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Saviours of Oestend

  • Title: Saviours of Oestend
  • Author: Marie Sexton
  • ISBN: 9781781840269
  • Page: 267
  • Format: ebook
  • Saviours of Oestend Life on the prairie has never been easy but now Oestend itself seems bent on destruction Banished from the BarChi by the man he loves Dante Pane must find a way to rebuild his life and heal his brok

    Life on the prairie has never been easy, but now Oestend itself seems bent on destruction.Banished from the BarChi by the man he loves, Dante Pane must find a way to rebuild his life and heal his broken heart Unable to love women, afraid to love men, Dante wants only to find some peace.But peace is hard to come by in Oestend Dante s new home reeks of death, he can t keepLife on the prairie has never been easy, but now Oestend itself seems bent on destruction.Banished from the BarChi by the man he loves, Dante Pane must find a way to rebuild his life and heal his broken heart Unable to love women, afraid to love men, Dante wants only to find some peace.But peace is hard to come by in Oestend Dante s new home reeks of death, he can t keep his ranch hands in line, and his new cook is taking over his house As if that s not enough, strange occurrences plague the prairie dead animals, unnatural weather, and voices riding wind Dante is determined to persevere, but it soon becomes clear there s at stake than his ranch All of Oestend is at risk, unless somebody can set things right.With the help of his faithful ranch hands, Frances and Simon, and the combined strength of friends, both old and new, Dante will fight for his life, his home, and the heart of the one he loves.Reader Advisory This book contains scenes of violence, and menage relationships.

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    1. Woah, I made an *interesting* choice choosing to read this book in the current M/M climate! Jesus I honestly had no idea what I was getting into with this one. I picked this book for two reasons: One, I heard that this book had a (view spoiler)[trans (hide spoiler)] character, and the second is that I really enjoyed Song of Oestend and I've been dying to read the sequel. This book was a very hard-to-describe cluster of different ideas about sexuality that I haven't read in romance before. It was [...]

    2. 3.5 starsReader advisory:Transgender relationship - Ménage - Multiple partners sexual intercourse as part of a magic ritual I have mixed feelings about this book. So please be aware that my review will be LONG. I cannot be succinct. Part of it will be ramble about advisory and certain elements of the story. The other part will be a total compliment.Regarding AdvisoryI know that reader advisory can be seen as ruining the surprise or a twist of a story but I beg to differ. When I choose M/M roma [...]

    3. Nice expansion off the first story. There isn't a great deal of recap, thus my lapse between stories made the leap in a bit rocky. But, this takes that original quilt and adds more squares and embroiders it. I'd say that the beauty in the various roles and tying in it with native beliefs was lovely. I particularly like that the wraiths were given their due--really lovely. Though I don't possess a deep understanding of aboriginal culture I could easily see the similarities drawn from spirit walki [...]

    4. >>>>>>HUGE SPOILER ALERT <<<<<<<Where in hell does it say in the blurb this story is about a transgender? or multiple sex partners having sex as part or a ritual??And at the beginning of the story Cami is written as a woman??? Give it a warning next time pleaseeeeeRE SPOILER ALERT !!!!!!!THE ONLY thing I loved about this book is how the author write about Cami, and the relationship between her and Dante, beautiful done.I loved book one, even when the author [...]

    5. Here's the thing with me and this book. I did not FEEL it. I loved the first book in this series, it was incredibly sexy and I just loved the PNRish/Horror theme it had with the wraiths and all that. Really enjoeyed it.However, I'm not sure what this book was. The love stories, both of them felt half baked for me. For one I didn't even know who the main coupl were until about a 40% of the book. Dante who I was totally HATING in the first book and knew nothing about was SUDDENDLY a great guy just [...]

    6. OK, I gave this book a chance even though I DNFed the last one over the "good rape" scene between the main characters (in which one MC performs sex acts on a supposed friend despite his protestations, and the scene is not treated as an assault but as a romantic interlude). However, this one was worse. First there are pages of soapboxing about female rape. Wow. Apparently she really is so shallow that she believes that a big strong man can't be raped but a woman can? Because of course if he reall [...]

    7. This is tough to rate. On the one hand, Marie Sexton is a great writer (one of my favorites), and I love that she created a transgender character. However, the story felt like an under-developed mess. There were too many characters, none of them particularly well fleshed out, and as a result I found myself skimming a lot. The orgy scene (a total WTF moment) near the end only cemented my two-star rating. Disappointing.

