- By Sean Parnell John R. Bruning

Outlaw Platoon: Heroes, Renegades, Infidels, and the Brotherhood of War in Afghanistan

  • Title: Outlaw Platoon: Heroes, Renegades, Infidels, and the Brotherhood of War in Afghanistan
  • Author: Sean Parnell John R. Bruning
  • ISBN: 9780062066404
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
  • Outlaw Platoon Heroes Renegades Infidels and the Brotherhood of War in Afghanistan A riveting story of American fighting men Outlaw Platoon is Lieutenant Sean Parnell s stunning personal account of the legendary U S Army s th Mountain Division s heroic stand in the mountains of A

    A riveting story of American fighting men, Outlaw Platoon is Lieutenant Sean Parnell s stunning personal account of the legendary U.S Army s 10th Mountain Division s heroic stand in the mountains of Afghanistan.Acclaimed for its vivid, poignant, and honest recreation of sixteen brutal months of nearly continuous battle in the deadly Hindu Kesh, Outlaw Platoon is a Band ofA riveting story of American fighting men, Outlaw Platoon is Lieutenant Sean Parnell s stunning personal account of the legendary U.S Army s 10th Mountain Division s heroic stand in the mountains of Afghanistan.Acclaimed for its vivid, poignant, and honest recreation of sixteen brutal months of nearly continuous battle in the deadly Hindu Kesh, Outlaw Platoon is a Band of Brothers or We Were Soldiers Once and Young for the early 21st century an action packed, highly emotional true story of enormous sacrifice and bravery.A magnificent account of heroes, renegades, infidels, and brothers, it stands with Sebastian Junger s War as one of the most important books to yet emerge from the heat, smoke, and fire of America s War in Afghanistan.

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    1. Sean Parnell at only twenty-four years of age was leader of Outlaw Platoon. The U.S. Army Airborne Ranger served for six years, retiring with two Bronze Stars and the Purple Heart. This is not just his story, but of the group of men who served with him in one of the most dangerous and inhospitable places on earth in the Bermel Valley, Afghanistan.Written by Sean Parnell and co-authored by writer John Bruning, this is a riveting read. The descriptions of the country, the battles, the personalitie [...]

    2. I am sure Outlaw Platoon will go down as one of the greatest books on Operation Enduring Freedom, among Black Hawk Down, Lone Survivor, and Robert's Ridge. Parnell is a truly gifted writer, this book shows it, and Bruning has done a stellar job as usual. You aren't so much reading the platoon's story as experiencing it.As I've mentioned before, the writing is incredible and the battles are intense and gritty. Parnell handles the large cast very well, not once, a rare occasion for me, was I confu [...]

    3. As a woman and a civilian, I am totally unfamiliar with the almost all masculine world of the military and the wars of their making. Outlaw Platoon gave me a peek into the mindset of a soldier, and the intense brotherhood that form among the men during war. It's both fascinating and incomprehensible to me, to live for your fellow soldiers, and be willing to die for them. Running on adrenalin, these young men go and kill, get shot at, and survive another day to fight again. And they do this for m [...]

    4. Non-fic military stories have a special place in my heart and this one fits right in. There are no words (or review) that can do it justice coming from a civilian like myself except to say a word of thanks to all the brave soldiers who sacrificed so much. So thanks, and thanks to the author for sharing his story.

    5. Very informative look at U.S. infantry experiences in Afghanistan near the Pakistan border in 2006. This piece of narrative nonfiction reads more like a first person novel than a memoir, which is a good thing because the story has a definite arc that pulls the reader in. Sean Parnell paints a vivid portrait of his first combat tour as a lieutenant. He's candid about his initial doubts in himself and whether his leadership would measure up. His platoon encounters harrowing attacks by the enemy on [...]

    6. I first became aware of this book through his interview on the Opie and Anthony show on XM radio. After listening to his candid interview and his self-deprecating attitude I was drawn to this book.As a vetran of Desert Storm and desert Shield, I have a "slight" insight into how are men and women do their job. I can hold no candle to what I did versus what they have done and continue to do. I continus to support and cherish them in my heart and mind and hold them all with utmost respect and honor [...]

