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Buddhist Boot Camp Manuscript

  • Title: Buddhist Boot Camp Manuscript
  • Author: Timber Hawkeye
  • ISBN: 9780985836900
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • Buddhist Boot Camp Manuscript Buddhism is all about training the mind and boot camp is an ideal training method for this generation s short attention span The chapters in this small book can be read in any order and are short an

    Buddhism is all about training the mind, and boot camp is an ideal training method for this generation s short attention span The chapters in this small book can be read in any order, and are short and easy to understand Each story, inspirational quote and teaching offers mindfulness enhancing techniques that anyone can relate to It is very possible and perfectly okay Buddhism is all about training the mind, and boot camp is an ideal training method for this generation s short attention span The chapters in this small book can be read in any order, and are short and easy to understand Each story, inspirational quote and teaching offers mindfulness enhancing techniques that anyone can relate to It is very possible and perfectly okay for people who are Catholic, Muslim or Jewish, for example, to still find the Buddha s teachings motivational As the Dalai Lama says, Don t try to use what you learn from Buddhism to be a Buddhist use it to be a better whatever you already are There is absolutely no reason to argue over which religion came first or whose philosophy is better The important thing is to be kind, understanding, peaceful, patient and compassionate, which is actually fundamental in all religions Whether it s Mother Teresa s acts of charity, Gandhi s perseverance, or your aunt Betty s calm demeanor, it doesn t matter who inspires you, so long as you re motivated to be better today than you were yesterday Regardless of religion or geographical region, race, ethnicity, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, flexibility or vulnerability, if you do good, you feel good, and if you do bad, you feel bad Amen Hallelujah And all that Jazz If you agree that Buddhism isn t just about meditating, but also about rolling up your sleeves to actually relieve some of the suffering in the world, then become a fan on Facebook and a follower on Twitter to meet other like minded folks for beach cleanup events, feeding the homeless, caring for the elderly, community yoga, cooking classes, tutoring, or anything we can each do to help others You re now a soldier of peace in the army of love welcome to Buddhist Boot Camp

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    1. I bought this as an audible book. Something I think everyone should truly listen to. It's something that I wish I had heard about 20 years ago. It's almost like having a conversation with a new friend that's already made all the mistakes you have and gives gentle advice.

    2. After posting on FB the other day that I had some soul-searching to do, a friend offered to mail me a copy of this book. I received it Monday and read 1/2 of it then and finished up the last few pages today. First off, I will admit I did not have much knowledge about Buddhism prior to reading this book. And I should add I am definitely not a religious person to say the least. I have my own personal beliefs but religion as a whole turns me off. This book resonated so much with me. And yes it's tr [...]

    3. I could easily fill this review with quotes from the book, but who really wants that? Instead I will say that this book felt very authentic to me. The author states his intentions right in the beginning: to awaken, enlighten, enrich, and inspire. This book is packed with stories, anecdotes, and wisdom that can only make the world a better place. It presents a different perspective on many things and it seems to be kind advice that would be acceptable in any religion. The author never comes acros [...]

    4. First things first, I'm not religious and he's very clear that you can be totally free from religion or practice any faith and get something out of this book. He's right about that. The things he says fit into anyone's life and go against no religious belief that I'm aware of. I think they would only enhance anything you currently practice. This is a very quick read, but its a book I can see myself reading multiple times. There's nothing new or revolutionary here, but it is raw and honest and it [...]

    5. This book reminds me of Tiny Buddha, Simple Wisdom. This is a nice and somewhat innocent book. Being in the second half of my life, I find the author young. The other thing I find with this book is that it doesn't address deep pains such as war, poverty, trauma, rape,genocide, loss, betrayal, etc. The book would have been great for me to read when I was a teen. Overall, I hope he continues to write as he ages. Younger people can definitely benefit.

    6. I bought this book, I read it, and then I bought more copies to give to my friends. It's a great little book that you can dip in and out of and refer to when you need a little clarity in your life. Every page is a separate read. If everyone lived with these principles, the world would be a wonderful place. I highly recommend it.

    7. A quick read. Very basic, but OK for those who are new to Buddhism. The author does not appear to have a lot of experience with Buddhism. Some of the ideas Buddhist thought he presents is incorrect. However, this is a book I could recommend to someone who could benefit from adding some simplicity and less ego to their life.

    8. There were moments and messages in Hawkeye's book that, while not necessarily groundbreaking or new, are worth repeating. One of his messages is to increase gratitude for life; by "feeding" gratitude more than anger or fear, those other negative emotions will atrophy. This is definitely one I need to work on.The anecdotes about Hawkeye's personal life is scattered throughout, and this creates a fascinating, sometimes jarring experience with his Zen teachings. I almost wish he wrote a straight-ou [...]

    9. I really loved this book, and I'm certain this will be one I will return to. It is a seriously quick read, and unlike a lot of self-help/religious books, not so heavy or dogmatic that it is hard to digest (or stomach, for that matter). Little elements of this book keep coming back to me, which is a great sign. I love following Timber on Facebook, too!

