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The Hiding Place

  • Title: The Hiding Place
  • Author: DavidBell
  • ISBN: 9780451237965
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Hiding Place Sometimes it s easier to believe a lie Twenty five years ago the disappearance of four year old Justin Manning rocked the small town of Dove Point Ohio After his body was found in a shallow grave in

    Sometimes it s easier to believe a lie.Twenty five years ago, the disappearance of four year old Justin Manning rocked the small town of Dove Point, Ohio After his body was found in a shallow grave in the woods two months later, the repercussions were felt for years.Janet Manning has been haunted by the murder since the day she lost sight of her brother in the park Now,Sometimes it s easier to believe a lie.Twenty five years ago, the disappearance of four year old Justin Manning rocked the small town of Dove Point, Ohio After his body was found in a shallow grave in the woods two months later, the repercussions were felt for years.Janet Manning has been haunted by the murder since the day she lost sight of her brother in the park Now, with the twenty fifth anniversary of Justin s death looming, a detective and a newspaper reporter have started to ask questions, opening old wounds and raising new suspicions Could the man convicted of the murder who spent than two decades in prison really be innocent Janet s childhood friend and high school crush, who was in the park with her that day, has returned to Dove Point, where he is wrestling with his own conflicted memories of the events And a strange man appears at Janet s door in the middle of the night, claiming to know the truth.Soon, years of deceit will be swept away, and the truth about what happened to Janet s brother will be revealed And the answers that Janet has sought may be found much closer to home than she ever could have imagined.

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    1. melissa413readsalotThis story takes place 25 years after the murder of a 4 year-old little boy named Justin. Janet, his older sister by just a few years was supposed to be watching him. They were in the park playing and there were people and children all around. Janet's best friend Michael showed up and they were talking and playing. Somehow, little Justin disappears and no one knows exactly what happened. Kids and adults saw different things and someone was accused of the murder. It's just not [...]

    2. It has been a very long time since I couldn't wait to get home from work to finish a book. Really wanted to find out who did it and what happened. This is a very frightening story , more so because it is a 4 yr. old child who is killed and his 7 yr. old sister was supposed to be watching him. This is a family with many secrets and all come to a head on the 25th anniversary of the boy's death. Well written, rapidly paced and very suspenseful. Now I have to go back and read his first book which I [...]

    3. I thought this was poorly written. I could almost hear the b-rated scary movie music playing behind the scenes. I forced myself to finish to the end, I wanted to find out what happened, though I had zero emotional stirrings for any of the flat characters.

    4. Another solid one from Bell, an author I've only recently discovered. The man can write a very good domestic mystery/literary thriller. I've compared his other book to Coben, but I now think he's more like Jennifer McMahon, partially due to his use of strong female characters, but also something about the style. This one is all fairness is less twisty and more predictable than his other mystery, but the writing is consistently impressive along with character development and pacing, so quick, pag [...]

    5. I didn't like this book much, and it's not entirely Bell's fault; I blame cover dissonance and my Tana French hangover. I saw the beautiful/spooky cover and the cryptic title and thought "Oooh, this will be another one of those literary crime novels I love these days," and instead it was just kind ofmanlike. The prose is almost aggressively undescriptive, the dialogue awkward at times. I've read a bunch of meh mysteries in my life and I can enjoy them, but it's not what I wanted at this moment a [...]

    6. David Bell delivers THE HIDING PLACE, an absorbing multi-layered, suspenseful mystery crime thriller--leaving you page-turning to learn the events surrounding the disappearance of a small boy, some twenty-five years ago, which will forever change the lives of two families. Nice CoverYears ago, a four year old boy, Justin went missing. In the blink of an eye, he was gone forever. He was sent to the park with his sister and a friend, Michael, without adult supervision. Several months later his bod [...]

    7. THE HIDING PLACE is another amazing book going on my 2012 favorites list. It's a haunting story of a terrible crime, and the family secrets and lies surrounding it that finally surface over two decades later.A young boy was murdered, his accused killer sent to prison. But on the 25th anniversary of the crime, there's a renewed interest in the case. The victim's sister and one of the detectives who investigated the murder are having doubts the right man was convicted.Through his characters, the a [...]

