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Childe Morgan

  • Title: Childe Morgan
  • Author: Katherine Kurtz
  • ISBN: 9780441015542
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Childe Morgan New York Times bestselling author of In the King s Service Alaric Morgan has been pledged to the king s service His Deryni blood makes him ideal to safeguard the Haldane kings and ensure that Prince B

    New York Times bestselling author of In the King s Service Alaric Morgan has been pledged to the king s service His Deryni blood makes him ideal to safeguard the Haldane kings and ensure that Prince Brion shall have the protection of his hereditary magic.

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    1. A bit slower in the first half than some might prefer , Childe Morgan was a wonderful trip back to Gwynedd for this reader who originally found K Kurtz and her Deryni in the 80s. this book sets into motion moving the key players inexorably toward the events in her original trilogy. The true action begins with the unfortunate death of a minor if beloved character and this triggers a series of events like dominoes falling one after another. I look forward to reading the latest book in the series d [...]

    2. I am a huge fan of Katherine Kurtz's deryni novels. Although this is not one to start with, I am completely satisfied with the book as a whole. Although the series claims to be about Alaric Morgan, this book is really about his mother and to a small degree his father. If you want light reading you will not find it with the deryni novels for the most part. Although not difficult to read, her topics are deep, and rich. The characters are well developed, with flaws and strenghts to make them believ [...]

    3. A worthy entry in the world of the Deryni and the Haldane KingsKatherine Kurtz continues the story of Alaric Morgan's childhood, his parents Alyce De Corwyn and Kenneth Morgan. We say farewell to some old friends and greet new characters as they move become more important to the story. Overall an excellent read!

    4. This book is so incredibly boring. Absolutely NOTHING happens! Day to day life and that's pretty much it.

    5. The continues the story started in "In King's Service". Rounds out King Donal & Alyce de Corwyn Morgan's story and spends more time developing Sir Kenneth's character, and not much more.For fans and completists only.

    6. Alaric Morgan has been pledged to the service of King Donal, stillgrieving following the death of his out-of-wedlock son, Kelson.Alaric brings peace of mind to Donal because he is Deryni, a raceof people who employs powerful magic --- a magic that can be usedto protect 14-year-old Prince Brion. Yet, as comforting as thatthought may seem, Donal carries a great burden.First of all, the Deryni are a feared group, watched by the Churchwith scrutinous eyes. And the Camberian Council secretly oversees [...]

    7. === Bland beginning, stirring conclusion ===Katherine Kurtz may not be the most prolific fantasy writer. That distinction may belong to S M Stirling although his works straddle a number of genres. But I think the Deryni books by Kurtz may hold the record for the most fantasy books, at sixteen (as well as three additional ancillary works), that follow a timeline of more than two hundred years (903 to 1128) chronicling the adventures and travails of succeeding Gwynedd monarchs, the Deryni magic-em [...]

    8. I've been a fan of Katherine Kurtz since I first read the Camber trilogy in the early 1980s. I can't say how many times I have re-read her first four Deryni trilogies and short stories. (view spoiler)[And cried over some of the deaths. (hide spoiler)]Childe Morgan is part of a prequel trilogy with the stories of Alaric Morgan's parents and childhood under King Donal and then King Brion (Kelson's father). The third book in this trilogy, The King's Deryni, was just published in December 2014 so I [...]

    9. This is a solid read, with maybe a few too many names thrown around for the reader with an average memory (such as myself) to keep up with.It was a bit disappointing as I was wanting to read about Alaric (and Duncan) and while they both featured in this book, they were both toddlers with very little to do.This book is really about Alaric's parents, Kenneth and Alyce, with a touch of information about the Haldane kings before Kelson thrown in. That's fine in and of itself, but I feel a bit cheate [...]

    10. I've enjoyed the Deryni series, but Ms Kurtz's recent additions haven't been as good as the early books. I still enjoy reading more stories in this rich world, but my favorites will always be the early works.This particular book focuses on the early childhood of one of the main characters in the later Deryni series, Alaric Morgan. Having read all of these other books, I already knew the fate of the characters.The Deryni world is one for which I have always wanted the gaps filled. Unfortunately, [...]

    11. This is, I believe, the fifteenth novel in Kurtz' Deryni series. I have read all of them - except the one that directly precedes this one, "In the King's Service." If you must read this book, I highly recommend reading it first. However, I don't particularly recommend reading either of them. This book barely qualifies as a novel. Reading it is akin to spending time with an extremely gossipy acquaintance who insists on chattering at length about people that you barely remember. "Oh did you hear t [...]

    12. Most of the failures of this book are included in the other reviews. However, I feel you must know that this book probably has the laziest ending I've ever seen in a fantasy novel. You will NOT be rewarded with fireworks for all the gossip you just schlepped through. Instead, the ending comes as close as you can get to a big old Deus Ex Machina. God knows why, since she hardly backed her characters into a serious corner anyways. I realize one probably gets tired with how many books she's written [...]

