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Angel in the Shadows

  • Title: Angel in the Shadows
  • Author: Lisa Grace
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Angel in the Shadows The Difference between vampires and angels Angels are real In movie development along with Angel in the Storm Book by Motion Picture Pro Studios Fifteen year old Megan Laughlin has a gift or what s

    The Difference between vampires and angels Angels are real In movie development along with Angel in the Storm, Book 2 by Motion Picture Pro Studios Fifteen year old Megan Laughlin has a gift or what seems like a curse at times Megan sees angels and demons Megan knows her destiny is to protect her friends against dark angels who try to sway them into situations that caThe Difference between vampires and angels Angels are real In movie development along with Angel in the Storm, Book 2 by Motion Picture Pro Studios Fifteen year old Megan Laughlin has a gift or what seems like a curse at times Megan sees angels and demons Megan knows her destiny is to protect her friends against dark angels who try to sway them into situations that can destroy their lives, their souls, and their eternity At school, she recognizes Judas, an ber popular boy, as an evil angel hell bent on destroying her and everyone she loves As Judas spreads horrible rumors and overdoses two of her classmates at a rave, Megan realizes the enormity of his power While classmates die, Megan, with the help of an angel, Johnny, and a team of friends will face the fight of their lives as they battle Judas Megan thinks God hasn t given her any special powers, but discovers she has what she needs as she confronts Judas and his seemingly unconquerable power Appropriate for ages 12 on up AOL recommended the Angel in the Shadows series as the alternative to Twilight on the ALA s Top Ten Most Challenged Book List of 2010

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    1. I won an autographed copy of this book on .This book would be great for a young Christian who enjoys reading thrillers. As an Agnostic, I was a bit put off. The main character, Megan, seemed far too naive to me, and I admit that I rolled my eyes many times while reading this book. Despite feeling like the characters were cheesy and unreal, I actually didn't mind the story. When I finished the last page, I wanted to know what would happen in the next Angel book. The more I think about it, I would [...]

    2. Before I start my review I would like to thank Lisa Grace and for making it possible that a free autographed copy of Angel in the Shadows was sent to me. I must admit that I am of that dreaded, widespread sin: of judging a book by its cover. And it's title, too, actually. So I was expecting yet another YA paranormal romance. You know the one, with the heroine who meets a new, mysterious boy. Cue the strange, undeniable chemistry happening between them. Cue the "I'm dangerous, we shouldn't be to [...]

    3. This book really drew me in. It fits well into the supernatural young adult genre, but it doesn't descend into cliche. Neither does it just try to copy the formula of other succesful stories.The plot moves quickly, and the characters feel well-rounded. The story deals with a lot of different themes and issues.Megan is a sympathetic protagonist, who is struggling to learn how to live with her newfound abilities. The dark angel Jude is the ideal villain for a story like this, chillingly evil and y [...]

    4. I really wanted to like this book. It’s got an interesting premise, and I’d love to see some great Christian versions of the popular paranormal YA genre. But this book is just terrible. Grammar and spelling errors run rampant, the characters are boring and unbelievable, and the author really needs to learn the meaning of “show, don’t tell.” Not to mention that there’s really no overcoming of obstacles by the main character. Despite the huge, eternal stakes, every challenge the main c [...]

    5. Fifteen year old Megan finds out while working as a counsellor at summer camp that she has been granted powers of light by God to battle the evil of dark angels who seek to lead unsuspecting people astray. She has been attending the same summer camp for many years and the previous summer, had noticed a strange bright light surrounding camp counsellor, Mr. Z (as she knows him). When she remarked on it, she was laughed at and so, she has not mentioned it since. However, this summer she gets Mr. Z [...]

    6. I must say, thank God I finished it. Holy crap. Bar none, the worst published book I've read this year. It was just terrible. I like angel stories, but you have to do it just right so it doesn't come off as preachy. This completely and utterly beyond preachy and well into controversial topics.At first, I thought it was a joke. The first couple of chapters were nearly a parody of YA lit. THere was summer camp, a boy she'd been texting for a year and liked a lot (and they eventually started dating [...]

    7. The war between Good and Evil has always been and will always be. It's a balancing act. Before I continue with my review I would like to explain something. I am not religious. I am extremely open minded to all aspects of life and yes that does include all types of religion. This book maybe considered a religious book but the synopsis drew me in and I figured I'd give it a go. I really enjoyed that this book took place in FL. Lisa used some familiar lingo that I was comfortable with. Lisa's book [...]

