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Redeeming Zorus

  • Title: Redeeming Zorus
  • Author: Laurann Dohner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Redeeming Zorus Book in the Cyborg Seduction series Charlie s brother has put her in the no win situation of having to rescue a cyborg from Earth Government It s dangerous she ll become an outlaw on Earth but it

    Book 6 in the Cyborg Seduction series.Charlie s brother has put her in the no win situation of having to rescue a cyborg from Earth Government It s dangerous, she ll become an outlaw on Earth, but it s the only way to save her brother s life The imprisoned cyborg is rude, conceited and probably the biggest jerk she s ever had the misfortune to meet His only redeeming quBook 6 in the Cyborg Seduction series.Charlie s brother has put her in the no win situation of having to rescue a cyborg from Earth Government It s dangerous, she ll become an outlaw on Earth, but it s the only way to save her brother s life The imprisoned cyborg is rude, conceited and probably the biggest jerk she s ever had the misfortune to meet His only redeeming qualities are his handsome face and sexy, muscular body Just wow Still, she can t wait to be rid of him.All cyborgs hate humans, but Zorus is consumed by it Chained, enslaved and facing death on Earth once again, he vows revenge To his utter astonishment, a human female comes to his rescue She s rude, mouthy and bossy And very brave She baffles him almost as much as she arouses him Zorus cannot deny that he s fascinated by her They are about to lock wills and ignite a firestorm of desire that defies every rule he lives by.

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    1. Zorus, You Evil Bigot, M*ther F@cking, Sadistic Bastard!!! I have HATED You for SOOO LONG. Now I have to read your Love Story!!! GrrrrrrrrrrrrrrZorus is a member of the Ruling Council that governs cyborgs. His orders are law and must be obeyed. But Zorus is a sick bastard. He hates humans with a passion, and has been an evil terror to all cyborg males that have attempted to take a human female as a mate. He has gone as far as ordering them to be killed under the pretense that they were Earth Gov [...]

    2. Zorus & CharlieZorus is the guy that you love to hate. The most important member of the Ruling Council, he usually gives orders and Cyborgs follow his rules. Zorus absolutely despise humans. They had tortured him, raped him, belittled him. The best day of his existence, was the day the Cyborgs manage to escape killing a few humans in the process. Unfortunately now Zorus is back in their hands and he is suffering. So when a fierce, brave little female rescues him, he thinks that she will betr [...]

    3. You know how every series has at least one guy who is such a jerk that you can't wait for someone to kill him? Each book he does something even more vile than the last, so you think that eventually he will die. He has to! Well, don't we all love it instead if he gets his own book and we all suddenly have to like him and let go of our enduring rage? No, me neither. I'm pretty angry that Zorus the asshole turns into Mr. Nice Cyborg as soon as he meets the right girl. I'm pissed off that I ended up [...]

    4. Finally, I get to meet the biggest asshole of them all and my oh my, he's redeemed indeed. Surprised? Me tooZorus was a councilman ruling in a planet cyborg, the Garden. He's the evil one because he hated all things human up to the point that he ordered humans be killed because they're dangerous. His hatred towards human was legendary amongst his people. So, either karma is a bigger asshole or a blessing in disguise for him because when Zorus was captured by humans, the one who risked her own li [...]

    5. I’m not sure how many times have I said this beforeI already lost count XD but I LOVE every single book of Laurann Dohner and this is no exception…she never disappoints me at all. If you are looking for action in every single meaning of the word ( ;D) then you REALLY need to read one if not ALL of her books ASAP.Now lets’ begin!!!For all the fans and readers of Laurann Dohner that have been reading her CYBORG SEDUCTION SERIES you DO lnow who Zorus is…right?ZORUSZorus one of the biggest p [...]

    6. Second reading just as fun.Another good one by Laurann Dohner. Zorus was a total ass in all the other Cyborg books. He really needed to be redeemed. He hates humans especially human women. He was the one that made it a law that humans are property on the cyborg world. He tried to have the human mates of the other cyborg guys killed or at least have their marriages denied. Plus there was one time in an earlier book where he tried to get another cyborg to stay behind on an exploding space ship so [...]

    7. Okay I am a total fan girl now of Laurann Dohner's books.Reading one is like eating a bag of chips,the more you eat,the more you become addicted to the flavor of the salt and you just want to keep on eating and eating.That said,this book just sucked me in.The writing is tighter in this one and I was totally immersed in reding about Zorus and Charlie,the h.When I read the background story on Zorus,you understand now his complete and abject hatred for humans.If I went through what he suffered,trus [...]

    8. Fun sci-fi romantic escape with some erotic sex.It put me in a good mood. Nothing made me angry at the author. The characters and plot were simple. I enjoyed watching the heroic heroine breaking the cyborg out of prison and leading his escape. He grumbled at following orders from a female.Sex scenes were good. There was one beating with an attempted rape. There were some references to cyborgs being tortured and raped. Those were referred to, no details.So far there are seven books in the Cyborg [...]

    9. 4.5 starsI really enjoyed this story. I never thought I would like Zorus but I really did! Plus I liked Charlie a lot. In the past, Zorus was a earther hating jackass. Even in this book, he was a dick in the beginning, but certainly not cruel.Charlie was smart and got screwed over by her brother a few too many times. Not to mention her ex! But luckily Zorus saved her!Zorus' son? Yep - NO! I talk about that in the spoiler.This was a good addition to the series. I think these books have gotten str [...]

    10. Best one so far this series! I didn't think Zorus could possibly become likable from the pervious books this series but wouldn't you know was a take-no-sh!t female human that bought out his good side! It was another fun, exciting, steamy cyborg story that had me once again loving this author!

