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Serenya's Song

  • Title: Serenya's Song
  • Author: Mysti Parker
  • ISBN: 9781612353807
  • Page: 248
  • Format: ebook
  • Serenya s Song No one ever said love was easySerenya Crowe may be a half elf commoner but she s no ordinary woman With the ability to interpret dreams and a birth defect that forces her to wear gloves she s endur

    No one ever said love was easySerenya Crowe may be a half elf commoner, but she s no ordinary woman With the ability to interpret dreams, and a birth defect that forces her to wear gloves, she s endured gossip and the cruelty of her husband, Sebastian, The Earl of Summerwind All she s ever wanted is to live a quiet life and raise a family When she meets the new stranNo one ever said love was easySerenya Crowe may be a half elf commoner, but she s no ordinary woman With the ability to interpret dreams, and a birth defect that forces her to wear gloves, she s endured gossip and the cruelty of her husband, Sebastian, The Earl of Summerwind All she s ever wanted is to live a quiet life and raise a family When she meets the new stranger in town, her world and her heart, are turned upside down.Wood elf Jayden Ravenwing is an ex secret agent who wants nothing than to forget matters of the heart He left the bustle of Leogard and his failed marriage to make a fresh start in Summerwind He never planned to fall in love again, especially with the enchanting Serenya Crowe.When a strange portal opens on the Crowe property, Jayden is thrown into an investigation, knowing that if he fails, Serenya and everyone in the town may die.Together, he and Serenya must overcome an ancient evil, and their own inner demons, to save Summerwind and find the love they ve always dreamed of.

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    1. The Best Fantasy Since 'Lord of the Rings'Serenya Crowe was born during a dreadful storm as unspeakable beings flew on the wind - beings intent on seizing the child as soon as she drew breath. Her stepfather, Douglas Barnaby, took the baby and heroically ran through the terrible night, just ahead of her pursuers, bringing her to safety and bringing her up as his own child. Thus begins the story of a child who knew neither her father nor her mother. Her mother, Alina, was a wood elf, but nobody k [...]

    2. After reading the first Tallenmere novel, "A Ranger's Tale," I was eager for the second installment. While technically part of a series, this story holds its own, so don't worry if you haven't read the first you can jump feet first into the world without feeling lost. Ms. Parker weaves a thoroughly enchanting tale this time out. While I liked her first book, there was something so much MORE here that I just loved! The pace of the book was steady and captivating, then at around 70% it just ratche [...]

    3. My immediate response to Serenya's Song is just "wow" -- what an incredible vision Mysti Parker has. She has written something close to an epic here, with brilliant visuals, fantastic plot that continually took me by surprise, intriguing charactersonce more I have been swept away into Tallenmere. I loved every minute and cannot wait until Book 3: Hearts in Exile.Top 5 reasons to love Serenya's Song (in no particular order):1) Jayden is incredible as a leading man. Caring, selfless, handsome, a t [...]

    4. Review for Serenya's SongI read the first book in this series, A Ranger's Tale and expected a continuation of that book with more development of the characters with the same type of plot/story line as with many PNR series. Instead this is a stand alone book with its own plot/conflicts/storyline and character development with only the protagonist from the first book throughout much of this one until the end when we meet again the hero and heroine from the first book. That being said, the author d [...]

    5. After reading A Ranger’s Tale by Mysti Parker, I eagerly awaited her second book, Serenya’s Song. Wow, was it ever worth the wait. The excitement generated in the prologue set the stage for the rest of the book. I started reading as soon as my copy arrived in the mail and finished at 2:00 am. It was that good. The character leapt from the pages and drew me in to Summerwind where Lady Serenya Crow’s life unfolded. The book has everything from romance, music, sex, betrayal magic, and creatur [...]

    6. I'm not sure I know how to talk about Serenya's Song without gushing. The adjectives just want to flow out of my fingers. Superb. Enchanting. Heart wrenching. Breathtaking. Spell binding. Incredible.I always enjoy lending books on my Kindle and Nook, but I honestly don't think I'm going to lend this one out to anyone. I want everyone to buy it and read it on their own, because I want Mysti to be rewarded for such an awesome piece of fiction, and I want her to keep writing.Serenya's song, by the [...]

    7. Serenya's Song is a masterpiece of romance, broken hearts, elves, and an entire world of exotic creatures with strange, often terrifying powers. This book starts out like most other romances, but it doesn't stop there. Hang on for the ride, because Mysti Parker grabs you and pulls you into the fantasy world she's created. Her imagination knows no bounds in this book. Her imagery and detailed descriptions leave you rooted to your seat. I could not put this book down. I felt, saw, heard and smelle [...]

