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The Goddess Test

  • Title: The Goddess Test
  • Author: Aimee Carter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Goddess Test It s always been just Kate and her mom and her mother is dying Her last wish To move back to her childhood home So Kate s going to start at a new school with no friends no other family and the fear h

    It s always been just Kate and her mom and her mother is dying Her last wish To move back to her childhood home So Kate s going to start at a new school with no friends, no other family and the fear her mother won t live past the fall.Then she meets Henry Dark Tortured And mesmerizing He claims to be Hades, god of the Underworld and if she accepts his bargain, he llIt s always been just Kate and her mom and her mother is dying Her last wish To move back to her childhood home So Kate s going to start at a new school with no friends, no other family and the fear her mother won t live past the fall.Then she meets Henry Dark Tortured And mesmerizing He claims to be Hades, god of the Underworld and if she accepts his bargain, he ll keep her mother alive while Kate tries to pass seven tests.Kate is sure he s crazy until she sees him bring a girl back from the dead Now saving her mother seems crazily possible If she succeeds, she ll become Henry s future bride, and a goddess.

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    1. Dear Ms. Carter,Since you appear to unable or unwilling to stretch your research skills so far as to google the Greek gods, I have prepared for you a small primer, in the hopes that your future endeavours will not gratuitously and flagrantly denude one of the oldest mythologies in the world. Following is a (very short) account of some of the major Olympian gods who apparently play a role in your “book”. Zeus: The ruler of the gods. That means what he says goes. This is a pantheon of the gods [...]

    2. *This ARC was provided for me by Harlequin and no money was exchanged.*I requested this galley because, after reading the blurb, I immediately decided that the concept was awesome and that this book would be made of win. I tried to rationalize with myself that it might not be the fantastic story I was imagining, but it still had to be good, right? RIGHT?Of course the concept of Vampire has already been taken, murdered, chopped into little pieces, jellified and poured into a modern, PC mould of s [...]

    3. Warning: There are some vulgarities in here because I’m a very vulgar person. Look away if your sensitive eyes can’t handle it.Man, getting through this book was like having my wisdom teeth pulled out with no lidocaine. Terrible, I tell ya.But anyway, let’s get on to the review, shall we? The Goddess Test has an awesome, awesome premise. Girl going through tests to become the bride of Hades? HECK YEAH, GIVE ME SOME OF THAT! And it started that way but shortly after immediately crashed and [...]

    4. [Warning: Profanity] What is this?Seriously? What did I just read? Because it's supposed to be a retelling of the myth of Hades/Persephone. Instead I got some emo god with no incest, no monsters or three headed Cerberus.I can forgive errors if the material is good over all. So I can deal with the mythical flaws in Xena/Hercules and Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Disney's Hercules. However, this piece completely bastardizes the source material by turning into a cheap romance, that lacks any [...]

    5. I didn't think it was possible for someone to know so little about Greek Mythology. Boy have I been proven wrong. First of all, there were twelve major gods and goddesses. TWELVE OLYMPIANS. Everyone knows this. You know it. I know it. Even my cat knows it. I am not a mythology purist. I've read so many smutty mythology books/fanfics I should be ashamed of myself. I'm a huge fan of the Goddess Summoning series by P.C. Cast. I'll be the first to admit, she's no expert on mythology. I have a high t [...]

    6. [image error]Wrath- Zeus (or should I say Walter) shooting a lightning bolt at some poor soulGreed, (and a little wrath) - Prometheus, the guy Zeus chained to a rock for all eternity because he gave fire to manPride - The Parthenon in Athens, of which Athena and Poseidon fought tooth and nail to be the patron of the cityLust I need to show a montage of all the women, other goddesses, and the nymphs that some of the gods impregnated? (Not that the other goddesses, such as Aphrodite, the goddess o [...]

    7. 2.5 starsHere's the thing about this book: it was decent enough. Not nearly as good as what I was hoping for, but decent. Now, I have been in the midst of a passionate love affair with Greek mythology since the 2nd grade. I am perpetually in the throes of a burning passion, you may say. I love it all - it's like a soap opera times 100. Greek mythology contains some of the most entertaining and delightfully sinful stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading, telling, reenacting.Anyway, did yo [...]

