- By Jennie Orbell

Mulligan's Reach

  • Title: Mulligan's Reach
  • Author: Jennie Orbell
  • ISBN: 9781514233672
  • Page: 457
  • Format: ebook
  • Mulligan s Reach AN ISLAND PARADISE UNTIL HE ARRIVEDWhen fate brings Kane Mitchell into Alex McBride s life her island paradise soon becomes an island hell Someone is attempting to destroy everything she loves but who

    AN ISLAND PARADISE UNTIL HE ARRIVEDWhen fate brings Kane Mitchell into Alex McBride s life her island paradise soon becomes an island hell.Someone is attempting to destroy everything she loves but who and why Alex has never run from anything but that was before Kane Mitchell entered her life and Mulligan s Reach began to show its dark and sinister past.

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    1. I laughed. I cried. I fell in love. This is the third book I’ve read by this author, and even though I expected to love it on the strength of my enjoyment of the first two, the power of this story took me by surprise. It’s a wild and brilliant ride all the way through. It is unexpected and intense from the first page to the last, and hard not to gush about and give the game away. There is murder, intrigue, and unexpected passion. Alex Mc Bride has been so deeply hurt that she doesn’t ever [...]

    2. Mulligan’s Reach is a thrilling, cross-genre story based on a beautiful Australian island. Some of the characters are damaged, (possibly beyond repair?) but so real that I was rooting for them from the start.The author’s descriptions are fabulous. She does enough to convey the mood and tease your senses without boring you with over the top flowery language:(taking in the huge grapefruit coloured moon casting its Super Trouper light across the sea: a beaming beacon, lighting a mystical pathwa [...]

    3. Romance and adventure set against a backdrop of a wild island full of secretsMulligan’s Reach will stay in your thoughts long after you’ve finished reading it. The heroin, feisty Alex McBride is recovering from a failed relationship when she inherits an uninhabited island off the Australian coast, where she goes to live with her best friend, qualified vet Jody. The pair are set to start a stud farm and the story begins when two handsome American brothers arrive with their horse, who is to se [...]

    4. Mulligan's Reach is quite frankly a great read! The locations are so well described that you feel like you're there too, cheering on the protagonist (and hoping she'll eventually see the good in those around her!) Written with lovely attention to detail and down to earth humour, this story unfolds with an ever-deepening sense of mystery and suspense. You never quite know exactly how things will turn out and this is one of the things that makes it such a page turner. I really enjoyed it.

    5. This is a book which will appeal to many.Anybody who loves animals, especially horses, although this is definitely not a prerequisite to liking the book.Anybody who likes a good bit of clean romance infused through the plot.Anybody who loves a book which is character led with a strong plot.Anybody who loves a good mystery and a little intrigue.Anybody who likes a book to be fast paced with lots of action and adventure.Anybody who likes real characters with real lives, real baggage from their pas [...]

    6. I enjoyed Orbell’s romance novel, Mulligan’s Reach. She gives the genre fans everything they could ask for – a handsome guy, an attractive woman – both of whom, by the way, have relationship ‘issues’ – interesting secondary characters, an exotic location and lots of excitement and fireworks. But Orbell gives the discerning reader quite a bit more than that. She is an artful user of language. Consider the following:“The battered Land Rover revved into life on the first turn of the [...]

    7. A love story unfolds on an island where something or someone is trying to kill Alex McBride. Alex and business partner Jodie have set up a business to breed horses on an island off Mainland Australia.Alex has sworn off trusting men after her harrowing experience with Peter. She is attracted to Kane who has traveled to her island with a stud horse to cover the mares on her stud farm. Alex habours great distrust towards Kane. Is she right about him? Frustration, suspense and heartbreak is experien [...]

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