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Tim, Defender of the Earth!

  • Title: Tim, Defender of the Earth!
  • Author: Sam Enthoven
  • ISBN: 9781595141842
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tim Defender of the Earth Tim Defender of the Earth is a rock em sock em thriller filled with smoke spectacle and big time adventure Big Ben will fall Westminster Abbey will crumble London will never be the same TIM aka

    Tim, Defender of the Earth, is a rock em, sock em thriller filled with smoke, spectacle, and big time adventure Big Ben will fall Westminster Abbey will crumble London will never be the same TIM, aka Tyrannosaurus Improved Model, is the product of a top secret government military experiment, and he couldn t be loveable Sure, he s an enormous monster to most, butTim, Defender of the Earth, is a rock em, sock em thriller filled with smoke, spectacle, and big time adventure Big Ben will fall Westminster Abbey will crumble London will never be the same TIM, aka Tyrannosaurus Improved Model, is the product of a top secret government military experiment, and he couldn t be loveable Sure, he s an enormous monster to most, but at heart he s just a big, awkward, thirteen yearold who realizes he could be all that stands between the earth and total destruction Take that, Godzilla Now TIM must form an unlikely alliance with fifteen year olds Chris and Anna in order to save humanity from the greatest threat it has ever known Anna s father, the brilliant and demented Professor Mallahide, and his growing tide of vicious, all consuming nanobots Will TIM prevail and save the British Isles and the world from evil We ll all have to hold hands, read, and believe in TIM, Defender of the Earth

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    1. The title of this book is brilliant as it is but when you learn TIM stands for Tyrannosaur: Improved Model it's mind-blowing. Scientists have created a T-Rex which has been designed for military applications. In the tough world of government funding that's moved to a Mallahide, a scientist working with nanobots. But when Mallahide turns himself into a nanobot cloud and wants everyone to become like him its up to Tim to fight him. Oh and two schoolchildren, one of whom is Mallahide's daughter. Th [...]

    2. At its core, I believe that TIM had some intriguing ideas. I think that had those ideas been better thought out, the story could have improved exponentially. I, for one, absolutely loved the idea of Dr. Mallahide’s nanobots. They were marvelous, and the possibilities were infinite. Personally, I believe that Mallahide was probably right at the beginning. Though the prospect of becoming a swarm of machines or adopting a hive mentality seemed repulsive to many of the humans in the book, I would [...]

    3. Before I can get to my (surprisingly conflicted) opinion of Tim, Defender of Earth! by Sam Ethoven, I need to tell you about the author’s first book, The Black Tattoo.I won’t go into much detail about The Black Tattoo’s storyline, but it’s personally my favorite book in all of the history of literature. The characters were lovable, the plot was engaging, and the setting was one of the most spectacular fantasy worlds in any media I’ve ever seen. So, when I saw the author’s name on Tim [...]

    4. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooOn a school trip to the British Museum, Chris wanders off alone and discovers a private room in the basement. A strange woman appears and shows him a special display case. The object in the case starts to cast a strange glow around the room. The lady opens the case and places the object, a bracelet, on Chris's wrist. It clamps shut and Chris is unable to remove it. With the cryptic words "You've been chosen" uttered to Chris, he is sent back upstairs to join hi [...]

    5. At first, I was disappointed that Tim was so big. After all T-Rex's aren't nearly 300 feet tall. They are about one-tenth that size. But I'll tell you what, I just finished watching the 1998 movie Godzilla, and now I can easily picture Tim being as big as he is. Sam Enthoven is obviously a fan of the old Japanese Godzilla movies, the King Kong films, and more, as am I. I used to watch all of these films on the Family Film Festival on Saturdays and Sundays at 3 PM on KTLA. So, when I heard about [...]

    6. This is a book I hadn't heard of until I picked it up in Half Price Books' clearance aisle, and it took me a while to read it. To add to the confusion, it's listed on Titlewave as an adult title. What a shame! Like Cole's Z Rex, this was a fabulous smash-em-up science fiction book!TIM is a genetically engineered, indestructible tyrannosaur developed by the British government. He's been happy living underneath Trafalgar Square in a lab, until they try to kill him. Chris is a hapless teen who is g [...]

    7. What secrets does your government keep from you? Nanotechnology? Genetic engineering? In TIM: Defender of the Earth, this and much more is going on. Anna Mallahide is the daughter of scientist that works for the government. She is used to being the new girl at school because her father’s work requires that they move quite frequently. Chris is a guy who cares more about what people think than about doing what is right. He wants to be cool, but feels like he really has to work at it. When Anna a [...]