    10. Demystifies Buddhism for the average Joea great introduction to ways of making changes in your life without the worry of having to become a Buddhist

    11. A "boot camp" - such as military or fitness boot camp - is usually a short but intensive period of indoctrination into a system or process. "Buddhist Boot Camp" does not fit that description.For the seasoned Buddhist, with years of meditative experience and familiarity with the teachings of the Buddha, this probably is NOT the book for you. For the person with little (read: no) familiarity with Buddhism, or someone who isn't interested in learning any of the deeper tenets of Buddhism, this book [...]

    12. Our son expressed interest in buddhism so I grabbed this in the SF airport the other day to simply learn more than I knew. This was easy because I basically know nothing about buddhism. Hawkeye's book was a fun and intriguing introduction. I'm glad Tommy pointed me in this direction and look forward to reading more in my next dip in these waters.

    13. This is one of those books that will actually help you. It does not give you a secret code to unlock the mysteries of the universe, nor does it tell you how to win a million dollars. This book helps you change your perspective about the things happening in your life, and how to see a silver lining, and teach you the one true way to a happy life: Be kind.

    14. Quick read. Ended up making notes within the book. This is nothing new but simply reminders of how we should act on a daily basis. I've re-read it an additional 2 times.

    15. Chicken Soup for the Buddhist Soul. OK, I admit to having not finished much of this book, partly because the more I thought about the author's name, the less I felt able to renounce my desire to punch him in the face. Also, as far as I can tell, this guy is like the Joel Osteen of Buddhism. He takes all the positive, attractive, new-agey sounding love stuff and leaves out anything smacking of critical self-examination or of being enlightened to the actual, literal meaninglessness of life, the un [...]

    16. Oh this wonderful, wonderful little book. I almost don't want to say that it has been 'read' and file it away - as it's one that should be checked in with, often. Like a good trainer, Timber Hawkeye knows that we need encouragement and motivation to stay on track. This is 'fitness' for the soul. If I could I would buy a copy for every child in the world, to help spread these teachings - of the very fundamental principles of love and respect. And then I would secure a copy for every adult, everyw [...]

    17. I started this little book yesterday afternoon. In between the many things I managed to do between then and now, I finished it. I loved it. It's a borrowed book from the library but I plan to buy a copy for the house. Possibly a few to give out to friends. It's a book that begged to be opened back up to page 1 and started again. I loved how simple but profound it was. It nutshelled many Buddhist beliefs and practices and made them easy to digest and understand. I recommend it highly to anyone, f [...]

    18. This book is written so beautifully I wish there were more like it. Offering the opportunity to read it in small byte sized pieces in any order you want. Using short stories to explain the philosophy without claiming any rights to rules or commandments. It is truly written by a buddha who understands the philosophy.

    19. I love Buddhist Boot Camp. Nothing new really but fresh and young in its presentation. It's easy to forget that the opposite of one's beliefs is also true among other things. It's a keeper and one of those books I'll keep handy and read again in snippets.

    20. As the author explains, this is not a book about Buddhism. What it is, is a collection of inspirational thoughts and directives to help the reader go within and around themselves to awaken, enrich and inspire. You do not need to be Buddhist – or even thinking about becoming a Buddhist-- to enjoy or benefit from this book.The author has a diverse background. On page 140 he explains, “I am a lot of things, yet not one of them defines me. Although I am technically Jewish, my mantra is Hindu, wa [...]

    21. I did not finish this book. On one hand, you've go the simplest approach about Buddhism ( witch can be interesting if you know absolutely nothing about it) on the other some personal experiences who can be interesting, but not enough for me to continue reading. I found some of the content offensive, but only because the author sometimes assumes that the reader is (or could be) prejudiced and totally lacking in compassion I'm not sure such a person could be even remotely interested in Buddhism, ( [...]

    22. I have never read a book about Buddhism and I did not know anything about Buddhism.But when I read Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber HawkeyeBuddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkeye ("B/book/show/1 ).I come to know about Buddhism and how it is important to our life.Today i know that what is Buddhism and is all about training the mind,and boot is an ideal training method for generation short attention span. This is all don by the book Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkeye .The book chapter are small and eas [...]

    23. I did not finish this book. I read about half of it and it was OK, nothing new. Then there were 2 pages where the author lists all his past sins. He lists having abused a dog and killed 2 cats. I was mortified and certainly not in a Buddhist relaxed state after that. I don't care how reformed he is now, what he did is unforgiveable and I don't think anyone should buy this book or waste their time reading it.

    24. Simply one of the best books I have ever read. So many practical tips for leading a happier life. Very digestible, applicable to regular people, and free of dogma and "should" statements. This one will be on the virtual reference shelf for life.

    25. I enjoyed this book and felt like I got a lot of interesting tidbits out of it. I like his perspective on many things and makes me want to delve more into Buddhism. The narration by the author was excellent as well.

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