    7. I'm a Veterans History Project (VHP) Official Founding Partner and highly recommend this well-written, searingly vivid memoir. The VHP's mission is to capture, in their own words, and share the stories of America's military veterans (and of their families and civilian contributors to America's military and defense efforts). In Outlaw Platoon, Sean Parnell, with help from the excellent military writer John R. Bruning and Parnell's platoon brothers, did this in spades, aptly documenting the words, [...]

    8. I just finished reading Sean Parnell’s Outlaw Platoon. What an education this book is. Sean Parnell is a young platoon leader who is assigned to a 10th Mountain division infantry platoon deployed in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. Prior to his deployment, Lieutenant Parnell thinks he will be facing a rag-tag group of Taliban. Instead he is facing an experienced, elite group of insurgents whose leaders were fighting the Soviets when Parnell was in diapers. The Taliban are given sanctuary [...]

    9. I finished this book about 10 minutes ago; I had to take a few deep breaths and pull myself together. Sean Parnell writes a gripping and detailed account of his thoughts, his men, his sadness and his joy while on deployment in Afghanistan in the Hindu Kush. This book is extremely well written and flows smoothly. I started and ended this book in less than two days. I have recently read several really good books about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars from the writers first hand POV and this one thoug [...]

    10. Well I won't be giving many more books 5 stars from now on, but this book actually deserved a full rating. Everything else that I like will reach a maximum of 4 stars, and only those books that really please me will get 5 stars. This book is truly a special pick, even among the many military related personal narratives I have read. I have to say that this really urged me to keep reading farther and farther instead of trying to finish it so I can read the next book, write a review, and win more b [...]

    11. This is one of the best memoirs of a combat veteran I have ever read. Sean Parnell was a platoon leader in Afghanistan around 2006-2007. What makes this book so amazing is that it's far more candid, open, and honest than anything I have ever read before by an American officer in a modern war. You could compare it to BLOODS by Wallace Terry, but that book focused on African-American enlisted men in Vietnam, and the survivors had no reason to tone down the grim realities of war. This book is diffe [...]

    12. Outlaw Platoon is a gripping memoir about one U.S. Army captain's deployment in Afghanistan. This captain, Sean Parnell, has no qualms writing about everything that happened to him and his group during their deployment. From firefights to FOB (Forward Operating Base) antics, Parnell lays it all out. I really appreciate his honesty and sheer amount of detail about everything on and off base. While I really enjoyed Parnell and his fellow soldiers character development, my interest was spiked most [...]

    13. I'll start with the good, of which there is much to talk about. A few notes: I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Parnell's recollection and story-telling is outstanding. I felt as though I was fighting alongside those brave men, immersed in Parnell's world. Letting us inside his head is a rare thing, and I appreciated that. This book is so much better written than the more widely known Seal Team Six and conveys more emotion and understanding. Now, on to the negative. Certain metaphors were amateuris [...]

    14. Wow. This is one of those books that will stay with me for a long time. Sean Parnell takes you right into the heart of the battles he and his men fought and it makes for a riveting read. There were times I could not put the book down, I had to find out what happened to these brave men who went through hell for our country.What impressed me the most about the book was Parnell's descriptions of all of the different men who made up his platoon. They are a fascinating group of personalities and I ca [...]

    15. WOW! AWESOME! After you read Outlaw Platoon by Sean Parnell and John R. Bruning you will gain a ton of respect for our men and women fighting over in Afghanistan. Sean holds nothing back which makes this book so good. I could almost feel the bullets flying all around me! Then ending brought tears to my eyes and pride in the U.S.A. Thank you for your service, Mr. Parnell, and to the entire Outlaw Platoon. God's blessings to all of you!(Gerard's review)Outlaw Platoon: Heroes, Renegades, Infidels, [...]

    16. A decent account of one man's experience leading a platoon of soldiers in Afghanistan. Better written than some accounts, though there is a lot of personal reflection on his own life as opposed to a more straightforward story. I wonder sometimes what reactions some of these memorists receive, especially when they criticize or harshly assess the actions of others, or even when they reveal personal information about fellow soldiers. In his defense, he is critical of himself as well. I was just a t [...]

