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  1. I wasn't sure what to expect when reading this book or who to root for as the hero! It's hard to say much about the plot itself without giving away spoilers, so let me just state that McKinzie S. Heart has a fascinating idea here, unique and interesting. I'm an avid reader and can honestly say I've never read this particular plot before.Though this is marketed as erotic romance, the sex is pretty vanilla. It's frequent and hot, but nothing outside the norm (unless you count outdoor sex and sex [...]

  2. (3.5 Stars) I love stories about soul mates and in Soulmate you get ghosts as well! I like that this was a historical late 1800's story, it explains the fact that people were willing to believe in ghost, and Katlyn being sensitive to seeing ghosts made this "romance" possible.I felt everything happened very fast, just in one night, and it just didn't feel believable which took a bit away from the story. I would have liked it to be at least three days long, it felt rushed and poor Katlyn went bit [...]

  3. Where do I start? I won't leave a brief summary, like I normally do, because this is a short 51 page read and the description says enough. Mckinzie Heart gave me a story I wasn't expecting, that is for sure. I loved the fiery, red head Katlyn. She had the sass and temper to match her red hair. Katlyn also has another gift that you will come to learn. James gets her hot, but there is someone else that we least expect and he makes no joke that he plans to have the feisty lass. I read this story in [...]

  4. Kate is fiery alright to the extent it is sometimes funny.  She starts to fall for James and his ways until another person comes into the picture.  Who will she choose?A great read I love romance and westerns and this has a great twist to keep the reader turning the pages.  The author does a wonderful job with her story telling and writing style.  The characters are well thought up and the banter between the characters is interesting.

  5. I felt like it was rushed all through out the entire book. There is next to no back story on the parents and no back story on the heroine. Not only that, but the hero's in the book have no back story. They just all meet in one evening and there is love blooming between two people that never met before and it gets a little too raunchy for me during the last sex scene. So, Kate is a daughter of a Scott that moves here from Scotland to better his family, but his wife dies shortly after giving birth [...]

  6. This story has more than it appears at first, It was totally different from what I expected it to be.I really liked Katlyn, but I couldn't connect with the Hero. The editing could have created a more cohesive and tied up storyline. Heart's writing pleased me, but the story had a drastic change that I didn't see coming and it developed into a book dealing with several diverse elements, creating a rather unique book for its subgenre. Full Review: wp/p27N1w-1bA

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