- By Mary Carter

The Things I Do For You

  • Title: The Things I Do For You
  • Author: Mary Carter
  • ISBN: 9780758253378
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Things I Do For You After years of supporting her husband Brad s generally ill fated career ventures Bailey Jordan has a job and a life she loves working as a high profile real estate agent in Manhattan Things are wond

    After years of supporting her husband Brad s generally ill fated career ventures, Bailey Jordan has a job and a life she loves, working as a high profile real estate agent in Manhattan Things are wonderful, and she s ready to start a family Everything changes when Brad is involved in a car crash and dies for thirteen minutes Previously an agnostic, Brad comes back to liAfter years of supporting her husband Brad s generally ill fated career ventures, Bailey Jordan has a job and a life she loves, working as a high profile real estate agent in Manhattan Things are wonderful, and she s ready to start a family Everything changes when Brad is involved in a car crash and dies for thirteen minutes Previously an agnostic, Brad comes back to life on a mission Unbeknownst to his wife, he buys a lighthouse on the Hudson River and plans to turn it into a bed and breakfast Bailey reluctantly joins him, but she s overwhelmed by business stresses, eclectic guests, and strange rumours And as Brad s behaviour grows increasingly erratic, she must find a way to get him to come back down to earth if their marriage is to survive

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    1. Bailey and Brad Jordan have tried and failed at several business. They now live in NYC and Bailey is selling real estate to support them. While she is about to show a penthouse and make a big commission, she gets a frantic call. Brad has been in a fatal accident along with his Aunt Olivia. While his Aunt does not make itBrad who was clinically dead for 13 minutes, is brought back to life. Brad has had a near death experience.His personality has changed and Bailey is worried that she will not get [...]

    2. The Things I Do For You – An Interesting Read!This is the first book I have read by Mary Carter and I thoroughly enjoyed the story line. The main characters in this book are Brad and Bailey Jordan. I thought the author did a great job with these characters and really kept my interest. Just when I thought I had the story line all figured out a new twist would appear. This book has some great suspense in it.Bailey has her life all turned upside down by her selfish husband Brad. It seems as thoug [...]

    3. In this romantic comedy Mary Carter introduced me to a couple that I laughed with and at, cried with and wanted to throw things at too, why because she made them so real and along with her other memorable characters led me down her merry path. Her storyline is a delicate mix of comedy, tragedy and everyday living that she expertly molds into her tale giving it just the right slice of authenticity. Her narrative brings the scenic views from the Lighthouse, the Hudson river and the surrounding vis [...]

    4. Bailey is about to make the real estate deal of her life and she's nervous and excited. If she can pull it off though, the commission check will be substantial enough that she and her husband Brad can finally have a baby. It's all Bailey wants to perfect her life but Brad has been adamant about being financial secure first.But before Bailey can close the sale, she gets a phone call that tilts her world. Brad has been in an auto accident and was clinically dead for thirteen minutes. He's still in [...]

    5. My first book by author Mary Carter has me adding her other titles to my "must read" list. "The Things I Do For You" took me out of my usual reading zone and into a fresh, funny, unexpectedly touching look at life and marriage. Bailey Jordan has made many compromises during her marriage to her husband, Brad, often suffering the consequences of his ill-conceived "guaranteed" money-making ideas. Finally finding her niche as a New York City realtor, Bailey dreams that life with Brad will finally se [...]

    6. The Things I Do For You by Mary CarterBailey Jordan has worked while her husband, Brad stayed home, til the day his aunt came and they went for a drive. The accident killed the aunt and left him in a coma for weeks. UPon recuperating he learned he was to inherit half a million and got her jaguar. He spent his time online and bought a lighthouse and now wants to turn it into a bed and breakfast. He thinks his wife can commute, it's only 2 hours one way. She just wants to get pregnant and stay in [...]

    7. I flew through this book and there were elements of it that I really enjoyed. Bailey (one of the main characters) was surprising funny and I found parts of the plot really interesting. I was fortunate enough to win this book as part of a giveaway, so I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. At times, I found the plot getting a little murky and convoluted, and while I loved Bailey's thoughts (about the guests at the B&B and her husband), I really wanted her to SAY what she was thinking a lot of [...]

