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A sociedade

  • Title: A sociedade
  • Author: Michael Palmer
  • ISBN: 9784240510
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A sociedade With every one of his ten novels a New York Times bestseller emergency medicine physician Michael Palmer is recognized by critics and fans worldwide as a master of medical suspense Now Palmer deliver

    With every one of his ten novels a New York Times bestseller, emergency medicine physician Michael Palmer is recognized by critics and fans worldwide as a master of medical suspense Now Palmer delivers a relentless thriller that slices to our deepest fears with surgical precision a tale as timely as it is terrifying, as harrowing as it is plausible Welcome to The SocietyWith every one of his ten novels a New York Times bestseller, emergency medicine physician Michael Palmer is recognized by critics and fans worldwide as a master of medical suspense Now Palmer delivers a relentless thriller that slices to our deepest fears with surgical precision a tale as timely as it is terrifying, as harrowing as it is plausible Welcome to The Society.At the headquarters of Boston s Eastern Quality Health, the wealthy and powerful CEO is brutally murdered She s not the first to die nor the last A vicious serial killer is on the loose and the victims have one thing in common they are all high profile executives in the managed care industry.Dr Will Grant is an overworked and highly dedicated surgeon He has experienced firsthand the outrages of a system that cares about the bottom line than about the life and death issues of patients As a member of the Hippocrates Society, Will seeks to reclaim the profession of medicine from the hundreds of companies profiting wildly by controlling the decisions that affect the delivery of care But the doctor s determination has attracted a dangerous zealot who will stop at nothing to make Will his ally Soon Will is both a suspect and a victim, a pawn in a deadly endgame Then, in one horrible moment, Will s professional and personal worlds are destroyed and his very life placed in peril Rookie detective Patty Moriarity is in danger of being removed from her first big case the managed care killings To save her career, she has no choice but to risk trusting Will, knowing he may well be the killer she is hunting Together they have little to go on except the knowledge that the assassin is vengeful, cunning, ruthless and may not be working alone That and a cryptic message that grows longer with each murder a message Grant and Moriarity must decipher if they don t want to be the next victims.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. In another early medical thriller from Michael Palmer, the Society, he tackled the subject of the Hippocratic oath in the medical society. When the CEO of the Eastern Quality Health was murdered, she wasn't the first one to die. With a serial killer loose and the victims had one thing in common: they were all wealthy in the managed care system. For Dr. Will Grant and member of the Hippocrates Society, he was outraged by the system that care more about their wealth than their own money. But he ha [...]

    2. I always enjoy medical novels by this author. I feel so smart afterwards as if I can go into any E.R. and start spouting off medical lingo. Then again, I feel that way after watching an episode of House. Enough about me the book is definitely worth picking up. It's primarily about a doctor a part of the Hippocrates Society who is against the big HMOs caring more about money and profits than the patients. There's a little bit of a romance brewing in the background which wasn't prevalent enough to [...]

    3. I've read a number of Michael Palmer's novels, and have to say this is one of his best. Like most of his books he gives his opinion on some aspect of the medical field. Here he takes on the HMOs and how their controlling both the doctors and hospitals. In this novel the doctors form the Hippocrates Society which is a group against HMOs. Not only is this a thriller, but trying to figure out who is killing the CEOs of the HMOs makes it also a mystery. It's one of those novels that's hard to put do [...]

    4. Ben Morales was shot in the head outside his home in Lexington. Marcia Rising was also shot in the head while going to her car after a meeting with the board members of Eastern Quality Health HMO where she was the CEO. She was more worried about her income and company profits than the patients for whom she was denying healthcare. Cyrill Davenport was the CEO of Unity Comprehensive Health. Cyrill was worried that his alcoholic wife had moved his car out of the garage where he had parked it. He go [...]

    5. This book talks about the dangers of the American health care system. The story begins with a view into the life of a young surgeon, Will Grant.He is a divorced father of two children. The most astonishing fact about will is that he is a member of a secret society- The Hippocratic society. The main objective of this society is to recapture the society from the grips of the Managed healthcare industry.At the same time, several MHO executives were murdered in a similar fashion. The killer phoned t [...]

    6. I'm a bit biased, favorably, so not going into detail other than to say I love any well written medical thrillers, medical mysteries and/or true life medical stories as long as they are realistic and use medical jargon properly.(but not so simplistic as to make you feel like being talked down too) Nothing worse than the reader feeling like they are more knowledgeable about medicine then the author.Michael Palmer is one of my favorites authors in this genre as he spent over 2 decades as a practic [...]

    7. 127th: THE SOCIETY by Michael PalmerChosen By: JoyceTrivia Winner - Roberta~COVE OPINION: C+, Above Average storyDiscussed THE SOCIETY in the 6th episode of our Cove podcast - listen in!

    8. An excellent medical thriller about the danger of HMO's. While I think HMO's are a poor option for our medical crises, I still do not support socialized medicine and never will. Even though, I disagreed with the theme of the novel, I really enjoyed the thriller.

