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The Traz

  • Title: The Traz
  • Author: Eileen Schuh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Traz One girl one undercover cop one dangerous gang Thirteen year old Katrina is desperate for an adventure something to numb her pain and loneliness When Shrug a giant biker from The Traz gang asks i

    One girl, one undercover cop, one dangerous gang Thirteen year old Katrina is desperate for an adventure, something to numb her pain and loneliness When Shrug, a giant biker from The Traz gang, asks if she wants a ride, she makes a reckless, life changing decision Vulnerable and grieving, Katrina becomes a target for the gang s abuse and there s no way to escape Until sOne girl, one undercover cop, one dangerous gang Thirteen year old Katrina is desperate for an adventure, something to numb her pain and loneliness When Shrug, a giant biker from The Traz gang, asks if she wants a ride, she makes a reckless, life changing decision Vulnerable and grieving, Katrina becomes a target for the gang s abuse and there s no way to escape Until she meets Chad, an undercover cop with rich brown eyes, a gentle chuckle and a plan to rescue her Only one problem Someone is keeping dangerous secrets from them both SCHOOL EDITION This special School Edition comes with a teacher student discussion guide at the back to encourage students and teachers to have open discussions about the choices teens make It explores issues such as gangs, drugs, depression and so much REVIEWS A compelling read that will keep you turning pages The Kindle Book Review An intriguing read exciting Amber Hayward, author of the Children of the Panther trilogy I finished The Traz and absolutely LOVED it Jim Brown, international novelist Fast paced action and realistic dialogue reveals the underlying message about the dangers of alcohol, drugs and gangs Aaron A Lehman, author of the Mystery on Dog Island trilogy A fast paced story a thought provoking venture into modern day lifestyles and morals Donna Carrick , author of The First Excellence

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    1. I was fortunate to stumble upon author Eileen Schuh and picked up The Traz. For those that read any of my other reviews, you know that I'm not great at them (so bear with me), but I will say that this book is certainly worth picking up and investing the time to read.Working in law enforcement I see a lot of things and Schuh managed to write a wonderful book deeply rooted in truth and reality. For me, it was a psychological glimpse of how teens get trapped in a life of crime. But it was also a bo [...]

    2. Received this copy free in return for review - to be posted shortly----------I really enjoyed this book, am quite happy reading YA as long as it doesn't descend into patronising the reader, which this doesn't!It's easy to identify with Katrina and the book shows well how easy it is for even an intelligent person to slip into bad choices and how these can easily spiral out of control until there is no simple way out and just how overwhelming this can be.The writing and language fits well with the [...]

    3. The Traz tackles the evil side of gangs, in the book it is a motorbike gang, The Traz. The Traz is the first book in a series and in this book the reader is introduced to a young and very unhappy 13 year old girl who finds herself caught up in this violent mans world. She is a surviver, but nothing is quite what it seems as she eventually finds out. The book ends with the reader wanting more. The perfect end for Schuh as there are more books to follow. I throughly enjoyed The Traz and look forwa [...]

    4. The Traz is a YA book and part of the BackTracker series that explores the good choices and bad choices that young people can sometimes make. Katrina gets herself involved with a biker gang and witnesses things no young girl should. The man mountain Shrug, one of the bikers, takes her under his wing but for what reason? Does he have an ulterior motive? Is Katrina in over her head and who will protect her? Is Shrug all he appears? And, who is the new mysterious biker Chad? Well worth a read! (Ful [...]

    5. **Given 3 1/2 stars on sites with 1/2 star rating enabled**I was torn on how to rate this book. Going into it, I knew it had to do with a young, orphaned girl who ended up in a gang. Not exactly my "normal" read, but I will pop my head out of my usual genres every now and then. I thought Schuh did a great job with world-building and character development. Other than one particular gang member or two, I didn't believe any one character was either all bad or all good-which makes for much more beli [...]

    6. My Thoughts:The Traz is well written and beautifully set up. The author definitely has a plan for the whole series, and its gonna be good. That’s the impression that grabbed me immediately. The author is not afraid to go “there” with it – I would imagine most writers would shy away from a darker, less Disneyfied version of the life of a 13 year old girl who’s beautiful and wealthy. (Yes, I’m making up words again.) And hey! Guess what? Not a vamp or shifter in sight, which is always [...]

    7. I was introduced to an intriguing new novel via Twitter, the Traz by Eileen Schuh. The subject is Katrina, a 12-year old "brainiac," computer-whiz, proficient in physics, learned hunting and survival skills from her grandfather, meditation, self-care and herbology from her grandmother, grew up in a chaotic home with an alcoholic, unloving mother who fights constantly with her policeman husband. Gradually, Katrina experiences more and more loss - her grandfather, and then ultimately both her pare [...]

    8. Written for older children, tweens and teens to help those in trouble or give options how to avoid trouble in these often emotionally and physically cruel years. Author Eileen Schuh has written this version as a school edition. There is also a regular edition. Every parent should read this book and perhaps even discuss it with their kids. This story is full of the pitfalls that multiply as teens get older, become more street smart and more in need of security and love. Some strong language as ca [...]