    8. The Hiding Place by David Bell was an engrossing tale with many unique plot twists that kept my interest even during a stressed out - got too much work to do - state This book was a GoodReads give-away, but I still highly reccommend this book to anyone who likes police-procedurals and family-drama type mysteries. This is worth your while to read and wonder about as you ask what appears to be obvious questions. Why would you let your seven year old baby-sit her four year old brother?What would yo [...]

    9. Three and a half stars. To begin with I found it very strange and irresponsible that a parent would send two children off to the nearby park with the seven year old sister expected to look after the four year old brother, Justin. This is a recipe for trouble if ever there was one and so it turns out, when the four year old child goes missing and then the body is discovered some time later. The reason why two children were sent off to the park on their own is not uncovered until much later in the [...]

    10. Wow! What a blockbuster of a story!! A very cold case, 25 years ago 4 year old Justin Manning disappeared from woods next to a neighborhood park. Two months later, his body was found, a shallow grave in the woods clearing. The twenty-fifth anniversary of his death started questions arising from both a new young reporter & Detective Stynes, who was a young detective at the time of the murder. Janet Manning, Justin's sister, was 7 years old, & supposed to be watching her little brother. Sh [...]

    11. This book had a lot of potential. I believe the author tried to do too much with the story. He couldn't decide if he wanted it to be a thriller or if he wanted to be a novel about how the loss of a child affected an entire family in different ways. He wound up doing neither well. Instead, he wrote a book that had too many characters to be a thriller. He tried to develop each of the characters he introduced which just muddied the waters. All the reader was left with was a bunch of characters, all [...]

    12. My Highly Caffeinated Thought: A solid mystery with relatable characters and interesting twists.In anticipation of David Bell’s newest release, BRING HER HOME, I decided to read THE HIDING PLACE as part of two month blog tour. The book was one of the few of his that immediately jumped out to me. The concept of revisiting a twenty-five year old case coupled with the possibility of a wrongful conviction and all the emotions that would be dredged up again made me want to give this book a chanceE [...]

    13. This was pretty damn' good, and I'm not at all sure why it was published as a paperback original.Twenty-five years ago, white Janet Manning's little brother Justin was murdered near a play park, and a black man with a borderline pedophile record was imprisoned for the crime. Now that man has served his time and is in the neighborhood again. Janet must deal with her internal conflicts over the conviction and her fuzzily recalled events of that day. Contributing to her problems is that a man has a [...]

    14. A gripping tale that reels you in and has you wanting to know the truth.A crime long gone more than twenty years passed and one man in prison for the crime. New information and faces unearth this old crime that would have been proven more accurately if modern forensics were to hand in the past when this family faced their loss.This story read like a Harlan Coben story with an apt twist in its tale.Review also @

    15. Twenty-five years ago a little boy ran into the woods and didn't come back out. Four year old Justin Manning's body was recovered and a black man who was in the park that day, was convicted of the murder and sent away. Now he's out on parole and, thanks to a reporter, new questions have cropped up, causing one of the original detectives on the case to give it another look.Janet Manning was seven when her brother disappeared and her life was changed forever. She is now a single mom, raising her d [...]

    16. I liked the story, but I didn't love it. It was well written with great characters, and a convincing plot. I just wasn't awed. I thought the drama was a little drawn out. I think it could have been tightened up. Still a good read.

    17. Like the other David Bell book I read, it was a fairly quick read. Also, not one of my favourite thrillers. I keep going back to this author as he shares the same name as my hubby. But I guessed the ending and nothing really came as a shocker.

    18. I wasn't sure about this book in the beginning. A child's corpse in the ground at the start makes me sad and reluctant to read. I kept going and found a good read for a cold Winter's night. It's a page turner. Don't quite know where the time went.

