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Dangerous Pleasure

  • Title: Dangerous Pleasure
  • Author: Lora Leigh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dangerous Pleasure Abram Mustafa faces the test of his life and his heart when his terrorist father kidnaps Paige Galbraithe the one woman who has always been able to touch Abram s soul With Paige s life now in danger

    Abram Mustafa faces the test of his life and his heart when his terrorist father kidnaps Paige Galbraithe, the one woman who has always been able to touch Abram s soul With Paige s life now in danger, Abram knows that his plans for escape from the only home he has ever known have suddenly become imperative than ever.Paige has always wondered if the dark, cool and mysAbram Mustafa faces the test of his life and his heart when his terrorist father kidnaps Paige Galbraithe, the one woman who has always been able to touch Abram s soul With Paige s life now in danger, Abram knows that his plans for escape from the only home he has ever known have suddenly become imperative than ever.Paige has always wondered if the dark, cool and mysterious Abram el Hamid Mustafa is hiding a wicked side a wicked side that will allow her to explore the kind of pleasure she has dreamed of But when she is kidnapped by his father, she finds that she must trust Abram with than her fantasies Paige must trust him with her life and her heart.Secret, dangerous desires will bind Abram and Paige together as the forces surrounding them try to tear them apart.

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    1. For me, this started out on a high. And then I got a little bored. Then it got good again. When I first started it, there was this intense sexual tension. I liked that part. But then they didn't actually DO anything until over halfway through, and the first time they had intercourse was at 67% I think. And I wouldn't normally complain about that -- sexual tension can sometimes be half the fun. My problem was that while they weren't doing it, they were thinking such flowery things about each othe [...]

    2. At the beginning, there was so much potential, a lot of Khalid (who I love) but the story pacing slowed waaaaaay down and the sexy and steaminess that this series is known for was really lacking. Really. Lacking. The plot was hard to follow and there were a lot of characters to keep track of. It's a very underwhelming story and I'll hesitate to pick up the next book. It will really depend on who the leads are.

    3. Twelfth in the Bound Hearts erotic series usually based around the Sinclair Club. I think Leigh used the word Sinclair once or twice in this story. Khalid and Marty have been engaged for a few months now.My TakeIt musta been dangerous. So dangerous that Leigh couldn't take the time to bother with expanding past her outline. It's the only excuse I can come up with as to the lousy job Leigh's done in creating this story. Hardly anything holds together.Why would Paige lose her job? One. All she has [...]

    4. This review was posted at Under The CoversWho would've ever thought I'd be reviewing a Lora Leigh book and saying "What the hell happened??? Noooooo steam!!!!". But I am sad to say I was extremely disappointed with this book. After the last few books in this series have been really good, really steamy, with great plots, great characters and over the top excellent sex, I expected a really good read.Instead we get this washed out story, with like 2 or 3 sex scenes TOTAL in the whole book, and that [...]

    5. The UPS man showed up yesterday with my book. I happily trumped all the other books in my queue to read this one. Ms. Leigh delivers again with a sweet menage with a hint of danger. This book seems to be more focused on family and betrayals. I don't understand or know the culture which Abram comes from so I can't tell if any of this is plausible. All I know is, it's pretty bad to be a woman in that culture if a guy is cruel, sadistic and insane. There is no balance or protection. This morality p [...]

    6. 3.5 stars. Notes after finishing the book: **** I won't say this was the best story ever, but it was certainly more than I expected. I have had this book for a while and finally gave it a chance. I liked LLeigh's writing style. (BTW this book has explicit material, and is not for the faint of heart.) I haven't liked ménage books, (Ive only attempted two before, and I did not finish either). However, the scenes in this book were well-written. I liked that the author took her time getting the rea [...]

    7. Meh.Sadly, Meh.I am a Bound Hearts fan. I even enjoyed Khalid's story where others felt let down. But this one threw me for a loop. There were multiple inconsistencies. Jafar has a female spy with Donover, but had to ask Chalah where Paige was? So the spy knew all kinds of small details but not something as big as who they were protecting? um. no.And Abram tells us he left Paige and Tariq alone because he couldn't trust himself with her. But later it's because they were supposed to be getting fa [...]

