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Violet Mackerel's Brilliant Plot

  • Title: Violet Mackerel's Brilliant Plot
  • Author: Anna Branford Sarah Davis
  • ISBN: 9781921529177
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Violet Mackerel s Brilliant Plot Violet Mackerel thinks she would QUITE LIKE to own the blue china bird at the Saturday markets This is not just a SILLY WISH It is instead the start of a VERY IMPORTANT idea But what she needs is a PL

    Violet Mackerel thinks she would QUITE LIKE to own the blue china bird at the Saturday markets This is not just a SILLY WISH It is instead the start of a VERY IMPORTANT idea But what she needs is a PLOT A BRILLIANT plot Introducing readers to a new warm and loveable character, Violet Mackerel s Brilliant Plot is a story not to be missed.

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    1. This is one of those books I love so much, I want to thrust it at *everybody*, whether or not they have a chapterbook-aged child. I'm a 35-year-old, and my eyes were misty at the (absolutely perfect) ending. The whole book is so funny and sweet and clever, and I love, love, love dreamy Violet and her whole quirky, wonderful family. I cannot wait to read more books in this series!(Longer, more detailed review on my blog.)

    2. I very much enjoy the illustrations by Elanna Allen. I wonder why there are two different illustrators for different editions for a new book? If a child wrote this, the teacher would have done a lot of red-lining. "Quite" nd "actually" and "sort of" and even a chapter called "A Slight Disaster" too much! Sure, it sounds friendlier and cuter, but it's not good writing.Other than those quibbles, this is utterly charming, and I will def. try to find more in the series.

    3. Wonderful early chapter book. Violet shows readers that all ideas, big and small, are important. I also like the warm family relationships and the emphasis on earning your own money for the things you want.

    4. This is a delightful short story for junior readers. Violet Mackerel is a lovable little girl whose determination to get what she wants through her own initiative is inspirational. What she wants is a simple little china bird from the local craft stall where mum goes to sell her knitting each weekend. Alas, Violet doesn't have $10 or even $1 and unlike her irritating brother and sister she is too little to earn any.So she dreams up various plots to get the money. Mum who only just manages to kee [...]

    5. Lovely, simple and sweet. I have a bit of a crush on Vincent; I'll have to read more to make sure he sticks around.

    6. Violet's brilliant plot starts when she decides she wants to buy a special blue pottery bird from a table at the craft market. There's a man who never speaks when she talks to him and he has it for sale. She's got to find a way to earn $10. Her career as an archaeologist looking for treasure in the backyard comes to an abrupt end when she wrecks the garden.Eventually she decorates a 'tubular scarf' that's been one of her mum's experiments and tries to sell it for $10. But the silent man at the s [...]

    7. So, let’s celebrate a combined non-fiction and early chapter book series today, shall we? I’ve recently become a huge fan of Anna Branford. I read Violet Mackerel’s Brilliant Plot; Violet Mackerel’s Remarkable Recovery; How to Make Small Things with Violet Mackerel – by Anna Branford - Early Chapter Books – after I read another book from the Violet Mackerel series and I was simply enchanted with the beautiful philosophy and life experiences that Violet’s character has from needing [...]

    8. This is a cute short chapter book about wishing for things, making mistakes, and coming up with creative solutions. The illustrations are fun and plentiful, and I like the U.S. edition's cover more than Australia's. It's nice that Violet chooses an unselfish (but not very business-savvy) option near the end of the story.A few minor quibbles: While the idea of theories and plots is a big part of the story, and this is a good introduction to those concepts, the first chapter might be a turnoff to [...]

    9. 7-year-old Violet desperately wants a blue china bird that she sees the the weekly farmer's market she and her family attend. But she has no money - so she needs to come up with a brilliant plot to earn the $10 she needs to buy the bird. Digging in the garden for valuable fossils doesn't work - but then Violet gets the brilliant idea to use some of her mother's knitting mistakes to create a one-of-a-kind tube scarf. This sweet beginning chapter book is the first in the series. Fun for beginning [...]

    10. Cute little story about young Violet, whose ideas are as special and different as is her family - very refreshing! I loved this book - as I loved Violet and her family - for its uniqueness and it's "out of the square/box" ideas and characters. The story celebrates in a very subtle and charming way the importance of being who you want to be and living your life the way you want to live it. The idea of having a Box of Little Things is very cool - I might just have to get one myself ;)

    11. I had to have a friend send this to me from AU b/c sadly, it's not avail for the US - yet! Can't wait till Violet gets here! This little book of Violets is like a breath of fresh air that I know kids in the states would enjoy immensely. Can't wait to get my hands on the 2nd installment! Also read Sophies Salon -a book on the importance of friendships - making them and maintaining them all while being true to yourself.

    12. This is a beautiful gentle story, perfect to share on a rainy day. Branford expertly manages to make her depiction of small every day things both fascinating and compelling. She really manages to capture the mind of a child, something that instantly hit a deep chord with my highly sensitive children. Reading it aloud is a joy, and despite the fact there is no massively suspenseful hook, my kids were completely enthralled and wouldn't let me stop reading. In fact, I think that is the book's great [...]

    13. This is a cute book that I think I will give to my niece in a few years when she is ready to advance to chapter books. Violet has a plan but sometimes things don't go quite the way you imagine them. Recommend to young readers, this is a great beginner chapter book.