    8. I was so exasperated with this book. The characters, the situation, the plot and even the setting evoked strong emotions from me. I take it as a book well written that I was so invested and yet I was ambivalent and liking the book. I liked that I was involved. I enjoyed the plot and I thought it was well-written but at the same time I was really upset. This woman's love for her husband is something else. She gave up her life to follow him and his dreams and he I don't want to get into it.

    9. My God, Bailey has the most obnoxious narrative voice ever. Also, she's supposed to be a relatively successful person in her mid 30's who allows her never can keep a job husband to dictate their lives, according to his whimsy. I just wanted to shake Bailey and have her leave the obnoxious husband alone with his lighthouse and the ghost of his dead aunt Olivia.

    10. Ugh. Bailey has some anger issues. Not a chapter goes by without her wanting to throw things or injure or kill someone. I had to check to see if this wasn't self-published because no good publishing house should have ever let that through. Nope, Kensington, you need to take another look at that editor.

    11. These very unpleasant people need a divorce and individual counseling. Their "marriage" is a terrible mess. Bailey is angry, and Brad is a compulsive liar. Neither of them are likable in the least.

    12. Can a marriage weather every storm and survive?Bailey Jordan has loved her husband Brad since they were ten years old. In the twenty-six years that they've been together, of which seven of the years they've been married, Bailey has followed Brad on one adventure to another, from one end of the world to the other. After several failed business ventures: a surf shop in Santa Monica, a sweater shop in Seattle, and a coffee shop in Colorado; Bailey finally put her foot down and they moved to Manhatt [...]

    13. This was a wild and very strangely fun book to read. Oh my word, I certainly did not expect this! This was entertainment on every page. I have to say this was one of the strangest books I have read. I never knew what to expect next, it certainly kept me guessing. I can not say that this one was predictable. There was never a dull moment, well maybe a few, but not many.It started out very much like a Chick-Lit book (very funny and quirky), then sad while reading about her husband's accident (whic [...]

    14. Oh my cupcakey goodness! Rarely do I get the amazing emotional journey that this novel provides!This is the first book I've read by Mary Carter and I have to say I'm very pleasantly surprised! This book is a dramatic and emotional journey that revolves around Bailey and Brad Jordan, a married couple who face all sorts of challenges in their roller coaster of a marriage but remain, always, devoted to each other. So much happens in this book, it's a little difficult to narrow it down to a specific [...]

    15. Bailey Jordan is finally on the fast track in her life with her husband Brad. After following his whimsical dreams to open a surfboard shop in California, a sweater shop in Seattle and finally a coffee shop with none of them lasting long enough to be a success, she finally is making enough money so they can stay in New York in hopes of beginning a family. However on the day of making what could be the biggest sale of her life, she gets a strange premonition that something isn't right about the d [...]

    16. The Things I Do For You by Mary Carter is about a married couple, Bailey and Brad, who live in New York. Baby-hungry Bailey is new to the world of real estate, but before she can get her big sale, she's called to the hospital. Brad has been in an accident with his great-aunt, who shouldn't have been driving.Brad has a near-death experience, and sees himself in "the light." Previously agnostic, he is quite a different person. Bailey is a little annoyed by his undying optimism, but she still loves [...]

    17. When Brad was clinically dead for thirteen minutes, his life wasn't the only one forever changed. The effect this had on his wife Bailey and his marriage was unimaginable. One moment she was about to be a successful Manhattan realtor, and the next moment, she was married to a man who had "been to the light". A man with secrets, and a man who apparently wanted to go back to the light, literally. The secrets Brad is keeping and the changes in his behavior threaten to tear apart the fabric of their [...]

    18. Last year I read The Pub Across The Pond by Mary Carter and fell in love with the book. So when I saw the author had another book out I jumped at the chance to read and review it. The story starts with a horrible accident that changes the lives of Brad and Bailey Jordan forever. They have known each other since they were ten and stayed close friends all the way through college. They then married and started their life with a few adventures. They traveled all over and started various endeavors su [...]

