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The Knight and the Squire

  • Title: The Knight and the Squire
  • Author: Terry Jones
  • ISBN: 9780140388046
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Knight and the Squire Tom runs away from the boring life he leads in th century England and teams up with the terrifying Wol fman They journey to France to fight for king and country i n this humorous and sometimes highl

    Tom runs away from the boring life he leads in 14th century England and teams up with the terrifying Wol fman They journey to France to fight for king and country i n this humorous and sometimes highly dramatic tale

    1 thought on “The Knight and the Squire

    1. 3.5* (Primera lectura en 2007).Creo que no fue una buena idea releer este favorito de la infancia. Me gustó, pero no deja de ser un libro para niños, y la voz del narrador se me hacía molesta por momentos. Además, a pesar de haberlo leído hace como diez años, todavía me acuerdo de todo, y no hubo sorpresas ni redescubrimientos. Hay libros que se bancan las relecturas, otros no tanto. Me pasó lo mismo con Harry Potter 3, considerado uno de mis favoritos hasta que lo releí y bueno, no lo [...]

    2. This was totally charming! Terry Jones does a great job, so the history is plausible and well-researched, while never seeming heavy-handed or solely educational. His dialogue is great. He has a knack for making what would have been anachronistic speech sound natural and true, like in a TV show set in a foreign country where the characters speak English but we all accept that THEY hear Swedish. A great pick for any middle-grade list.Also, Michael Foreman's illustrations are pretty much my new fav [...]

    3. Es la segunda vez que leo este libro. La primera fue hace miles de años, el mismo ejemplar, sacado de la biblioteca. Cuando lo volví a tomar prestado hace un par de semanas apenas recordaba la trama, tan sólo el final, que me había sorprendido bastante. Decidí volver a leer uno de esos libros que de niña fueron de mis favoritos, y me he descubierto levemente engancha a esa historia infantil y sencilla que lo que más me ha aportado han sido recuerdos y sonrisas.

    4. I don't quite know how the author did it, but he captured my attention and interest from the very first. This was a completely riveting story as Tom, the main character, plunged from one adventure immediately into another. Certainly it was written with young readers in mind, but I found it fun and exciting as well.

    5. Did not know what to expect since it was written by a member of the 'Python Troupe but was pleased with the result as a children's book it was easy to understand and the parts that needed explanation it was done without the long-windiness that happens in other novels (and some kids novels too).If you've a child who is entranced by knights in armour get them to read this or Even better READ it to them you both will enjoy it and want to know what happens next, I do !!

    6. I've previously read some of Terry Jones non-fiction history books, and they were great—some humour in there, lots of interesting details, and you can almost hear Jones' distinctive voice as you read. So I thought I'd give this a go. It's a fictional adventure set in the 14th century, as Tom runs away from his village to escape being sent to the local abbey because he's really good at Latin. Along the way he meets up with Alan, another boy who is squire to a knight, and all three of them head [...]

    7. A boy name Tom growing up in medieval England decides one day that he's had enough of living as a serf. He decides to escape his life and ends up meeting all type of people from a wolfman living alone in the woods to a strange knight and his energetic squire Alan. He always ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time. I love this story, it was exciting, quick and made me laugh. The most entertaining part of this book is Tom's humorous assessments of the people around him and life in general. I [...]

    8. When Terry Jones writes a book, I am prepared to embark upon it with the greatest goodwill and enthusiasm. In this instance, I selected this for my young daughter to read, and (as always, with good children's fiction) read it myself. After the first paragraph or two, I forgot that I was reading a book by Terry Jones, and just enjoyed the story, the characters, and enjoyable way Jones weaves history into pleasurable fiction. He remains, my kinda guy!

    9. I read it when I was 13, I remember I finished a Math exam, and as everyone else kept working on it, I read and I had to contain my laughter, because the whole classroom was silent. I loved it, it made me laugh really hard, and it has a lot of surprises! I recommend this book for children and pre-teens (at least, I read it at that age). Very good!

    10. A well-told adventure story of a bright boy who runs away from an English village in the late 1300s, and becomes a squire to a knight in France. Terry Jones knows his history. The reader can trust his descriptions of the world at the time. Several parts of the plot require suspension of disbelief.

    11. Time is too precious to waste on not only a bad book, but even a mediocre book. I read about 125 pages into this book, but I just couldn't take it any more.

    12. Really cute kid's series. Wish I could find these in the States because I'd love to read more of them.

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