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Supernatural: The Dogs of Edinburgh

  • Title: Supernatural: The Dogs of Edinburgh
  • Author: Brian Wood Dustin Nguyen
  • ISBN: 9781401235062
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • Supernatural The Dogs of Edinburgh Dean and Sam Winchester were raised as Hunters by their widowed father seeking vengeance on the supernatural elements that took their mother from them But the road to vengeance is a dark one and is

    Dean and Sam Winchester were raised as Hunters by their widowed father, seeking vengeance on the supernatural elements that took their mother from them But the road to vengeance is a dark one, and is it a place where children can have any semblance of a life On an academic break while at Stanford, Sam Winchester visits the United Kingdom on what is meant to be a sleepy tDean and Sam Winchester were raised as Hunters by their widowed father, seeking vengeance on the supernatural elements that took their mother from them But the road to vengeance is a dark one, and is it a place where children can have any semblance of a life On an academic break while at Stanford, Sam Winchester visits the United Kingdom on what is meant to be a sleepy trip His first day he meets the hypnotic Emma of the Isles, whohim to a nasty part of town, where an even nastier evil lurks This could be the very first team up between European and American Hunters but will it end in disaster

    1 thought on “Supernatural: The Dogs of Edinburgh

    1. I must admit that the covers artwork was awesome but the comic itself it went from getting better to worst ever. What's wrong with their heads, jesus. Anyways the story was pretty interesting so I'll give this one 4 stars.

    2. The art doesn't really capture the actors and the story doesn't capture my attention. I found myself skimming, despite the tale being thin.A bad episode of Supernatural is generally better than a good episode of any other genre show. This book doesn't feel like it's part of the same universe at all; there's no wit, no charm, no cool action.Part of the story hinges on Sam being a clumsy oaf, then a dullard. He's neither. That's a fundamental misunderstanding of the characters.From my quotelog:Sam [...]

    3. I was very excited to read this book, as it's the first Supernatural comic I would read. However, after it was finished, I I was sourly disappointed. Maybe I just haven't read enough comics or something, but it was very boring and it felt like nothing happened. I know it's the first in a series, but the first in a series should make you want to read more, not leave you with the sense that it you didn't complete the comic.Maybe I'll feel differently when I finish all of them, but for now I'm not [...]

    4. While the base story and the lore was certainly interesting, along with the UK setting, the whole idea of Sam falling in love with a monster is rather overdone. The characterisation isn't exactly right, though Dean seemed atleast a little more in-character than Sam. It sort of acts as a prequel to the series, with it starting with Sam heading to Edinburgh while he was attending Stanford, though as we are not told exactly when, it raises the question, was this whole deal with Emma happening while [...]

    5. The verdict, well I really wanted to like this one, but unfortunately it was a bit disappointing. The story in itself was interesting, we meet a younger Sam and there is innocence that in the TV-series are long gone. The problem I had was with the presentation of the story. The art is a bit to, how should I put it “square”, big heads, a square jaw line, small body etc. and that isn’t really my cup of tea. The pictures are dark, even when our heroes are out in daylight and the colors are a [...]

    6. I wanted to like this.But I really couldn't.Narratively, it's sort of a mess--the jumps in the story leave holes that aren't very logical and can't be figured out from context clues.And where good art can distract you from narrative holes in the graphic novel form, here well, not so much. Some of the art is nice, but the thick lines and lack of atmosphere are not my thing. Plus, both Sam and Dean act out of character, and bear very little likeness to the actors, AND there's the whole bit one cou [...]

    7. I'm a huge fan of the show. I collect all of their stuffs. This comic by far is the most disappointment of them all (comics). The Winchesters are badly drawn. As a Sam girl, I was thrilled to have a Sam story. But this book fail to match the boys' personalities and all the witty traits we seen on the show. It feels like they are completely different brothers comparing to the ones we know. On the bright side, it was cool knowing Sam traveled oversea and meet a monster lore there. I liked the idea [...]

    8. This book was fair but disappointing. The art was better than that in the first book, but the characters didn't really look like themselves. The characterization was also a bit off- Sam didn't feel like Sam, and Dean seemed fairly two dimensional. Only a handful of dialogue lines rang true. The mythology was poorly developed and a tad confusing. All that aside, the art was ok and the story flowed well enough.

    9. Note: My version was Titled "The Dogs of Edinburgh"Very disappointed in this volume.The art was weird, and the skin tones were just distracting.While I was glad to see Selkies pop up, the way the were handled was pretty dull.Sam and Dean were really poorly handled, and this felt like it was Supernatural in name only.Fans can afford to give this on a miss.

    10. What were they thinking? The art in this is terrible! The body dimensions don't match - big heads, long bodies, short legs The story is jumbled and convoluted. I read the other one and liked it. I should have stopped there!