    9. Excellent book if wishful thinkingThe author accurately describes the deplorable state of manage care as it exists today. The protagonist, Will, a practising MD is trying to bring awareness to this problem. Meanwhile a series of murders take place that bring him into contact with the police, especially when he is framed to appear to be the killer. In the end, through Will, a one payer system is likely to become law. We can only hope

    10. Action packed thrills; good doctor and lady cop fight HMO's!We have enjoyed most of Michael Palmer's medical thrillers, finding them to be entertaining stories with realistic premises about dangers to us all that could happen in the field of doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutics. His latest novel, "The Society", has it all: villainous rich men guiding HMO's to make money against all standards of decency toward their patients; an innocent doctor, who protests against HMO's by night, gets drugged [...]

    11. This was a pretty good mystery. I caught on to what was really happening about half way through the book, so to me that is pretty good. I hate when I figure it out too quickly. Once I figured it out, I did think the plot was predictable. I do like Palmer's writing style and I can tell that he knew what he is talking about in terms of the medical aspect.Dr. Will Grant is an upstanding doctor who loves his kids, actually cares about his patients and is fighting the evils of Managed Health Care. Wh [...]

    12. Another good Palmer medical mystery. Managed care is a real hot button right now and this one is all about those people in charge of it and how their concerns are only for the bottom line. Someone is trying to "manage" the bottom line of the managed care business and a very determined young detective will not let go and with the help of a doctor who has been "managed" right out of his medical license they figure out what is going on and solve the mystery.Getting old has its advantages, I can rea [...]

    13. This was a slow read for me. Some of the writing was tedious. I thought the last two pages were actually silly, even though I imagine they were meant to be a shocking ending.

    14. This ten year old book still has lots of good commentary on our medical payment system, decent characters and plot. The bad guys in this story may not be (did they exist in real life) bad enough to get us to a single payer health care system in today's political climate. In the novel they were. This is my first book by Palmer; I expect I'll try some more. He seems to know the world of medicine well. I enjoyed the story. It has a bit of sex, but not graphic, and the same for violence. The plot is [...]

    15. While I found the story was as relevant today as it was several years ago and it moved right along I felt a couple of inconsistencies kept it from shining. Did the nurse or an EMT do the intubation, depends on which character you get the story from. How does a state detective know that camp site well and also need directions to it? At least the description of the Whipple procedure jived with my limited understanding. Thank you for using that one, the only one I know about. It made me feel smart [...]

    16. I've always enjoyed Michael Palmer's books and this one was no exception. Will Grant, a dedicated surgeon, seeks to reclaim the profession of medicine from the hundreds of companies profiting wildly by controlling the decisions that affect the delivery of medical care. His determination, however, has attracted a zealot who will stop at nothing and no one to achieve his vision of one huge medical insurance conglomerate.

    17. This book was decent. I guess I wasexpecting a little more, as the only other Michael Palmer novel I have read is The Fifth Vial and I thought that was excellent. I felt the dialogue in The Society was a little strained and maybe that made it a little less believable. But this was still a very entertaining and quick read, although I did figure out who was behind everything about halfway through.

    18. This book takes inside the health care system and shows you what many physicians face. It also takes you into the thrill of how easy it is to manipulate who gets care and how the system can be degraded. Will and Patty each have their problems ones cop and the other a Dr. will they triumphs and will all Involved get what they deserve ? Great reading and even if you see it coming you still have to read on to see what happens next.

    19. SUMMER READING REVIEW: "Three CEOs of Health Insurance firms are murdered. Why? Dr. Will Grant and Detective Patty Moriarity band together to find the assassins who are cunning and ruthless. The negative aspects of managed care HMOs are highlighted in this fast-paced thriller. The ending takes a surprising twist as to the identities of the assassins and the perils of managed care." -Audrey DuBovy

    20. I'm just loving his books. medical thrillers are just what I need from time to time :) Michael Palmer is not quite as eloquent as Ken Follett but with his medical background - he was a practitioner of internal and emergency medicine for 20 years - he is just the right guy to put those stories of suspense around the clinical setting together. They capture me time and again.

    21. The war between government medicare and the private healthcare systems comes to the for in this novel which includes murder, suspense and medical intrigue all for the sake of money and power. Doctors lives are wiped out, patient needs are not considered it is all about the bottom line for the medical companies covering the costs. Well written and intriguing

    22. Decent thriller that has too many logical flaws to be great. It also is way too biased towards Doctors and not towards Insurance. By and large throughout the book doctors are noble selfless heroes and insurance executives are heartless money loving jerks. Character development by cliche. But it was worth finishing.

    23. This book was a very fun read. It just flowed very naturally from page to page. The reader becomes absorbed in the story of Dr. Grant being framed. Just when you think you have everything figured out, everything changes! So be prepared for the turn of the century! A wonderful story based on the injustice of HMOs and the struggles of Doctors who are working for the patient.

    24. A medical mystery about HMO's, doctors and the patients they are supposed to serve. Reading this felt a little timely with the current health-care crisis and the author had some interesting points to make. However, the characters were thinly developed and the language was foul and sexual content gratuitous enough that I won't pick up another of his books.

    25. I usually enjoy Michael Palmer's books. This one seemed to have more police and violence than they usually do. The villains certainly took apart the life of Dr. Will Grant. It took several persons to help keep him from being professionally and physically destroyed. It's a good read--lots of excitement.

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