    11. I kind of wanted to see him apologize to the other Cyborgs he terrorized that took human wives. It is only fair right?(winks)Now we have to Redeem his crappy kid, is that even possible?

    12. After the disaster that was Burning up Flint, I'd said I wouldn't be reading this series. I had a few people message me though, telling me I'd probably like this one, and so I gave it a chance.Just as with all of her other books, there is far too much telling instead of showing (though, to be honest, not as badly as with some of her other books), the hero of course ties the heroine up for sex (it's gotten to the point that it's like seeing Stan Lee in a Marvel movie -- you know it's gonna be the [...]

    13. **re-read, Laurann Dohner just keeps going, this is book six in the Cyborg series and I loved it. Zorus has been the anti-hero since he first showed up in this series and most who read about him hate him, I was no exception. Then I read Redeeming Zorus and it's official Laurann can write it all and do no wrong, I love Zorus. Zorus hates Humans and has made it known while trying to make every humans life on Garden as hard as possible. While being held captive on earth Zorus is rescued by Charlie [...]

    14. 4.5 Stars Well, I have to admit I did not think Zorus could be redeemed, however, I was wrong. I really liked this book and I think it just may be my favorite in the series. I loved how he was with Charlie and how protective. (view spoiler)[After she was attacked by Darius, he could barely stand because of what happened to her. I loved how he took responsibility for what happened since he had poisoned Darius against humans. (hide spoiler)]A very enjoyable read and quite surprising.

    15. Zorus was a tough cookie to like for the first 30% of the book. The little intro in Coal's book was a good call by Ms Dohner because we were already pre -disposed to not liking him. With that intro you can see he is in fact redeemable. Good read once again.

    16. WELL Jill from the last book set up a rescue for ZorusCharlie finds herself forced into a rescue plot for him. She runs security/programming in the lab he is in. The scientist are so happy to have him back,, stunned he has not aged they want to cut him up in pieces and study him She help him escape only to find her own brother who was in on the deal has double crossed her after saving the life of Zorus 2 -3 times he buys her since she had been sold by her brother. 150k!! Zorus spends, they fight [...]

    17. How messed up is it that this was my favorite book of the series?? In every other book the heroine is having to do the chasing, the wooing, the convincing and for the most part - the guys are all jerks up through 70% of the books.This one didn't feel that way to me. I liked it, but was this the same guy?? His change was so abrupt that a character-consistency nazi would be having fits.But Zorus is a jerk through the first, then keeps recognizing similarities between his life and Charlie's. He als [...]

    18. The Cyborg series is what drew me to Ms. Laurann’s Dohner’s work. Each of her stories is intricately woven together with the other stories. It’s the backstory of Zorus in her previous novels that made this particular novel unexpected. Zorus is the character you love to hate. He is arrogant, close minded, and consumed by his hatred for humans. I remember waiting to read the story not sure I was ready as a reader to acknowledge that I might be persuaded to like him. However, like every great [...]

    19. This is a surprising story. And I really enjoy it. This is the first of Dohner's Cyborg Seduction series that I've read, and I now plan to start from the beginning. It can be read as a stand-alone novel, though it hints at things accomplished in previous books.As they escaped, I liked the continued distrust between Zorus and Charlie; it seemed (and seems) realistic to me. As does their journey to love. At first, I thought it too fast, but when I paused to consider it again, I decided that it see [...]

    20. I loved it! Laurann Dohner always manage to make me blush all over with her books. Even though I'm head over heels with New Species series, I love this series too! These cyborgs are getting under my skin. <3 Let me tell you one thing: Charlie's brother is a dick. End of story. Charlie's doing everything she could to "safe" him, yet he didn't You know what, bottom line is, he's a dick. I love Zorus, he's annoying and mean, your typical cyborg, but he's also gentle in a way that made me swoon. [...]

    21. Be forewarned this book in particular has a really creepy part that almost made me put down the book. When the heroine is at the apartment back on the cyborg planet and Zorus son beats the crap out of her and nearly rapes her and does it more than one time. I've noticed with Laurann Dohner that it seems most of the stories have a very near rape scene. I feel like she has over used that particular plot scene. I get that the world is a violent one but this happens in every book of the series. If i [...]

    22. Awe this was a really good one. these books are good quick reads and a happy ending. I like how there's always some scary crap going on. they certainly aren't dark, but they are sufficiently complex to get you involved with their world and characters. This author is a favorite of mine. I find all her books to be addicting and though I have favorite series with very dark complicated world building I thoroughly enjoy this authors take on the genre. and she writes great sex too :)

    23. Zorus has been the meanest of the cyborgs and I liked that he finally mellowed out and found love but this book made it too easy. She tried to save him, I get that this would impress him, but enough to want to take her home? And all of his anger to evaporate? I would believe it more if he were still as arrogant as ever but had a small piece for Charlie. Good story but not my favorite of the series. ***

    24. Originally read 5/19/2011Reread 5/19/2014Zorus the one I have loved hating through the whole series. I really truly believed this cyborg had no redeeming qualities. he was the ultimate human hater till a woman named Charlie reminded him that not every human is cruel. She was willing to trade her life for his. She taught Zorus that sometime allowing emotions instead of logic to dictate was reasonable. This was a great five star read.

    25. Zorus has been the biggest human hating asshole on Garden. Once Charlie freed Zorus from a lab on Earth she risked everything to save him and her brother. Charlie was betrayed by her brother and Zorus tried to save her a repayment. No one could believe that their relationship was real based on Zorus' past behavior and he struggles to prove his real feelings.

    26. Zorus finally becomes less of an asshole. It takes Charlie's quick wit, smart mouth, loyalty and courage to bring him around. He has a deep mistrust of humans with good reason but he needed to realise that you can't condemn a race as a whole. Not my favorite from Laurann Dohner but still pretty good.

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