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Black Diamond

  • Title: Black Diamond
  • Author: Jennifer Loiske
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Black Diamond After her mom s sudden death twelve year old Shannon McLean has to move from the US to the English countryside to live with her mysterious father Connor McLean whom she hasn t seen since she was a

    After her mom s sudden death, twelve year old Shannon McLean has to move from the US to the English countryside to live with her mysterious father, Connor McLean, whom she hasn t seen since she was a baby Soon she discovers that he doesn t want her around and her moving into his huge manor, Greyman Hill, is nothing to him than a compulsory deal But if he does not exAfter her mom s sudden death, twelve year old Shannon McLean has to move from the US to the English countryside to live with her mysterious father, Connor McLean, whom she hasn t seen since she was a baby Soon she discovers that he doesn t want her around and her moving into his huge manor, Greyman Hill, is nothing to him than a compulsory deal But if he does not exactly give her a warm welcome, his servant Robert is most likely an incarnation of evil He runs the house with an iron touch and makes everyone who works there his little puppets Weird things start to happen and the whole place scares the crap out of Shannon Her dad can control her just by looking at her The walls are full of secret passages and apparently she has the talent to awaken the ghosts in them Every day is worse than the day before and she wants badly to run away but discovers it s impossible If she wants to stay alive she has to do exactly as her dad says or else she will not only jeopardize her own life but also the lives of the people around her.While Shannon struggles to find the magic inside her, Connor is slowly turning into a demon One carelessly spoken word from her could either save or destroy them both In the end she has to decide whether to save herself and her loved ones, or lose her dad to the darkness and evil that threaten to eat his soul.

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    1. Black Diamond is a story about good VS. evil. It serves a good message and perfect for a young reader who loves mystery, suspense, and magic. This book was one that you could just dive into. The writing was clear and easy to follow. This was a good escape and a compelling read. Even though I am far from being a YA, I really enjoyed the ride."She saw the house, and now that she knew its secret it didn't look as scary as it did before. It should have, but it just didn't. Yes, it was a damned house [...]

    2. Black Diamond by Jennifer Loiske and Eveliina Tommola is a YA fantasy about Shannon McLean, a 12-year-old girl who moves in with her magician father and is immersed in a demon-infested battle.Three weeks after her mother passes away, a heartbroken Shannon leaves Boston and moves to London to live with a father she doesn’t remember. Connor McLean lives in a musty manor house and is aloof, mysterious, and a bit terrifying to his cheeky daughter. The servants are either cringing like scared rabbi [...]

    3. Black Diamond (McLean Twins, #1) by Jennifer Loiske is a YA Paranormal mystery that is a must read for all fans of the genre. It is a masterfully written, well paced novel and hooks you from page one. I knew I was going to love this book and I did. Well done to the author.Twelve-year-old Shannon McLean is uprooted from America to live with her estranged father, Connor, in England at his imposing manor - Greyman Hill. Right away she takes a dislike to daddy and his right-hand man, Rupert.Shannon [...]

    4. This was actually a nice surprise for me. Right from the beginning, I was hooked. I knew there was so much more that still needed to be uncovered. I found myself guessing about her father and mother. I was left wondering what was wrong with her young friend. Truly, this book held my attention.Although it’s for young adults/pre-teens, as an adult, I still enjoyed it. It’s very well written and I especially liked Shannon’s feisty personality.There are a lot of surprises in this book, but I d [...]

    5. Black Diamond is grapping story. It had me from the very first page, with a vibrant description of teenage temper marbled with worry. The story is yet to begin, and you already want to know everything about Shannon McLean. Shannon has just lost her mother, and her father has her traveling from the US to London. From her young point of view, he’s a heartless, indifferent man. Instead of meeting with her at the airport, he hires a bodyguard, Simon, to pick her up. He keeps her waiting in a hotel [...]

    6. Black Diamond by Jennifer Loiske is a really fast and enjoyable read. I almost read the entire book in one sitting. The plot is full of action and well structured. It combines elements of mystery, magic and love into an inspiring story of new beginnings and sacrifices. I truly enjoyed Jennifer’s proposal regarding the use and the forces behind magic and how it unraveled into this dark version of the classical struggle of good and evil incarnated in this sweet and feisty children who are trying [...]

    7. I could picture myself as a little girl in Shannon's place, and actually imagined living in her unpredictable and magical world. Along with her twin brother Ian and a father who isn't quite human, the main character, Shannon, is defiant but brave in this magical journey about a young girl who doesn't realize she's a white witch. One day she's a normal girl with an ordinary life and the next day her mother is gone and she's jettisoned off to a father she doesn't remember. A wealthy and mysterious [...]

