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The Rope Dancer

  • Title: The Rope Dancer
  • Author: Roberta Gellis
  • ISBN: 9780515089776
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Rope Dancer Unequalled in her art Carys danced for the danced in manor and village Love was a stranger to this little rope dancer until Telor came along the wandering minstrel whose love for her made his songs

    Unequalled in her art, Carys danced for the danced in manor and village Love was a stranger to this little rope dancer until Telor came along, the wandering minstrel whose love for her made his songs sweeter and passionate An exquisite novel of historical romance during the golden age of chivalry, from the bestselling author of A Tapestry of Dreams.

    1 thought on “The Rope Dancer

    1. An interesting book. I wanted to read it because it featured lower-class protagonists, and I kept reading for the same reason. The writing was pretty amateurish, in my opinion. A lot of telling, not a lot of showing, and I often found myself skimming through long interal monologues and passages where whole conversations were glossed over. Fortunately, the strong characters and excellent plot (once you get further into the book, the plot does develop and is well worth the wait) helped balance the [...]

    2. I was surprised that I liked The Rope Dancer as much as I did. It isn't typically something I would be drawn to read, yet it's a rollicking, adventurous, sweet and even kind of hot book.Carys is the eponymous dancer, performing on ropes as part of a traveling troupe in medieval England. The men she works with, however, treat her with something less than dignity. Okay, a LOT less than dignity. Carys does not realize that she can - and should - be treated better, largely because this life is the o [...]

    3. The plot is always surprising. It’s distinguished by from other stories because of being placed in a historic setting. Original. The life of nobles and servants and horse and cart and the list goes on.I think it’s a seriously well written story. I took this from the library. Where I found a lot of good books to read. I would read in my sleep if I would. There is a good act of morals in stories such as this. Deri is a dwarf. Telor an minstrel. And they have been on the road with which they se [...]

    4. I sought out this book because it was recommended as a rare medieval romance that was not about the lords and the ladies, but instead about the working class. In that it was interesting, and I dearly loved, as always, reading about a romance heroine who is totally self sufficient. However, perhaps because it was about a heroine of a different class than usual, there was just so much expositionevery time Carys made a decision or said something, we had to read through several paragraphs that kind [...]

    5. Barely started reading this, then I lost it. sigh That doesn't happen with e-books. Now that I've found it again I'm going to put it back in my TBR pile.Upon finding and reading-This is a very good story, not your typical plot at all. I loved the feel of the road and the friendship that develops between Carys, Telor and Deri. It's a view of Medieval life you don't often get, realistic enough that it feels believable but not disgusting or too dark. Plenty of adventure that never overshadows the r [...]

    6. It was okay. The one thing that bothered me about the story was that the action always seemed to be interrupted by internal dialogue, to the point that the character often repeated what he/she was thinking so that the reader would have to read it twice. It just didn't flow very well.

    7. Full of medieval historical detail about the less-than-ideal life of the working class and the dangers faced by women. I read this in high school, back when I could read for hours on end during weekends and breaks from school. (Those were the days!)

    8. Points for being a medieval genre historical that focuses on people other than the nobility. (Admittedly, glamorous travelling troubadors.)

    9. This book made me understand about the daily life in the Middle Ages, while also being an excellent adventure and a strong romance. A great favorite of mine.

    10. I have read this book a couple of times during the past many years. Why did it take me until now to appreciate the characters?

    11. This one is a favorite of mine by RG. The heroine instead of being a highborn lady is a wandering player with a troupe of troubadour types. Very well constructed story.

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