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Through These Eyes

  • Title: Through These Eyes
  • Author: N.R. Walker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Through These Eyes Six months after we last met Carter Reece and Isaac Brannigan they re still very much in love Moving in together moving forward life for these two is great until some life changing events occur Isa

    Six months after we last met Carter Reece and Isaac Brannigan, they re still very much in love Moving in together, moving forward, life for these two is great until some life changing events occur Isaac has a frightening setback and Carter s world starts to unravel Things become even complicated and start to change for both men when Isaac s new colleague enters theSix months after we last met Carter Reece and Isaac Brannigan, they re still very much in love Moving in together, moving forward, life for these two is great until some life changing events occur Isaac has a frightening setback and Carter s world starts to unravel Things become even complicated and start to change for both men when Isaac s new colleague enters the picture As Isaac struggles for what he really wants, it might just cost him what he needs the most.

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    1. Re-read November 2015: Just a great, great book to visit again! I loved it just as much the second time as the first!Even better than the original Blind Faith, if you can believe it. N.R. Walker digs deep into Issac and Carter's relationship in this one and rips the reader's heart to shreds with a shitload of angst. But in the best way, because the HEA payoff was absolutely worth every tear. I just fucking loved it! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews

    2. Through These Eyes kind of ruined the first book Blind Faith for me. The story digs deeper into Carter and Isaac’s relationship and personalities, and it is ugly. (It’s not Carter whom I’m talking about, though.)Their relationship is very unbalanced. While Carter is amazingly loving and understanding and caring with Isaac, Isaac is hurtful, insincere, and selfish. Blindness is not an excuse for everything.The story is about a relationship crisis of the two of them, and this crisis has many [...]

    3. Check out my interview with the author N.R. Walker over at loveaffairwithanereadersp4.5 starsDAH!!!!! I loved THIS BOOK! I was a fan of “Blind Faith”, book 1 in the series. NR Walker has fast become a must-read for me. Book 2, “Through These Eyes” is even better!!! Carter, our patient and adoring vet, is even more amazing. Isaac, our blind and stubborn teacher, is even more temperamental, but even more lovable in his vulnerability. And the reader is treated to their LOVE for each other g [...]

    4. I am such a happy bunny at the moment. I'm doing happy dances and smiling to myself like a loon! And its all because I've finally finished this amazing book and because I can go back to giving N.R a true no holds barred 5 star rating that I couldn't quite give to ' Blind Faith' ( I gave it 4.5* but rounded it up). I hated doing that because N.R is one of my fave authors So technically all her books hit the big 5 for me make that 10! I'm not going to do rehashes of plot because I think everyone s [...]

    5. I hate to be a party pooper, but unfortunately I didn't like this book at all.I really liked both Carter and Isaac in the first story and although sometimes Isaac wasn't an easy character to like I still sympathized with his plight and I felt so sorry for him at the end when he tried to prove himself, but ended up in the hospital, it was a humiliating experience I didn't think he deserved. But in this book Isaac just pushed all my limits and I kinda hated him by the end and I wanted Carter to ju [...]

    6. 3½ Stars! Another beautiful story about Isaac and Carter, not as good as the first book, but still quite enjoyable. I seem to be in the minority with my rating on this book, most people loved this one better than Blind Faith, for me it was the opposite. My problem here was that the dialogue and scenarios were repeated one too many times. However, the underlying theme in the book, low-life’s preying on those who are at disadvantage, was very well done. There are those with absolutely no morals [...]

    7. Thank goodness I've managed to get back to my 5 star NR Walker rating, much better than Blind Faith in my opinion, and an amazing book given what the author has had to go through in recent months.This is not going to take long, rave reviews have already been done, so I'll just say thanks to the author, and pretty please, when can we have a story about Mark??

    8. So some friends of mine here were all like 'you're a huge loser because you haven't read this series yet' and I was all like 'shut up'but now I agree with them. I was a huge loser because for some reason I hadn't read this N.R. Walker series when I know how fabulous a writer she is. What was a waiting for?? What was I to do except read all three books this weekendDUH! Let me just focus on this one for right now.Hope is a powerful thing. It sometimes makes us lose objectivity because we want some [...]

