- By Donald Crews


  • Title: Truck
  • Author: Donald Crews
  • ISBN: 9780688104818
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • Truck Truck is written and illustrated by the celebrated creator of Freight Train Bigmama s School Bus and many other classic and award winning picture books for young children Truck was named a Caldecot

    Truck is written and illustrated by the celebrated creator of Freight Train, Bigmama s, School Bus, and many other classic and award winning picture books for young children Truck was named a Caldecott Honor Book by the American Library Association and was also named an ALA Notable Book for Children It is an ideal book to share with preschoolers, both at home and in theTruck is written and illustrated by the celebrated creator of Freight Train, Bigmama s, School Bus, and many other classic and award winning picture books for young children Truck was named a Caldecott Honor Book by the American Library Association and was also named an ALA Notable Book for Children It is an ideal book to share with preschoolers, both at home and in the classroom especially those who love books about transportation In this wordless picture book, a large, bright red trailer truck packed with tricycles moves through pages of fog, truck stops, and crowded highways Beautifully executed and appealing School Library JournalSupports the Common Core State Standards

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    1. In this wordless book, we see a large truck on its journey from loading up through to final destination. Neo was able to notice the truck’s trip and those it encountered along the way, including all the signs and different sorts of vehicles that share the road. Weather also changes along the journey, which will surely help determine how well TRUCK can do their job. I was interested to see Neo dislike the lack of words, though I can only hope it will foster a desire in him to be creative with t [...]

    2. My son really enjoys this book. I try to change the story a little every time I read it. We have lots of fun finding different things on every page.

    3. Summary: This is a really great picture book. The pictures are bright with a great amount of color that catch peoples attention and keeps them engaged. It shows a variety of cars with a variety of road signs. To read this book kids do not have to be able to read, they can use the pictures to tell a story. This book would be great for kindergarten or pre-k.Evaluation: This book would be great for younger ages. It has good pictures with great colors. This would be a good book for learning colors, [...]

    4. A very fun wordless book to go with my Truck theme. There are so many things I can have the kids point out to me, including colors. (The colors in this book are bright and cheerful.) This should be fun, and the kids always enjoy the ones where they help me "read" the book. Wonderful choice for truck lovers, especially for a lap-read or read-alone with them.1/23/13 This was a fabulous choice for my Truck theme. The kids loved telling me the colors of the trucks around. They got the stop sign. The [...]

    5. Not especially interesting art of a truck and other vehicles. With no story. And no words. Yeah whatever. What were the Caldecott people thinking?

    6. "Truck" by Donald Crews; Published by Greenwillow Books; New York; Copyright 19801. Awards the book has received: Caldecott Honor Book, ALA Notable Book for Children2. This book is appropriate for preschool.3. "Truck" begins with a shipping truck that has been packed full with boxes of bicycles. The Truck comes to a stop sign as other vehicles pass by before crossing an intersection, driving past a garage, and going through a tunnel with a variety of other trucks and cars. The truck steams throu [...]

    7. Award(s): Caldecott Honor Book, ALA Notable BookGrade: Preschool—Kindergarten Summary: This is a wordless picture book about trucks. The book contains appealing illustrations of a large, bright red trailer truck on a journey to its destination. It has stops along the way through fog, truck stops, and crowded highways. Review: This book is interesting as it appears to have a storyline, but since there are no written words, students are able to come up with their own narrative. I liked the illus [...]

    8. Awards: Caldecott medal and ALA Notable book Grade level: Pre-K Summary: This picture book follows a big tractor trailer truck transporting bicycles on its journey throughout the highway system. The truck goes through tunnels, fog, and crowded highways, portraying what it is like on the highways. On the trucks travels you see plenty of signs, driving routines, and other daily routines of the highway system. Review: I really enjoyed this book and its realistic portrayal of the highway and all of [...]

    9. Awards: Caldecott Honor Appropriate grade level(s): Pre-school Summary: This book has very colorful pictures of a truck that is on a trip. It includes highways, roadsigns, traffic and other obstacles that one may encounter while driving a truck or any vehicle. It has the word "truck" or "trucking" on the side of the trucks which helps children match words to objects in the book. Review: There is a lot happening at once in this book so it is easy to get distracted. There is also very little room [...]

    10. Award(s): Caldecott Honor BookGrade: Pre-SchoolSummary: Truck by Donald Crews is a wordless picturebook with bold, and vibrant images that are pleasurable for a young child's eye. The book shows illustrations of everyday signs we see while driving in the real world. In addition, the book repeats words such as "truck" and "trucking" matching the term to the image so the child can identify the corresponding word to the object.Review: For some reason I had high expectations of this book, but it was [...]

    11. This informational social studies book is unique in it's own way because of it's absence of words and instead tells it's story through illustrations. Young readers can follow the journey of a big red truck that is transporting tricycles and the many obstacles the truck faces. This book is a great tool for educators of readers of the PreK-2 grade levels and can introduce students to the world of transportation. The bright illustrations can draw readers in as become aware of how items get transpor [...]

    12. • 1981 Caldecott Honor Book •This is cute! The truck is loaded up with bicycles and we follow its journey through different landscapes and weather to its final destination. It's a wordless picture book with lots of bold, colorful illustrations. Materials used: unlisted Typeface used: unlisted

    13. While I enjoy Crews’ work, I am surprised this particular book was an award winner. I think I may be slightly put off by how it is wordless. But I recognize how clever it is in design and how useful it could be for getting non readers interested in books as you can practice making predictions as to where the truck is going and why!

    14. For better or worse, I would prefer a more structured story, but Felix seems to enjoy this book more than I do, so I guess it's a good kids' book! It's also interesting to go through a book with no words many times and pick up and/or invent details along the way.

