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Violet Mackerel's Remarkable Recovery

  • Title: Violet Mackerel's Remarkable Recovery
  • Author: Anna Branford Sarah Davis
  • ISBN: 9781921529184
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Violet Mackerel s Remarkable Recovery Join Violet Mackerel for another warm story as she discovers The Theory of Giving Small ThingsOLET MACKEREL has to have her tonsils out Violet does NOT think this is a good idea She prefers NOT to hav

    Join Violet Mackerel for another warm story as she discovers The Theory of Giving Small ThingsOLET MACKEREL has to have her tonsils out Violet does NOT think this is a good idea She prefers NOT to have things taken out But the tonsils have to go And that s okay, because maybe Violet will make the most REMARKABLE RECOVERY ever.

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    1. Absolutely adorable. When you're nervous, do you have butterflies or rhinoceroses in your tummy? And what verses can you add to that nice nanny's song about Favorite Things?

    2. Enjoyed this one very much until the identity of Iris was revealed. I am sorry but Violet's mom WOULD have remembered her. Other than that small problem I thought the whole walk through of getting your tonsils out was excellent. Any child going through that should read this book.

    3. So, let’s celebrate a combined non-fiction and early chapter book series today, shall we? I’ve recently become a huge fan of Anna Branford. I read Violet Mackerel’s Brilliant Plot; Violet Mackerel’s Remarkable Recovery; How to Make Small Things with Violet Mackerel – by Anna Branford - Early Chapter Books – after I read another book from the Violet Mackerel series and I was simply enchanted with the beautiful philosophy and life experiences that Violet’s character has from needing [...]

    4. Violet has to have her tonsils out, so Doctor Singh says. She's not keen on the idea but when she's told her voice will sound different, she's happier. Perhaps she'll wind up with an opera-singing voice. (Certainly the chances of that happening with someone named Singh must be higher.) The prospect of a week of ice-cream is also a bit of an enticement.At the hospital, while the butterflies in her stomach are behaving more like rhinoceroses on a rampage, she meets Iris MacDonald who is waiting to [...]

    5. Reading the review, on , this sounds like a good book; however, the start (first 2/3) was so boring and pedantic that I certainly wouldn't ask a kid to stay and struggle through the book. In the end, the plot isn't so bad, and I like the way everything ties in so well together. I also like how Violet doesn't give up on finding Iris MacDonald. So, the book had potential, I just wish the author would have gone back and re-read her work and realized she needed to re-write the beginning to make it i [...]

    6. I loved this book! It's super sweet and simple, but with interesting plot turns, too. When Violet comes down with tonsillitis yet again, her doctor decides to take out her tonsils. Violet's not so sure about this, until Dr. Singh (who does sing, although not because that's how his name sounds) tells her that she will be going to the hospital and then eating lots of ice cream.Her doctor also mentions that some of his former patients have noticed a change in their voice, and that "remarkable recov [...]

    7. I borrowed this book for my niece who is anxious about having to have her tonsils out. I had to read it first (just to make sure it was appropriate of course). Well, what an absolutely gorgeous book. It has beautiful illustrations with a delightful story - I have no doubt it is going to be a hit with my niece. I love how the tonsillectomy becomes the minor story, and Violet throws all her attention into her quest to find Iris. Violet still has her concerns, but she works though them. This little [...]

    8. Present Tense.Chapter 1: V has tonsillitis.Chapter 2: Finds out her mom's experience at the hospital (birthing her).Chapter 3: Tells people about tonsillectomy. Chapter 4: V gets so worried, it's like having rhinos in her stomachChapter 5: Old lady in waiting room helps comfort her because she has rhinos too.Chapter 6: RecoveryChapter 7: Looks for old lady.Chapter 8: Prays, starts to feel better.Chapter 9: Hears woman with same name on radio. Calls in.Chapter 10: Meets old lady for tea. Discover [...]

    9. Another little girl character I fell totally in love with as I read the first book in the series, discovering amongst others boxes of little things. Just like in the first book, Violet's sweet nature will warm your heart, her loving and very special family will capture any reader from the very first pages. I hope to see many more books in the series.

    10. A unique book! I'm glad to see this is a series. In a rush I just grabbed it off the new book table at the library because it looked to be around our reading level and the first page read well. My crunchy friends will appreciate the shout-outs to home-birthing and knitting! I'll be on the lookout for other books in this series.

    11. Violet Mackerel's Remarkable Recovery, the second in the Violet Mackerel series, is just as wonderful as the first, Violet Mackerel's Brilliant Plot.Violet and her family are beautifully drawn, both in words and pencil, and the feeling and thoughtfulness that is poured onto the page rebounds into your heart.Recommended as a a great book for parents to read aloud to their young children.

    12. Cute story about a little girl with big ideas. I read it aloud to my 5yo, and we will probably read another in the series. Violet has a theory that small gifts will give energy of some sort to the recipient. This doesn't turn out to be true exactly, but the debunking of her theory is so gentle that some kids might miss it.

    13. Violet Mackerel is in need of a tonsillectomy, and she is determined to make this not just a recovery, but a remarkable recovery.Her doctor tells her that when her tonsils are removed, her voice might be a little different. Violet, being adorable and 7, decides this means she will have an opera voice.Another adorable series parents with children ages 4 to 7 will enjoy reading aloud.

    14. Violet has a really sore throut. But at the hospital she meets a old lady called Iras Mcdonald. She tells Violet that she`s going to get her arm fixed and when she said that Violet thought she might get a super arm. Then Violet told her that she was going to get a tonsillectomy. And Iras Mcdonald thought that was a very brave thing to do. Mosty everyone was jealus about her.

    15. So very charming. <3's all around.Darling story about a little girl getting her tonsils out. Violet Mackerel thinks in her very own way and loves boyish and girlish things, without Junie B's sassafras. PERFECT for those who don't love Junie B and aren't quite ready for Clementine.

    16. A really lovely second book in one of my very favorite chapterbook series (along with Hilary McKay's "Lulu" series and Atinuke's "Anna Hibiscus"). It's less quirky than the first book in the series, but makes up for that in pure sweetness. MrD and I both really enjoyed it.

    17. Another darling book from Branford, which was enjoyable for me to read, and my children loved. Kind-hearted Violet has to have her tonsils removed, and in typical Violet fashion, makes a new friend along the way.

    18. In this episode Violet faces having her tonsils out, and the related anxiety of facing the unknown. Works well as a story, as an identifiable character, and also serves well for anyone fearing procedures, health concerns, separation, etc.

    19. such a charming story. A little girl who is determined to continue a friendship with an older lady that she met in a hospital waiting room. Read it to my niece today who will read it again on her own.

    20. Branford's prose is lyrical at times, while being firmly grounded in an innocent child's perspective. It's almost like a Thomas Kincaid painting, but without getting so sappy as to fall into a Precious Moment. Totally made me tear up at the end.

    21. It is really lovely how Anna Branford pulls together all the little things that happen to Violet, so that they work out. Personalities are big, but there is no excess at all in the writing. It is simple, clean, beautiful, and quirky.

    22. This series is absolutely adorable. I love Violet's strategies for thinking outside the box and her small acts of kindness. The illustrations add to the story beautifully. Very sweet.

    23. its about Violet she has to get her tonsils out and she is a little worried about it and during the book she makes a new friend.

    24. Our (my and my 6yo's) favorite of the first four books. We're digging this series. Just right for this age group. (no editing needed; good on values and family relationships)

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