    14. 10 chapters, 8ish pages per chapter, plenty of illustrations. Third person limited omniscient. Present tense.Chapter 1: Theory of Finding Small Things. V finds a small button on the ground at the farmers' market, and believes this means something special will happen.Chapter 2: Problem: V wants a clay bird, but they cost $10, and she doesn't have money. She observes her siblings working to raise money at the market.Chapter 3: V tries to think outside the box to raise money for her bird.Chapter 4: [...]

    15. In a nutshell: Violet is a girl with lots of big ideas, but they don't always pan out the way she plans. When she decides that what she really wants is a small, blue china bird being sold at the market where her mother sells her knitting, she concocts an "out of the box" plan to make enough money to buy it.I was pleasantly surprised by this book! While I did have a few quibbles (as other reviewers have noted, it would have been helpful to have had a quick, kid-friendly definition of 'theory' and [...]

    16. Now this is more like it. A likable, creative character who does goofy kid things without really considering the consequences, but who means well, and who learns from her mistakes (unlike that other girl book character who seems on track to be a serial poisoner of her nearest and dearest when she grows up).Violet Mackerel lives with her mother, older brother, and older sister. Her mother knits hats, scarves and other garments to sell at a weekly market. In this book Violet has her eye on a beaut [...]

    17. I wanted to like this book. It seemed to have all of the right elements - a spunky little girl who is neither a tomboy nor a girly-girl - and a potentially fun storyline. Unfortunately, the book was sabotaged by the writing (at least for me as an adult). It felt stiff, and unlike a book like the Nancy Clancy series that introduces and uses bigger words successfully, the bigger words sometimes felt forced and repetitive. The story was cute, but a little slow. My daughter liked the book but didn't [...]

    18. So I may need to sneak off and read this entire series on my own. The adorable cover illustrations drew me in. Then the story line had me hooked. Each title page starts with a small knitting inspired illustration - sign me up! The heroine is as sweet as pie. These are just the type of stories I would want to write myself. My daughter let me read two of them to her and she read #3 on her ownbut does not have quite the same level of love for these as I do. Violet's mother knits and sells her handm [...]

    19. My seven year old loves to read about Junie B. Jones. I hate Junie B. Jones. I can't stand the style in which the book are written. Trying to read these books out loud is like listening to nails on a chalkboard. I can't stand Junie. She's a brat. She never really seems to learn the lesson she's suppose to. Her mother needs to use the word "no" more than she does. I have been searching and searching for a little girl to replace Junie in my daughter's life. I have found that little girl and her na [...]

    20. Violet Mackerel has always loved a blue china bird at the local flea market. She wants to buy it, but she doesn't have any money. Prone to creating "brilliant plots," seven-year-old Violet tries several far-fetched things to earn the money to buy the bird, before stumbling into the perfect solution.This is very cute and definitely falls into the "gentle" category. Violet is introverted and creative, making for a quiet little narrator who unwittingly gets into trouble when she follows her mind's [...]

    21. Violet Mackerel is an endearing, quirky young girl who, in this great chapter book for transitional readers, hatches an imaginative plan to acquire a tiny, blue china bird.I love knitting-related books, so this book with a single mom of three who sells her hand knit wares at a flea market is tops with me. I love Violet creativity and industrious ingenuity to obtain the china bird. I think her older siblings efforts to earn money--making jewelry and busking--are admirable and great addition. Also [...]

    22. Hmm, I just noticed there's an older edition of this with a different illustrator. I don't think I would have liked that one as much. I enjoyed the story but I picked this one up because I really like this illustrator.I like Violet because she's creative and kind. This is a cute story about trying to figure out how to buy a coveted bird figurine. Along the way Violet decides to become an archeologist to discover a new species of dinosaur (while digging up the back yard in the process), tries to [...]

    23. Beautiful, sweet chapter book for my own little Violet and me to read together. I happened upon it at the library and I'm thrilled to see that it's a series! We'll be reading more for sure. Violet, her two older siblings, and her mother go to the market every Saturday to sell her mom's knitting. There are some deeper subjects that older readers can choose to explore with their young listeners (dad left, mama's trying to make ends meet), but it's told from little Violet's perspective so everythin [...]

    24. This book was recomended in a family magizine. I love Ivy and Bean and I hoped this would be the same wasnt. It wasnt a bad book it just wasnt any thing that stood out making it special. It is written by an Australian and I am not sure that American kids are going to get what a plot is in this context (a plan) and when talking about wool she is talking about yarn. It does have a happy ending and I do like that. I also have a co worker who sells her jewelery at a country market during the summer [...]

    25. Well-written first chapter book with an engaging main character with a quirky, loving family. Violet has a unique, but well-grounded way of looking at the world. She appreciates the little things in life. Her whole family spends Saturdays at a craft/farmer's market where each is attempting to make money for a goal. There are no spoiled children in this family. Violet has her eyes on a china bird in one of the neighboring stalls and her brilliant plot is very sweet and very selfless. Not a lot of [...]

    26. Violet is a sweet little girl who wants a blue china bird and needs to think of a BRILLIANT plot to earn enough money to buy it. It takes her a few tries and a generous gift before she succeeds.It's a very short chapter book. Easily read in a few bedtimes. Large font and frequent illustrations. I'm not sure how old Violet is supposed to be. 5 or 6? Perhaps a little older, since she writes her ideas down in notebooks. The level of the language makes me think it's aimed at older elementary student [...]

    27. We couldn't take many books overseas with us, but when I had to choose, I chose three Violet Mackerel books. I never get sick of reading them aloud to my three-year-old and my six-year-old. And they never get sick of hearing them. Violet is such a kind and sensitive character. The plots are all so cleverly and subtly joined together. And no matter how often I read these books, I cry! A quiet cry, so no-one notices.

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