- By Steven Caney

Steven Caney's Kids' America

  • Title: Steven Caney's Kids' America
  • Author: Steven Caney
  • ISBN: 9780911104806
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
  • Steven Caney s Kids America A seemingly bottomless compendium The New York Times Selection of the Book of the Month Instructor Early Learning Grade Teacher and Parents book clubs Better Homes Gardens Family Book Service an

    A seemingly bottomless compendium The New York Times Selection of the Book of the Month, Instructor, Early Learning, Grade Teacher, and Parents book clubs, Better Homes Gardens Family Book Service, and the Boston Globe Book Guild Recommended by Consumer Reports Suitable for ages 4 14 227,000 copies in print.

    1 thought on “Steven Caney's Kids' America

    1. I would have had a completely different and probably much more boring childhood without this book. Right now I could probably draw out the illustrations from memory. How to make a quill pen, how to make cheese, hobo signs, fancy party invitations, ghost stories, handwriting analysis, art, science projects, panning for gold, tree house ideas. And not just plain instructions but nudges and hints and history and a clear directive to go and do these things for myself. Seriously. Know a kid? Get the [...]

    2. From the creepy future serial killer on the cover to the ongoing premise that it is still 1979, this book is perfect. A must-read for any stoner who has forgotten how to make a really big sandwich. The papier-mâché hats don't really work though.

    3. loved this book in my childhood. would come in quite handy even at any age. lots of fun stuff to do and while away sometime U'll love it!

    4. Steven Caney is a nuclear genius of 'making' and this book is particularly bananas in scope. Lye soap! A crystal radio from a toilet paper tube! An extensive section on graphology! All with historical context and a vague sense of America, as defined in 1978. You could run a year of youth library programs out of this thing, easy, if you can get your hands on a copy.

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