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Positive Resistance

  • Title: Positive Resistance
  • Author: AndrewGrey
  • ISBN: 9781615819379
  • Page: 232
  • Format: ebook
  • Positive Resistance Blobby Bobby and Lane the Pain A thousand years ago Lane spent his time in high school tormenting Robert Stephen Phillips to the point of tears Stephen thought he d left all of that behind including

    Blobby Bobby and Lane the Pain A thousand years ago, Lane spent his time in high school tormenting Robert Stephen Phillips to the point of tears Stephen thought he d left all of that behind, including his extra weight and his horrid nickname, when he came out to his parents But now Stephen s been transferred back to his hometown and will once again have to face his disaBlobby Bobby and Lane the Pain A thousand years ago, Lane spent his time in high school tormenting Robert Stephen Phillips to the point of tears Stephen thought he d left all of that behind, including his extra weight and his horrid nickname, when he came out to his parents But now Stephen s been transferred back to his hometown and will once again have to face his disapproving parents and childhood nemesis Imagine Stephen s surprise when Lane turns out to have changed from school bully to persistent, attentive suitor If Lane the Pain can hear Stephen s most painful of intimate details and still want to pursue a relationship, is it possible that Stephen can reconnect with the family that turned on him years ago

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    1. Originally posted at: whippedcream2/201This book was a complete surprise from beginning to end. After reading the blurb and then reading this story I was completely blown away by the subject matter not mentioned in the blurb for this book. Every now again there will be that one book that will touch your heart and stay with you for a long time to come and for me Positive Resistance is that book. Steven is a man dealing with a lot of issues in his life, from moving back to a town he would rather s [...]

    2. I was really blown away by this book.I loved the whole series, but all the previous books were rather light reads, although they're dealing with their fair share of problems, but still. I have to confess I'm not sure if I'd picked this one, if I knew about the subject matter beforehand, because it's just too hard theme for me, but I'm so glad I did! I teared up several times, while reading, but it's so beautifully written, so right and I was so happy for Steven at the end, that he has Lane now a [...]

    3. Reviewed by Allie: This is a coming of age tale about a man who returns home to face his own personal demons. His company had relocated him back to his home town; a place he hoped never to see again. Once there he runs into Lane, a guy who in high school nicknamed him Blobby Bobby because, as a youth, Bobby (who now goes by his middle name of Steven) was overweight. Happily, unlike some bullies, Lane has changed and has done a lot of growing up.This is a novella. I enjoyed the interaction bet [...]

    4. I want to say why I loved this book but I can't because that would give everything away. I will say this; I wasn't sure if I would like this couple. I felt no real connection to them at first. I stuck with it though and I am glad that I did. I fell totally and completely in love with them. I loved Steven because he was just so sweet. Lane, oh, Lane. I want Lane to be real so that I can hug and kiss him. They may have pushed their way to my favorite couple top spot. Pleeeeeeeeeease let Marky brin [...]

    5. This story brought tears to my throat several times. I was expecting the book to be a humorous romance. After reading book description I though it would be something like "The Ugly Ducling".Instead, the author went Nicholas Sparks [who is famous for fucking up a perfectly good romances]. I am not saying the story is bad, just not humorous in the way I was expecting.

    6. I really enjoyed this book. It was the right amount of sweetness to soften the serious issues of HIV. I loved Stephen and Lane, they were sweet together. Lane's mother was a hoot. I think everyone should have a mother like her. Highly recommend it!

    7. Surprisingly, this is a solid 3 star story for me. I say surprising because when it starts out the characters are very two-dimensional and impersonal. I've been in the mood for a story where the MC comes back to town a new and improved from his old self. There was none of that tension in this story, unfortunately. The past is barely mentioned, however the author did throw in a surprising game changer that peaked and kept my interest. I didn't care about the gym and weights details, those bored m [...]

    8. About 3.5 stars. In this book, Stephen returns to his hometown after moving across the country after school. When he came out to his family he was shunned and after growing up being teased as Blobby Bobby, he was happy to see Pennsylvania in his rearview. He even starts using his middle name in order to put his past truly behind him. Unfortunately, he is transferred back to PA through work. While his workout regime has him looking lean and mean, unlike the Blobby Bobby of old, he's still shocked [...]