    9. The Traz is a book about choices – you make the right choice, you win; you make the wrong choice, you pay for it. Katrina(her real name) or Sarina (her name on the streets) is a brilliant child of 13. She has an alcoholic mother and a policeman for a father and she is thus left to her own devices most of the time. She shares a bond with her grandfather and is left bereft when he dies. Tragedy strikes deeper when her parents are killed in an accident and she is left an orphan, in the care of he [...]

    10. The very first publication of the first of Schuh's Back Tracker Series sets the pace for an amazing story for loss, love and trouble.I immediately fell in love with Katrina, a young girl who is dealing with her alcoholic mother and loving, doting father. When her admired and respecting grandmother passes, then her grandfather dies she is left with depending on her dad but who needs to focus his efforts on healing her mother. She feels alone, with an inheritance which could last her lifetime and [...]

    11. I enjoyed reading The Traz, although initially I was a little uncomfortable with how young Katrina was but maybe that's because I'm a parent myself and was looking at it from an adult point of view, rather than that of someone who could more closely relate to Katrina in age. That doesn't mean, however, that adults won't enjoy or even benefit from reading The Traz as much as the YA audience. Through the story line, it addresses some interesting social issues, bringing to life some ambiguous and c [...]

    12. Katrina is a girl who has been through a lot. Everyone she knows and loved is dead and like many kids who go through traumatic issues, she ends up in trouble. In an attempt to escape her lousy life, she ends up in The Traz, a gang lead by Gator . . . a ruthless gang leader. While she has Shrug, her "rescuer" to protect her, she's starting to wonder if that's enough.This is a very interesting read and it kept me fascinated throughout. My one issue with the book was that it ends abruptly and with [...]

    13. Eileen's first novel in her series is incredible! My weekend was gone because I couldn't put it down!The storyline and dialogue among the characters is first class. Can't wait to find out what happens to them!

    14. Hard-hitting and gritty, Eileen Schuh’s pull-no-punches novel The Traz is certain to elicit a deep emotional response – and, hopefully, inspire some critical thought and discussion about serious issues such as depression, suicide, gangs, drugs, violence, and crime.Thirteen-year-old Katrina is no squeaky-clean heroine: thanks to a tumultuous home life, she’s already deeply embedded in the underworld, privy to, and participating in, drug deals and other shady activity. Katrina is a genius, f [...]

    15. The Trazby Eileen SchuhKatrina is an underage genius who has suffered loss. A crappy home-life which she occasionally found respite from in the company of her loving Grandparents who took it upon themselves to teach her wondrous things and armor the best weapon a human can possess, their brain.On her own at puberty she lives with a motorcycle gang for a year, doing the bidding of the gang-leader who helps her to understand that she is worthwhile and deserving of respect.This book is part of the [...]

    16. I have to say this book is unlike anything I've read before. Katrina (or Sarina as she calls herself when she joins the Traz) is a real chameleon. A thirteen year old going on twenty five, she is gifted, strong-willed, savvy and quite manipulative at times, yet there are moments when we get to see the child she really is. We start her journey at home with a policeman father and a mother whose drink problem will change Katrina's life for ever. When this happens she eventually drifts towards the t [...]

    17. Eileen Schuh's "The Traz" which is the first novel in the BackTracker series is a compelling read that will keep you turning pages. The heroine, Katrina, is orphaned at 13 and left with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. She is brilliant (a member of Mensa), wealthy and beautiful. She meets Shrug, a much older biker and member of the The Traz motorcycle gang. She goes with him to live at the Traz's compound in the backwoods of Alberta. At the compound Shrug protects her from the other gang mem [...]

    18. The Traz is book that left me feeling like I was dealing with a spoiled rotten little girl who felt like the world owed her something. She proceeded to do things in her own way regardless of the consequences. Then she meets the undercover cop and becomes in love with him. He sees her as a little sister and makes her some promises. She then falls into some really bad crap with the gang and finds herself not wanting to deal with what has happened.I did truly enjoy the story it had a lot of twists [...]

    19. Can't wait for the sequel!In this first installment of the BackTracker Series by Eileen Schuh, the reader is introduced to the often desperate existence of genius-teen Katrina who finds herself orphaned. Yearning "to belong" Katrina attaches herself to biker Shrug and follows him into the insular society of the compound. Drugs, financial crime, pornography -- Katrina leads us down the road of error and consequence. Author Eileen Schuh completes her work with a "teachers' guide" to discussing tee [...]

    20. I received a free copy of this eBook from Imajin Books & . I wanted to like this book, but I really can't say that I did. I felt like this book was something written in a creative writing class - worthwhile, but not quite suitable for publication. It was hard for me to believe a lot of the dialogue, especially when young Katrina was constantly referred to as "woman." It all just seemed too fake to me, like the author was writing about a lifestyle that she's too unfamiliar with. Sorry. :(

    21. A very well written book. All about the hardships of a young brainiac girl who has dreadful events in early life and no help to deal with them. Such an intriguing story line that throws the bait at you and reels you in hook line and sinker. Then leaves you hanging for the next episode.Well worth the read.A big thumbs up for Eileen.

    22. I had mixed feelings about this book. I felt that it had lots of potential and was well-written, but I was also slightly bored at times. It was very slow at first, but picked up in later pages. Unfortunately, it was also very predictable. It’s worth a read, and is a short read, but I wouldn’t expect too much excitement or anything from it.~Genevieve~

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