    8. As a ‘Bound Heart’ ménage story, this book was disappointing. As a suspense/romance it was pretty good and I did enjoy it…though there were parts that seemed to be missing here and there and left me a wee bit confused….which I’ve come to expect with LL’s latest books. Paige has been in love with Abram since she was 18. He’s been attracted to her too, but has had to keep his feelings a secret so his crazy powerful father won’t find out and kill her or use her as bait to bring him [...]

    9. What a great book as always Lora Leigh delivered it page has been in love with Abram since she was a teenager. Her brother didn't want to see this and he was against it but in the end he came around this book hit everything low suspicion and as always it caught me right in the heart can't wait to read more in this series.

    10. Dangerous Pleasure (Bound Hearts #12)by Lora Leigh4 out of 5 stars angelswithattitudebookreviews-Dark. Dangerous, and plotting the downfall of the bitter, evil old man that calls him son, Abram Mustafa, Khalid's, half brother on his father's side will not face the most dangerous test of his life. And his heart. When his father kidnaps Khalid's beloved half sister by his mother, and brings her to his Saudi village as a hostage against his son's defection, Abram knows his plans for escape from the [...]

    11. FINAL DECISION: Enjoyable read with a lot of suspense, this menage book isn't as strong as others in the series in the emotional aspectsE STORY:  Abram Mustafa has wanted Paige Galbraith for years. After the murder of his wife, Abram has held himself apart in order to protect those he might care about -- including Paige. Now Paige has been kidnapped by Abram's father and Abram must protect her while he also gives in to the intense passion between them.OPINION: This book has yet another twist on [...]

    12. This is the 12th book in this series. Abram Mustafa faces the test of his life and his heart when his terrorist father kidnaps Paige Galbraithe, the one woman who has always been able to touch Abram's soul. Paige is the half-sister of Abrams half-brother Khalid. Abram has wanted her since her 18th birthday and he tries to stay away from her to protect her from his father. There was a lot of conflict and tension between Abram and Khalid and Paige. Paige was kidnapped by their insane father and he [...]

    13. No, no, no, e ancora NO!Basta, questo è l'ultimo libro della serie che leggo!Noiosissimo, è stata una fatica arrivare al termine. Troppi personaggi: fratelli, fratellastri, cugini, cugini di cugini, conoscenti etc Ci voleva una mappa per ricordarseli tutti.Troppi eventi: rapimenti, tradimenti, evasioni dall'harem, sparatorie, uccisioni, salvataggi in elicottero se fossero stati descritti in maniera diversa sarebbe anche potuta andare, invece il tutto non coinvolge neanche un po'.Solita storia [...]

    14. 4 starsI love the Mustafa brothers! raw-mysterious-sensual-passionate-loyalty to a fault.I thoroughly enjoyed Abram's story even though it made me nervous as heck. He's the epitome of fierceless. I felt the chemistry btwn him and Paige was patiently nourished, built and then overflowed with love and passion. Imagined Khalid having to explain the love btwn his brother and sister made giggled wrong Is that why he kept and insisted them apart? just the opposite, he truly loved them both and wanted [...]

    15. Continuation of the menage seriesAbram Mustafa and Paige Galbraithe (and Tariq). Crazy Azir Mustafa is still trying to manipulate and/or kill his sons. Very sizzling scenes! Confusing kidnaps and travel back and forth between U.S. and Middle East. Brief glimpses of Khalid and Marty. Good read.

    16. Good story, liked that it all related to the others, but I felt like I was missing something, like maybe another book that gave more insight into this story. I really like where this is heading, if she continues to write this series, so I am looking forward to that. But I recommend reading Khalid's story at least before you read this one, as he is a big part of this story.

    17. 3.00/4.00 not your typical Lora Leigh. Very heavy on the terrorist/kidnapping plot and VERY light on the character development, romance and love scenes. My least favorite of this seriesen again each new book in the series seems to be worse than the last. Am losing interest in it.

