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Along for the Ride

  • Title: Along for the Ride
  • Author: Sarah Dessen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Along for the Ride Auden has always felt like the odd one out Since her parents divorce she s shied away studying lots and staying out of the party scene But now Auden s realized there must be something and just like

    Auden has always felt like the odd one out Since her parents divorce she s shied away, studying lots and staying out of the party scene But now Auden s realized there must be something and, just like that, she changes everything Moving to her dad s house opens up a whole new world of beach parties, food fights and simply having fun As she gets to know herself Auden has always felt like the odd one out Since her parents divorce she s shied away, studying lots and staying out of the party scene.But now Auden s realized there must be something and, just like that, she changes everything Moving to her dad s house opens up a whole new world of beach parties, food fights and simply having fun.As she gets to know herself and a secretive boy with dark, brooding eyes can Auden begin to let go and finally feel like she truly belongs

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    1. Even more than John Green, Sarah Dessen repeats the same plot elements over and over again:1. ONE SUMMER, 2. AN OLDER TEENAGE GIRL WHO IS REPRESSED IN SOME WAY -- family secrets, personal secrets, others' expectations, her own cynicism or need for control3. MEETS A WACKY GROUP OF PEOPLE -- long-distant family, a rock band, coworkers, a new group of friends4. INCLUDING ONE UNUSUAL BOY -- usually artistic in some way5. SHE DOES SOMETHING UNCHARACTERISTIC OF HER THAT STARTS OR DEEPENS HER RELATIONS [...]

    2. Reading Sarah Dessen is like walking into an air-conditioned store after a hot, humid day in the sun. Reading Sarah Dessen is also like drinking an ice-cold smoothie after a long, harsh marathon. And finally, reading Sarah Dessen is like eating comfort food: you always know what you're going to get, a tasty, satisfying treat.Auden has just finished her senior year and looks forward to spending the summer like she usually does: staying home and studying, while occasionally attending the parties h [...]

    3. And the award for my most vanilla book of 2016 goes toI think I get it now. The whole appeal with Sarah Dessen and the million or so romance books she's churned; she's no Stephanie Perkins but reading her work is just so easy. Or at least this one was, my first one yet.But more than easy, it was boring. Mundane. Unexciting. VANILLA.Just like vanilla ice cream, it's enough to have me gobbling it up in one go, but doesn't quite manage to leave a satisfied mark like chocolate would. (Of course, thi [...]

    4. This is pure Sarah Dessen. It's a comfort to read her work, because you know you are going to come away with something to think about. I'm afraid I didn't like this one as much as the others. It's because well it feels a little like I'm reading the same story. Tons of others have mentioned it, but she seems to be sticking to a very strict formula. Which I wouldn't mind too much if the characters didn't seem so similar. They all are so reserved and issue driven. One of the reasons I think that it [...]

    5. I know Colby is a fictional beach town, but I still totally feel like I've been there after reading so many Dessen stories in that setting. It just feels like summer. The main idea of the story is that Auden never really got a chance to be a kid because she was so focused on academics and being the adult that her pretentious, bickering parents wouldn't be. Achievement became her thing, so she missed out on typical activities like riding a bike, going to prom, or having a group of friends. Instea [...]

    6. Peoples, this book ain’t worth it.Number one: THERES NO PLOT. LITERALLY NONE. This author was all like, ‘oh let’s put a normal teenage girl who has low self esteem!’ AHEMSICALLY HOW ALL CONTEMPORARY NOVELS GO.And let’s not forget about that boy! Of course Dessen went for the typical approach. Meaning- BIKER DUDENow, see I thought it’d be some great guy who’s hot and sports a six pack and allcally my dream guy in every book.DA HELL TO THE NO.This dude.*restrains from wanting to stra [...]

    7. not the best sarah dessen, but, you know, not the worstere's kind of an interesting exploration of feminism and female gender identity in here??? which is not exactly what you'd expect. like, when this book started out by describing the protagonist's mom with this paragraph: "She was an expert on women in literature but didn't much like them in practice. Partly, it was because so many of them were jealous," going on to describe her unbeliiiiiieeeeevable intelligence, success, beauty, and rockin' [...]

