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The Journal Of Sanctuary One

  • Title: The Journal Of Sanctuary One
  • Author: R.J. Scott
  • ISBN: 9781614958338
  • Page: 109
  • Format: ebook
  • The Journal Of Sanctuary One Jake spends every Christmas at Sanctuary From a small child the cabin was home for his family in the special season and with the third anniversary of his dad s death approaching he arranges for Kay

    Jake spends every Christmas at Sanctuary 1 From a small child the cabin was home for his family in the special season, and with the third anniversary of his dad s death approaching he arranges for Kayden, Beckett and himself to meet at the cabin a few days before Christmas When a snowstorm means Kayden is blocked in NY with Beckett, Jake ends up in the cabin on his ownake spends every Christmas at Sanctuary 1 From a small child the cabin was home for his family in the special season, and with the third anniversary of his dad s death approaching he arranges for Kayden, Beckett and himself to meet at the cabin a few days before Christmas When a snowstorm means Kayden is blocked in NY with Beckett, Jake ends up in the cabin on his own.Sean is being hunted and the only place he can run to is somewhere mentioned in an old journal the original Sanctuary Cabin The cabin is no longer in official use but it would be a good place to heal and take stock of just what the fuck is going on with his life.Neither man is prepared for being stuck together for an entire week, nor for the secrets that threaten to get them both killed.

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    1. Must be fabulous if you're gay and work for 'Sanctuary', looking after all those hot men, and mostly being hot yourself! This is the final book in the series so far, and at last gives us Jake's HEA. After watching most of his agents and fellow operatives find their own HEA, he must have been really p****d that his own love life was non-existent, and the one person he would have given anything for to be his partner seemed to be a double-agent, who nearly got some of the Sanctuary operatives kille [...]

    2. The Journal of Sanctuary One is the sixth installment of R.J. Scott's Sanctuary series. I think we all knew Jake and Sean needed a book and the fact it was together was even better. I loved this and was not disappointed with them at all. I have to admit this was filled with sexual tension for me. These two made me want to scream at the top of my lungs for the first half.Sean and Jake have been in and out of this series. Jake has always seemed kind of sad and Sean was someone who hurt several cha [...]

    3. Reviewed on Hearts On Fire heartsonfirereviews/Oh what a perfect way to wrap up Sanctuary's involvement in the Bullen case. It's Christmas time and Jake and Kayden have a tradition of spending it at the family's cabin in the mountains. This is no regular cabin but the retired Sanctuary One that was built by Jake's father, Max. A winter blizzard keeps Kayden and Beckett stranded in the city so Jake figures that he'll spend the holiday alone. Sean, the believed double agent, is on the run and his [...]

    4. bianchianita1971/2Finalmente il libro dedicato a Sean e Jake!!! Lo sapevo che questi due erano fatti l'uno per l'altro e la loro storia mi ha dato ragione!!!Non voglio spolierare troppo perciò lascerò la trama al minimo: sappiate solo che una tormenta di neve costingerà questi due testoni a trascorrere del tempo da soli. Ciò farà si che la verità venga finalmente a galla. Potreste pensare che quello di due persone bloccate dalla neve in una baita isolata sia un plot abastanza abusato ma de [...]

    5. The Journal of Sanctuary One starts with Jake, the owner (and guy in charge) of Sanctuary heading to his family’s cabin in the woods. Its Christmas and Jake is alone, Kayden and Josh being stuck in New York due to the snow and adverse weather. Jake, heart sick at the betrayal of Sean the FBI liaison officer he worked with (and was falling for), and exhausted, just wants some peace, time to sleep and get his head back straight again. What he actually gets is a whole lot different when Sean, on [...]

    6. Warm and Fuzzy Toe Curling Read! Jake ♥ SeanSighThis is really more like 4.5 stars~Pondering between stars~My first thought was simply 4 cuz, it really is more, yet not quite 5 stars. I missed all the guys Gosh, it would have been perfect if they all were in this book~ but, this book is still almost perfect,because I'm still having lingering curl your toes, warm toasty thought's of sweetness that is imbedded in this book~ This was a sweet read!