    13. I'd forgotten how much I loooooove Katherine Kurtz's Deryni novels. Within a paragraph she's completely enveloped you in her rich world of Gwynedd, based on 14th century England and alive with details. I was thrilled a few years ago when she started writing these stand alone books, like King Kelson's Bride. This one was a little rocky at first, in that she reminded us of what had happened in the previous book a few too many times, but after the first few chapters it was wonderful stuff. I love s [...]

    14. I normally have very high regard for Katherine Kurtz, and I read this one just because it was from her, and in the very solid Deryni series.Overall, rather disappointing. The story, the plot just wasn't there. It felt more like she was just trying to bridge the gap between the previous book and the beginning of the Kelson stories. There were whole sections of the book where it felt like she was just killing time, and it almost felt like she was obliged to kill characters off because of when thei [...]

    15. Katherine Kurtz’s first Deryni series introducing the land of Gwynneth and its young, just-made King Kelson and his advisor Alaric Morgan is a justifiably acclaimed fantasy classic. Since that first trilogy, Kurtz has given us several series of books dipping into Gwynneth’s far history as well as Kelson’s near future. While, as is true of just about any such multi-volume fantasy series, there have been some stumbles here and there, for the most part Kurtz has maintained the high level of q [...]

    16. I've been a big fan of Kurt'z Deryni novels since I was in high school and a friend of mine turned me on to them. I haven't read one in many years so I was looking forward to this one. Though I enjoyed it, I was a bit disappointed. Perhaps because so much time had gone by and I had lost some of the details of the other books or perhaps it really just was a tad slow. Still, a mediocre Kurtz is better than most and it was a pleasure to return to Gwynedd and immerse myself in the detailed universe [...]

    17. This book has less of the horror and bloodthirstiness of many of the other Deryni novels, and for that alone it rates high. However, this sweet tale of a young boy pledged to serve a king not yet throned is one of the best because it ties many of the lines together. One of my favorite parts was (view spoiler)[when Alaric laid the feathers under his dead mother's shoulders so she could get angel wings. (hide spoiler)]. I adored Vera, and thought again how horribly unfair this world (then and Now, [...]

    18. The death toll in this makes me think that Ms. Kurtz has been taking a leaf out of GRR Martin's plotting devices, though to be fair, very few were violent deaths. Disease is one of those reasons I wouldn't really want to visit the Middle Ages.The book is enjoyable but sadly many characters aren't around long enough for you to get to properly know them. The writing style flows well as always, except for the initial checking on how a new character's name is pronounced.Now I just have to wait until [...]

    19. Tired Prequel. Fans and compleatists only.70 pages of people travelling and greeting one another before anything happens at all. The whole book is a set up for later events, and as often happens with prequels the author is trapped into describing rather than making the story live. When things do get moving a little it is a bad retread version of the superb 'Deryni Rising'. At least Katherine Kurtz keeps alive her policy of proper old fashioned health, if someone catches a chill, they die, if the [...]

    20. This is a book #2 about Deryni, humans with magical powers. Deryni are feared throughout the kingdom, therefore they have to hide their true identities from those who are not Deryni. The story is centered about Alaric Morgan, who is a young Deryni boy pledged to king's service. He is to serve Prince (future king) Brion. But books gives various twists and turns that might put them all in danger.The book is well written, with tons of different characters. I guess I should have read the book #1 fir [...]

    21. Alaric Morgan has been pledged to the kings service, for his Dernyi blood makes him ideal to safeguard the Haldane kings and ensure that Prince Brion has protection of his hereditary magic. But Alaric is only four years old, and first he must survive to reach manhood, in this follow-up to In the Kings Service.Another well-written extension to this most fascinating sagaKatherine Kurtz is indubitably one of the top writers of Fantasy.

    22. I'm a big fan of Kurtz's Deryni novels. I like the world she has created. The difficulties and prejudices the Deryni suffer mirror ones experienced by members of our society today. I would not call this a stand alone novel. I think it would be enjoyed more if one had some background. But it does make you curious to continue to explore her rich and complex world.

    23. I enjoyed the book, though it really doesn't compare well to the older works. As other mentioned it reads more as a history/back-filler to characters we know from earlier works. I enjoyed this, but it didn't hold the same fascination of the unknown.That being said, any Kurtz or Deryni fan should enjoy this venture back into this world.

    24. If you love her Deryni Series this does not disappoint. It gives a very interesting background history of Alaric Morgan from the later books. I read this in just over a day. I so love this series and hope she continues it with a new book soon. I had forgotten I had the book and had been away from the series for years but was quickly back in the land of humans and Deryni in a flash.

    25. I have mixed fealing about the Deryni books. They are rich, fascinating, but also dark. I don't really need to be reminded that some people are nasty. This one is hardly light, some unpleasant things do happen, but in some ways it is more positive than many of the other Deryni books

    26. It was ok - if you're a fan of the series, then read it. But if you're not, well, there are better fantasy series out there. I'm getting the feeling that Kurtz is stretching things out and I've never liked that in a series.

    27. This was a nicely done book by Kurtz, as is usually the case in her Deryni series. As expected in a 2nd book of a trilogy, many things were left open-ended for the conclusion, but it was still a good story to read.

    28. A bit better than the previous installment in The Childe Morgan series, but still disappointing. The is a prequel to a previous trilogy, and it just seems like filler.

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