- By Sarah Morgan

Once a Ferrara Wife...

  • Title: Once a Ferrara Wife...
  • Author: Sarah Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780373130498
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Once a Ferrara Wife For betteror for bedding Laurel Ferrara wouldn t know a happy ending if she fell over it of course her whirlwind wedding was always going to end in disaster But it wasn t as simple as just walking awa

    For betteror for bedding Laurel Ferrara wouldn t know a happy ending if she fell over it of course her whirlwind wedding was always going to end in disaster But it wasn t as simple as just walking away From the moment she is summoned back to Sicily, the shivers of unease set in.The command comes from legendary billionaire Cristiano Ferrara, the husband she can tFor betteror for bedding Laurel Ferrara wouldn t know a happy ending if she fell over it of course her whirlwind wedding was always going to end in disaster But it wasn t as simple as just walking away From the moment she is summoned back to Sicily, the shivers of unease set in.The command comes from legendary billionaire Cristiano Ferrara, the husband she can t forget but it might as well have come from the devil himself The outrageously gorgeous Cristiano s power is a potent reminder of this Sicilian dynasty s unbreakable rule once a Ferrara wife, always a Ferrara wife.

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    1. Wonderful heart wrenching intense emotional second chance at love story,its now on my "THE MOST FAVOURITE "shelf,the story progressed really well,all the characters were well developed ,adored both Cristiano-Laurie,you can really feel their love in their tension,anger,contempt.What really made this book extra ordinary was we have Hero who is not shy to express his emotions,it was Laurie who has problems,we have so many books where H has problems with expressing his emotions it was a nice change, [...]

    2. Laurel meets up with her soon to be ex-husband when she shows up for his sister/her best friend's wedding.He's very upset and mad at her because she walked away from their marriage without even giving him a chance to fight for it.She's mad because he still doesn't see where his fault in the problem is but it doesn't matter anyway because there is nothing left of their marriage.Overall I love this book, it's not my most favorite, but it's really close.So Laurel is non-confrontational, she always [...]

    3. This was a sweet, second chance romance, if a bit on the sappy side for me. I appreciate the fact that the author didn't end the book with the protags falling into bed and having sex with each other but made a real effort in exploring how two people who BOTH feel their trust in each other has been irretrievably broken can plausibly, slowly but surely, put the pieces back together and end up with some thing a lot stronger than they started out with.I guess my main problem is that it was a bit rep [...]

    4. Rating 4.5Really enjoyed the heck out of this. I enjoy a good re-union story and this one had that in spades, loads of anger but beneath it all love and those three words don't come at the end and a hero who fights and grovels for the heroine. And a heroine with trust issues. Really enjoyable.And guess what the hero and heroine are celibate and actually respect their marriage vows.

    5. This book packs an emotional punch. From page one, I was fiercely involved with the story. I have been an admirer of Sarah Morgan for several years, and she continues to meet my expectations. In this case, she's exceeded them. Sarah has created a story of a marriage that self-destructed, and the aftermath when this couple gets reunited by a family wedding.I really liked the fact that the characters' emotional problems aren't solved by their love for each other. In fact, they have to work them th [...]

    6. The ending of this story made me tear up - the good kind of tears - for a happy ending this H/h worked hard for. This is a second chance story that begins when the h returns to Sicily for her sister-in-law's wedding. She hasn't seen her husband in 2 years since her miscarriage. She is closed off and angry - he is open and angry.At first they both blame each other and can see no faults of their own, but they eventually talk their way to understanding after her asthma attack, after re-living their [...]

    7. A lot of people would have problem with Laurel, I guess a lot of people want heroines with backbone, but a flexible one. Which will bend at the first sign of vulnerability, so that the hero can go back his macho behaviour. I understand that makes it an easier read than to deal with a more stronger heroine with home the line between strong and stubbornly bitchy might be blurred. No judgement I guess. However, I like my heroines uncompromising, bitchy and somewhat unforgiving!So, I loved Laurel an [...]