    8. I don't like giving up on books. I really don't. I'm usually a stick-through-it kind of person, no matter how bad it is. But I'm making an exception for this one. I have too many better things to do, and this book is really bad.Okay, I understand it is a Godzilla story (well, not officially, but that's really what it is), so I didn't go in expecting Shakespeare, or even Stephen King. However, this book is really poorly written. It is one cliche after the next, which I guess is to be expected fro [...]

    9. This is fun in a very Godzilla meets Mothra kind of way. Crazy Professor Mallahide and his swarm of insatiable nanobots are threatening London. The only thing that could possible stop them from destroying the city -- and the entire world -- are three teenagers: Anna (Mallahide's daughter), Chris, and TIM (that's Tyrannosaur Improved Model). Yes, TIM is a genetically engineered dinosaur created as a top secret science project by the British government who has recently fled his captors only to fin [...]

    10. I'll read almost anything set in London, but this one is positively anti-historical. Not only do London landmarks appear only to get flattened, but the narrator calls attention to the long history of many of them just so that it can be erased in seconds. Part of the Houses of Parliament dates back to 1097? Oops, smoosh. Christopher Wren designed St. Paul's Cathedral? Oops, gone now. We meet the two human teens on a school trip to the British Museum, in which they are not at all interested, and 1 [...]

    11. When reading this book I was somewhat interested into it. IN the beginning of the book you meet TIM. Tim stands for Tyrannosaurus Improved Model. Tim is envolved form of a dinsosaur. The laboratory that Tim is held in is 70 stories below the earth's surface. Tim is a component of a soldier and a dinosaur.Two chapter later you meet Chris Pitman, a young boy who's trying to coast through school and trying to be involved in the cool crownd. You meet Chris Pitman and his class in a musemum. Chris la [...]

    12. Against my better judgement I'll give the book four stars but academically, three might be more fitting. The book is a bizarre confection of YA literature, B-Movie nostalgia, and serious science fiction and yet despite these disparate elements it works. It won't be the greatest book you'll ever read but if you love giant monster movies as much as myself, the book is a treat to read. You'll have to keep in mind the book is meant for a younger set, so characterization is somewhat lacking, but its [...]

    13. I wanted to like this book. The concept is fun and cool (a giant tyrannosaurus rex defends the earth from nanobots). But the nanobots did it in for me. Without any sort of science or explanation about how the nanobots worked, they seemed that they should be unstoppable. The way they worked in the book they were frighteningly prolific and devoured everything when they wanted to, but couldn't devour (or didn't want to) the tyrannosaur. I didn't understand why the swarm of nanobots bothered to make [...]

    14. Sam Enthoven has got a big fan of giant-monster movies and this book is his tribute to giant lizards, enormous human-animal hybrids, sea monsters, and creative landscape destruction. This book is fun and doesn't take itself too seriously - apparently, giant monsters have secretly been protecting earth/nature/balance for millions of years. The arrival of humankind has made their jobs much harder. Now throw in a professor hellbent of "freeing" people from their bodies and becoming the next phase o [...]

    15. This book really reminds me of Godzilla, in London. A human-made dinosaur comes to life and breaks out to the streets of London, cause panic and destroying the city. Meanwhile a professor becomes evil and corrupted and creates an invention that can dissolve anything. Soon there's an epic battle between the dinosaur "Tim" and the mad scientist, in the middle of London. This book has many action, with destroying the BT Tower and Westminester Abby.

    16. I though this book was cute it really didn't have much to it. It was also totally different than his first book, less violent and such, but it was nice to have something different on the book shelves. It was a great idea, but I do think he should have put more depth in to it. I recommend just getting it at the library like I did.

    17. I thought the idea of a genetically engineered T. Rex defending the world was going to make for a dumb story. But no. I actually really enjoyed it. And I think kids will really get into it. Tim (the T. Rex) is incredibly likable and the kids who play the main roles are very believable.

    18. Ages 10+ (pico de gallo language - damn, hell - bloodless violence, destruction of historically significant buildings) A monster movie come to life in London. Nanotech vs. the dinosaurs! Good for Artemis Fowl fans.

    19. Initially, I thought this would be a fun, campy read. It was just okay. Not much substance, ending felt rushed. I was ultimately disappointed. Might be a good suggestion for a reluctant reader who likes Godzilla movies

    20. I took the book back because I really don't like it. It just isn't my kind of book. I know other people will like it but I don't.

    21. One of the main characters of this book is a tyrannosaurus. This author has clever ideas and interesting personalities. It was quite adventurous and fast-moving.

    22. A young adult book that would be suitable for advanced primary school readers. A bit of scientific explanation before you get to the good stuff - dinosaur vs nanobots in the middle of London.

    23. I loved the characters, especially Anna, Chris and TIM himself. The descriptions of the government and populace reacting to the events of the book were among my favorite parts.

    24. I checked this out from the school library and really enjoyed it. The nanotechnology was really interesting. I may have to read it again to see if I still like it.

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