- By Ezra Jack Keats

Pet Show!

  • Title: Pet Show!
  • Author: Ezra Jack Keats
  • ISBN: 9780142300008
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pet Show How can you enter a pet show when your pet runs away That s the question Archie faces when he can t find his cat to enter in the neighborhood pet show Fortunately he does some fast thinking to win a

    How can you enter a pet show when your pet runs away That s the question Archie faces when he can t find his cat to enter in the neighborhood pet show Fortunately, he does some fast thinking to win a prize in this beloved classic from award winning author illustrator Ezra Jack Keats.

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    1. This story is about a little boy named Archie who hears about a pet show and he and his friends decide they want to enter their pets in the pet show. So everyone goes too round up their pets and line up to be judged for the pet show. Archie tries to round up his cat but he can’t find it anywhere so he brings a paper bag with a pet in it at the very last minute. While in the line he sees an old lady and she has his cat and she gets a blue ribbon for his cat. Archie still gets a blue ribbon but [...]

    2. I enjoyed Pet Show! by Eza Jack Keats. The unique, impressionistic illustrations artfully capture expression, perspective, and detail. I especially appreciated the beautifully colored end papers. The book left a strong message of kindness and generosity children will be inspired by.The book's premise is of course a pet show. When the protagonist's pet is missing on the day of the contest, he scrambles to resolve the situation and comes up with a creative solution. Even though the text was writte [...]

    3. Pet Show! - Ezra Jack Keats There aren't nearly enough books showing the lives of working-class kids in the US. There are even fewer that show people making an effort to improve the lives of others as anything other than an individual act of kindness. Bring back the red-diaper babies! Bring back the goal of social justice! I want to see people striving for equality again.Library copy

    4. This is another favorite of mine. I like the imaginative nature of the character in the story. Ezra Jack Keats is one of my favorites because he bring real life issues into his stories. I would definitely attempt to have a class pet show and use this book to open up the idea. Students can make pets and tell all about their creations.

    5. This book is a great way to start a lesson with children about pets, through the story of a pet show. We would discuss what pets they may have at home, want or enjoy. I would then bring in a new classroom pet, such as a fish or hamster for the children take care of to go along with their learning.

    6. Funny and touching events in this story about Peter and his friends having a neighborhood pet show. Such a wonderful line-up of diverse characters.

    7. I'm thrilled to have found more of Keats' books that follow the endearing character, Peter, from my favorite childhood story, The Snowy Day. In this book we get to meet many of Peter's friends along with their misbehaved pets. Humor, beautiful illustrations, and a child's outlook on the world create a wonderful story in an colorful urban environment. I even found Keats' illustration of himself in the story. I consider this a multicultural piece of literature as the reader experiences life in an [...]

    8. Pet Show!Grade/interest level: Primary (1st to 2nd)Reading level: Fountas & Pinnel: HGrade: 1.9Genre: multiculturalMain Characters: Archie Setting: United States, present timePOV: from narratorArchie is a boy who found a stray cat, well sort of…the stray cat found him. So the stray cat followed Archie home one day. And not Archie wants to enter the stray cat into the neighborhood pet show. Once he decides to enter the cat is lost! Archie scrambles and thinks on his feet so he can prepare t [...]

    9. "Pet Show!" by Ezra Jack Keats was a joy to reade pictures were so colorful and lively. My daughter really paid attention, but, just like "Peter's Chair," it really didn't call for her to be interactive. She just sat there while I read the book to her. On the other hand, as her mom, I thought the book had a very good lesson attached.Archie is the main character in this bookere's a pet show going on, and Archie wants to bring his cat, but his cat cannot be found anywhere. There's a huge turnout f [...]

    10. Mr Keats does such a wonderful job at teaching the listener-reader but not being 'in their face' with that lesson. Along with the beautiful illustrations! I really enjoyed reading this book to by 2 year old granddaughter. The neighborhood was having a pet show and the little boy kept trying to find his cat; he couldn't find him. And the show had started everyone was winning a prize. And an elderly lady walks up and the cat by her side and the judges gives her the blue ribbon for the best pet. La [...]

    11. Lots of good pieces to this book. The illustrations are beautiful. The story is simple, but deep. So often we talk (or hear!) about "kids these days". Would kids these days let someone else take home a ribbon for a pet you feel is yours? I don't think so. Not most kids. But what does that say about this child? Would kids these days be creative and show up with a "germ"? Again, I don't think so. I'm leaning toward they wouldn't show up, or they'd demand a parent help come up with a solution, or, [...]

    12. This picture book tells the story of a young boy named Archie, who during the process of preparation for the neighborhood pet show loses his pet cat. This book is a book that can be enjoyed by all ages because people of all ages can appreciate Keats's use of descriptive text and illustrations to tell the dilemma of a young boy trying to come up with a solution to his problem. In the end, Archie uses his creativity to solve the problem and ends up winning an award at the pet show. I feel that thi [...]

