- By Rowan Coleman

Lessons in Laughing Out Loud

  • Title: Lessons in Laughing Out Loud
  • Author: Rowan Coleman
  • ISBN: 9780099551263
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lessons in Laughing Out Loud A heart warming and moving novel for any woman who has ever felt like she has lost herself from the author of The Memory Book Willow and Holly are identical twins They are everything to each other Ho

    A heart warming and moving novel for any woman who has ever felt like she has lost herself, from the author of The Memory Book.Willow and Holly are identical twins They are everything to each other Holly calls Willow her rock, her soul mate, her other half And Willow feels the same about Holly They are alike in every respect except one Willow is afraid on the inside.A heart warming and moving novel for any woman who has ever felt like she has lost herself, from the author of The Memory Book.Willow and Holly are identical twins They are everything to each other Holly calls Willow her rock, her soul mate, her other half And Willow feels the same about Holly They are alike in every respect except one Willow is afraid on the inside And all because of a secret one that binds the sisters closely together and yet has meant their adult lives have taken two very different paths.Willow often feels there are large parts of her missing, qualities she only knows she s lacking because she sees them in her sister For a very long time Willow has felt separated from Holly by one terrible moment in time a moment that meant Willow s life was never the same again And when the past catches up with her, Willow realises it s finally time for her to face her fears, and with Holly s help learn to laugh out loud once

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    1. Wolken wegschiebenRowan ColemanROMANErschienen am 01.04.2016Übersetzt von: Marieke Heimburger448 Seiten, KartoniertISBN: 978-3-492-30796-3€ 9,99 [D], € 10,30 [A]Zum Buch: piper/buecher/wolken-wManchmal hat Willow Briar das Gefühl, unter einer dicken Regenwolke zu leben. Sie könnte es darauf schieben, dass sie ein paar Pfunde zu viel auf die Waage bringt. Oder dass sie verlernt hat zu lieben. Oder dass ihre skrupellose Chefin sie als ihre Leibeigene betrachtet. Doch der eigentliche Grund f [...]

    2. I can't stand the long, cheesy dialogues and the long narrations, too. JUST GET TO THE POINT ALREADY AND JUST TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED OMG DOES IT REALLY NEED 7 PAGES TO MAKE YOUR POINT??? Too much distractions too. New shoes. New coat. The friend-with-benefit thing. One of those books that you keep reading because you want to know the ending, but not really the whole plot.

    3. Sweet and fun, light but not stupid (though there are a few silly moments). Good characters, good pacy plot, heart-warming and uplifting.

    4. This is Rowan Coleman’s ninth novel, but my first. I really must explore her back catalogue, because this was the kind of grown-up chick lit read that’s all too rare. Willow is a highly competent “fixer” with a talent agency run by a Cruella Deville type boss who provides a lot of the laughs in this most enjoyable read. Willow is a twin, the “disappointing twin”, overweight, going home to her empty flat, with a failed marriage behind her, and her life brightened only by some close ma [...]

    5. In Lessons in Laughing Out Loud, several conflicts are woven together to create a work of contemporary fiction at it's best. I wanted to read this book constantly as each reveal occurred, right until 20 pages from the end. Then it took me over a week to read the last 20 pages, because I slowed to a crawl as I didn't want to reach the end.Willow is a likeable protagonist, as flawed as any human being but written in a way that makes you think the author knows this woman (or women like her). Fundam [...]

    6. I really don’t know what to write here as I want to write a lot about this book, but feel it would give 2 much away. I sat and read it without reading much about it, so was pleasantly surprised by the touch of magic in the book. The characters make you fall in love with them instantly and i am sure I will think about Willow and Chloe for a long time. The stories Rowan write are always good but this one is touching on being in comparison with Cecelia Ahern! The mystery and the subjects that are [...]

    7. This book bothered me for several reasons. 1) According to the blurb, this is going to be one of those 'sisterly' stories based ontwin sisters Holly and Willow helping one another in eachothers time of need. It was absolutely NOT that, in fact- Holly was probably mentioned around 5 times in this entire book. The twin thing needn't have been featured at all and I don't know why Rowan Coleman tried to draw us in with an Endearing-Bond-Between-Sister premise. It just wasn't there. 2) Willow is over [...]

    8. This deserves at least 3.75 stars! Rowan Coleman always creates warm, wonderful stories that celebrate family love and deal with serious social issues. Willow and Holly are identical twins although they look different now since Willow has sprouted into XL clothes while Holly has remained a Small. Willow, a warm, funny woman, has really low self-esteem based on serious issues she hasn't even had the courage to talk about with a therapist, and has only been able to confide in Holly. She takes a sh [...]