    8. This was a truly terrible book, but I feel so bad giving it such a low rating. It's like I just kicked a puppy. A really stupid puppy that's wet my bed for the 47th time, but stillcking a puppy.I've read a lot of unrealistic heroines in my day, but Kate tops the list. She's not all that terrible: I'll give her some points. She is kind, caring, with a soft spot bigger and more tender than a newborn's head. The first sentence of the story gives us a preview of her character:"I spent my eighteenth [...]

    9. This book took me FOREVER to get!! And you know what it's like when you finally have access to the book you've always wantedCUE THE CHA-CHA DANCE!!!But seriously, even 5 MONTHS is still a little hard to take in.I mean, 5 MONTHS!! Seems like Carter is a little famous in the book world!! :)Ok, enough with the music and happiness. We're getting serious.*puts on biker jacket and pretends to look cool*This book was an EPIC read!!! As in- "when I was a 10 year old, I liked every single book there was [...]

    10. Um…did I read a different book than many others? After reading rave reviews all over and the Internet, I was expecting something swooningly romantic and highly inventive. Instead, THE GODDESS TEST read like a first draft of sorts, full of character clichés and a meandering plot that takes the excitement out of, well, “excitement.”I stopped reading about a quarter of the way into the book because, at that point, still nothing pertaining to the main plot had occurred. It’s actually quite [...]

    11. *This ebook was provided to me at no cost by the publisher*This book.wow! Every now and then, there’s a story that stops you and takes your breath awayis was one of those. I loved it! Simply, completely, loved it. I can barely begin to say how much. From the very beginning I was caught. I was sucked into Kate’s tale and her story and I didn’t want to leave. I finished it in less than two days and when I wasn’t reading it I was thinking about reading it; eager to get back to the story. I [...]

    12. It's official. Aimee Carter is now on my list of Authors who are fucking idiots didn't do enough research, right next to the Casts and dear Alexandra Adornetto. Seriously. How can someone fuck up Greek Mythology that bad? Even my twelve-year-old cousin, whose only knowledge of Greek Mythology is from The Lightning Thief, knows that there are twelve Olympians, not thirteen, and mortals can't dole out punishments to gods.Okay, I've calmed down a little. Now on to the rest of the review.SummaryKath [...]

    13. I always, always love it when Greek Mythological deities and characters get resurrected, recreated and put in present settings. Goddess Test is another novel that sets an enjoyably creative take on Greek mythology. I also love how this book uniquely centers its story on one of the least liked Greek gods-of course you know him- Hades. I'm reading the sequel in the near but not definite future. Lol. ^^

    14. Ijust realized I never posted this here.I was excited about The Goddess Test from the moment I first heard about it. The myth of Persephone and Hades has always held a certain fascination for me, and I enjoy reading adaptations of it and seeing what different authors do with the story. In Aimée Carter’s version, Persephone left Hades some time ago and Hades needs a new queen to help him rule the underworld. The queen candidates must first pass a series of tests, however, and someone keeps mur [...]

    15. 2 Sterne für den Debüt-Roman dieser Triologie. Der Anfang war echt anstrengend und ich war mehrmals kurz davor es abzubrechen. Man wurde nicht warm mit der Protagonistin, Gefühle wurden nicht wirklich vermittelt und nur platt beschrieben, außerdem hatte ich das Gefühl, dass Kate gar nicht geschockt darüber war, wer Henry ist. Es wurde nie etwas hinterfragt, sondern einfach alles nur hingenommen.Allerdings wurde die Story ab Seite 150-200 echt noch ganz gut und auch das Ende hat mich neugie [...]

    16. I love Greek mythology. I love Greek tragedies. I love the gods and goddesses and what they all represent and the timeless stories that accompany them. As with all people who love something, I am weary with re-imaginings and modern day updates of these tales. Some can be brilliant and really update the text to fit with the modern era, others can fail miserably. I was holding out hope for Carter’s debut (with a sequel in the works) since I have always been fascinated by the Hades and Persephone [...]

    17. I'm rating this book 3.25 stars. This book was good. Originally I thought the tests would be more dramatic and not as underwhelming as they were. That was a bummer. But the way the author did do the tests which was do them in plain sight without the heroine knowing was interesting. Overall I liked this and it was a quick read. One thing I didn't like was that Kate was so selfless. Yes. Yes. I know that's what most heroines are made of. But what really bothered me was that to save Ava's life afte [...]