    13. Every kid in this rainbow neighborhood is excited about the pet show. Archie's cat is away on a prowl when it's time for prizes. Archie overcomes his disappointment and enters an imaginative pet instead. The plot of this story book is a little quiet for my taste. There is one whole page featuring a chase scene that adds nothing to the story. However, it seems to satisfy my toddler, so who am I to complain? Keats is one of my favorite illustrators, and the illustrations in Pet Show are fantastic. [...]

    14. What a wonderful story about a boy named Archie. He was so excited for the Pet Show to show off his cat. As the time grew nearer to leave for the show Archie couldn't find his cat. As the show started the cat showed up with a lady. Archie and all his friends all received ribbons for their pets. Activities:-have a classroom pet show with stuffed pets(create ribbons and different categories for the show so that each pet gets a ribbon)-Write a response to how Archie felt when he couldn't find his c [...]

    15. Bummer. I like Ezra Jack Keats' works, but Pet Show didn't really impress my niece or nephew. They listened to the story, and my niece, at least, thought that Archie's decision to bring a germ to the pet show was pretty funny, but this isn't one they'll remember.I did a special voice for the little old lady in the story, and my niece said, "Why is she talking like that?" I said, "That's just how little old ladies talk." She replied, "Not all of them. Your mom doesn't talk that way, and she's pre [...]

    16. I love Ezra Jack Keats' art. So vibrant. This book is how I imagine Harlem was in the 70's. I have no idea when or where it is supposed to be set, but when I read it that is what I imagine. My favorite picture in the book is actually on the end-paper. It's a series of old doors painted bright colors an leaning against the wall with some trash and the back half of a cat. I wish it wasn't in the book because without it, I would be able to let the book go. But there is something so perfect about it [...]

    17. I love Ezra Jack Keats. He is a great author and illustrator. I loved his pictures and colors that he used in this artwork. He is so unique and I can always pick out his work. The moral of this story was good for children as well. They could easily relate to the story line because most children have pets when they are younger or throughout their lives. The young boy ends up sharing his cat with a woman so she gets a blue ribbon as well. Everyone ends up with a ribbon and everyone is a winner tha [...]

    18. i rank most of the children's books by the artwork and this book knocked it out of the park. beautiful images. cute story.the type of book where i want to cut out pages and frame them.

    19. I think that this is a sequel to Hi Cat!. With the help of Willie, Peter, and Susie, Archie searches for the cat, to no avail. Archie decides to enter an empty jar, containing a germ named Al into the pet show. There’s a typo in this book, “As that moment…” should be ‘At that moment…’. The invisible germ would be a great springboard to a discussion of real germs, "improvisation" and illegal pets.

    20. Ezra Jack Keats.t a big fan.In this book, a kid tries to take his cat to the neighborhood pet show where everyone gets some sort of prize. When his independent cat disappears however, he takes an empty glass jar, containing one "germ" named Al. Meanwhile some old lady shows up with the kid's cat and gets a ribbon.

    21. A really cute story about a community pet show - and a pet cat who just does not want to play by the rules! You can kind of tell that this was published in the heyday of the self-esteem movement - everybody gets a ribbon - quietest pet, longest whiskers. It has a fun little twist at the end.Great illustrations.

    22. Pet Show is a good book to read to children before a show and tell. I liked this book because while Archie's cat disappeared and showed up to the pet show without him, he found another "pet" and still got a ribbon. This can teach kids how to be flexible and adaptable when things don't go their way.

    23. Who doesn't love a good community pet show!? "Pet Show" is a sweet and colorful book that will be sure to leave students naturally making several predictions towards the end of the book when the main character is faced with a challenging situation. Therefore, this is a fantastic book for predictions! I'd recommend this book for children in first through third grade.

    24. Archie wants to enter the pet show with his cat. But Archie cannot find the cat anywhere. So he goes on a search. When it comes time for the show, Archie brings an imaginative pet. And guess who shows up?I love cats, so naturally I like this book. Students could create an animal for the class pet show.

    25. I always thought it would be fun to have a pet in a show where we could show off talents and win awards. I do not think it is a good idea for children to bring pets to school, but I would allow student to bring non-living things that they want to share. We can learn about the different pets we have, then compare and contrast as a class.

    26. I like the painterly illustrations, and the slice-of-life insight it gives into an child's inner-city visuals, and M has asked for this to be read many times, but I feel like it has a Henry-James-esque ending to it, which, while enigmatic literature, doesn't satisfy me as a reader. And now I feel like Salieri.

    27. Everyone is the neighborhood gathers to celebrate pets - from cats to goldfish to cats - though Archie must be inventive (creating a pet germ called "Al") when an old woman in the neighborhood is awarded a prize for his cat. Keats' presents an interracial community that co-exists peacefully in their urban home. I'm particularly interested in how Keats applies newspaper clippings on the streets.

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