    8. Between a rock and hard place…or even worse, Serenya Crowe finds herself caught between her tyrannical husband, Sebastian, who is the Earl of Summerwind, and the wood-elf of her dreams—Jayden Ravenwing. Set in the fantasy realm of Tallenmere, Ms. Parker holds nothing back in “Serenya’s Song,” as Serenya’s life spins out of control due to ghastly visions, dark secrets about her true identity, wild escapades involving a ferocious need to feed, and the unstoppable attraction she feels t [...]

    9. Posted on Romancing the Book's blogReviewed by RobinReview Copy Provided by the Publisher Ms. Parker takes us on another journey into the fantasy world of Tallenmere; as we pick up where A Ranger’s Tale left off.Serenya grew up being raised by her step-father, Douglas Barnaby. He took her, after her mother dies in child birth and beings try to kidnap her shortly after she was born; running away to keep her safe from those that tried to kidnap her, raising her as his own. Only knowing that she [...]

    10. I thought book 1 in the Tallenmere series was good but Serenya's Song surpasses it! The action scenes are so descriptive and alive you feel your really there. Jayden moves to Summerwind after his divorce with Caliphany. He is ready to get over that relationship and move on with his life in a new town, make a fresh start. Well it doesn't start off good when he is instantly attracted to the Earl's Wife. They have some unexpected run ins after meeting the first night in her Father's pub and the sto [...]

    11. Oh wow, I really liked this story! Right from the beginning, I was enraptured in this creatively written fantasy world of Tallenmere. Everything was descriptive including the locations, and it felt like I was really there, so that's a plus for me, when I can easily visualize the setting. The story was intriguing; there's definitely a lot that happens from page one, and I felt each situation; conflict; good feeling moments, were presented where they should be, so I think everything flowed pretty [...]

    12. Actually 4.5Serenya Crowe is half elf and doesn't know, who her father is. After her mother died giving birth to her, Serenya's stepfather takes Serenya and runs. Serenya and her stepfather settle in Summerwind, where her stepfather owns a tavern. Serenya has claw-like hands, that she keeps covered and can interpret dreams. When her stepfather falls on hard times, Serenya marries Sebastian, the Earl of Summerwind, but after five years of marriage with no children, he proves to be abusive. Then, [...]

    13. Concentrating on Jayden, who certainly got a bad deal in the previous novel, this is a moving and exciting story. Don’t let the fact that the characters are elves fool you, they’re as full of hatred, cruelty, jealousy, anger, bravery, gentleness, and love as anyone else.I thoroughly enjoyed this story and especially the use of the First Person Double POV narrative, which I’ve seen in only a few novels. The characters are likable and I especially found Sebastian, who might be called a pseud [...]

    14. my thoughts - There are so many kind things I can say about this book. I enjoyed that it included for the most part all the characters from the first book. I also enjoyed getting to know another side of Lily and Jayden.Serenya renny is not like others around her. She has claws that she was born with but hasn’t any idea why. Usually she keeps them hidden under a pair of gloves. She is married to the Earl and has a desperate need to want children of her own. Her husband Sebastian isn’t a k [...]

    15. Serenya's song by Mysti Parker tells a story about a half-elf who has a special ability to comprehend people's dreams. She has a bit of a handicap and endures gossip and ridicule from her town and abuse from her husband. Things are looks worse and worse for Serenya until a newcomer arrives in town and her world gets turned upside down. Enter the wood elf Jayden. He too comes to town with the weight of a failed marriage on his shoulders never expecting to find love until he runs into Serenya. A g [...]

    16. Another fantastic story! It builds on from A Ranger's Tale, but could definitely be read as a stand-alone book. This story picks up after Jayden leaves Caliphany and heads to his family's cottage in Summerwind. He meets a woman in the tavern who shares all his music and art appreciations and skills, and the chemistry quickly ignites.Serenya has felt like a freak all her life, with claws for nails that she covers with gloves. She's married to the Earl, Lord Sebastian Crowe, and though she loves h [...]

    17. I doubted heaven was within my reach until now, when two similar souls could make such beautiful music together and send my spirit soaring into the sky.Serenya has the ability to interpret dreams and a birth defect that forces her to wear gloves. She’s endured small-town gossip and the cruelty of her husband, Sebastian, The Earl of Summerwind, but when Jayden comes to town, her world is turned upside down.Having met Jayden in A Ranger's Tale, readers will know some of his back story and why he [...]