    8. When I signed up to get this book I did not realize it would be so religious. With a book about angels its gonna be a little religious. You can tell the author is very passionate about her believes. It was just to much religion for me personally to get in to the story. I think this book is for very young adults I would say 12-15 years old. It has very strong view points on faith, sex, and who will be getting in to heaven. I would suggest that if you get this book for your young teen you read it [...]

    9. Thank you Amanda and everyone who is reading my book. I recently did a CBS TV interview and here is the link:koinlocal6/content/medYou may have to paste it into your browser in two pieces.(I'm not very tech savy) Getting reviews is very scary because you have no control (unlike your characters)over those who are reading it. LOL Lisa

    10. *I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.I thought the premise was interesting and I generally enjoy Christian novels and suspense novels. The story was a good one, but I struggled with some of the juvenile dialogue. I guess I got a little bogged down with the teenage lingo, etc. That said, a pretty good read for someone who enjoys the 15-year-old world.

    11. This book was . . . full of errors. Grammatical errors, spelling errors, continuity errors.The story itself felt sketchy to me - as though it was the seed of a story that had not quite been grown into the story it was trying to be. Also, the cliffhanger I read in other reviews that I would find at the end? It read less like a cliffhanger and more like this was only about one third of the actual novel.For all that the book is about a great battle, on the spiritual plane and the mortal one, Megan, [...]

    12. Bringing Light, Casting ShadowsMany friends and blog readers may be offended that I have read and am reviewing a book sometimes classified as "Christian Horror." Calling it an oxymoron or worse, some people say horror has no place in Christianity.What is appropriate to write and call Christian is a big area of disagreement. Workshops, seminars and conferences teach biblical standards. I have different beliefs and standards from Lisa Grace. Many people will reject this book without reading it bec [...]

    13. Megan Laughlin looks like any other average high school girl except for one unique thing. She has the ability to see angels. Not only is she able to see their glowing light that surrounds them identifying them no matter how hard they try to blend in, God's given her a gift into the unseen realm.She finds out about this unique gift when she begins seeing things that she wonders if she isn't going crazy. One of her camp counselors, Mr. Z as he is know about camp is glowing. Thinking perhaps he may [...]

    14. 3.5 starsI'm not actually sure where I got this book from, I know that sounds bad but it really is a mystery to me. It's been on my kindle app for ages and I never got round to reading it. I've just searched back through my emails to find out who sent it to me and apologise for the very delayed review but there is no email. I don't delete request emails until they are 'completed' and even then I tend to put them in a folder, so I am stumped.Anyway, I finally got round to reading it, however long [...]

    15. I have to say, this book really challenged me in the review department because I can't really fit this book neatly into one primary genre. This book is definately Christian Fiction, but not your mama's Cfiction! It's teen Christian Fiction - younger teens primarily in the first half, but older teens would enjoy the second half. It also has YA Paranormal appeal because of the contemporary setting and good/evil angel battles. It definately has a refreshing approach to battling evil in fiction.Mega [...]

    16. God versus the Devil, good angels versus bad angels; this is the ultimate good versus evil story.It's book 1 in Grace's The angel series, the first two of which have had the film rights optioned. Book 1, and I presume the rest in the series, are aimed very much at the young adult reader. I imagine the film will have a much broader appeal but I could be wrong as I don't know much about movie targeting and what brings in the money.Megan lives in the suburban beach town of Clearwater, Florida, and [...]

    17. I equally liked and was annoyed by this book.Liked:- Megan is a normal girl from a normal family. She is a good girl, has a belief in God, and that's just who she is.- Meg's boyfriend is also a decent guy, with a good family and a belief in God.- These things are not seen as being detractors to the characters. They also are not perfect, nor are they seen as stupid, gullible, or boring (at least to the reader) (though I would have liked to see a bit more development, especially of her boyfriend)- [...]

    18. Even though I am a senior citizen I do not shy away from YA stories and enjoy those that are good novels whose characters just happen to be Young Adults. However, this is not one of them; this is truly a YA novel aimed at a YA level for Youth alone, maybe 14 and under. However, some of the subject matter may be too mature for young tweens, yet the style of writing was too immature for older teens--so I can't tell what age group the author was targeting. Maybe some parents might consider this a g [...]

    19. 2.5 StarsI had heard so many good things about this book that I was pretty excited to read it.So you can understand my disappointment when I started it and it just wasn't what I thought it would be.Don't get my wrong, the storyline is a nice one but what ended up happening, at least for me, is that I felt like I was being preached to throughout the whole book. Sometimes this works and sometimes it just doesn't. In this case it just didn't work. It was a little over the top for me and I am so sad [...]

