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Born to Win: Find Your Success Code

  • Title: Born to Win: Find Your Success Code
  • Author: Zig Ziglar
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Born to Win Find Your Success Code Zig Ziglar s Born to Win Find Your Success Code compresses four decades of life changing tools and practices into one inspiring easy to use format for people who want to grow and improve the whole s

    Zig Ziglar s Born to Win Find Your Success Code, compresses four decades of life changing tools and practices into one inspiring, easy to use format for people who want to grow and improve the whole spectrum of their lives now Zig has always taught that You were born to win, but to be the winner you were born to be you must plan to win and prepare to win Then and onlyZig Ziglar s Born to Win Find Your Success Code, compresses four decades of life changing tools and practices into one inspiring, easy to use format for people who want to grow and improve the whole spectrum of their lives now Zig has always taught that You were born to win, but to be the winner you were born to be you must plan to win and prepare to win Then and only then can you legitimately expect to win Born to Win guides readers through this plan prepare expect strategy You will learn that when you have the hope that things can change, and a plan to make that change possible, you can take action Zig Ziglar s whole person, balanced living approach to life has inspired millions to enjoy good health, a new depth of love and gratitude for family and friends, financial security and independence, and spiritual peace of mind His instruction on how to live a life that leaves no room for regret or worry is the starting point for a joyful, exciting, vibrant life It is true that when you have prepared yourself to be the right kind of person, you can do what you need to do to expect success When you truly understand that you were born to win, you can change the world It s going to be the most fun and exciting trip you ll ever take It s filled with promise of reward than King Solomon s mines In short, this journey to the top, which you are going to be taking, is a tremendously exciting trip Zig Ziglar

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    1. "Born to Win" is basically an updated combination of much of Zig Ziglar's previously published (though groundbreaking) material. The book guides the reader through his well-known "plan, prepare and expect" strategy. Much of the material in this book is already contained in "See You at the Top" and the "Born to Win" audio seminar, so there isn't a ton of new material. The book is an excellent introduction for individuals new to Ziglar's world of self-improvement and it provides a great summary of [...]

    2. This was a compilation of motivational lectures by Zig Ziglar that was worth every penny. It is extremely inspirational in every aspect of life. He covers self esteem, becoming an optimist, how to have great marital relations, how to have great relationships with others, how to be a good parent, how to set and achieve goals, and how to help others achieve goals, and I'm sure so much more that I have unintentionally left out. It is about 19 hours, maybe a little more, and will absolutely change y [...]

    3. Although the concepts in this book are great and I have no doubt that Zig Ziglar is a great motivational speaker, his ideas are not for me. After several references about God and how he is the one that truly makes you successful, I couldn't listen to this audio book any longer. It will be on my "did not finish" shelf.

    4. I was really surprised at how good this was. I put this right up on my foundational personal development books. I have never read a book that is so simply written but so comprehensive in personal development. It really is a fantastic little book and one I would recommend anyone keep on their bookshelf.

    5. A fantastic book that is the perfect compliment to "See You at the Top". Zig is writing after a lifetime of success. He is now in his 80's as he opens the book and shares the cream of the crop in regards to his ideas. I've used Zig's goal-setting process to achieve many things in my life, including career goals, educational goals (currently completing a Ph.D.), and managing my life's "Wheel" (seen in the book). In a sea of books on personal growth, Zig's are the best. Standing with men like Jim [...]

    6. One of the better self-help writers in the genre. Ziglar has a unique voice and delivers quickly with his southern accent. The "wheel" strategy is excellent and easy to remember. Ziglar combines together many of his speeches into this book. I will listen to this book again and share it with friends.Self-help and motivational speakers tend to blend together , but Ziglar is definitely one of the solid foundations of the genre.

    7. I have ways heard about Zig Ziglar especially in relation to our business. This is the first book of his that I have read though. It was very well written and includes many of his most important points and lessons. If you haven't read his work, this is a good one to choose. Timeless lessons that are important for everyone to learn and incorporate into their lives.