    8. The day after I received my signed copy of “Black Diamond” from the author, I made the time to start reading the book. The next thing I knew, I was more than halfway done. I would have read the book in one sitting if I could have put my life on pause.The beginning of the story briefly reminded me of my trip to England and I became very intrigued by the main character’s father, whom she was about to meet for the first time. Everything spiked my curiosity, from the moment Shannon stepped int [...]

    9. I loved this book! Full of twists and turns, Ms. Loiske creates for the reader a world full of dark magic and peril but, at its heart, there is innocence. The heroine of this tale is Shannon, a young teen, who has just lost her mother and has been sent to England to the care of a father she has never met. Transported to an estate that is, to say the least, foreboding, she discovers she is not alone - no, she has a twin brother and here the story really begins.Using breathtaking imagery, Ms. Lois [...]

    10. Black Diamond is an enthralling young adult story with a lot of magic, witches, demons and spells. The story takes place in a house located in an isolated forest in London. The author wrote some strong characters that move the tale along at a good pace. The story begins with the young protagonist, Shannon, losing her mother and sent to live with a father, Connor, a man she had never met before. At first, it was heart-wrench for poor Shannon, but things soon began to look up when she discovers sh [...]

    11. I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review. Black Diamond is about one girl's journey to finding her family she never knew she had and re-connecting with more than the past. Shannon loses her Mom, but finds out that she not only has a dad, but a twin brother too. I felt badly for Shannon, having to leave everything she knew to go someplace that was creepy as all get out. Not only that, but she keeps finding out weird things about herself and her Mom - her entire famly really. [...]

    12. WITCHES, WARLOCKS & DEMONSOH MY!!!I am happy to say that Black Diamonds sucked me in from the very first page. Shannon lost her mother at the age of twelve and went to live with her father, Connor, who had sold his soul to a demon. She entered a home that was dark, dreary and filled with malicious spirits, who wanted to do her harm. She discovered she had a twin, Ian and together they battled evil. They won, but now they have to save their father! I cannot express how much I loved this story [...]

    13. I enjoyed this paranormal adventure tale featuring a young girl coming into her power and discovering secrets about her family. It features a very original plot, appealing characters, and wonderful suspense and mystery. The pages flew by as I couldn't wait to uncover several of the puzzles and mysteries presented. If book one is any indication, this will be an adventure filled series filled with mysterious secrets and spell to keep readers following the twins, their father, and what maybe someth [...]

    14. “Black Diamond” was a great paranormal/supernatural novel, which tells a story of a young girl, Shannon, who, after losing her mother, has to fly across the ocean to meet her father, who is now supposed to take care of her. Only, as soon as she steps through the doors of his manor in England, she realizes that something dark and sinister is going on within its walls. Soon she meets her twin brother, who she never knew she had, and, after he reveals to her the astonishing truth about their tr [...]

    15. “Black Diamond” by Jennifer Loiske, is a slightly dark paranormal story with several unique elements that enables it to stand out in the crowded miasma of the genre. While it is primarily a tale of good vs. evil, it is also one about loss, betrayal, and discovery. These elements allow Ms. Loiske to not only scare her readers, but to do so without resorting to overtly graphic descriptions or details. She is an author who understands the idea of less is more.Other than a few early scenes the e [...]

    16. Black diamond by Jennifer LoiskeWhen Shannon's mother dies early and she is sent to live with her estranged father she thinks that life cannot get any worse.But she was wrong. There is something very wrong with the staff and the house. Something dark and sinister.She is terrified to live in the house with only one friend, Simon who seems to be owned by her father and unable to help her even if he really wanted to and she feels defeated. She thinks about running away but then out in the woods she [...]

    17. A dead mother, a demonic father, servants with terrible powers and equally terrible secrets and a twin she never knew existed: Welcome to the world that Shannon McLean suddenly finds herself a part of when she goes to London to live with the dad she never knew before her mom died.Jennifer Loiske's "Black Diamond" is a great read and there are some passages in it so skillfully written that they can make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Scary witches and demons aside, this is a book tha [...]

    18. BLACK DIAMOND starts with the death of Shannon's mother, leading to her being left alone in a hotel awaiting to meet the father she never knew. As she's taken from the hotel and back to his large estate, she starts to realise that things are not as they seem. There are people with strange tattoo's on their wrists who act as though they are robots or servents and are scared to talk to Shannon. When first meeting her father, she is struck by how not-normal he is about the whole thing and within th [...]