    20. I loved stories of heaven and hell. Good vs. Evil. So when this book came upon my lap, I knew I wanted to read it right away. This book started off slow for me, and it slowly picked up the pace of the book. What I like most about this book is the plot. I loved reading about the war raging and growing on earth's plane. Megan has been gifted by God and knows that she must do everything in her power to fight. I loved that Megan didn't depend on any super powers but merely her faith in God. Megan fa [...]

    21. (2.5)Nothing wrong with a Christian novel, just wasn't expecting it to be very black and white, good vs. evil. I'm not Christian, nor am I an atheist, but this felt preachy. A little too much religion in it, I remember reading The Dark Divine and people that had too much religion in it, and it wasn't really even a big factor in that story. But this? I dont know. I didn't mind it, its just, kind of annoying, I mean I get why the author did it and why she did it to get some of the story across, bu [...]

    22. Imagine her awe when a gifted, fifteen-year-old high school student, Megan, discovers that she can see angels; then her shock when she realizes she not only sees God’s angels, but evil ones as well. She seems to take it all in stride, however, realizing that with her newfound ability comes responsibility—to try to keep her friends, classmates, and even family from being deceived, injured, or even killed by the evil angel,Jude/Judas/Damon.The young protagonist’s faith in God keeps her stron [...]

    23. The fight between good and evil is surrounding us day and night. Angels and demons are fighting before our very eyes and no one can see them. Well almost no one. Megan though that her summer was going to be normal, but she discovers something shocking. She can see the good and evil around her. When she gets back to school she discovers an angel and they become fast friends and none too soon. A boy that goes by many names appears and starts to tear apart their lives. No one knows who will get hur [...]

    24. This book would appeal to a very specific audience, namely, preteen or young teenage Christian girls. I had no idea when going into this book just how strong the religious themes of this book would be. Though I am Christian, I still felt like this book was very clearly trying to advocate for certain moral choices and demonise other decisions one might make. That alone would likely turn off many less traditional Christian or any non Christian readers and it even bothered me sometimes.The story an [...]

    25. WOW!!!! What a powerful book! I couldn't put it down. It left me on a cliffhanger and now I *have* to read the other books! She does a wonderful job of helping people understand that there is a Spiritual battle going on. Angles and Demons are real and they are here. Just because we can't see them doesn't mean they're not here or not real.I read the Kindle version and did see some typos. Hear for here and a couple of words like that that spell check will not pick up on. But, overall I REALLY, REA [...]

    26. This is a book I wasn't expecting it seemed so down to earth and what I would imagine of when reading the title. I thought of this as an enjoyable and encouraging read. It is a religious based book but not in the way most would think, it targets the young and seems more realistic and believable to me. The main female lead was well grounded in herself and her faith with odds stacking up against her, theres no real dominate male lead but has big supporting characters with equal voice time. It has [...]

    27. Book 1 as an ebook has an additional two-thousand words and is professionally edited. I recommend this version over the hardcover any day. Either way, it is a great story and the "AOL recommended Christian alternative" to Twilight. On , from May 27th-(today) June 14th, 2011 it's been listed as the #15 - #17 Best-Seller In Teen Book Rankings On .(The publisher switched, (fired?)an editor during that stage of the publication process and printed an older version, not the final copy as the hardcover [...]

    28. It is odd looking at the reviews of this one. It is either low or high but no middle ground. Those who rank it low say it is because of the book promoting Christian values. Well, in the preview it states that it is written by a Christian so of course these values will be evident. I do think that the book held my interest which is generally why I read. As a guy, I wasn't into some of the teen romance drama but the book states that this will be included so I didn't complain. The book did make my t [...]

    29. As this was Christian YA, I went in expecting to eyeroll a lot more than I actually did. Sure, it has some of the dorkiness and standard tropes that one would expect from Christian YA, but I found it to be a surprisingly good read, with less of the judgemental crap than I expected. There is no homophobia in it and less of the celibacy-pushing than I would expect. While it's pretty clear the main character Megan, and probably the author, are pro-lifers, the point is not overly belabored. Pros: th [...]

    30. The first part of this book takes us to summer camp, where Megan learns she can actually see angels and demons. She is able to identify them by the way they glow.Once she gets back to her "regular" life (meaning: no longer at camp), she finds an angel and a demon at her school. The demon is trying to claim souls, and--of course--the angel is trying to stop him. And it's Megan's job to help the angel.You should be aware that this is a very Christian book. If you're not comfortable with open talk [...]

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