    18. 5***** A magical romance. Serenya is trapped in an abusive marriage. Something is happening to her that is frightening. Jayden is an officer of the crown working in secret. He comes to Summerwind to get over his broken marriage. This story is the 2nd in a series. You could read it as a stand alone but you will understand the characters a lot better if (like me) you have read #1 (A Ranger's Tale). We have all sorts of paranormal people here. Elves, Hada and humans living alongside each other. The [...]

    19. Imagine raising a child alone after your spouse died that wasn’t your child. This is what happens to Serenya’s father. Her mother dies in childbirth and he is left to raise the child she was pregnant with when she met him. And the story is about Serenya and the part she plays in the big picture. This story is a new take on the fantasy genre. The story covers spousal rape, spousal abuse, fornication, good vrs evil, soul bound mates, friendship, fighting, adventure, weddings, babies, and good [...]

    20. I loved this book more than the first one! Serenya is a beautiful character, and I felt so bad for her that she didn't find Jayden years ago before she married Sebastian. I really loved how in-depth the writer portrayed Jayden, especially after his role in A Ranger's Tale.The plot kept me guessing at every turn, which is something I enjoy immensely. The love story was there, but it had enough excitement and adventure that I can't classify it in my mind as a romance. The ending totally had me goi [...]

    21. For those who enjoy books that are similar in style with Tolkien and such, this is one book that you gotta pick to read. I found the book to be both captivating and enjoyable to read. One that I was totally engrossed and was difficult to put down as soon as I began to read (Yes, it was a real page turner.) The book may be a part of series but I was easily able to read the book (a bonus in this readers mind) as single.This is a brief review. Longer review has been given to review site to use.The [...]

    22. I truly enjoyed this book. I've never read much fantasy/sci-fi, but this is one series I would recommend to others. It was a great book!

    23. Sequel to the novel A Ranger’s Tale, which is hands down my favourite book of 2011 from independent authors, this book is set in the world of Tallenmere – a fantasy world of elves, magic and some incredibly crafted characters that feel real even in a fantasy setting. (see my previous review of A Ranger’s Tale on Read2Review here).Serenya’s Song follows Jayden Ravenwing and his halfling assistant Lilly as they travel to Summerwind so that Jayden can forget his past. Having left Caliphany [...]

    24. Serenya Crowe is trying to be the perfect wife to the Earl of Summerwind, Sebastian Crowe. With a birth defect and shady background, landing the most eligible bachelor and living in a mansion is pure luck…right? Jayden Ravenwing (yes, it’s Jayden from A Ranger’s Tale), broken hearted by his divorce, decides to retreat into a small town. There, he meets Serenya and sparks start flying. Add a creepy portal to hell in the mix and you’ve got one adventure with great promise. I personally rea [...]

    25. Any attempts to not read through this book in one sitting may be futile. At the novel's end, I felt exasperated at my insatiable lust for more. I'm afraid the author created an incredible sense of longing in me that I've rendered useless to control. Actually, after reading 'Serenya's Song', I have no desire, what so ever, to stop reading books of the adult paranormal/fantasy genre. Do expect the graphics of the adult content to be explicitly written. I may have never had the desire to read books [...]

    26. This book is the second in a series about Tallenmere with the first book being A Ranger’s Tale. I have not read the first book but Serenya’s Song was written so well it was able to easily stand alone. I was taken into the story by the compelling beginning: A man brings his beloved wife, who is in labor delivering a baby that isn’t his, to the hospital. The father of the child is known only to the mother and she ultimately dies after giving birth to a daughter… with claws at the tips of h [...]

    27. I had no idea where this book was coming from prior to finishing the first book, A Ranger’s Tale, because there was no one in the first book named Serenya…until reading the epilogue. The epilogue of A Ranger’s Tale is set five years later, and Serenya’s Song takes place during that passage of time, so the epilogue kind of gives away a big detail from Serenya’s Song.Serenya’s Song is kind of like a spin-off of A Ranger’s Tale: several characters return, and it follows a character’ [...]

    28. Just as some books are difficult to read, this review is difficult to write. I loved the first three chapters of Serenya’s Song. They sucked me into the story: interesting characters, a plot that moved at a good pace. I kept flipping pages, anxious to discover more about Serenya, her father, even her husband Sebastian.And then Serenya’s character took a 180 from everything the author had developed to this point in the story. For all intents and purposes, Serenya’s marriage was marked by do [...]

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