    8. I loved Song of Oestend. Absolutely loved it. And so it felt so good to be back in the land of the wraiths and that harsh prairie again. This story is Dante’s and, to a lesser degree, it is Frances’ too. I loved Frances in the first book and so desperately wanted to follow his story. I had to dip back into Song of Oestend to refresh my memory on the characters, especially Dante, and then it all came back to me -how totally miserable and mean he was, filled with so much anger and hatred.The s [...]

    9. Well, that was not what I was excepting, at all. I absolutely loved some parts of the this book, especially Dante and the surprise addition of Cami. There were perhaps a few too many romances going on at once for me, though. I think the first book was bit more focused, but that being said, this story has the same beautiful and desolate tone as the first book

    10. Making a home in Oestend, is never an easy thing. Life on the ranches is not easy, safe, or gentle. And there are several days travel between you and your closest neighbor, if anything does go wrong. And it will. Then their are the wraiths-–the vengeful spirits of the Ainuai–-that come in the night to kill any not protected by closed doors and the generators that protect the homes of the settlers.So, no, life in Oestend was never easy…and that was all before Dante got kicked off his father [...]

    11. 4.5, definitely more than 4.OK, it was clear soon that this story confounded expectations. Was I happy with this? Not sure. Could I cope with this, adjust my views as an m/m reader? Yes, YES. No, I don't need everything spelled out in readers' warnings, in fact I'm really grateful there weren't any. I simply love and admire how Marie Sexton regularly turns expectations/stereotypes on their heads and runs somewhere new while always creating totally credible characters. I will say that the main co [...]

    12. 4.5 StarsBack in Oestend where unexplainable, weird things are happening around the majority of its residents. We get Dante's POV as he settles in his new ranch. I thought Dante and Cami's story was absolutely beautiful. I was also thrilled to get Simon's POV and his very believable confused dealings with Frances. Throw in more Deacon and Aren and I was one happy camper.

    13. I wanted to rate this 5 stars to balance out some of the bad reviews, because this book didn't deserve them. It is a very good book, but it didn't quite take me to that 5 star place. Once I have a chance to think about it more, I'll probably update my review to be actual review and not a complaint about other reviews. :)

    14. Sequel to Song of Oestend, which I loved, I put off reading this because I was sure I couldn't get over my dislike of Dante, but I was swept away by this story. And my dislike of Dante? Gone! Marie Sexton continues her fantastic saga of wraiths and humans in the world of Oestend's ranches, and she continues to amaze me with her vivid imagination. Like others, I'm not giving away the principal spoiler here but, suffice it to say, it's well worth the price of admission. Throughout the saga, the wr [...]

    15. I have ambivalent feelings about this sequel. On the one hand, I do admire the intricate world building with its interesting combination of elements from different genres. Cami and Dante's story was engaging and their gradual romance beautifully conveys tenderness, caring and mutual acceptance. On the other hand, Frances and Simon's 'arrangement' and their later dubious relationship has left me incredibly sad and disappointed.I understand relationships are usually complicated and one or both par [...]

    16. This book expands on the paranormal world-building of the first book, including some scenes that are wonderfully eerie and atmospheric. It packs some surprises, and explains some character backstories in a satisfying way. For me, it's not as focused or as intense as the first book. That's probably in part because it follows two different main couples, which dilutes out both relationships a little. There were things I really liked in here. Particularly that the couples and relationships didn't fi [...]

    17. This was Dante's and Cami's story. But also Simon and Francis.In Song of Oestend, Dante wasn't very likable. He was bitter and vengeful. At the end of that story, we see why and he becomes a bit more human with that revelation. Still, I didn't really like him. So, starting this book, I was wondering if I would be able to like Dante enough to like the book. I shouldn't have worried; Marie Sexton knows how to tell a story and she certainly drew me in.Reading some of the reviews, I rather expected [...]

    18. This was well and truly one of the best books I've read (27) this year. I read well into the night wanting to find out what would happen to Oestend and the residents there. I fell head over heels in love with Cami and Dante. The drama of this story played out right before my eyes and I delighted in it. Was not disappointed at all. A wonderful closure for the people of Oestend, or is it?This was a deep read that took me to some very personal places and hit a few nerve endings that I thought were [...]