    18. Overall a good book but there were a few unanswered questions in the end. Hopefully the series will continue and they will be answered.

    19. An excellent - and sizzling hot - addition to the Bound Hearts series. I found one incomplete sentence and one formatting/printing error, but otherwise the writing was flawless.

    20. I just finished reading this book. I remain a loyal LL fan. Always. I'm shamelessly addicted as each book is released, I rush to grab it. This is Abram's story. He is Khalid's half brother who falls for Khalid's half sister, Paige, from a different parent (no relation). Whew! Where'd she come up with that one?! Somewhat typical storyline. Heroine falls for Hero at a young age and years go by before anything is able to happen between them. He's emotionally damaged and filled with angst and can't [...]

    21. Abram and Paige have been fighting their mutual attraction for years, but for different reasons. Abram is concerned for her safety and preserving his relationship with his half brother Khalid. The issues that Paige faces are close the the same given that Khalid is also her half brother who doesn't approve of the relationship. Paige has no idea the potential danger she will truly be in if they act on the fire that is consuming them both. What neither of them realize, is that it is already too lat [...]

    22. Of all the Bound Hearts books, this one was more on the story than the sex. It makes me wonder if Leigh wants to continue this series and used this book to introduce more players.Abram is Khalid's brother. They have the same father, different mother's and were born on the same day. Talk about twins!! Abram is the oldest and rightful heir to their father's Saudi kingdom. He's been beat up by having watched his father kill his mother, then having both his wives killed at the hands of his younger h [...]

    23. I enjoyed the story and I didn't at the same time. The beginning and the end were good, but the middle was a bit boring, and the book had some errors that just couldn't be overlooked. The first one being the younger brothers from the last book somehow got switched around concerning the events that happened, meaning one brother did one thing but this book says the other did it. I probably wouldn't of noticed had it not been that I read these books back to back. Also the timeline of events pertain [...]

    24. This book was frustrating, confusing and unsettling to read. I enjoyed Lora Leigh's "Only Pleasure," which involves one of the characters--Khalid--from this story. In "Only Pleasure" Khalid is the best friend of the main male protagonist (Abram). In "Dangerous Pleasures" he is the half-brother of the main female protagonist (Paige). I found all these half-brother, half-sister, and cousin relationships taking place in the setting of Saudi Arabia in "Dangerous Pleasures" extremely confusing. They [...]

    25. Abram Mustafa has never known a moment's peace where his father is concerned. Several hard times in his life taught him not to show weakness, because the people he cared about died at his father's and his allies hands. Still he cannot keep himself from wanting Paige Galbraithe, his half-brother Khalid's little sister. He makes excuses to stay away but he knows eventually he'll succumb to his desires for her.Paige Galbraithe has been sheltered and protected her whole life. Years ago her mother es [...]

    26. 3.5 would be more accurate.The mystery aspect of this book was much more complex than previous books in the series - which I enjoyed. On the other hand there are a lot of little details that either don't add up or simply contradict one another; I won't go into detail - but know, they are many. I thought that the development of the relationship was inconsistent. Overall, I was really impressed with the increased strength in the complexity, I just wish that the details were seamless and also that [...]

    27. I am not sure why I was hesitate to read this book. I guess it was because I didn't know the characters and had not invested any emotional energy into their story. After reading the story I have to wonder if Ms. Leigh is setting up a couple of more books. The characters of Jafar and Chalah were very moving and emotional. I have to wonder what will happen to the brother and sister. I also have to wonder if Tariq will find a woman that he can love and cherish. I did come to care a great deal for P [...]

    28. Abram is Khalid's half brother from the last Bound Heart's book. They have the same father, Azir, who is a terrorist leader in Saudi Arabia. Khalid and Abram never took to their father or his beliefs, and as adults they have fought to end his regime. Earlier they had shared Abram's first wife whom their other brothers later murdered for revenge. Abram is hesitant to ever love again, since his brothers had vowed to kill any woman that he got close to. However, he has loved Paige (Khalid's half si [...]

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