    19. I loved this book! Full of twists and turns, Ms. Loiske creates for the reader a world full of dark magic and peril but, at its heart, there is innocence. The heroine of this tale is Shannon, a young teen, who has just lost her mother and has been sent to England to the care of a father she has never met. Transported to an estate she discovers she is not alone – no, she has a twin brother and here the story really begins. The protagonists, Shannon and her newly discovered twin brother Ian, are [...]

    20. After her mother dies, Shannon McLean is a twelve-year-old girl who moves to her estranged father's manor house. Located two hours outside of London, off the beaten path where huge oaks and maples tower over a medieval castle, Shannon begins living at Greyman Hill. She soon discovers her twin brother, Ian, and the black diamonds. This story has a spooky setting where teens venture into secret passageways and dark corridors. The setting almost has the feel of something from The Secret Garden mixe [...]

    21. "Black Diamonds" is a fast-paced book with plenty of action and magic. Two siblings meet for the first time after twelve years. They join forces to defeat demons. The siblings are real to life, expressing many different emotions to each other--jealousy, irritation, loyalty, love. They waffled in what they wanted to do--both take turns wanting to save and then destroy their father who is turning into a demon. It kept the reader wondering how the story would end.My favorite part of the story was t [...]

    22. Shannon is between a rock and a hard place on so many levels. She's no infant, but not old enough to leave her father (Connor) and fend for herself. Her father doesn't mind her much so long as she stays out of his way, but he's also turning into a demon - literally. She's discovered a burgeoning aptitude for magic, but that could spell her undoing. She might use her powers to save herself, but at the risk of losing her father for good.Black Diamond is a story of magic directed to young adults au [...]

    23. Shannon goes to England to meet her father Conner. She knows nothing about him and has been forced to move due to the death of her mother. What transpires from this point is a mesmerizing YA novel about a daughter and her estranged father. Magic and demons abound making for a great read!A quote I enjoyed from this book, “You don’t care about the demons and their human slaves, or the fact that I’m more a prisoner than a guest in this house.”Although it is listed as a YA novel, all ages wo [...]

    24. Shannon McLean never knew her father until her mother dies and Shannon is now almost a teenager. As she discovers her father for the first time, she also learns much more about her own self and her family history (such as a twin brother she never knew she had) which would make any adult's head spin, much less a 12 year old. If there is a moral tale here it would probably have something to do with never make deals with demons, especially when it involves the ownership and stewardship of your own [...]

    25. I don't often pick up a witch book anymore for the simple fact that they all replicate Harry Potter to a certain extent. Black Diamond however, is a brilliantly fast paced, dark thriller. The fact that the author manages to keep it in the perspective of a twelve year old innocent girl the entire time is an incredible contrast to the rest of the book, giving it the perfect balance. You never know what is coming but you still hold out hope for the twins. I also loved the description of the moving [...]

    26. I received this book in exchange for a reviewA great YA paranormal novel about a girl who loses her mother only to find out that her father is a demon-to-be and she finds a long lost twin brother and not to mention they are all witches! Can't ask for anything better than that! There was a lot of of suspense and it kept me enticed all the way through it. I wanted more when I got to the end. I was sad to see that it had finished so soon. I guess I'll have to wait for the second book. Can't wait. A [...]

    27. I thought this was a well-written book about a girl meeting her father for the first time, and the only feeling she has is fear. Her world is turned upside-down when she discovers that both her mother and her father are witches, and she has a twin brother. Why her parents split up with her mother raising her and her scary father raising her twin is a central part of the story so I don't want to reveal too much. It's a great book with witches and other magical components.Verified purchase.

    28. I loved this book! After I was done hiding under my blankets, and yelling at certain characters, I realized how quickly I was flipping pages and how many hours were passing; I just could not put the book down. I felt nervous for Shannon living in that spooky house, with a bunch of creeps! I loved the author’s ability to paint a scene in your mind, and pull you into the story from start to finish. I don’t want to give anything away, because I feel the book deserves to be a surprise. However, [...]

    29. This was a great read and held my attention without a problem. I loved all the different aspects of the plot. The story was very easy to follow and all the characters were well developed. I really couldn't' stand the father in this story at all, you would think that he would have been more caring towards his daughter and it just bugged me that he was so cold. Great book for teen readers and would recommend to anyone.

    30. 5.0 out of 5 stars Good and evil, November 24, 2014By KAREN INGALLSVerified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: BLACK DIAMOND (McLean Twins Book 1) (Kindle Edition)A type of story that I do not usually read, but it was well written and the characters were interesting. Good and evil, demons and witches, twin brother and sister separated at a very young age and their search for understanding, acceptance, and saving their father. I was enjoying the book enough to read Book2.

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