    17. The war on terror has given us many stories and personal experiences of the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. The majority of these books follow special forces groups like the Navy Seals or Green Berets, but Outlaw Platoon by Sean Parnell, follows a normal Army platoon during their mission in Afghanistan. This book’s genre is military biography because it follows Sean Parnell and his platoon members personal experiences. Outlaw Platoon begins in Afghanistan 2006, following Sean Parnell, as the [...]

    18. The self-sacrifice and hostile situations endured is incredible. The book arouses emotion and is a compelling read. You feel like you’re in their brutal battles in Afghanistan and the loss of good men is hard to accept. (Kindle).

    19. It awakens a sense of fear that I don't have that bond or sense of respect from my soldiers. It makes me question who I am as a leader and if I would be able to succeed in combat. I think I did well as a fobbit, but there is much to learn.Very inspiring, to put it lightly.

    20. I've read quite a few military related Robins - and this is one of the best modern war books. Brilliantly written, exciting, touching and at times, deeply shocking. A genuine page-turner kept me up after midnight any time I picked it up. Highly recommended.

    21. Wow just wow. I'm kind of at a loss for words, but I will do my best for this review. First, Outlaw Platoon is going into my "6 star reads" shelf; a shelf reserved for those rare books that deserve 6 stars (I think I have 4 others in there). Outlaw Platoon is one of those books that will change your outlook and stay with you for awhile. Sean Parnell recounts his 16 months in Afghanistan while he was in charge of the Outlaw Platoons, a unit who was stationed on the border of Afghanistan and Pakis [...]

    22. A really well written book forces a paradigm shift within me. This is such a book. In a literary sense, it is not the most soundly written. There are repetitive snippits which leads me to believe the book was written one chapter at a time and not wholistically. It seemed to somewhat resemble a very well written journal. This is the way another book I loved was constructed, Little Princes, so this clearly did not bother me. I'm just giving fair warning if a reader is looking for something other t [...]

    23. I've read a lot of military books in my life, many of them memoirs written by the men who were there. Books like Lone Survivor, Biggest Brother, and Black Hawk Down come to mind. I never fail to come away sobered by the costs of war and extremely humbled by the brave men who have answered their nation's call and risen up to defend the rest of us. Outlaw Platoon ranks among the best of them.The book's been on my radar ever since it came out, but it advanced to the top of my reading list after I c [...]

    24. My wife tends to listen to a number of military books, so she will occasionally recommend a book to me. I've read or listened to a number over the last year or so including: 13 Hours, Lone Survivor, Unbroken and others. I give that background before saying that this was the best book I've read about military combat. I felt like I was there, and I took away a feeling of awe for the soldiers' efforts and courage. Quite honestly, I know myself enough to know, that I would not be able to do what the [...]

    25. Sean Parnell's account of his platoon's deployment to Afghanistan is one of the best (if not the best) of all of the modern war memoir's I've read (and there have been many). Parnell successfully takes you inside the mind of the U.S. Infantry solider while also providing a nail-biting account of the many incredibly violent firefights their platoon went through. There are some pretty grisly situations that come up that aren't for the faint of heart, but after finishing the book I think it should [...]

    26. How do you write a review for such a book, I struggle to find the words. As the mother of an infantryman who will be back in Afghanistan within a matter of days, the book frightened me, it broke my heart, and I wept a time or two in the reading of it. Yet it gave me a glimpse into the life of the Infantry, helped me to understand why it is difficult for these men we love to share their experiences. It made me proud and grateful that such men live, and it made me yearn for peace. The story of Out [...]

    27. Lieutenant Sean Parnell's account of his platoon's deployment on the Afghan-Pakistan border is one of the best accounts I have read about the war in Afghanistan. It is a story of heroism, but Parnell is very humble in the book and always gives credit to his men rather than himself. This book really gives a lot of insight into the every day life of a soldier fighting insurgents. It describes the bonds within the platoon, the rivalry with other platoons, and the mind numbing rules of engagement th [...]

    28. This book was so well written that I truly felt like I was right there with there with the men. This book doesn't "tell" a story as much as it "shows" you one. By the end I felt as if I were friends with the author and his men. I could see the terrain in Afghanistan and I cheered for them in victory, cried when they lost men, and laughed when they had some downtime that allowed them to verbally spar with one another. The pace of the story matches the high speed tempo of the platoon as they conti [...]

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