    8. Sarah Morgan is one of my favorite Mills and Boon’s authors and I enjoy most of her books. I loved the story of Once a Ferrara Wife and would have given it a 5 star review except for one thing that really irritated me (more about this later on).This is a very intense, compelling and emotional story about Cristiano and Laurel Ferrara and I was captivated from the moment I started page 1 and I was so engrossed in the story that before I realized I had finished the book in one reading.You are tot [...]

    9. Funny story with this one. I tweeted DA's Jane to ask if she had any semi-recent Presents to recommend when Sunita suggested this book. Next thing you know, Sarah Morgan tweets "Noooo I'm not ready to be creamed in #dabwaha and by @_ridley_ in the same week." I had no idea I was so terrifying.Long story short, she offers me a free copy of the book to show she was only kidding, and I happily accepted. Good thing too, as it was a great source of vitamins A(ngst) and D(rama), and I like to stay hea [...]

    10. The heroine Laurel arrives in Sicily a bag of nerves, to attend her best friend's wedding. She hasn't been back since she walked out on her marriage to Cristiano, the hero. Cristiano has never forgiven Laurel for giving up on them, and when they meet again he doesn't give her an inch. Laurel was deeply hurt by Cristiano's actions, or lack of, when she went through a very difficult experience. Laura grew up in care and having to look after herself, never wanting to be emotionally vulnerable to ot [...]

    11. 4 1/2 stars. Usually when a couple in a Harlequin Presents each think the other did them wrong, there's an external reason -- an Evil Other Woman led them astray, or a letter didn't get delivered, or a phone call was misunderstood. This story was interesting because, realistically, both parties are right -- or wrong, as the case may be. It was also interesting as a turnaround of the usual scenario: Laurel, who grew up in foster care, is the one who is emotionally closed off, while her husband Cr [...]

    12. Favorite Quote: Slowly, she turned her head and looked at him.He turned his head too and his eyes fixed on hers.Both should have looked away but neither of them did.The inevitability of it was as sweet and sharp as the desire that stabbed through her body. Laurel Ferrara is going back to the one place in the world she has no desire to be – Sicily. And she is going to see the one person in the world she has no desire to see – her husband. Two years ago, after a devastating miscarriage, Laurel [...]

    13. This was well written and angst ridden, but was only a "like" for me. I think it's simply a matter of taste. Just wasn't my favorite flavor of angst. The subject matter isn't what I typically seek in an HP. I prefer more crazy.This was all about a marriage that fell apart due to faults on both sides and much of the angst is centered around miscarriage and fertility. I felt the heroine contributed the most to the demise by refusing to communicate. Her past explained it, but I still found her frus [...]

    14. Exciting opening scene. Great heroine, very real person, difficult childhood, rightfully mistrusting based on her husband's insensitivity to her needs. But she loves him and forgives. Hero loves his wife and learns about values through understanding how he wronged her. He is an alpha male but one who is very faithful and recognizes that he truly wronged heroine and must prove himself.

    15. Laurel is sitting in a grounded plane on a runway in Palermo, half listening to her seat mates commentary on the limo that’s cruising towards them. She has no time for such trivialities. She should never have returned to Sicily. There is much awfulness, but she could not turn down her friend’s demand that she attend this wedding. Oh, why didn’t she turn it down?Anyway, that limo is for her, she realises. And it’s a good thing that this is actually the case, because how embarrassing if sh [...]

    16. The heroine was incredibly unlikeable.I couldn't believe one of the best heroes of Sarah Morgan ended up with this annoying heroine.

    17. My Reviews: HarlequinJunkie ‘Once a Ferrara wife’ is an incredibly wonderful reunion story, Laurel Ferrara and Cristiano Ferrara marriage fell apart when Cristiano let Laurel down badly and she ended up walking away from their Marriage. Now 2 years later she ruturns briefly to Sicily to stand as Maid of Honor for Cristiano’s sister’s wedding and settle their divorce, this is where the story picks up. Once a Ferrara wife is compelling read; full of tension, drama, conflict and angst. Ther [...]

