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Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Updated and Expanded

  • Title: Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Updated and Expanded
  • Author: Ryder Windham
  • ISBN: 9780756692483
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Star Wars The Ultimate Visual Guide Updated and Expanded Revised and expanded Star Wars The Ultimate Visual Guide newly revised and expanded reveals the story of the amazing Star Wars saga in full detail new pages help to explain every detail about Sta

    Revised and expanded Star Wars The Ultimate Visual Guide, newly revised and expanded, reveals the story of the amazing Star Wars saga in full detail 40 new pages help to explain every detail about Star Wars from the millennia spanning history of George Lucas s long ago, far away galaxy to the Star Wars movies and ever expanding range of books, novels, comics, and mRevised and expanded Star Wars The Ultimate Visual Guide, newly revised and expanded, reveals the story of the amazing Star Wars saga in full detail 40 new pages help to explain every detail about Star Wars from the millennia spanning history of George Lucas s long ago, far away galaxy to the Star Wars movies and ever expanding range of books, novels, comics, and media Packed full of interesting facts about the world of Star Wars merchandise and fandom, astonishing pieces of art, and full color photographs, DK s compendium is the key to knowing ALL there is to know about the iconic brand that is Star Wars Featuring tons of all new content including characters, storylines, vehicles, weapons, merchandise, news, and beyond LEGO R Star Wars TM sets and minifigures Latest seasons of the ever popular animated series, The Clone Wars The Force Unleashed video games Blue ray release of Episode I The Phantom Menace Updated galactic timeline and galaxy map And much, much c 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd R TM All Rights Reserved Used Under Authorization.

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    1. (More pictures at parkablogs)This book is a visual guide to all the six Star Wars film, in chronological order. This book doesn't cover the basic stuff like characters (in depth anyway), weapons, etc which are already covered in Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary. Instead, this book goes into the galaxy conflicts and background stories of things you see on screen, for example, Jabba's palace, Luke's training with Yoda, etc.It's filled with lots of imagery, comic frames, film stills and ph [...]

    2. Absolutely brilliant book. It gives so much more information you don't get from the films. I have been a fan of the films since A New Hope was released in 1977 and I had read some of the books on the expanded universe, but not all, and I hadn't followed the Clone Wars animated series (which I will probably start watching - better late than never), so this book filled in a load of gaps, and also gave a lot explanations and insights into characters and events. What I really appreciated was the gal [...]

    3. “This is so HARD-CORE VISUAL GUIDE!”From the Star Wars SAGA, Comics, TV-Series, Collectibles and Games…this is so ULTIMATE! I got overwhelmed by the book cause it’s a hard bound and a high-quality colored pages that makes you say “WOW!”. It’s really nice to see them all in just one book.I love it and I suggest this to those Star Wars Fans to have one. Definitely worth it.

    4. I am the FURTHEST person from the title "Star Wars fan," but this visual encyclopedia, that Dayson picked up from the library, was THOROUGHLY enjoyable! (I can't believe I'm writing this!) It tells the whole SW story from a historical perspective (using movies, novels, cartoons, comic books, etc.), starting well before the movies and ending well after the movies. Man, Mr. Lucas created quite a universe! For a short moment, my inner Jedi came out! :)

    5. It was pretty cool. Much of the same stuff from the movies with extra tidbits. Only Star Wars 1-6. Not sure if the timeline is canon or not since Disney just changed everything. I liked the movie posters at the end!

    6. Doesn't include stuff from the last 2 movies so it's no longer canon but still has lots of stuff I didn't know.

    7. I am a long time fan that is still reading (some of) the Expanded Universe books, so it is not easy to provide me with content that I am not familiar with, or in a way that makes it seem fresh. This book managed to do just that.Being a visual guide more than an encyclopedic guide, this book is wonderful. There are lots of great artwork and still from the movies and TV shows to view. Past and present are all represented, along with the stories as they appear throughout different media. I do wish [...]

    8. I really enjoyed reading this book. DK Publishing does their usual complete and thorough job in detailing the fictional history of the Star Wars universe in text and pictures. Spanning all the movies, the TV appearances, comics, and even books, the amount of background history for Star Wars is incredible. I find it very interesting that the weakest link in all this incredible outpouring of creativity are the movies themselves. After reading this I'm even more disappointed in the second trilogy. [...]