    8. Cross-posted from my blog review. Auden is your classic overachiever: she’s studious and entirely too serious. What’s more, she deprived herself of a normal high school experience—one with friends and fun—opting instead for the academic route. Which did indeed work, because she got into a great university, the one she’d be attending come August. In the meantime, there is the whole summer stretching before her, and suddenly, spending it at home with her holier-than-thou, my-feminism-is- [...]

    9. I’m just going to start this out saying that I love Sarah Dessen. Along for the Ride is definitely on my Dessen all time favorite list. Right up there with Just Listen and This Lullaby. The characters is this novel are freaggin fabulous! That is one thing I can always count on with Dessen, she knows how to create a believable and relatable character no matter the situation. And Auden is no exception. I reveled in her transformation throughout the story. Ultimately that’s what this story was [...]

    10. In my opinion, Sarah Dessen is one of the best young adult writers out there today. This book happens to be my second favorite book from her. It's odd how Dessen can make you feel like you know her characters personally. I love that about her writing, because she makes it so easy to identify with her characters. When I finished this book, I was almost upset about it. I didn't want to leave behind the characters and in some ways I felt like I was saying goodbye to friends. That’s a true sign th [...]

    11. This is the best new-to-me Sarah Dessen book I've read since the days of The Truth About Forever and Dreamland. This was exactly what I was in the mood for and I actually really enjoyed it. This makes me want to re-read all of my old Sarah Dessen favorites. Awh.

    12. I love you, Sarah Dessen!"Along For the Ride" is about a girl called Auden, who just finished high school and is spending the summer before college visiting her dad and his new wife and newborn baby in their beach town. Auden has insomnia and spends her nights aimlessly driving around, until she meets Eli, who also can't sleep at night, and they start hanging out together. This is the PERFECT book for reading at the pool or the beach. One of my favorite 'summer-feel' books. "That was one of the [...]

    13. “Relationships don't always make sense. Especially from the outside” For the past few days, I started reading a bunch of Contemporary Novels. I noticed that I enjoyed Saint Anything so much and decided that I wanted to read more books by Sarah Dessen. So I am on a "Sarah Dessen Marathon" and I want to finish all of her books before I go start any others. I know that I wont be reading one of her books because I am not interested in it, but I am planning on reading the rest. And I am really en [...]

    14. oh dear. this book was pushing me to the edge of self destruction. The book is just too.allow for me to be interested in it. The plot is weak. Wait. is there even a plot in the first place? it is so bad that i am cannot even be bothered to give a full blown review. Too much conversation involving other people(Auden is like a invisible ghost some times. seriously? how does she overhear everything?). is it only me or? judging from the ratings by other reviewers, i guess it is only me. I do not. I [...]

    15. A lot of people say that Sarah Dessen uses the same plot, the same idea of a teenage girl meeting a boy, who changes her life, with who she hangs out more and more and then there is a conflict (a lot of time happening because of her old life), but the girl tries to explainHowever, I LOVE her books and now that I think about it yes she does write her books the same way, but I LIKE that way.Along for the Ride is my favourite book. Its one of those books you can just read into and enjoy parts that [...]

    16. Edit: След като имах време от снощи до сега да помисля за тази книга, реших, че все пак ще запазя първоначалното си впечатление и ще смаля рейтинга до 3 звезди. Направих сравнение с други contemporary книги, които съм чела, и тази е доста по-слаба. Първата книга на Сара Десен, която чето [...]

    17. Although it was not necessarily the ending I would have written, it was still a happy ending just the way I like it. All the loose ends tied up in a big, red bow.Along for the Ride details the summertime adventures of Auden, a studious, sheltered girl who just graduated high school and decides to spend the summer with her dad, a narcissistic one-time author trying to finish his second novel, his much younger wife and their new baby in order to take a break from her emotionally aloof, highly-driv [...]

    18. One star because the prose is lovely. Another because, I mean, I finished it.Despite my issues with Sarah Dessen (and they are numerous), I really enjoyed Lock & Key so I hoped that meant she was moving away from the crap that annoys me so much about her writing. Alas, it is not to be.I liveblogged reading this for a friend, so instead of writing up AGAIN why this book made me so furious and frustrated, I'll just copy and paste for you:pg. 33, a dude is all OOH YOU'RE THE HOTTEST GIRL to Aud [...]