    8. Hard to decide what to rate as it was a very good overview of how to approach self improvement. The one thing that stood out was the "wheel", in other words, it takes all of the parts of the wheel to be round, not just one aspect.

    9. Very good quick read to remind of the importance of what it takes to push ourselves to achieve our potential. Great reminder on effective goal setting strategies, and steps to propel personal and career life forward.

    10. Listened to this on the way to the village. Mentally highlighted the entirety. Will have to borrow the book.

    11. Update on classic advice from Zig and his son. Their message may be a bit old school, but you won't have to strain hard to find their influence on the likes of Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell.

    12. Gotta love Zig. This is a great book about getting what you want in life, by using your business or career as a vehicle for your life goals.

    13. I know this review will be colored by recent reviews. I was reading this when I heard that Zig Ziglar had passed away.At the beginning he mentions this is his swan song, as he doubted his health would allow him to have the opportunity to write more.Zig introduced me to personal development and motivation and has always been a great source of charm, wit, quotability mixed with good old fashioned down home wisdom.This book is more or less a "best of" and someone looking for something new and radic [...]

    14. Let me start by saying I am a 100% Zig Ziglar fan, so by definition, this review will be biased.I’ve read much of Zig’s writing throughout my professional life, listened to him speak, both live and on tapes (yes, cassette tapes) and have both benefited and been entertained in the process.Born to Win is, as Zig, who is 85, says in the opening to the book, perhaps his last book. It is a book that talks about the steps required to move towards your best possible future. In it, he (assisted wond [...]

    15. I've never read any Zig Ziglar books, but I decided to give this one a read since its recommended by Dave Ramsey and I do everything he says.It's a short read that will take you through three parts of success: planning, preparing, expecting. It's kind of what you'd expect from a motivational bookyou're awesome, you can do anything you want, help others, etc.There's quite a bit of spiritual talk which, in hindsight, I should of expected, but didn't.Overall I enjoy listening to successful old time [...]

    16. This is truly one of Zig's best! Powerful, concise and to the point. Prepare to Win, Plan to Win and Expect to Win! Zig walks you through each stage and how to put the actions in motion to take you where you want to go in Life, personal and professional. I found it refreshing and motivattional and I am already putting the plans he shares into practice. Great advice and tools in the back to help.

    17. Born to Win is a compilation of all the different teaching tools Zig has provided over the years as a motivational speaker. It is a bang for the buck, if you will. There is a lot of great tools within this book to help you plan your goals and reach them. The information given can be added into your personal as well as business life and it is easy to begin.For a more detailed Review: goofycorino/2015/06/26/bo

    18. Zig brings the best of his 40 years of personal development all together in this book. I read this a chapter or two at a time over the last month. Zig explains in detail what he means when he says "You were born to win, but to be the winner you were born to be you must plan to win and prepare to win. Then and only then can you legitimately expect to win." Simple steps that we've all probably heard before, but always a good idea to revisit the basics.

    19. Zig is awesome although I had two issues with this one. Tom Ziglar should not have read any of this. I'm sure he is brilliant but his monotone voice is not for audio. Andy Andrews of course did a great job and even captured Zig's spirit. My second issue is the book is really basic, great stuff, but nothing deep. Really a great place to start if you're just getting into trying to be an eagle and not a chicken.

    20. Not notable; literally. I usually take many notes on nonfiction books, and I took zero notes on this. Its motivational self-help might be a decent primer for those who are new to the self-help genre, but those who read and practice self-help techniques will find little value.I read this because I liked Ziglar's Secrets of Closing the Sale.

    21. I had no clue what I was listening at the very beginning. It quickly got my attention, and I had to say, it helped me to be strong during an extremely tough days at work. I listened to it many times.If you are not sure about yourself, or if somebody puts you down, listen to Zig Ziglar. He will cheer you up. RIP Zig Ziglar.

    22. I hadn't read any of Zig's book before this so this one was neat since it compressed his four decades of books in to one--kind of. I listened to it on audio and was a bit disappointed Zig wasn't the reader. There were some great life points in there that can/will also be transferred in to my business.

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