    9. Seriously sad. And self-indulgent. I get that sexual abuse affects the victims for the rest of their lives. I don't get that this woman is choosing to let it rule her life & her choices. Which are crappy, FYI--IMO. The first 3/4 of the book are about how Willow tells her husband that she was sexually abused as a child, and he can't handle it so she hops into bed with her best friend & her husband catches them & they get divorced. So then she has no further contact with her ex or his [...]

    10. I didnt like this book at all at first, found it really slow but then it suddenly grabbed me & I quite enjoyed it

    11. InhaltWillow Briar lebt mit einer immerwährenden Regewolke über ihrem Kopf.Sie bringt ein paar Kilo mehr auf die Waage, als ihre Zwillingschwester. Ihre Arbeit in der Talentagentur wird von ihrer tyrannisierenden Chefin kaum wahrgenommen und zu alldem ist sie auch noch unglücklich verliebt.Doch eines Tages trifft sie auf einen kleinen verwunschenen Laden, der ihr Leben gehörig auf den Kopf stelltMeinungMan könnte sagen, dass 2016 mein Rowan Coleman Jahr ist. Ich habe durch Zufall die Autori [...]

    12. This was a great story. Willow has thrown herself into her job and doesn't have much of a personal life. She purchases a magical pair of shoes secondhand that make her look and feel more attractive. Her former step-daughter shows up pregnant. She wants to stay with Willow. Willow is forced to confront and make peace with the past.I love watching Willow's character grow and develop in this book. It had a great message about not letting the past define you, but not burying it either. This was a he [...]

    13. A magical story about finding yourself. Loved the twins Willow and Holly, this was a heartwarming story that tackled some serious issues.I loved the book.

    14. 3 stars. the book is easy to read (the style) and the story had potential, but unfortunately it wasn't realised.i wouldn't recommend this book, but will try another one by the same author.

    15. Verlagstext:Wer Sonne im Herzen hat, wird bei Regen nicht nassManchmal hat Willow Briar das Gefühl, unter einer dicken Regenwolke zu leben. Sie könnte es darauf schieben, dass sie ein paar Pfunde zu viel auf die Waage bringt. Oder dass sie verlernt hat zu lieben. Oder dass ihre skrupellose Chefin sie als ihre Leibeigene betrachtet. Doch der eigentliche Grund für ihre Unzufriedenheit liegt tief in ihrer Vergangenheit. Willow weiß: Sie muss etwas ändern und ihre Dämonen besiegen. Denn nur Ve [...]

    16. Während mich Rowan Coleman mit „Einfach unvergesslich“ nur bedingt überzeugen konnte, hat sie es mit „Zwanzig Zeilen Liebe“ gleich doppelt geschafft. Nicht nur, dass ich das Cover zu ihrem aktuellem Buch sehr hübsch finde und ich die Geschichte an sich sehr vielversprechend fand, war ich gleichzeitig sehr interessiert daran, ob die Autorin mich noch einmal überzeugen konnte. Zunächst einmal finde ich es wahnsinnig toll, dass Rowan Coleman eine Protagonistin geschaffen, die etwas meh [...]

    17. Bisher war es immer so, dass die Romane von Rowan Coleman für mich ein Garant dafür waren, dass ich mit Emotionen und Tiefe überschüttet wurde und mich den Protagonisten sehr verbunden fühlte. Diese Empfindungen hatte ich schon gleich auf den ersten Seiten und diese zogen sich, wie der bekannte rote Faden durchs gesamte Buch. Bei Wolken wegschieben habe ich natürlich mit demselben Effekt gerechnet, doch leider musste ich schon ziemlich schnell feststellen, dass es dieses Mal etwas schwieri [...]

    18. I saw this book in Tesco and thought it looked good but didn't buy it for whatever reason. When I went back a few weeks later it had gone! After finally getting it sent to me on , I took it as my holiday reading as I was looking forward to reading it.I really enjoyed the huge chunk I read on the plane. Willow appealed to me a lot and her being overweight, perpetually single, seemingly dissatisfied with her life despite having a good job working for a celebrity agency, and comparing her life to t [...]

    19. We all seem to be Rowan Coleman fans over here on Rea Book Review so there was no hesitation in picking up her new book Lessons in Laughing Out Loud. After Rowan kindly gave an interview to us we have been eagerly awaiting the release date of this latest book and it has finally come and the book has been read so now it is time to let you know if this book is worth picking up and if she has managed to give us another exciting read.PlotWillow and Holly are identical twins. They are everything to e [...]