    9. Ok I will admit I am biased towards Star Wars - how can I not be since it was the first film I ever saw - yep at the tender and impressionable age. Anyway - This book as the blub says is updated and revised and thats exactly what it is - I originally read the first edition some time ago - then I discovered that it had been updated - it now includes a lot of new material, from the Clone wars to the the old republic to mention but two of the many new additions and updates. The book as always is la [...]

    10. This is actually the best star wars book you can get for people who want to learn more about star wars, but for people that already know a lot about star wars its not that good. The book is generally really good, plenty of information and pictures with most of it. The book covers pretty much every thing in the star wars universe (generally) and has info on anything from the wars, to the videogames, and even merchandise, and technology. Like i said its got a little bit of everything from star war [...]

    11. While the book has been dated by the Star Wars reboot/new movies, it's full of information on the original universe. While the "in universe" explanations may no longer be relevant for some things, the look at the classic EU stories, comics, and shows is still worth it for fans, particularly those who grew up loving Star Wars. An additional section focusing on "real world" items, such as merchandise and games, is an interesting look at how the perception of SW has changed. The book was full of fu [...]

    12. For someone as steeped in Star Wars as myself, this book doesn't really offer anything. It's stuffed with art, images, and info, but the majority of it is things I've seen and read before. Towards the end there are some pretty cool sections on merchandise and behind the scenes of the movies. This isn't to say the book is bad however, just as I can get entertainment from the watching the movies multiple times, I can get entertainment out of book like this.

    13. My first Visual GuideImpressive, most impressive! Whether you are new to the galaxy far, far away from a time long ago or a dedicated Fanboy/girl this guide has something for everyone. Includes events before and after Episodes I-VI, Expanded Universe, Clone Wars, Collectibles, Video games and more. Definitely worth a read for the newbie or a great reference book for fans.

    14. Quite detailed book on the Star Wars universe. This was the older version of the book (which I bought several years ago and finally got around to reading with my son just recently), so it doesn't have the most up-to-date information as I would like. Not sure if it's worth purchasing the newer edition though. Recommended for any Star Wars fan.

    15. The details are fun, but it spoils many of the Expanded Universe (now called Legends) books, and doesn't talk enough about the gaming aspect of the franchise. Plus, some of the print was hard to read due to the backgrounds. As much as I love Star Wars, I'd rather read or watch the saga than read about it.

    16. A great book that gives tons of details and amazing photos and art work about the Star Wars movies. Whether you are a huge fan of Star Wars or you just enjoy the movies this is a great book to read or just skim through. And if you've just seen the six movies then you'll learn some new stuff from this book too.

    17. Stay tuned to an extra special Twitter / blog tour of Star Wars by DK Canada !! Nick will give his insights on this book, which just by looking at it quickly is awesome !!serendipiter.wordpress/201

    18. An interesting chronological telling of the Star Wars legacy. Information was given from all forms of Star Wars stories including movies and comic books. I liked the way it was put together. I would suggest this book to any one interested in being a Star Wars fan.

    19. 3.5I loved the behind the scenes stuff and the in-universe history, but I could have done with way less straight-up movie summary. It was also super weird reading about the EU now that it's all been retconned.

    20. So, this would constitue informational and sci/fi! It's checked out quite a bit at my school! No wonder--great pictures (in a variety of formats: photographic, realistically depicted art, comic book graphics, diagramesque) and very chocked-full of informative details for all levels of fans!

    21. Really amazing book to read to find out about facts about the past, present, and future Star Wars movies!

    22. Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide Special EditionWallace, Danielgreat pictures and movable art work related to the original series

    23. It has taken me quite a long time to finish this book- mainly due to distractions of other things going on at the time. However this book is sure to invoke the force within you.

    24. This book is what it is! I would give it 5 stars, but why would I? It's just a survey book about Star Wars, which indeed is probably as good as it can be.

    25. Fairly good content but it is more concise, and laden with imagery, than I was hoping for. Still, a great addition to any collector's library!

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