    18. Aimee Carter is a debut author (and only 24 years old!) and her Goddess Test series is definitely one to watch for (planning on being a three book series far; GODDESS INTERRUPTED will follow in February 2012). To start with, I felt abashed that this book made me cry so easily! The book opens with protagonist Kate and a rundown of her role as caregiver for her dying mom. Carter's description of this heart-wrenching process is mature and well-written. This book also pays homage to one of my favori [...]

    19. Kate Winters has always had her mother by her side, but now she's dying and Kate is driving to Eden, her mothers childhood home, for her last request. Kate only wants to take care of her mother and spend as much time with her before she goes, but her mother insists she go to school. So Kate reluctantly goes, but is quite content to stay invisible. She's not here to make friends, she's here to take care of her mother.Soon she meets Henry. Lonely, haunted, and claims to be the god of the Underworl [...]

    20. I was extremely disappointed with this book. I read the blurb and thought it'd be great and guess what, it wasn't.This book like Shiver and Fallen were Twilight descendents. The writing style is similar as well as the characters. Katherine, oh I'm sorry, Kate(Warning lights already, remember Bella and her Isabella issue?) states she's not particularly pretty but a whole line of jocks notice her. James and Dylan are immediately mesmerized by her and want to hang around her. (view spoiler)[But if [...]

    21. The Goddess Test is the first installment in Aimee Carter's young adult, fantasy trilogy titled Goddess Test. I've had this title on my TBR list for quite a while but never picked it up until it coincidentally became BOTM on one of the groups I participate in. Don't you love it when you get a little nudge to knock a book off that long list!Overall, I liked The Goddess Test. I enjoy mythology, and despite the title (duh!), I didn't expect the book to incorporate so much of the subject so that in [...]

    22. Pretty fast and entertaining read! I love books revolving around Greek mythology and this was no exception.

    23. Hmmph Is it just me, who wanted to read this book so bad just because of the beautiful cover and the amazing plot, or did this also happened to everybody else? *bigtimesigh*I was counting the days for when this book is going to be released. But why, why Lord does this quote, "Do NOT judge a book by its cover" beat me every single time?I mean, okay. Covers were always my weak spot, but the plot? Even the blurb betrayed me in this one. The theme of this book looked so exciting, I nearly shouted wh [...]

    24. What an incredible debut from author Aimee Carter!! The Goddess Test was absolutely amazing!!! I’ve always had a love for Greek Mythology and Aimee has just set the precedence for Greek Mythology lovers.The story is about a girl named Kate and her mother who is deathly ill. Kate’s mother wants to go back to her hometown where she was born and raised to die. Kate has taken care of her mother for the past four years and that’s all she knows. She doesn’t have a life outside of home and scho [...]

    25. I love Greek mythology! I'm a fan of any sort of mythology and folklore, but Greek mythology is one of my favorites! I especially love when an author recreates a myth, spinning an old favorite into something new. There are so many great novels featuring Greek mythology and The Goddess Test has quickly become one of my favorites!My favorite book despite their subject matter are ones that have great characters, a captivating story like and are well written. The Goddess Test possesses all of those [...]

    26. I’ve actually been meaning to review this for a while. But I guess I just didn’t know hoe. So, after much care and consideration I have put together this review.I picked this book up because…. I have no idea why I picked this book up. I mean it has gotten some really, really bad reviews. But I guess my subconscious mind wanted me to read it. So I bought it along with Glow and The Girl in the Steel Corset. Out of the three this was the first that I read, I picked it up first and I read it f [...]

    27. The Goddess Test is an awesome debut. It was a hypnotic yet comfortable read where the pages just flew by.It is such an eloquently written story that I am surprised that this is Aimee Carter's debut novel. It is just a seamless read and a really remarkable debut. And the premises was incredible. I loved the way the mythology was weaved into the plot. It was creative, unique and easy to follow. And for a book that is part of a series is has a completely satisfying ending. YAY!Kate, the female pro [...]

    28. As an audiobook, the story was told beautifully – the problem is: the story was awful.From the synopsis I was intrigued by a plot which looked so promising, and it could have been with the intricate references to Greek mythology but the characters ruined it. I couldn’t stand a single one, and even after discovering their true identities (something I predicted from the beginning) they continued to annoy the hell out of me.Kate was by far the worst. It largely fell down to the fact that she bl [...]

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