    7. What a treat to finally read Jake's story. He may be in charge of Sanctuary, but his personal life is a different matter. In this book he has to confront not only the consequences of some of the threads from across the five previous books, but also his feelings for Sean. Yes, the same Sean who looks a lot like a traitor to the ongoing case against the Bullen family. Jake being who he is, and Sean not willing to compromise either, they are headed for an explosive confrontation within the first tw [...]

    8. A good wrap up for the series, but I think the novella format is too restrictive for all things the author wanted to say. This is the last book, so I think she could have taken a page or two from Harry Potter series.What I like:- there's no dragging on what's the deal with Sean. - practically all previous pairs returns, with the exception of Joseph, of course, since he's still an active SEAL who's on a secret mission somewhere (Perhaps at Latakia, Syria? :)- story about Jake's parents- (view spo [...]

    9. A very good book to end the series with. It was a quick read and I was so enthralled with the story that when I finished reading it I felt I had only began the book 2 minutes ago but in reality an hour and half had passed. Just to warn readers, Sean and Jake are stuck in a cabin for a majority of the book so there's some sappy emotional scenes as they try to rectify their issues. Sean's bombshell pertaining to Jake and his family was unexpected and it was a very nice surprise.

    10. Jake was always my favorite and I am glad he finally got his man. I like the fact that this story was straight forward and not a lot of miscommunications. Sean stepped up to the plate and Jake did the same, they are perfect for each other. I thought this would be the final book, but now i am not so sure.

    11. Finally Jake and Sean's story. This is a great series. I hope that sometimes in the future we will be seeing these characters again. :)

    12. Overall, a really good read, I do think Jake and Sean fell into bed/love a little too fast considering the history between them, but probably no faster than the other pairings in the series :-)

    13. Alors une relecture s'impose ! 1 ère ligne, 1 ère page une faute ver le nord et ça continue encore et encore ! Bref

    14. 4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress/This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Jake has plans of spending Christmas at Sanctuary One with his brother and his partner when snow stops Kayden and Beckett from travelling, now Jake looks forward to a Christmas alone when he is surprised by an unexpected guest. Sean has to lay low and the only place he can go is Sanctuary One, after seeming to have betrayed all around him he has no-one to turn to, [...]

    15. I was excited when I read there would be another book in the Sanctuary series. The Journal of Sanctuary One by R.J. Scott features Jake Callahan and Sean Hanson. The more books I’ve read in the series, the more I’ve wanted to read Jake’s story. As the leader of Sanctuary, I knew he was destined for love at some point. Seems authors always love to save the leaders for the end! Jake is on his way to meet Kayden and Beckett at their winter cabin to spend the holidays. Unfortunately a massive [...]

    16. I read Sanctuary 1 through 6 all as one long novel, I think that's about my only complaint with these books, they need to be longer! But reading them as one, gives a better picture of the story arc and how Sanctuary - a private body guard agency set up to look after the cases the FBI or others can't - gets involved with the Bullens, three brothers, two mobsters, the other a US senator. Oh yes, and did I mention the rogue FBI agent, Sean Hanson, who's maybe not so rogue as first painted? All in a [...]

    17. Really enjoyed it! my god i was so curious about Sean! why he did what he did, i'm glad it all came to the light.I always liked Jake a lot, and i'm so glad he got his own book, he deserves some happiness as well :)These guys seem to be able to turn things on fire when together, and they have the whole "parents of the entire Sanctuary" vibe going on, just really enjoyed their dynamic.I think I have one more book to go :D yay!!

    18. Finished. Well, it took me some time - and I didn't read something else in between - which shows that I wasn't really immersed in the story. It started out quite ok; I was soon back into the series and looking forward to the further development, but somehow it just lost me. It was flowing along without much highs and lows. The showdown near the end was expected and not really surprising, as well as the conclusion. Perhaps I should have stopped reading this series with book #5.2.5 stars

    19. 3.5 Stars. I felt the ending was a bit rushed. And I felt it needed a bit more conflict between them before they finally decided to stay together. But I do like how it ended. Looking forward to Joseph coming home in the next one. 2nd read: 11/4/13

    20. ACK! I want to move on to the next one, but it's not out yet :( Only a week and a few days though, thankfully.Jake, Jake, Jake!!!

    21. Reviewed by:Don Genre: M/M Contemporary RomanceRated: 4 hearts Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews

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