    15. Bold illustrations, and very colorful. This is a dialogue-free book, the only words being those on the side of the trucks and the road signs. It is a simple book, about trucks.

    16. Truck by Donald Crews1.Caldecott Honor2.Age 0-53.In this book, red truck is driving through the roads. While this red truck is traveling the city, we see many different signs, cars and scenery. 4.I think this book is perfect for children who loves cars. Children also can recognize environmental literacy which are signs on the roads. While I was reading this book, I felt like I was traveling with the red truck!5.Lesson for transportation or different signs.

    17. 1.) Caldecott Honor Book2.) Preschool3.) This book is about trucks. It shows the different signs on the streets. It also shows the journey this one truck makes throughout the book.4.) This book is interesting. It allows students to use their imagination to create a story. It also teaches students about the streets, roads, highways and signs. I wasn't a fan of the book due to a lack of a story. 5.) Have the students write down all the trucks, street signs they see on their way home from school. I [...]

    18. 1. Preschool- Kindergarten 2. This book is about a truck on a truck line. These trucks are going through the city and words are being described in the things that they are describing. This book is not that interesting, but the pictures are engaging. 3. I did not really like this book, I didn't really understand the point of it nor was it interesting. I did like how they discreetly put the words into the items they were describing. I also liked the pictures they were bright and I think kids would [...]

    19. This book is about a trucks journey from the loading dock to its destination. It does not include many words, but it does show some street signs. It also shows different types of roads that the truck would travel on. I gave this book a rating of three stars because it is a good book with simple illustrations and words for children to follow. But, I don't love it because it seems too boring and simple.

    20. 1)Caldecott Honor Book 2)Pre-K through 1st3) The story starts off with a trunk loaded up with colorful bikes. As the trucks drive on the road its passes a number of road signs. The truck finally reached its destination and unload the bike.4)I love how the book incorporates a multitude of colors in its pages. The book also does a great job of introducing kids to street signs.5) Teach the kids how to line up. The book can also be used to raise child print awareness.

    21. 1. Caldecott Medal and ALA notable book2. Pre-K - K3. This book is a wordless book about a trailer truck and his journey. Throughout the book we see where the truck goes and everything along the way.4. This book is cute and great for kids who love trucks. It is very eye-catching and has lots of fun pictures. It was fun flipping through the pages.5. Learning about trucks, daily routines.

    22. This book would be useful for very beginning readers. There is no relevant story or even sentences throughout the whole book. Describing words such as "truck" and "speed limit" are used to show readers the story rather than tell it with basic facts. I think this book could be appealing to beginning readers, even though there are not many words, it is a great way for them to transition into reading and feel confident about it rather than overwhelmed. The genre is fiction, describing the journey a [...]

    23. In this boldly illustrated nearly wordless picturebook, Donald Crews brings you into the bustling city as the reader follows a large red semi truck carrying a load of tricycles. Every illustration is a full-bleed two page spread, making each scene appear busy and crowded as cars are cut off, entering and exiting the pages. The only words in the book appear in the functional, embedded text such as the lettering on the truck itself and other vehicles, road signs, and store and gas station signs. T [...]

    24. 1) ALA noted, Caldecott Honor2) Pre-k to 2nd Grade 3) The truck starts off by picking up a shipment of bicycles at a loading dock. The truck then drives through its route passing by many signs, roads, and other vehicles. The truck finally reaches its destination and unloads the bicycles into a garage. 4) This book is okay for kids that have a passion for cars and trucks, but otherwise it is not very interesting. The illustrations are fairly simple and there are a lot of images to discover on the [...]

    25. The plot of this wordless picture book is simple: a truck goes from A to B. This simplicity is its greatest asset. It relaxes, much like the TV programs, shown after regular programming has ended, in which a train or a car with a camera in front makes its way through the country. What keeps it interesting is the question: what's around the next corner? Or in the case of TRUCK: what's on the next page? Where will it be then? (A misty Golden Gate bridge was my favourite answer to these questions.) [...]

    26. Awards Received: Caldecott Honor BookALA Notable BookAppropriate Grade Levels: Pre-K - 1st GradeA red truck journeys through endless streets, highways and roads. Passing many similar and not so similar vehicles, it quietly greats and departs many road friends, leaving a dark cloud of pollution behind wherever it goes. There is no length this truck won't go to make it's delivery.Though Truck does not have a simple and distinct story line, it's use of environmental print is highly clever. Children [...]

    27. The only words in this transportation-themed picture book are printed on signs and the sides of vehicles. There isn’t much of a plot or story, rather the illustrations just follow the same red truck, labeled TRUCKING, through a tunnel, down the road, through rain and fog, and to its destination, where it delivers a load of boxed-up tricycles. The nice thing about the book is that it draws attention to street signs, encouraging even the youngest kids to notice print in their everyday lives. It [...]

    28. Truck, written by Donald Crews does itself justice by being wordless. The intrinsic illustrations are a wonderful way to get young children exciting about books. Being that this is a Caldecott winner, it makes it an excellent wordless book for children. As readers follow a big red truck on its journey, they are met with road signs, other vehicles, and traffic jams. This is a great book for the young to visually see automobiles in their natural setting. This book is probably more interesting for [...]

    29. This past semester I was in a three year old classroom for six weeks and that is where I found this book. This was a classroom favorite among both the boys and girls. TRUCK is a wordless picture book that has absolutely wonderful pictures. Throughout the book, it shows a huge red truck that is transporting tricycles. The red truck has to go through different types of weather, stop lights, and crowded streets. I think this book does an excellent job of telling a story through the illustrations. I [...]

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