    9. 2014 Re-read: Well – it ended rather abruptly. At least that’s how I felt just now. Might be that I was distracted for a moment, though.The theme of this story is not one I enjoy very much (even though it’s one worthy of exploration), and this version certainly felt less heartbreaking or unsettling than some others I’ve read. I also appreciate that Stephen did not really hold Lane’s past behaviour against him and understood Lane’s initial reaction now.I guess this is why these books [...]

    10. I totally didn't expect this would be an amazing book. I just thought its just a story about a bullied guy transformed into handsome guy who goes back to his hometown to get revenge or something as the usual story goes but it's not. It's about a guy-Steven who I think was destined to go back to his hometown(his past he left behind) to be able to face the present and prepare for the future. :)I don't know if I'm just emotional at that time while reading this book but I was so sad, happy and cried [...]

    11. so many authors, hint at real problems in today's society, they write books, devouted to pain and loss with a few of them even writing about the ugliness of cancer, even when they writing about a person strength and courage living through it.I can honestly say this is the first writer and author that i know of who faced and addressed the issue of HIV, showing it in a light people dont get to see often, people make mistakes steven did, he admitted and paid the price for it, he tried to make himse [...]

    12. This is another typical Andrew Grey book: mainly a two gay men book. One broken and the other convincing that he is worth loving. Then HEA.So, generally a very light read.And then the surprise: one character was HIV positiv. I read a lot of glbt books with time, but never - come to think of it - a character was HIV positiv. Generally, everyone uses condoms, and everything is fine.So, I was quite surprised as it is not mentioned in the resume. And it made me thinking about a subject I haven't tho [...]

    13. page 77 make me laugh out loud, seriously, it was like snapped from a harlequin novel, I'm having trouble accepting how easily Steven accepted Lane, i was expecting more, well, "resistance".The story would've developed better with more pages, from the half of the book it seemed like the author was rushing to finish it, even in the end it feels like it's not totally finished.Some of the points get resolved to easily and others are shoved off-focus, I really was expecting Steven to fight Lane of t [...]

    14. Short and sweet story about Bobby (now known as Steven) and Lane (who used to torment him in school because he was overweight). Bobby is now grown up and goes by his middle name of Steven. The men meet and Lane is attracted immediately. Shortly after meeting they make arrangements to go out on a date but Steven's secret is revealed and that sends Lane off in a tailspin.I enjoyed all the characters in the read. My only real issue with this story is that it's too short and I wanted to read more ab [...]

    15. Another good addition to the series and quite possibly my new favorite. It's a short and sweet novella that's filled with fun, friendship and pain from hurts of the past. The characters are well developed, the descriptions vivid and the love story satisfying. I really liked the guys in this one and the integration of the couples from the previous releases was great. I hope to see more of Steven and Lane in the future.

    16. This is a fun series of novellas. Filled with different and unique personalities and stories.The books can be read as stand-alone but they all take place around the same gym and other characters (mostly Dan and Lonnie from the first book) show up in the other stories but are not integral to the story line.

    17. I loved Steven and Lane from the start in this one and from the blurb I kind of guessed what might be wrongLane went from being Stevens high school bully to the love of his lifeThis book does also show how hard it can be to be gay when your parents don't approve but Stevens mother at least made the effort x

    18. 4.5 Ravens. Mr. Grey takes on tough themes in his books and always writes a highly entertaining, at times erotic, novel around them. To view this review in its entirety, please visit blackravensreviews/?p=

    19. yet another good work from Andrew Grey. After discovering what Steven was in first 20 pages i thought it would be a very sad book. But actually it was cheerful and hopeful read with a light happy tone in it.

    20. I think this was the first M/M book I read that actually dealt with HIV/AIDS. Little bit strange to realize that.But to be honest, it was kinda boring. There's no real plot, the characterizations are superficial, the potential of this story simply unused.

    21. Each of these books in this series is great and with each one it seems that Lonnie gets more out of control or comfortable, but I love him that much for being so. Thanks again for a great read in this series Mr. Grey

    22. A sweet story of a man who believed he could never have intimacy again finding it in the most unexpected person. Andrew's stories never fail to cause warm fuzzies.

    23. Several interesting topics wrapped in a delicious muscled love. I loved the little things of the story. Like when Lane and Steven first visited Steven's house together. Or Lane's mom.

    24. An excellent series that provides not only romance, but an abundance of knowledge about weight training! This is my favourite instalment by far.

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