    19. pensavo che il primo libro fosse esaustivo e concluso e mi sono stupita del seguito ma dopo appena un capitolo mi sono decisamente ricredutaoria intrigante,avventurosa,originale e romantica,protagonisti indimenticabili.Dante è una rivelazione,Cami ancor di più

    20. 4.5 starsThis book was great in so many ways. The characters, the history, the world built by Marie Sexton was so unique and amazing. My feeling is that Marie Sexton has such respect and love for her characters that one can't help but feel the same. Cami's struggle to be accepted for herself and Dante and Olsa providing the type of environment that she could be herself was touching. Cami's love and acceptance of Dante with all his emotional baggage was great. The fact that Dante fought so hard f [...]

    21. I have to say this was the most unexpected book I've ever read. Nothing of what I thought was gonna happen, happened. It was GREAT!Loved it so much. I won't give out names of anything that immediately would mess things up for many. Just know that now, I love Dante deeply. I never thought I would like the whole, folks tales, wraths, no-cellphone era kinda book. But this author is too great to not make any book completely amazing. I'm happy all the books I've been reading lately have been great, m [...]

    22. 3.5 starsI loved the first book in this series, but I was a bit unprepared (I don't always read reviews before I read a book from a trusted author) for the way the storyline developed in this novel. That said, while I probably would have preferred a traditional M/M romance, my admiration for Marie Sexton's writing remains unchanged, as the difficult issue of gender was handled very well.

    23. About 3.5Once again I can't phrase it all any better than Heather K's reviewAbout 3 for enjoyment, pace, and a totally out of the blue and weird-ass scene at the end, but 4 for originality, making me think about new things, and nudging the genre into new territory.

    24. I RECEIVED THIS BOOK AS FREE REVIEWING COPY. ALSO BEWARE SPOILERS ARE PRETTY MASSIVE, NOT JUST MINOR ONES. Hmmm, what else? Oh yes, it is rantish at times and that would be it with the disclaimers.I am the reader who loves and welcomes the spoilers, I however have not read any reviews till a day before I started, because somebody mentioned to me that there is a transgendred protagonist in the story and of course I wanted to know more. Anyway, I went into the story knowing who Cami was and I enjo [...]

    25. I was elated when I finished book one in the 'Oestend' series by Marie Sexton because I knew there was a book two and I could barely contain my excitement until I got to read it. I loved the first book so much and I realized it would be practically impossible for me not to enjoy this second book. Even though this story revolves around a character that I didn't care for so much in book one, I had a feeling that this time I would understand and care for Dante. I already adored Simon and Frances so [...]

    26. While I didn't like this story as much as I did the first it was still very enjoyable. I love the world created here and the dark elements that make it unique. This story spins more on the relationships developing though than on the strange otherworldliness of life on these prairies. The strange events keep happening, but there less integral to what's going on between the characters.This is really an interesting two part love story. You have Dante struggling with the pain of knowing the man he t [...]

    27. Well this wasn't what I expected. I was so excited when I started this. I didn't even read the blurb, thinking I didn't want any kind of spoilers. I was going to sit back and enjoy the story. Maybe I should have read that summary after all.For starters, everything was very predictable. (view spoiler)[Dante couldn't be with women and hated himself for being with a man. So naturally, he would find a transgender. The strange occurrences plaguing the prairie are sorted out with just a hint of Ainuai [...]

    28. 4 StarsDante Pane is not a nice man. He’s aware of that fact. It hasn’t helped his mood. Living on the ranch where his favorite brother died also hasn’t helped his mood. There is a part of Dante that wants to blame all his problems on Aren. It all went to shit once Aren showed up and stole Deacon, the love of Dante’s life. Unfortunately, Dante was a big part of everything going to shit given he broke into Aren’s house and destroyed his things. It’s easier to just hate Aren, but the g [...]

    29. I really enjoyed the first novel in the series about Deacon and Aren and was excited to see the release of the second book.That being said, I was a little disappointed with this book.Almost half way through the book and I wasn't sure if this was Dante and Cami's story or Frances and Simons'.The arrangement between Simon and Frances never really went anywhereI mostly felt sad that they never really progressed from an often awkward friends with benefits situation. With so much time spent on these [...]

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