- By Claire Merle

The Fall

  • Title: The Fall
  • Author: Claire Merle
  • ISBN: 9780571282913
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Fall London in the not so distant future Society has been divided into Pures and Crazies according to the results of a DNA test But seventeen year old Ana whose father invented the Pure test has uncover

    London, in the not so distant future Society has been divided into Pures and Crazies according to the results of a DNA test But seventeen year old Ana, whose father invented the Pure test, has uncovered a recording with dangerous evidence that the tests are fake.Ana has escaped her father and made it to the Enlightenment Project a secluded sect living on the outskirtsLondon, in the not so distant future Society has been divided into Pures and Crazies according to the results of a DNA test But seventeen year old Ana, whose father invented the Pure test, has uncovered a recording with dangerous evidence that the tests are fake.Ana has escaped her father and made it to the Enlightenment Project a secluded sect living on the outskirts of the City Back in the arms of Cole nothing is simple Some in the Project believe her presence jeopardises their safety, others interpret her coming as part of their prophetic Writings.When the recording Ana stole goes viral, the Project comes under attack Now Ana s father isn t the only one looking for her She s come to the attention of Evelyn Knight, the Chairman of the Board a powerful woman with a sinister plan Ana must take greater risks than ever to unravel the truth and discover the secrets that lie beneath the Pure test But unlike her father, the Chairman doesn t want her safely home She wants Ana s spirit crushed, permanently And she will destroy everyone Ana cares about to do it.

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    1. See more reviews at YA Midnight Reads DNF Thank you Allen and Unwin for sending me this copy. No compensation was given or taken to alter this review.I feel like I'm coming to the point where I just am so sick of the same stupid books that I have zero effort to rant about it. Books like The Fall suck all the energy out of my body, leaving me nothing but empty frustration. Dear The Fall, It is in my greatest reluctance to write, for what is to fourth-come is my dreary thoughts that have been drie [...]

    2. I loved The Glimpse and I was really excited to read The Fall. It was everything I had hoped it would be - exciting, unputdownable action, suspense, emotion. Ana is faced with lots of soul-searching challenges, incredible revelations. No one is quite who they first appear to be I feel like I've travelled a long way with Ana - on her journey of finding out who she really is, what stuff she is made of. I will miss her. I will miss her bright light in her amazing, mysterious, dark and twisted world [...]

    3. Wow! My eyes were glued to my kindle and I didn't want to put it down. It was action-packed, with twists and turns throughout the book. I loved it!!

    4. The thing about 'The Fall' is that it was too simple; simple characters, simple plot, simple ending. Good dystopians should make you think and question and this one just didn't. There wasn't any moral conflict in the novel - the good guys were good and the bad guys were bad and there wasn't any blurring of this line. Ana's dad became my favourite character, because he was the most complex of them (though that's not saying much). Evelyn Knight - the baddie - wasn't given any real backstory or fle [...]

    5. Having read and tremendously enjoyed "The Glimpse", I couldn't wait to get my hand on "The Fall". I was so excited by the premise of the first book, it even prompted me to include a discussion on top of my review to explore the mental health and discrimination issues. As it is, perhaps high expectations can sometimes mar our final enjoyment of a book. Had I not read the first book, I might've given half or even a full star more in the ratings. Thing is, once the premise, the setting and the char [...]

    6. The second and final book in The Glimpse duet. Both books serve up fast-paced action and spectacular twists. The prophetic glimpses are a unique and interesting quality that sets the books apart from other titles in its genre. I love this series and would recommend to fans of Teri Terry’s Slated and Emma Pass’s ACID.

    7. Очень скучная книга, сюжет в которой еле развивался. С удовольствием начала читать, потому что сеттинг все-таки обещал много, и в итоге - разочарование. Да, я была предвзята - но как раз предвзята в хорошем смысле слова, я была действительно настроена дать книге шанс стать одн [...]

    8. The Fall is a fantastic representation of mind control, disguise. It uses technology that any 21st century person would like to own. We now live in the age of gadgets but this book takes it to the extreme. Who would't want to own an “interface”?As it was a full year since the first book was available to the public it did take a few chapters to truly settle back down into that world but the necessary elements of the plot were present, the plot quickly came back. Time doesn’t seem to pass to [...]

