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A Corpse of Mistaken Identity

  • Title: A Corpse of Mistaken Identity
  • Author: J.F. Lewis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Corpse of Mistaken Identity If someone dies an unnatural death an untimely death and you have to have them back no matter what the cost Marlo Morne can help but there are rules time is an important factor and there are alw

    If someone dies an unnatural death, an untimely death, and you have to have them back, no matter what the cost Marlo Morne can help, but there are rules, time is an important factor, and there are always clients who want those rules to be broken on their behalf.

    1 thought on “A Corpse of Mistaken Identity

    1. The real trick with urban fantasy is to come up with something new to bring to the table, and Lewis does exactly that in this refreshing novella. Marlo Morne is a zaomancer, a wizard with a very specific skill set involving the energy of life. On the surface he comes across as the standard Sam Spade-style private dick, but once you spend a little time in his head you slowly realize that it’s all an act, and he’s a very different kind of character. He works as a resurrectionist, but the use o [...]

    2. This novella has everything i want in a great read World building, characters that are real and likeable, action, and plenty of Snark (no spoiler intended). I love Lewis' Void City series and it was a pleasure to be introduced to a new cast of characters. This is set in the Void City universe, but a new twist in a new town. JF Lewis has a wonderful imagination. Well worth the price.

    3. Marlo MorneI've always appreciated a little snarky book and this is right up there with the other J.F. Lewis books. I have read the void city trilogy and whereas this is not as action packed the characters are just as snide and edgy as ever. Goodread

    4. Wonderful like all of his books. His characters are full and alive. A little horror and humor. As always he paints a vivid other world I may not want to live in but quite enjoy visiting.

    5. A quick read. Suspension of disbelief and a childlike sense of adventure always are required to read any of J. F. Lewis' offerings. Always fun and a pleasure.

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