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  • Title: Predator!
  • Author: Suzanne Steele
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 371
  • Format: None
  • Predator This is a very dark story of kidnapping abduction and a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome This would be equivalent to a dark psychological thriller At times I have a wont of writing dark and sinister

    This is a very dark story of kidnapping, abduction and a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome.This would be equivalent to a dark psychological thriller.At times I have a wont of writing dark and sinister novels, this was one of those times.

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    1. So if you are going to give a warning like this you need to live up to what it is saying. *Warning this story is Extremely Dark Erotica. It is NOT a love story. It is a story about consensual non-consensual abduction. It HAS Triggers such as rape, abduction, and a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome. Antonio Wayne is all about control and he will use anything to gain and maintain it; that includes elements of BDSM. If these things bother you, I do NOT recommend this story. If you like dark but not [...]

    2. I made it 27% in on this book and had to stop. The constant jumping around from 1st person to 3rd person was just too much. The best thing about this book? The synopsis. Too bad the book didn't come anywhere close to living up to it.

    3. This book held me spellbound from the first page, probably due to the psychological twists and insights. Roxanne and Antonio are erotic and practically psychotic in their consuming hunger for each other. If you enjoy a dark erotic story, I highly recommend this story to you.

    4. I'm so sorry to say that unfortunately I didn't enjoy this story. I felt for mad it was very short. There is no story line, just so called sex and torture, not even toe curling tortureis book I felt was boring and very silly. I found it hard to work out who was saying what, and the grammar is horrendous I couldn't tell at times what are thoughts and what are actual speechwe dont even get to know the characters names!, she's just forced to become his sex slave and he's her master. The book sugges [...]

    5. After reading His Captive, I wanted to read more of Suzanne Steele's work due to her psychological insight into the dark recesses of the human psyche. Stockholm is INTENSE. The characters are never named, they are simply revealed to us as Predator and PreyStockholm is an abduction story. The Prey develops a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome and she falls for her intense captor. I wondered if Ms. Steele has some type of personal insight into this because the story is so vivid, it's as if she has [...]

    6. I know many writers put their heart and soul into their work, so it hurts me to say sometimes the work falls short of what they promise to deliver. In this instance, His Captive is neither well written nor the characters well developed. The narrative point of view changes haphazardly, making it all very hard to follow; the sex lacks detail and fails to arouse any sort of emotion in the reader; descriptions are uninventive and repetitive; and characterisation is basically non-existent. It definit [...]

    7. I was given this book by the author in exchange for a honest review and I must say, it is one of a kind in this genre. Though this is the first book I've read from this genre, I was impressed by the author's articulation and narrative aspect of some thing annoying and unforgivable incident that shook many. From the start, The characters portrayed and defined so strong in nature, it was pretty intense stuff to read and kept me engaged and going. Thoroughly a recommended read if you're looking for [...]

    8. Can you see me blushing through the computer, because that is exactly what this book made me do. I thought the way the author wrote the erotic scenes was intense. The heat between the two main characters is beyond words, and keeps you turning pages. When the book is finished, you’ll be wishing for more pages. This is one I will probably read over and over again, and will recommend to my more “frisky” friends, lol.

    9. "His Captive (Dark Erotica Series)" by Suzanne Steele is a powerful and edgy piece of erotic fiction that covers a slightly different area of the currently popular field bondage and domination erotic fiction. "His Captive" is a psychological and intense read about abduction and explores the depth of the so-called Stockholm Syndrome. Probably uncomfortable in parts for some readers, to me it was spellbinding and impressive with its dark and raw colouring and a lot more than just well written erot [...]

    10. What an intense read! His Captive hooked me on the first page. Roxanne's world changes when she becomes Antonio Wayne's property. Antonio is complete alpha male and these two are dynamite together. This is a very erotic story and I found it to be romantic as well. It's a book that I will read over and over.

    11. review by Robert K. Swisher Jr.Steamy, provocative, with enough romance it doesn't go over the top. The author is truthful, bold, and spins a good story. I will read more of her work.

    12. This was a very short but to the point book in a very well written master/slave pov. Would recommend to anyone who is not offended easily and can handle the raw nature of this lifestyle.

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