    9. *** 4.5 Stars ****I still want to punch Isaac in the face 90% of the time, but this book was one giant feels-fest and I loved it (big, melodramatic Hollywood ending and all).

    10. I had issues going into this with Issac and not really liking him from the first book. I warmed up a bit by the end of Blind Faith and honestly it took me a while to warm up to him again here. I had to put the book down because he was pissing me off and oddly I eventually ended up reading this one backwards. I needed assurance that Carter was being treated respectfully by Issac because it bothered me that much. An odd way to go but it worked for me and when I could connect emotionally with Issac [...]

    11. Dear Isaac. I love you. I hate you. You have shown me all the ways stubborn isn't just a word but, an attitude.I wanted to junk punch you multiple times in this book but, by the end you really pulled it together-- thus the I love you.Another really great read by this author. I wasn't sure what to expect based on the blurb but NRW really put me through the ringer on this one. It was the same great Carter and Isaac together but now we are 12 months in and we get to see them more settled togetherd [...]

    12. 4.5 starsOh my god, I LOVED this book!!!!!! *hugs my Kindle*I loved Blind Faith too, but I found this one even more moving.It's not often that we're lucky enough to see what happens after the HEA. But even though I wanted to throttle Isaac on SEVERAL occasions (especially when he (view spoiler)[made that crack about Paul - ooooooooooh son, I canNOT believe you went there!! (hide spoiler)]), I couldn't help but love them both even more watching them just try to make it work, like every other coup [...]

    13. Isaac is finally starting to allow himself to love and allow himself to be loved, he learns good things like love, are worth the risk. Carter wants to move with Isaac, but Isaac doesn’t want to be a burden, he doesn’t want Carter to see how much he struggle. Although Carter loves him exactly how he is, Isaac wants to be ‘normal’ for him, he wants to be able to see."I'll never be able to see you." I took his other hand, holding both in mine. "You do see me. No one has ever seen me like yo [...]

    14. OMG This book! Isaac…Oh Isaac I could just hit you, and then hug you hard!!!Ok I gotta tell you last night when I finished this book I laid in bed happy, mad and happy again…And then this morning the first thing I did was text my BFF Macky (good thing she is 5 hrs ahead of me), I had to talk about this book. In this book, Carter and Isaac are together and getting closer. Isaac is still having is bad attitude and biting, cutting remarks but Carter sees them as getting closer everyday. then… [...]

    15. It is not often that I like a second book in a series (when the couple is already established) better than the first With Blind faith however, I’m definitely liking this one better!Probably because there was more of my kind of drama. (view spoiler)[ Ahh, jealousy, is there a better thing? Here it was very well done imo, nothing actually happened, but I got the chance to be extremely angry with Isaac and the way he treated Carter. I just wish Carter would have made him eat humble pie a bit long [...]

    16. 4.5 stars. It was so nice to be back with Isaac and Carter and watch them taking the next steps in their relationship. That was all well and good of course until Joshua, Isaac's new coworker, arrives. Is it wrong to want to punch the blind guy, because sometimes I just wanted to give Isaac and his "obnoxicity" a smack in the head (until of course he verbalizes the reasons for it and then I just wanted to cry). This story had a little bit of everything, including some angst that was not found in [...]

    17. I really liked the tension which the character of Joshua brought into the story. The arguments that arose due to Issac's involvement with him were valid and understandable.Once more, it's really nice to have a well thought out plot without the usual conflicts (e.g. homophobia, miscommunication, cheating, religion etc.) which are ubiquitous in other gay romance stories. Another winner!

    18. *****5 frustrated stars*****I loved reading Through These Eyes and continuing Carter and Isaac’s love story.Carter and Isaac have been together for a year now everything is going smoothly but there is trouble ahead. Joshua Isaac’s new work colleague and new BFF was a pain in the ass always there, I hated him, I had a theory about him and it turns out I was right HE WAS A MASSIVE DOUCHE.I love Isaac but for a while there blind or not I wanted to punch him in the nose for the way he treated Ca [...]