    9. Caroline for bigbooklittlebookRead as part of Finish It Feb reading challengeI love duologues and I really need to read more of them. They are the perfect solution for readers like myself who want more, more, more from their favourite characters, who wish to be re submerged in familiar worlds, who enjoy the anticipation of waiting for the next instalment. BUT without the agony of years of commitment to reach a conclusion, of series fatigue, of memory loss, filler, and the predictable formula of [...]

    10. Like so many series, the first book was so much better than the second. I really enjoyed learning about the dystopian version of London and meeting the characters in The Glimpse, but the Fall just didn't have the satisfying pay off I was looking for. I think the author wrote herself into a cliché corner - the suspense was built on whether the heroine or her love interest would survive the ending, but it felt like it would be predictable whatever happened. If Ariana had died it would have felt l [...]

    11. This book was a little more confusing than The Glimpse, especially at the end. You swap between lots of different scenes, and you forget what just happened with the other scenes and you end up a little more than confused.I pushed through on this one, because I wasn't content with just the ending from the last book.But I did like the storyline and the ending. Evelyn wasn't a prominent character in the first book, so when she had been behind the whole thing, it was a surprise; you definitely could [...]

    12. It had been a long time since I read the first book and I was too lazy to re-read it again before starting this one. Usually authors have a way of reminding us of previous events leading up yo present day. I did enjoy it but I found myself losing interest part way through. I was looking for a romantic story with some action but found it too political for my taste. By the end I still had questions that remain unanswered and perhaps I missed it because I was skimming. Not a bad read but quite inte [...]

    13. Waar ik in The Glimpse overdondert werd door de originaliteit van het verhaal, was haar vervolg The Fall voor mij toch eerder een doorsnee dystopisch verhaal. We krijgen te maken met een love triangle, mensen moeten vechten om te overleven en er is een duidelijk onderscheid tussen de ‘goeden’ en de ‘slechten’. Het boek is zeker niet slecht, maar helaas ook niet heel bijzonderMijn complete review lees je op Oog op de toekomst.

    14. Hmmm I didn't like this one as much as the first one. Also! It actually wrapped up in two books! Was totally not expecting that xD hahaOf course, when you kill off the Big Bad, it's easy to wrap things up. I dunno. I don't really have much to say about this one. It was good, but it felt lacking somehow. I feel like it was just a series of revelations. I could've done with a bit more weight added to them.Oh well

    15. Overall, I thought THE FALL has a lot going for it and it will appeal a lot to readers, and I think many readers of the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver especially will definitely enjoy this book as it has the same vibe about it. There's action and plenty of romance to satisfy readers, so if you love one of those two things then you'll love this series without a doubt!Full review: talesoftheinnerbookfanatic.blo

    16. A pretty decent conclusion to a decent enough series. Clearly the author struggled with pacing and content as this was only a two-part duet instead of the usual dystopian YA trilogy, but it was a solid series, if nothing spectacular, and it was a good way to pass the time. A lot of the characters were underdeveloped and many of the relationships left unexplored, but all in all the two books in this series get a solid 3 stars each.

    17. I absolutely loved this book and seeing Ana develop, such a well-written book that I couldn't put down. The ending is brilliant Won't say anymore, please take the time to read this and the first bookThe GlimpseIf anyone has anymore Claire Merle related recommendations please let me know.

    18. Claire Merle does not disappoint! A wonderful, thrilling, suspenseful, tear-jerking read to end the amazing dystopian duet. I am gong to miss Anna and Cole, Lila and all the colorful characters. I enjoyed every second of the book - loved the ups and downs, the twists and turns. Executed beautifully - anxiously awaiting to read more of this brilliant Author!

    19. Great read! Finished in two days. I particularly liked it as it is set in future London, and ends in the part of London I first moved to. Likeable characters, interesting plot, exciting action sequences and lovely, believable romance. I really hope they make a film out of these books, but I don't see how it could be less than a 15 to do it justice.

    20. For some reason, it was impossible to get into this. It started just so generically, it was reading like every other YA dystopian. Nothing clever, nothing original. I may come back and finish it one day, but I doubt it.

    21. It took me a long time to finish this book, not because it was bad, but there really wasn't much of a hook. It was kind of boring, so I didn't rush back to it. Instead I read when I had the chance.

    22. A great book and sequel to glimpse. I really enjoyed it and it did not take me long to read. It was very interesting and Claire Merle is a very good author.

    23. I loved how all the characters changed individually and together. It had a brilliant plot and was interlinked very well.

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