- By Kailin Gow

Frost Fire

  • Title: Frost Fire
  • Author: Kailin Gow
  • ISBN: 9781597489034
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback
  • Frost Fire After the epic battle to end all wars in Feyland led by Breena Prince Kian and the Wolf Prince Logan a new threat emerges from the fading of the Twin Suns of Feyland that calls forth a new champion

    After the epic battle to end all wars in Feyland, led by Breena, Prince Kian, and the Wolf Prince Logan a new threat emerges from the fading of the Twin Suns of Feyland that calls forth a new champion of the Fey.

    1 thought on “Frost Fire

    1. I'm not sure why I'm still reading theseI guess I feel like I've come this far I might as well go the distance.The Kian/Breena/Logan love triangle is, for the most part, over so clearly that means that another triangle must form, this time with Alistar/Rose/Logan. Yes, that's right, Logan's caught in this one too. And again Rose must chose between her love from childhood, Alistar, and this new budding love with Logan, whom she has also known for years because he's friends with her brother. So ye [...]

    2. I am really disappointed that this book isn't available for the Nook through BN yet. Books 1 thru 5 (including 3.5) are available. Does any one know what the delay in relasing the digital format is?

    3. This was just awful. 80% fluff. Good grief and there is going to be another one? How much more suffering must I endure until I find out what happens to Breena and Kian?

    4. Frost Fire is the 6th book in Kailin Gow's Frost series, although this time around things are a little different.In this book the point of view switches from Breena's to Rose's.Having read the first five books from Breena's point of view it felt a little strange for me for it to switch in the middle of the series. I can understand having a spin off book in another character's point of view, but not for the main books in the series.So I was a little sceptical going into this one, but I love Kaili [...]

    5. Alright I reread the few books in this series that I read before I got hold of the rest/before they were released, and with the flip of point of view changed to someone different that sort or ruined the book. I can tell right away whether or not I like a book and I knew from the first page I was going to hate this book. I had not want of urge to finished this book. I'm pretty sure I'm only 20 pages in and I have to want to finish. Since I'm pretty sure that this book will be important to the oth [...]

    6. I didn't think I'd like this book because it wasn't involving Breena and Kian much but I did enjoy it and I really like Rose she's sweet and dedicated and really likes Logan even though he only has eyes for Breena. At times though Rose could drive a person crazy with her indecision about who she should be with (I wanna know why girls are always in a love triangle with great looking guys who are usually polar oppisites). I really wanted the story to go on that is one major cliff hanger someone fr [...]

    7. There were a lot of character mistakes. It was a bit distracting. Breena was once called Brian. They "looked at Breena" when she wasn't even in the scene. Rose thought back to when she loved Rodney Her brother When it was suppose to be thinking of Allistar. Rodney talked to Rodney. Overall, a decent story though.

    8. this time around its from rose's point of view i wasnt sure how it was going to turn out, but i thought rose was talked about well enough in previous books for us to be able to transition over to her but anyways i really liked it, it was a nice change of pace im, hoping logan will be able to love someone else after all

    9. I felt like this book was super predictable. Bree's lack of conviction in her relationship with Kian is just annoying at this point. I feel like this series has reached its ending point an just needs to wrap up. The books themselves are so short that if you were to combine some of them this probably just could have been a trilogy.

    10. I just finished the series and though satisfied with the ending, am wishing for more. The book had many emotions and was exciting all the way through. I highly recommend reading this book if you enjoy fantasy and romance. Especially fairy stories. Definitely put this as one of my favourite book series.

    11. This series could have been 1 or 2 longer books. I loved getting to know rose and reading from her p.o.v. however, to switch the character p.o.v. now, seemed very odd to me. I felt like the series is drawn out a bit at this point.

    12. 3.5 ; I was disappointed in this book. I have really enjoyed the rest of the Frost series but this felt likes story thrown together by an amateur writer, not the Kailin Gow books I so look forward to reading.

    13. Why didn't I see that coming? Again Kailin Gow remains true to her characters and the land she has created. Her story continues. No spoiler alert but I should have seen this character coming. The book is fun and fast reading.

    14. By far not my favorite in the series. I love Rose as a main character. however I do not like who is eventually found to be the Sorceress.

    15. isn't this Breena and Kian thing getting really boring this 100 percent love thing urghs driving me nuts this will be my last book from this series

    16. I didn't think much about Rose at first, butby the end of this book she has really grownon me. I can not wait for Spring!

    17. i like rose but i just couldn't wait to finish and start other book. i don't feel rose and logan together. i liked alistar better for rose. i can't wait to read more of bre and kian.

    18. loves this series has been so awesome to read and I love that every book has a hugr cliff hanger !!^-^ super excited for the next one !!!

    19. I really loved the first 5 books, but this one not so much. I wasn't a fan of seeing things mostly from Rose's point of view. I missed Breena and all her drama! :)

    20. I love that its in rose's pov. I felt it was alittle rushed and not awhole lot happened, its setting everything up for the next book though.

    21. The story flies by extremely quickly. Everything gets tied up neatly with very few surprises. I am not sure I will read the following installment.

    22. Love this book, love this series. Don't want to give anything away but I did miss my Breanna and Kian fix but I liked the point of view of Rose!!

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