    19. Along for the Ride, by Sarah Dessen, is a fun and enjoyable read. I have to admit, at first I could not stand the main character, Auden. She was self-centered, clueless about others feelings, snobbish and down-right annoying. I almost put the book down and called it a day because if I don’t like the main character, chances are I’m not going to enjoy the book. However, all that altered by mid-book and the story took a sharp turn down Enjoyable Avenue. I feel Dessen’s technique was deliberat [...]

    20. Okay, Sarah, you finally got one right. I enjoyed this book and it was a quick read that helped me escape all the upheaval in my life right now. I liked Auden and her arc, I loved Eli and the friends that Auden made. Heck I even loved Hollie even as I hated Auden's actual parents. It was a fun summer read and for once didn't have anything problematic in it that stood out to me.

    21. 3.5 starsSarah Dessen's characters are dramatic and sometimes way over-the-top but in this case it kind of worked really well. I liked Auden even though she could be a hard person to understand at times, but, hey, so am I most of the time. I LOVE FAMILY DYNAMICS. I keep repeating myself but that's what really connects me with the story and Sarah Dessen always delivers great family dynamics (even though both of her parents are selfish but insecure idiots here) that develops over time. I loved the [...]

    22. “It was so risky and so scary, and yet at the same time, so beautiful. Maybe the truth was, it shouldn’t be easy to be amazing. Then everything would be. It’s the things you fight for and struggle with before earning that have the greatest worth.”3 1/2 stars. Another great installment to the contemporary genre. I didn't think this book was quite as good as Just Listen by Sarah Dessen, but once again I was blown away by this author's ability to take an ordinary character in an ordinary si [...]

    23. This was my first Sarah Dessen book and it will not be my last. I even dragged my feet through the last 50 pages just so I could stay in the pages with this world for a little while longer.The story focuses on Auden, who has always been serious, adult like, head in her books, never playful or silly her entire life. She has never stepped out of her safe, often isolated, world of academics until she decides to spend her summer before college with her Dad, new wife, and baby sister where she is def [...]

    24. The problem with Sarah Dessen's books is not that she uses the same formula in every single one. That's fine! She's good at it, people like it - what one can do one must do, etc etc.No, the problem is that she uses the same deadass doorknob of a female protagonist every single time. Auden is Annabel (Just Listen) is Ruby (Lock and Key) is Caitlin (Dreamland). They are ALL. The same. And my God, they are boring as hell.Auden, by far, is the deadest doorknob of them all. She is about as exciting a [...]

    25. Another FANTASTIC delivery from Sarah Dessen! She is, beyond a doubt, my favorite realistic fiction author. And this novel might just be my favorite of all of them but it's so hard to choose between "This Lullaby", "The Truth About Forever" and now, "Along for the Ride". But I was laughing up a storm with this one! Not that the others aren't funny, 'cause they're hilarious. But the heartening feeling you get as you read through Auden's adventuren.I won't deny that I would've done a few things di [...]

    26. this is my second Sarah Dessen book in two days and I have to say, I'm becoming a fan. although this book had many flaws, such as, the plot line seemed undeveloped a lot. I feel like it was meant to deal with the struggles of a teenage outsider but it side tracked occasionally. also, I hated a lot of the characters, including her parents. they had weird personalities, I couldn't connect with them. to top it off, there were plenty of times when I couldn't connect with Auden as well. in the beginn [...]

    27. I loved this book! The story was great, the characters amazing and adorable, but most of all I found the story really relatable.I haven't read so many Sarah Dessen's books, but I definitely loved them so far. I manly love that the story doesn't follow only the romantic relationships, there are many friendships and family dynamics. In this book the romance wasn't the most important thing. The story focuses more on Auden's development, friendships and family. Her relationship with Eli seemed more [...]

    28. Disfrute mucho esta lectura ^^Si quieren leer la reseña, pasen por acá¡Y no le hagan caso a Finn!

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