    19. The book did keep me captivated by the twists and turns. On the other hand, I can't say it was a page turner because it was a bit of a slog. There are too many characters that fit into the plot but aren't fleshed out. I despised the main character Janet and didn't feel any of the characters captured my heart. My favorite character was Kevin, Janet's daughter's best friend. He is loveable. The kind of guy I wouldn't mind my daughter dating. The author included him in a few chapters but he almost [...]

    20. Imagine yourself when you are 7 and at the park with your 4 year old brother. You have never been sent alone before, the park isn't far away. Your friend Michael, wants to show you something, you lose sight of your little brother and he disappears. Two months later, his body is recovered in a shallow grave in the woods by the park.I really liked this book, the plot had me from the very beginning. As time went by, the man who went to prison for 22 years is released, your friend Michael has some r [...]

    21. Coming up on the 25th anniversary of the murder of her 4-year old brother, Janet is unsure of the statement she gave to the police when she was 7 years old that ultimately landed a man in prison. To add to her uncertainty, a man who reminds her of her brother, shows up at her door in the middle of the night, suggesting he knows what really happened to Justin that day in the parkI read Somebody I Used to Know last year and absolutely loved it! I honestly couldn't put it down, I read it cover to c [...]

    22. The Hiding Place by David BellTwenty-five years ago Janet Manning's four year old brother disappeared. His body was found some weeks later in a woods not far from the family home. Now, all these years later, a mysterious man has appeared on Janet's doorstep in the night, claiming to know the truth about her brother's death. The man disappears, and Janet tries to put it out of her mind, but her teenage daughter has overheard the conversation, and begins an investigation of her own.The memories of [...]

    23. The Hiding Place by David J Bell. The cover and title hooked me before I ever opened the book. The story was a bit slow and it took way too long to get to the resolution. However, I was intrigued and didn't figure out the "who did it" until towards the end.Twenty-five years ago, Janet Manning and her brother, 4 yr old Justin were playing at a nearby park. It was the first time her mother allowed her to be in charge. She was supposed to be watching him but when she sees her best friend, Michael, [...]

    24. Twenty years ago, Janet Manning's younger brother, Justin, disappeared. Seven-year-old, Janet was in charge of her four-year-old brother that day. They were at the park, alone for the first time. But, Janet got distracted. Her best friend, Michael was in the park that day too. They played together and soon Janet forgot about her brother. Next thing, Justin was gone gone forever. Twenty years later, Janet and her teenage daughter, Ashleigh live in the house Janet grew up in -- along with her fath [...]

    25. This took me ages to get into. I don't know whether it was because of my own personal life getting a little hectic or whether I can blame the book but it was tough going for awhile. We meet Janet as a middle aged single mom who has moved herself and her teenage daughter back in with her recently retired father. The home life of the Manning family is anything but happy however as a tragedy that happened when Janet was only seven still haunts them. Janet's little brother Justin was taken from a ne [...]

    26. It's very slow in the beginning it would pick up then slow down again. It was ok. It took forever getting to the point. I didn't care for how it ended.

    27. I had read several decent reviews of the Hiding Place and started it with high expectations. Unfortunately, the reality didn't live up to the expectations. I must admit I prefer my books to have more action in them, and this one seemed to meander along at an almost sedentary pace, with not many plot-reveals along the way to liven up the interest. I found myself almost skim-reading some passages in an attempt to get to the next piece of action. Eventually, I was getting to the point where I was l [...]

    28. This is the story of a family rocked to the core by an event that happened 25 years ago. It affects even Ashleigh, Janet's 15 year old daughter, who wasn't even born at the time. Seven year old Janet was sent to the playground, along with her four year old brother, who she was to keep an eye on. She got distracted and he ran off into the woods. He disappeared for two months, then his body was found and someone was sent to jail. Twenty five years later, the media revives the case and strange thin [...]

    29. Some mysteries are straight forward whodunits, while others, like this one, offer many layers and lots to think about. I found the characters believable and was intrigued by the various relationships. Bell shines a bright light on the issue of guilt, innocence, and that gray area in between. The plot had some twists but, for me, it was more about how one past event forever changed so many lives.At times, certain issues and conversations were rehashed a bit too much. The pace slowed and I wanted [...]

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