    19. If you are looking for a book that encompasses a wide range of emotions from happiness to horror, from fear to funny, from overwhelmingly angry to overwhelmingly in love, then Mary Carter's novel, "The Things I Do For You," will be right up your alley!I couldn't really decide if I liked the main character of Bailey Jordan - that is, until I got further into the story. I was right there, going through every feeling she had - from the panic and fear when her husband Brad was in the accident, to th [...]

    20. Bailey allows her husband to go from one business to another and each one fails or he gets bored and wants to move on till he finds the lighthouse and buys after a near death experience . Again Bailey uproots her job and condo and moves to the lighthouse where they spend tons if money to make it a b &B business as well Weird people come there but they lose their way with each other and almost divorce till she reads his journal and of course it is all about her and how much he loves her To me [...]

    21. This was a very interesting book. Bailey and Brad have known each other since they were 10 and have been married for years. Brad is restless and never wants to stay in one place for too long. Bailey has always helped him follow his dreams. Now Bailey is ready to settle down and have a baby, but Brad isn't ready. An accident leaves Brad clinically dead and when he is revived, he sees life in a different way. He gets an inheritance which he spends buying a lighthouse on the Hudson River, behind Ba [...]

    22. My first book by Mary Carter (ironic as this was my ex-mother in law’s name) - Like no other book I have read…it was quirky, funny, crazy, mysterious, out there, jumped around…yet all in all was entertaining! Being in the hotel business loved the lighthouse and the B&B setting… realistic with the guests…ory of romance, mystery, ghosts, adventure, and some good laughs! Brad did get on my nerves and wanted to kick him to the curb at times; loved Bailey’s sarcasm and guts….Mary, y [...]

    23. I was honestly a little bit disappointed that this book took so long to set up and finally reach the climax and resolution. I felt as though there was a lot of fluff in the middle and the story dragged on. When the falling action did occur, I felt as though it happened quickly and the resolution happened almost instantaneous. I thought that there would be more strife between the characters during this novel, but in the end the main conflict occurred in the last couple of chapters.

    24. I received a copy of this book from the giveaway. It's a cute love story following the ups and downs of a couple as they struggle to get back on the same page. The characters weren't well developed and I felt they flip-flopped too much. Many if the events also seem highly improbable, but they're whimsical and add to the lightness off the story. It's an easy read with filled with comedy, frustration, love, suspense, mystery, and forgiveness.

    25. Bailey and Brad's adventure was an emotional rollercoaster for me. At times I thought she was a fool, but then she was a rock. Most of the time I admired her commitment yet felt resentment for her continual sacrifice. I thought this was a well done book that had twists, turns, and an ending that was a surprise because I had no idea what to expect.

    26. Absolutely Amazing, Great Book! I first thought Bailey was so silly (dumb really) but that is totally not the case. She is so funny, quirky, sarcastic, smart and so witty. I loved it! I could totally relate to loving my husband immensely but just sometimes wanting to throw something at him. The characters are all great (Brad love him) wonderful plot and I loved all the little twists.

    27. not gonna lie, it took awhile to get into it. and then it annoyed me till about half way through. but it kept you hanging on and then intrigued you enough to keep going and want to find out how it ends. not sure it deserves four stars, but the ending was good enough to make it more than three.

    28. I wasn't sure what this book was supposed tool be. Romance? Chick-lit? Suspense? It was all over the place, and the Brad character drove me nuts. Can't hold a job, can't settle down, then inherits half a million dollars and buys a lighthouse behind his wife's back with the whole wad. I was no fan of this book.

    29. I absolutely loved this book! The Things I Do For You is one of the best Mary Carter’s books so far. I loved her writing style and it was one of those books you wanted to savor every word. Well defined characters, wonderfully constructed plot and I loved the little twist at the end. Definitely one of the best books I have read coming from Kensington Books.

    30. I did not know what to make of this book! The first two thirds I was annoyed at Bailey for indulging her husband so much and following him through one failed venture after another. The last third was a shocker. How can people go through 26 years of not communicating fully?! I guess it happens too often. All in all it was a happy ending.

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