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Phoenix Rising

  • Title: Phoenix Rising
  • Author: Corrina Lawson
  • ISBN: 9781609285487
  • Page: 432
  • Format: ebook
  • Phoenix Rising He was born to be a weapon For her he must learn to be a hero Since birth Alec Farley has been trained to be a living weapon His firestarter and telekinetic abilities have been honed to deadly perfe

    He was born to be a weapon For her, he must learn to be a hero Since birth, Alec Farley has been trained to be a living weapon His firestarter and telekinetic abilities have been honed to deadly perfection by the Resource, a shadowy anti terrorist organization the only family he has ever known What the Resource didn t teach him, though, is how to play well with other He was born to be a weapon For her, he must learn to be a hero Since birth, Alec Farley has been trained to be a living weapon His firestarter and telekinetic abilities have been honed to deadly perfection by the Resource, a shadowy anti terrorist organization the only family he has ever known What the Resource didn t teach him, though, is how to play well with others.When psychologist Beth Nakamora meets Alec to help him work on his people skills, she s hit with a double barreled first impression He s hot in ways than one And her first instinct is to rescue him from his insular existence.Her plan to kidnap and deprogram him goes awry when her latent telepathic ability flares, turning Alec s powers off Hoping close proximity will reignite his flame, she leads him by the hand through a world he s never known And something else flares Alec s anger over everything he s been denied Especially the passion that melds his mind and body with hers.The Resource, however, isn t going to let anything or anyone steal its prime investment Alec needs to be reminded where his loyalties lie starting with breaking his trust in the woman he s come to love.Warning Contains telekinetic sex, nuclear explosion sex hot enough to melt steel, and various and sundry swear words.

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    1. Beth is a young psychologist who is treating Alec, a 23 year old telekinetic who can control fire. He lives in a compound in the US, called the Resource. Alec is part of a team of soldiers who are contractors for different government agencies, particularly the CIA, to perform difficult anti-terrorist missions. Beth is actually a latent telepath, and she wants to 'save' Alec from the Resource, by showing him that this organisation has been training and treating him as a weapon surprise, by keepin [...]

    2. I really liked Phoenix Rising, a psychic powers/special ops/romance, which had a good balance in the smex/story department and with just about the right amount of steamy stuff (including one very explosive coupling). I liked both of the leads Psychiatrist Beth Nakimora, who is sent to help telekinetic/pyrokinetic Alec to learn to hone his people skills, but she actually has a hidden purpose for wanting to help Alec. And I like Alec, who with his impressive powers, is more than confident in some [...]

    3. Originally published at Reading RealityPhoenix Rising is a fairly popular title. I mean that literally, there are a slew of books with the title “Phoenix Rising”. The first time I thought I was reading this book, I discovered after I finished that I had read the wrong book titled Phoenix Rising. (It was still good. And also steampunk, so somewhat germane).I digress.Phoenix Rising by Corrina Lawson is a “making of the superhero” book, especially if you parse that word as “super” and [...]

    4. 4 1/2 stars!“Phoenix Rising” by Corrina Lawson is the beginning of the ‘Phoenix Institute’ series and introduces the remarkable Alec Farley who has been raised and trained by a man who has a sweeping agenda that includes utilizing Alec’s telekinetic powers and ability to manipulate fire. Beth Nakamora knows what it is to have an unusual capability even though she has been unable to access her telepathic powers since her traumatic childhood and imprisonment. She is determined to use her [...]

    5. The confused manboy was written wellAs were the rest of the charactersLogic Broke Down towards the end'Kay let's talk about the therapist falling in love with the patient trope. It's been done and done well! When the patient and doc are portrayed as equals. They were not in this case. Which simply leaves SQUICK. I was VASTLY UNCOMFORTABLE reading about the romance and simply could not support it. Absolutely NOT Okay.I didn't absolutely hate the book though, so not 1 star.

    6. Originally posted at: whippedcream2/201Nuclear airborne sex while saving the world? Yes, please!Alec Farley defines himself by his abilities. He has been trained to control his skills in such away as to become a powerful weapon for unbeknownst to him a very corrupt father figure. He’s also been led to believe many things about life that are outdated and is inexperienced in many common and social aspects of the world. After being recommended to see a psychologist, Alec is initially wary, but so [...]

    7. 4 stars fr the first 3/4 ths and then maybe 3 for the last started out great, and it was exciting and funen it sorta fizzled oute whole thing should have ended after (view spoiler)[ the MC's escaped the big bad organization(hide spoiler)], instead of dragging on for that last mission. To some extent I know why it was included, but meh, it was so loooooonnnnggg. And the way (view spoiler)[ the big bad dies?seriously? For a guy that's lived over two hundred years, he gets taken out pretty easily. [...]

    8. An inventive thriller with a good balance of action, suspense, and romance. Alec Farley is a young man with special abilities -- he can move things with his mind, or create fires with a wave of his hand. He's been raised from childhood by a shadowy paramilitary organization to become the perfect soldier. Therapist Beth Nakamora is brought in, ostensibly to help Alec with his anger management issues. But she has her own agenda: to help Alec escape, whether he wants to or not. Soon the two of them [...]

    9. This story just didn't really do it for me. I'm glad this book wasn't my first intro to this author, because I would have shrugged and moved on. (Which would have been to my own detriment, since I really enjoyed The Curse of the Brimstone Contract.) There's nothing wrong with the writing in this book, I just didn't care for the main characters or story line very much. (The whole psychologist-falling-for-her-man-child-patient thing made me squidgy.) But I will continue to happily investigate Laws [...]

    10. A great balance between action and adventure, between character development and love story.A handsome hero. A beautiful (and courageous) woman. A great villain. A mysterious mentor. Throw in some intrigue, explosions and a car chase and you have a great book!Corrina Lawson, intrepid Geek Mom and blogger, uses her story-telling skills to craft a well-balanced and fun read. (Okay, she doesn't have a car chase, but there IS a car scene.)You'll like this book, or you wouldn't be reading my review. G [...]

    11. I wasn't quite sure what to expect going into my first superhero romance. And wow! It sucked me right in and I blew it through so fast.This book hit my hero sweet spots to perfection. It was a story about the hero, told mostly from his POV, and Alex himself is awesome. A wonderful change of pace from the usual dark and broody tormented hero. Everything about him was a perfect balance combining to make him one of my favorite heroes of the year.

    12. I really liked this book. The abilities that both the characters had was awesome; however, I did not like the huge attention to sexual details. I felt that those scenes were unneeded especially the sexual seen near the end of the story. I feel that the emphasis on sex brought the book down. Although I did not care for those scenes, I did like the plot of the story. I would recommend this book for adults only. If you skip over the atrocious sexual scenes, it is actually a very good book.

    13. What an intriguing start to an interesting new series by Corrina Lawson! I loved Alec the firestarter, and Beth as his therapist/lover was really a great choice. He's a really strange character--so naive yet so powerful. And she's a good partner for him -- she's got the powers as well but she wasn't protected and was actually punished for them. Looking forward to more!

    14. Phoenix Rising is a great summer read. There are three stories going on. The first is the current relationship between the hero, Daz, and the heroine, Renee. The second is dated several years back when they met and separated. The third is their story as parents of a child with Autism, and dealing with everyday issues. Corinna Lawson is a very imaginative writer. Get your copy today!

    15. This wasn't a terrible read, but I can't say it was great either? There wasn't enough set up I think to explain the premise, and Alex ended up coming across as a kid way more than an adult in need of rescue.

    16. so good. super heroes in love. some slow parts and minor questions I had when I finished, but so, so good.

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