling a bit let down as new ones come out. Maybe I've just read too many lately and am getting jaded at the lack of quality I find in subsequent stories. I know nothing is perfect, and authors can often be repetitive, but there a few things I would've liked to see or change: Molly's constant coffee drinking, she needs caffeine, I get it, but I don't see the necessity of being told she has a cup on every other page. Then th [...]

    4. I read the ninth novel in this series first, and now, I'm going through the series from the beginning. This sixth novel of the series was just as interesting and entertaining as the other books of the series I've read. As was also the case with the other novels in the series, I found the writing style to be good, and the plot was fun. I really enjoyed the novel and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    5. Boy-oh-boy what an ending! I can't say I'm unhappy with Molly's relationship with Barry, by the end of the last book-I didn't like him! All thru this book-I found his character controlling + boorish! The character of Mason seems "made for Molly" but will their "fun" stop if they become a cpl?

    6. Great read. Small quip at the end leaving you anxious to read the next book, but story is complete in this book.

    7. CeeCee Collins is currently a hot name in Hollywood, and she has landed a coveted appearance on a popular talk show. Molly Pink and the rest of the Tarzana Hookers crocheting club go to the show's taping to cheer their fellow club member on. The show goes well for CeeCee, which is surprising since she's been ask to lead a cooking demo and she doesn't cook! However, the show's overbearing producer Robyn Freed collapses and dies after drinking a latte backstage. Unfortunately, CeeCee's niece Nell, [...]

    8. I enjoy this cozy mystery series. Molly Pink, our fearless heroine, is a widow with grown children. (I do get tired of the sweet young things.) She is the event coordinator for the bookstore Shedd and Royal Books and More. She's also in charge of the recently added yarn department. Seems that crochet and books go together (I could have told *them* that)!. She also dates a police detective. Her best friend is Dinah (a character I enjoy) and then there is Adele. I guess every book has to have a ch [...]

    9. I wish I realized what I was getting into before i started reading this book. It's the 6th book in a series! By the time I realized the characters seem to know each other too well and look it up on it was already too late. Well done Stefani.This book is about Molly Pink who fancies herself an amateur detective. Crochet is a big part of the story. Molly and her friends have a crochet group and meet in a bookstore. Adele is a hilarious character. She goes on and on about the difference between cr [...]

    10. I picked up this book from the library to finish the series and get it behind me. However, I just noticed that there's an 8th book in the series which I may have to pay for then donate to the library.I've come down with a summer cold so I really wanted to keep my reading light. This series is definitely light. I both like and dislike how the murderer needs to monologue. I realize the author is using this as a device to solve the mystery and provide a rationale for the murder but, really, a monol [...]

    11. This was a pleasant crochet trip to solving a murder. Molly Pink is our sleuth, that works for a book shop as an event planner. The owners of the shop have created a space for persons that enjoy working with yarn for crocheting or knitting. The group of crocheter's is an interesting mix. Cee Cee, a Hollywood celebrity, has an Niece, Nell, that gets accused of murdering the segment producer of a popular talk show. Cee Cee demands that Molly solve the crime for the police.This was an easy read.

    12. Widow, book store employee and crotcheter Molly Pink is shocked when a woman dies in front of her. To make things worse, her friend CeeCee's niece Nell is the leading police suspect. Molly understands why, but still feels sorry for the young woman (who frankly is a bit whiny to be a sympathetic character). Molly is not ready to marry again, but her would-be fiance police detective Barry is putting pressure on her. Since he also won't help her with the case, she turns more and more to attentive a [...]

    13. Hechtman is back up to speed in episode 6 in the life of Molly Pink, who is asked to investigate after CeeCee's niece is implicated in the murder of her supervisor (who got a job as a production assistant on a popular talk show.) It so happens Molly was there when the lady died and is fairly sure Nell is innocent, so she finds herself navigating her investigation through the edges of entertainment industry, looking for the one who really snuffed out the competition. Mason is once again a great h [...]

    14. Pink gets involved in what else a murder after she watches the victim die. Issues with her sleuthing cause problems with her and Barry. She wants to find the culprit to help CeeCee niece who is accused. She keeps working at the bookstore, working with the crocheters while investigating. In the end her life changes but she finds the murderer. Ms Hechtman does leave us hanging and i am ready for the next installment.

    15. Fun little mystery. For a while it was like a game of Werewolf, where there's a bunch of suspects and one person is lying--you just don't know who.While I don't know much about crochet, there's enough information and description to keep me filled in. This was the first book in the series I've read, and while I was a little lost at first, I caught on. Fun read.

    16. While Molly and Adele are attending a popular talk show, one of the associate producers is poisoned right in front of them, and CeCe's niece, who gave the woman the fatal drink, is the prime suspect. Naturally it all works out, since no friend of the Tarzana Hookers could ever be guilty of homicide.

    17. Great ending. Thought it was going to be the typical murderer puts the main character in jeopardy and the police comes in and saves the day but you will be surprised. Looking forward to reading the next one. However, the Barry character really bothered me in the last several. He is controlling and possessive, the kind of man a woman should get away from quickly.

    18. Betty Hechtman wrote another fun cozy murder mystery. The Tarzana Hookers are back in action with new murders to solve. Molly makes a good amateur sleuth and works at the bookstore where the hookers meet. In this book CeeCee's niece Nell is suspected of murder. The Tarzana Hookers step in to help solve the murder led by Molly.

    19. I have to admit it, I didn't finish the book. I read about a third and decided I was tired of these characters. They talk about how they put up with each other because they are family. I'd get. A divorce from a family like that. And the boy friend--he's a bully! So I skipped to the last two chapters to see who did it. And I did a Kindle search on Barry to see what stupidity he did.

    20. I have read all the books in this series, but I am done. Adele needs to be removed, she is very irritating, over the top and getting way to much page time. She is a cartoon character and really lowers the quality of this series. Plus we are to believe she is in charge of the children's section of a book store. If I were a parent I would not let my child near this nutcase.

    21. #6 in Crochet Mystery series. Molly Pink ends up watching a production assistant die. She has to look for the REAL killer, and wants to find out about some special crocheted dolls have to do with the murder.

    22. havent read all the books in this series, but wasnt sure about the one i read before this one. started reading this with my mind set that i would be bored. stayed up all night reading it. great book.

    23. Another very good read!It's really hard to put these down!Molly gets her personal life rearranged somewhat and has to find a killer of siblings this time.The last few sentences are making me order the next book right away!Enjoy!

    24. In truth its my mother who loves this series. I was given the first 2 as gifts and continue to read them so she'll have someone to talk to them about. However I believe the writhing gets a bit better with each one.

    25. As usual Betty Hechtman had me laughing, crying & turning the pages to see who done it. And in this caper just when you think you know who the killer is, well nuff said. This one is ANOTHER must read from a great author!

    26. This is a cute light hearted mystery. The woman amateur detective works in a book store and loves to crochet. She is very curious and ends up solving cases for the police, much to their chagrin. Her boy friend #1 is a policeman. The ending leads you into the next book.

    27. A mystery in the cozy style, Behind the Seams takes us into the world of daytime talk shows. The heroines are a crochet group, one of whom is quite fanatical about it and rather annoying. I'd figured out whodunit before the denouement but not so early as to make the book dull.

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