    19. 2.5 starsOne year after Blind Faith ends, Carter and Isaac are still going strong. They decide to move in together, but Isaac's biting temper and new friend, Joshua, threaten to tear them apart.I'm pretty conflicted rating this book. I really enjoy N.R. Walker's work and consider her to be a great writer. However, this series just didn't grab me the way her other books did. I think the reason for that is Isaac. He has to be one of the most unlikable characters I've ever read. He was prone to tem [...]

    20. BR, December 15th with Julie4,5 starsThis story had it all Sweetness, humor, banter and a lot of drama!!I liked it better than Blind FaithIsaac infuriated me a lot The way he acted towards Carter!! Carter was such a sweet man and he truly had the best interest of Isaac at heart.IsaacThe last 20% was really angsty!! Obviously Isaac has quite some issues to work through!! My heart broke for him…"You, Carter, I wanted to do it for you," Isaac whispered, his bottom lip trembled. "Of all the things [...]

    21. 3.75Through These Eyes is the sequel to Blind Faith and it's a neat follow-up. Carter and Isaac are still the same in all of their good points - and definitely also in all of their not-so-good ones. And that is one of the reasons why the story line closely resembles the first book with basically the same kind of problems and also the same kind of outcome. Of course, the events triggering any sort of mishap are different, but it's again Isaac's deep-lying insecurities and his stubborn and sometim [...]

    22. I am not sure I've ever been in such a dilemma - I liked everything about this book except for Isaac To be honest, I had not really enjoyed 'Blind Faith' because of Isaac's selfish, uncompromising and often emotionally manipulative attitude. But I had hopes for the sequel and wanted to give it a try. Until the climax, things were going moderately well in the sense that Isaac was his usual self - difficult with a dash of hurtful - yet his behaviour remained somewhat acceptable to me. Then he said [...]

    23. Ahh Drama, Drama, Drama!!!!This story had a great balance of humour, banter, sweetness, angst and a I loved it even better than theBlind Faith Truly romantic, sexy and full of delicious angsty moments that pull you in and keep you on the edge of your toes (view spoiler)[ last 15% nearly killed me (hide spoiler)] - but not in a gloomy way - I felt feeling delightfully satisfied. Blindsideis next. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>[ [...]

    24. I read this yesterday as soon as I could get my hands on it I needed to take some time to organize my thoughts about this book or it would have all came out sounding like complete nonsense because NR Walker scrambles my brain when she writes; it's that good.This book broke my freaking heart! Like tore it out and left it lying on the floor beating until I thought I couldn't take it anymore! And she says she doesn't do angst LIAR :)Isaac and Carter have been together for about a year now and their [...]

    25. The road to true love is never smooth and if one of the parties is Isaac, this is guaranteed! Although he and Carter have been together over a year, he is still insecure and manages to push Carter away and give him the silent treatment. Communication doesn't seem to be his strong point when emotions are involved!In this story, a number of things happen which throw Isaac off-kilter. He is preyed upon for his blindness and insecurities start to appear. Although Carter loves him exactly how he is, [...]

    26. 4.5 starsIsaac can be the biggest num-nut on the planet, but you can't fail to see that his fear and insecurities are the cause. He does everything passionately, and that includes loving Carter, and pissing Carter off, and sadly, hurting Carter, too. Carter is about as close to a loving saint that anyone could ever hope for in a partner. He drowns you in his love and lives to make Isaac happy. Too bad Isaac has to learn the hard way to allow Carter to see the real him, to accept that he is alrea [...]

    27. NR Walker does it again. I quite enjoyed this follow up to Blind Faith. I know this might be boring to others, but at times, I don't mind reading about established couples. Sure there's the allure of experiencing the buildup of 2 people getting together; there's also the comfort of seeing those 2 people who love each other struggle with some roadblocks. Carter and Isaac are going strong and said roadblocks do come into play - several of them in fact. Of course by the end they're better off becau [...]

    28. This second book still centers on Isaac and Carter six months after their relationship took off. They are now living together and everything’s dandy between them until Isaac’s new colleague enter the picture. All throughout the story, I was just nervous for Isaac and wanted to punch Joshua real good. Gawd, the guy’s a prick from the get-go. I was seething mad at Isaac though I guess I should try to understand where he’s coming from. Poor, poor Carter suddenly became homeless. I just wann [...]

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