    18. I liked this, especially the realistic, drawn-out conversations Laurel and Cristiano engaged in. They actually spent a few weeks alone (and several book pages) discussing Laurel's fears and disappointments while Cristiano admitted his contribution to the failure of their marriage. What I didn't like as much was Laurel's passive-aggressive behavior. I felt she needed to take some responsibility for the breakdown of their marriage as well. She left Cristiano without talking with him first, never s [...]

    19. A second chance story about being let down by the man you loved who happened to be the only person in your life you trusted to be there at the most crucial time in your life, a workaholic husband who had no idea all his wife had to face and depended on the ill advise of a doctor. If we take the epilogue away, the story takes place in a span of three weeks but the pacing was fine and didn't feel rushed. The characters were likable and the plot was realistic.

    20. Great "reunited marriage" story! I loved that they were both furious at each other and certain the other was wrong, and they turned out both to be right about the other and wrong about themselves. Nice setup for emotional growth on both characters' part. I also like that the sexual chemistry was not allowed to take over the story. Both characters knew sex had never been their problem, and Morgan kept it largely at the margins of the story.

    21. i am getting harder to please in my old age--the plots, or lack of them, all seem to run together anymore. the hero is an arrogant jerk who truly believes he can do no wrong, and that the heroine has wronged him. it takes a while for it to sink in that he really was in the wrong in how he treated his wife, and he does make amends, but.

    22. Originally posted at: longandshortreviewsspThis is a romance that’s a real nail-biter. It comes from not knowing who is going to say the one thing that will get these two emotionally bruised lovers to finally be truthful to the other. The author chose the most diametrically opposed people to fall in love; he’s uber-rich and commanding, she’s hard-driven, independent and trusts no one – with good reason. Really dramatic and heart breaking good reasons. As first, the story started off like [...]

    23. uhmi can't say this is a good book, nor a bad bookmetimes i feel our heroine is so unfair. she's trying hard protecting her own feeling and assume that her husband should be there beside her all the time. well, he would if you're not damn stupid not telling him about it.but then, from her side i can see why she try to hide and conceal everything instead, it's kinda self defense. their story is pretty much complicated that i jump from one conclusion to another."She's stupid. How's he supposed to [...]

    24. If you want a book that makes you smile and feel like you just had the best hug; this is the book for you! It was so good to be there as Cristiano Ferrara opened his eyes in understanding to how HE messed up badly. He was so stubborn and once he realized that he did not have all the facts, Cristian did what he needed to get that second chance. Not that Laurel Ferrara didn't take her part in their breakup. Communication is the key. But I found myself rooting for them to work out their differences [...]

    25. 3.5*Grade BWhile I didn't absolutely love this book, I did like it. It was a pretty standard HP, but the author managed to do something I've rarely seen in HP's or full-length novels. She has her characters actually struggling to communicate, but they keep at it until they get it right! I was about to get irritated at how often the hero and heroine start conversations only to have them flame out. But they persisted, and they finally ended up really communicating. The author has them talking for [...]

    26. 4.5 stars. This one was really well done overall -- great emotional angst, good characters -- but it was one of those stories that was sad to read and left me feeling a little down, even after the end. Even though it ended happily. That's why I took off a half star. It also deals with a subject -- (view spoiler)[infertility, though mostly resolved in this one (hide spoiler)] -- that I don't really enjoy reading about in an HP because it's too much of a downer. Overall though, this was a good rea [...]

    27. OKay, I have just to skip some wrong Italian words here and there and then 4 stars.For once the Ferrara wife is smart and not whiny, she's determined and even if she still loves her husband (soon to be an ex-husband) she keeps her ground and she talks.I think he did something very wrong in the past but it's true that he doesn't know the extent of what he did because she never explained everything to him.A good story :)

    28. Underwhelming. Most reviews seem to harp on the heroine's "unreasonable" behaviour; I was more struck by the hero's early use of his wealth and influence to steamroll over the heroine's desire to avoid contact. This was a wannabe angst novel- a very Big Mis was set up but I felt oddly detached from the leads' struggle.

    29. As usual Sarah's writig style really reels me in. I enjoyed reading this book. The shock of what really happened to Laurel, the heroine and also the real situation with Cristiano, the hero.Here we have a very delicate situation which is handled brilliantly by the author.I recommend this book.

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