    20. Willow Briar ist in der Talentagentur Victoria Kincade Ltd. angestellt. Ihre Chefin, die mit ihrer arroganten Art ein wenig an Miranda Priestly aus „Der Teufel trägt Prada“ erinnert, nutzt Willow aus und lässt keine Widerrede gelten; jeder Job muss erfüllt werden, genau wie sie es sich vorstellt. Zu allem Überfluss gibt es seit einigen Monaten eine neue Volontärin, Lucy, natürlich eine Tochter aus Victorias Freundeskreis, die Willow mit ihrer Art das Leben zusätzlich schwer macht. Auf [...]

    21. Don’t ask me how but I had not got round to reading a book by Rowan Coleman. Yeah, yeah, I can hear people out there exclaiming “WHAT?”. I know, sometimes I ask my self that very same question. I decided enough was enough, and scrolled through the ridiculous amount of books I have on my Kindle to start reading Rowan Coleman’s book Lessons in Laughing Out Loud. It didn’t take me long to like the main character Willow. Her and her twin Holly are polar opposites and Willow works for a dem [...]

    22. when I began the book, I thought it was going to be a four stars. Witty, funny, and describing people like you, what could be better? Willow is overweight at 39, a divorce behind her and not many people close to her. Her life is not the best, until the day she enters an old shop to buy a pair of beautiful (magic) shoes. Suddenly, everything gets better. She is now rubenesque, gets in touch with her ex, gets love tirades from all the men around herWait a minute, she was overweight, you said? well [...]

    23. Rowan Coleman does it again with a novel that is funny but serious and full of warmth and good feeling.Willow is a twin, the bad twin she feels, the antithesis of good twin Holly who has a perfect body, perfect husband, perfect twins daughters - a perfect life. Willow, by comparison sets out to wreck anything that might possibly make her happy - her marriage, her relationship with her step daughter, flitting from job to job, settling for second best because why would the best be good enough for [...]

    24. 8/10 or 4 stars from me.Twin sisters Willow & Holly, are identical and mean so much to one another. However, Willow feels that she isn't in quite the same league as Holly. She feels a lesser person in some ways, she has no real idea why she should feel like this. She wishes she was more like Holly who appears to have everything, but something that happened in her past means that she will always feel this way, unless she can learn to move on and learn to deal with what happened.The story deal [...]

    25. I was not wrapped in this book. It went on forever. It could have done with some serious editing. It didn't help that I had the audio version. The narrator read the book way too slowly. And at times I felt like I was a child being read a slow moving bed time story.I was also annoyed that several times when Holly spoke she used bad English. Like "I catched a lift".Past tense of catch is caught!. Just in case Rowan doesn't know this. If they are twins they ought to both speak the queens English pr [...]

    26. This book took me by surprise. When you hear a title 'Lessons in Laughing Out Loud' you would assume comedy not so much. The main character, Willow Briars, has been avoiding dealing with some deep, emotional issues. Realizing that she is pushing people away and hurting others so they can't hurt her. The courage that she needs to confront these issues is found in a pair of vintage shoes - along with a star needing seclusion, a pregnant ex-stepdaughter, a twin sister who can sense what she's feeli [...]

    27. I brought this on holiday and started to read it today at the pool. I abandoned it half-way through as found it thoroughly un-engaging. I felt the description on the back of the book to be completely unrecognisable to the part ofthe book I read, as thought the story was going to be about two sisters. Instead the other sister barely featured and there was a cast of unlikable characters and an odd 'magic shoes' plot. Weird, and I found Willow two-dimensional while feeling the author thought reader [...]

    28. There's something wrong with this book. The early chapters are kinda promising. Really intriguing. But by the end of it, i kinda not like it. The author made up things along the way, which I really hate. I like thing to interwoven into each other. I dont like when the problems that willow is having kinda arranged one after another. Like how at the end of it, the issues with her stepdad came out of nowhere. Its not very well planned. She didnt show any sign of a child demented by her past. not at [...]

    29. Wonderful story! The book centers on 39-year old Willow whose adult life has been greatly influenced by a terrible childhood event. She has felt mostly unloved and worse, unloveable. Her job is overly demanding, she years for a man who doesn't really notice her, and in the midst of a particularly chaotic day, her ex-stepdaughter shows up on her doorstep pregnant and alone.All of these events culminate in forcing Willow to examine her life, face her demons, and choose to embrace who she is and wh [...]

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