    11. This was my least favorite of the series. There wasn’t nearly enough buildup of Sam and Emma’s original meeting; I didn’t feel inclined to root for them at all. The illustrations were weird, the mythology was confusing, and the story did not affect me in any way. I’m disappointed.

    12. You’d think for a tie-in there would be at least a passing resemblance to the characters that are inspiring the work. But nope. Not in the least. If I didn’t know the source I wouldn’t have a clue.The story which has totally ignored a few key points in canon (that’s ok the show’s writers are ignoring them now too) and is just doing its own thing, does borrow a little on the early theme of Sam’s love interests. But outside of that and the hunting monsters, that’s about the only simi [...]

    13. I've only seen one episode of Supernatural myself. I just didn't get i to it enough to want to continue. I picked this up for my girlfriend, who loves the show. I love my comics, so I figured I'd give it a read. I'll say I did enjoy this story. I see many reviews from Supernatural fans hating on this book. Mostly because they didn't like the way Sam and Dean looked in the art, but that's the wonderful things about comics, all art is different. To me, the character doesn't have to be an exact pho [...]

    14. Idk what went wrong, but this was an extremely poor mini-series. The basic idea is somewhat interesting, but the writing is uninspired, confusing and inept. Retrofitting a new story into the Supernatural timeline , with a plot twist that is seen coming from miles away, emotions that ring hollow, and a running on fumes feeling after said plot twist.The Art is also ugly as sin. I'm not sure what happened since the concept art is really attractive, but the final product looks like garbage. Not real [...]

    15. So bad It's like the writers only had a vague idea of what the show and the characters are about. The storyline was stupid and Sam was even more irritating than usual, but because he didn't act like Sam at all, it was even worse because you're expecting something and then it's even worse than you expected it's all just so disappointing. And for that matter, why is everything always about Sam? Why can't there be a storyline about Dean? When Sam went off to Stanford or whatever, Dean was still hun [...]

    16. This was a big old meh for me, the title didn't really match to the actual story. The cover art was much better then the inside work. While I liked the take on Celtic folklore, the story was rushed and overly full of romance. I never felt connected to Emma at all and Dean felt squeezed into the story when this could have been set either preseries or during the few times the brothers had been apart during and been much better.If you are looking for a good Supernatural story that features these sa [...]

    17. Okay I don't know who this writer is but he clearly doesn't get Supernatural. The characters never felt the way that they do in the show. It was taken way to seriously. And the only knew character had nothing to her so I couldn't even car about her or her problem in the slightest. Also what is this artwork. Its horrible. Did the artist never see an episode. I didn't even know it was Sam. They had to say t for me to recognize him. It is baaaad.

    18. Good baseline for a story, but the way it was done was just confusing. I wasn't sure exactly what was happening half the time and I had to keep going back to re-read stuff to double and triple check that I hadn't missed anything. Depends on how big a fan you are as to how much it's worth it to read.

    19. Neither scary nor interesting enough beyond the fact that it is tie-in for the television series. If anything, this story further proves that Sam Winchester is not always the smart one in the supernatural-fighting duo. Rather a disappointing let down as the story does not add or take anything away from the current Supernatural universe. Simply, meh.

    20. A quick read. I wasn't overly keen on the illustrations. The artist didn't quite get the Winchester Brothers right, especially Dean. The story was okay. I have not read a graphic novel in a long time and forgot how some (not all) lack real content. This one was way too brief.

    21. Bought it for child due to shared interest in the show. When he got back from camp I read it. Enjoyable but not a deep read. Characters not exactly like the show but I think that is due to copyright issues. Still in the midst of the TV series.

    22. What a disappointment. I wasn't a fan of the art (Sam doesn't get much of a neck.) And the plot was drawn out and flat. How many times has Sam fallen for a "good" monster now? And had to kill her? Pretty unimaginative, and really failed to take advantage of the European mythos and feel (art wise).

    23. Many of the review complain about this one, but I do not think people realize the time-frame this one was done in. This was early on, when Sam was still pretty wussy, and Dean still had a softer side. Fun story in a new and exciting environment.

    24. it was an okay story, the art was well done. wish it was fleshed out a bit more. They could have doubled the number of issues and really dug into the mythology as well as explore the Emma character. She needed a character arch.

    25. Sam goes to Edinburgh and meets fellow hunter Emma. Endgame is killing Selkies. There is a twist but it's predictable and the comic didn't have the same charm as the show.

    26. The art was passable. The story? Clumsy. The "twist" was evident from page 2. Wasn't horrible. It did help me pass the time while waiting with a friend at an ER.

    27. The art style bothered me a little bit. The ending was kind of predictable, but a good story over all.

    28. Sam helps a European hunter who also happens to be a mysterious and hot young woman.Because I'll take whatever Supernatural I can get, even if there is barely any Dean!

    29. Eh, not my favorite graphic novel. I love Supernatural and this just seemed to lack a little of the spirit of the show. It was just ok.

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