- By Dean Marney

The Computer That Ate My Brother

  • Title: The Computer That Ate My Brother
  • Author: Dean Marney
  • ISBN: 9780590402675
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Computer That Ate My Brother Twelve year old Harry is alarmed when his computer takes on a life of its own and zaps his obnoxious older brother

    Twelve year old Harry is alarmed when his computer takes on a life of its own and zaps his obnoxious older brother.

    1 thought on “The Computer That Ate My Brother

    1. Basically, this book is about a boy, Harry, who gets a computer for his birthday, even though he always wanted a drum set. He was OK with the present, until it started doing strange things. It would make beeping noises that sounded like laughing or crying while Harry was in bed, and it would display messages on the screen with Harry's name in them. It would ask questions through writing as if it had a mind of its own. Then things just got weirder. It would ask where 'Imogene Cuniformly' was, who [...]

    2. This book is about a kid named Harry who wants a drum set for his birthday, but gets a computer.No ordinary computer though, this computer can cry using a sequence of beeps,and laugh by doing the same.Strange things start to happen besides the crying and laughing, though.The computer starts to talk with harry like a human being,turns itself on, shocks people who try to unplug it,and blinks lights in morse code!It has feelings, and can also read minds.The computer craves it's previous owner,Imoge [...]

    3. this book is about a boy named Harry and it's his 12 birthday so he wanted a drum set instead he got a computer. He wasn't as excited as he would be if he got a drum set. The computer was used. before he started playing with it he notice that on the screen it said HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY. Him and his dad thought the guy who sold it to them did it. It was very odd because they found out that the seller didn't do it. His brother is very mean and misbehave in school day Harry notice that the computer [...]

    4. I selected this book as part of a "free book giveaway" as a first grader, many years ago in the 80's. I think I chose it because of the cover (which was futuristic for that era). My mother laughed like crazy when she saw the title, but I never actually got around to reading it myself. The humor was lost on me as a seven-year-old.It's going on three decades since then. I found this copy in a box of old books from my childhood and decided that if I was ever going to read it, now would be the time. [...]

    5. I read this when I was still in primary school and I only remember parts of the story. From what I can recall, I didn't particularly love or hate it, and I still have a vivid recollection of an iced cake (that the brother of the main character sticks his fingers into) described in the beginning. I also remember the stark, monotone setting and, since I adore those kind of settings, I suppose enjoying this book was one of the first instances of my fascination with the bleak and the desolate.If you [...]

    6. Worst Book EVER!!! Lame Long and B-o-r-i-n-g suckish. If they tell you go to jail of read this book pick jail youll have more fun in jail than in those agonizing pages ofthe worst book. Only gets semi-exciting at the end. L-A-M-E

    7. The title suggests that the computer ate his mean brother because they hate him. This only happens at the almost-ending part where he tries to unplug it.

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