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Something for Joey

  • Title: Something for Joey
  • Author: Richard E. Peck
  • ISBN: 9780553116403
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • Something for Joey Together they won college football s highest award This is a true memorable compassionate story of courage and love between two brothers In while John Cappelletti was winning the Heisman Trop

    Together, they won college football s highest award.This is a true, memorable, compassionate story of courage and love between two brothers In 1973, while John Cappelletti was winning the Heisman Trophy as the outstanding college football player in America, his younger brother Joey was suffering from leukemia But John, now a running back for the Los Angeles Rams, had a vTogether, they won college football s highest award.This is a true, memorable, compassionate story of courage and love between two brothers In 1973, while John Cappelletti was winning the Heisman Trophy as the outstanding college football player in America, his younger brother Joey was suffering from leukemia But John, now a running back for the Los Angeles Rams, had a very special medicine for Joey It was called touchdowns And John scored them in bunches because they were Something for Joey The story of the Cappelletti family is a story of courage you will never forget.

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    1. Although I am not a football fan, this book is so well written that even I understood the football talk. The writer illustrated the Capeletti family so well; I felt I knew them. The narration was easy to follow, and the story, while sad, was also uplifting and inspiring. This a a great story about good people. I recommend it to everyone.

    2. Has someone close to you ever been diagnosed with cancer? What affect has that had on your life? In Richard E. Peck's Something For Joey, the Cappelletti family expresses everlasting love for the Joey. The youngest in the family, Joey is diagnosed with a threatening case of leukemia. John Cappelletti, Joey's brother, plays football for the Penn State Nittany Lions. Living on campus, John must battle with the fact that he cannot see his brother everyday. John and Joey share a special relationship [...]

    3. Joe Dotro 2/8/14Book Review Something For Joey Have you ever felt the weight of the world on your shoulders? Have you ever had to do something impossible for someone you really cared about? John cappatelli has that feeling all the time in this book. Johns little brother Joey has leukemia since the age of three. and john plays college football at Penn state. John wins the Heisman award for being one of the best college football players. This book is about two years before he wins th [...]

    4. The Cappelletti's are an extremely close family who would do anything for each other. There are Anne and John Sr. Who had their children Martin, John, Michael, Jean, Joyce, and Joey. Joey has leukemiad, and spends his days watching his role model brother John play football. John and Joey always had a special connection and Joey's dream is for John to win the Heisman Trophy. Joey's has constant crazy ups and downs with his cancer throughout the book, and have everyone constantly fearful and in ed [...]

    5. Something for Joey is a story about two brothers, Joey and John. Joey has Leukemia and John is a football player at Penn State. The two brothers are incredibly close and have an amazing relationship. Joey looks up to John. Joey becomes very ill. All Joey asks of John is for a certain amount of touchdowns in a game. Will John make the touchdowns and make Joey happy? Will Joey survive his disease?I really enjoyed this book. It was a charming story about the amazing bond the two brothers had. This [...]

    6. This was a touching story about a talented college running back, John Capaletti, and his courageous younger brother Joey who lived with leukemia. It details the amazing achievements that John had on the field and the tremendous struggles that Joey faced in daily life. It is also the story of their close relationship and the importance of family. This is a good read for young and old and for football fans and even those who do not follow football. It reminded me of the important things in life.

    7. I absolutely loved this book and the movie. This is the true story of John Cappelitti, Heisman Trophy winner from Penn State who gavs trophy to his younger brother, who eventually loses his battle with Leukemia. Since I come from a family where my dad was an NFL Official for years, I had the opportunity of meeting John while he was playing for the Los Angeles Rams. This book is a remarkable story of the bond two brothers have. A truly courageous and heartrending book. I read it when it first cam [...]

    8. OK, so I don't understand football - so at times I felt lost in this book. I have to admit, though, it got me. By the end, I was emotionally connected to the family and shared in their joy and in their sorrow. I also felt that I appreciated sports and sports culture in a way I hadn't before. I am glad I read this book and recommend it for sports lovers and human-interest, non-fiction lovers alike.

    9. I did not really like this book, as the same two subjects, leukemia and football, got a little tedious. the author did not go into tons of detail most of the time, and the only area of the story I could really picture was the presentation of the Hiensmen Trophy. I thought it was a very good idea to have dedicated an entire chapter to telling what happened to the characters throughout their lives.

    10. Prepare to cry - this beautiful story of love for a brother will make you cry. This describes in detail the care required to make Joey, a child dying of leukemia, comfortable at home while his older brother, John Cappelletti, is playing football at Penn State. When John scores touchdowns, Joey is happiest and feels better. When John won the Heisman, he won it for Joey. It is very moving and sad.

    11. I thought this book was incredible when I first read it sometime in elementary or middle school. Set in the 1970s, this story of a Penn State football player's little brother battling with cancer was so compelling to me that my copy of it is literally falling to pieces. I haven't read it in years but I would recommend it to young readers (this one will appeal to both boys and girls I think).

    12. I read this because my dad loved the movie and I found this novelization at a library book sale. It was definitely touching, but this family is a bit hard to believe. They are apparently happy all the time and never get annoyed with each other. Maybe that's true, but it pushed the sentimentality a little too far. Still, I cried.

    13. This is a wonderful story with a great deal of compassion and heart. I skipped a lot of pages because it was easy to know where things were going. This took place 40 years ago, and when compared to today's college players and NFL - I wonder if there are any of these kind of players left. What fine men.

    14. i thought this book was very heartwarming and inspiring. It basically tells us to live life to the fullest even when your life may not be the best. We read it in class and i almost cried when John was giving his speech and was dedicating the award to Joey. For an assignment we are sending letters to John and hoping he will reply back, but he might not.

    15. I read this is my reading class. It was about a family and the famous John Capletti and his strong bond with his brother, joey, who has luekemia. John recieves the Heisman trohpy (if you arent football fans: it is for being the best college football player).He gives to his brother, joey, to show how much he cares for his brother who shows courage all the time!

    16. Compelling love story about the compassion of two brothers. While I feel the text moves slow with descriptions, most people will enjoy it-- it so happens that I live in the town this text takes place, so I tended to speed through most of the explanatory description parts.

    17. Omigosh! This book is so touching and sweet. I love this book. I am reading Something for Joey for my language arts but I am like in love with this book. It's really good.I finished the book.It was so sad.

    18. I cried. I was sitting in school when I finished this and just started balling my eyes out. it was so good! and p.s. I go to prendie which is the girls school for bonner :)

    19. Such a great book! So poignant, tear-jerking, and incredible. What a story! And to know that it's based on a true story makes it that much more amazing.

    20. I don't follow much football but I read this story when I was a kid. I still remember what a sad story it was and how it affected me.

    21. this is one of the best books i have ever read and i recommend it to anyone who likes football and who likes life

    22. I hate football and have never been a fan of Penn State. The story though was very touching. Worth a read.

    23. I really liked this book I remember reading it in fifth grade. If i remember a book for that long it must be good. It made me want to attend Penn State and play football for Joe Paternoe at one time.

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